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Despite having the power to make everything else go your way, it didn’t change the fact that you yourself were excluded from it all. You suffered from that. You had no sense of reality. You were unable to feel alive. You were always all alone in this place. As you suffered from loneliness, it must have felt like you were playing with a doll alone in a room all this time. Therefore, you wanted someone to notice you and disobey you. That’s the reason you had raised me up. You must have wanted someone who wouldn’t simply do whatever you desired, right? You must have wanted something that could jump out of the palm of your hand, right? You didn’t want to be omnipotent. You must have wanted something that’s beyond your power, even if it’s just one thing. You must have wanted someone, who wouldn’t just let you have your way, to be beside you...Rejoice, Alovenus. Your dream has come true. As you have wished, the punitive devil who would oppose you is here. That person, whom you have desired, now stands before you!
~ Ruphas to Alovenus


Ruphas Mafahl is the main protagonist of the series A Wild Last Boss Appeared!. She is the Black-Winged Overlord ruler who once unified the world, having the entirety of Midgard at the palm of her hand. However, a group of heroes assembled from the far corners of the world to revolt against her, resulting in her being sealed in a subspace.

Several centuries later, due to a hero summoning gone wrong, the seal placed on her was broken. Ruphas ends up being unsealed but now possessing a mind of a man from another world, who plays the part of the protagonist while the real Ruphas has yet to recover her true memories and mind.

With the protagonist having no clue what else to do, he decides on gathering up Ruphas' minions and finding out if his guild mates, all of whom are now equally legendary figures, were also moved into the game.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 5-B | 5-B | 5-B | 5-A | At least 5-A, possibly 4-C | 3-A | Low 1-C, up to High 1-B | High 1-B | 3-A, up to High 1-B

Dimensionality: 3-D | 3-D | 3-D | 3-D | 3-D | 3-D | 6-D, up to Uncountable Infinite-D | Uncountable Infinite-D | 3-D, up to Uncountable Infinite-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (She has a visual acuity of 12.0, allowing her to distinguish the silhouette of an insect less than one centimeter at a distance of twenty meters. Can detect instant death traps), Flight, Longevity (Flugels have a long lifespan), Fear Manipulation & Willpower Manipulation (With Coercion, her presence can induce fear and crush the will of her opponents), Animal Manipulation & Empathic Manipulation (She can tame monsters and possesses an inherent skill that can turn a defeated opponent into an ally), Information Analysis (Observing Eye allows her to analyze the opponent's level, stats, health and abilities), Weapon Creation (Capable of creating a variety of weapons from nearby materials), Telekinesis (Shown here. Can compress targets to immobilize them), Photographic Memory (Shown here), Transmutation (Can transmute materials and create weapons with it), Healing (Has a skill that allows her to fully restore the HP of golems), Damage Reduction (Her mantle lowers the potency of magical and elemental attacks by 50%), Statistics Amplification (Iron Fist increases attack power), Durability Negation (Can penetrate defenses), Flight Negation (Can remove flight status from targets), Attack Negation (Can negate physical attacks), Statistics Reduction (Armor Break reduces defenses. Power Break reduces attack power. Speed Break reduces speed stats. Breidablik decreases magic power), Energy Projection (Shown here), Power Nullification (Can cut through divine and arcane magic), Resurrection (Can resurrect the dead with the Star of Asclepius), Fire Manipulation (Solar Flare creates a fireball that creates a giant explosion that blinds and burns everything away), Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers), Portal Creation, Space-Time Manipulation (X-Gate creates a portal to another dimnesion by distorting the space-time continuum), Creation (Arcana magic is the power to create something from nothing), Self-Sustenance (Type 1. Can naturally "breathe" on outer space), Reactive Power Level (Mesarthim does continuous damage proportional to the enemy's max HP upon contact), Probability Manipulation (With Smash she can always inflict a critical hit), Light Manipulation (Can shoot light from her fingers), Body Puppetry (Capture allows her to control monsters and humans), Supernatural Luck, Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with spirit type enemies)

All previous abilities, plus Time Manipulation (Can rewind, stop and accelerate time), Existence Erasure (Can reverse time to the point where the target is erased from existence), Poison Manipulation (Can release a poisonous fog), Air Manipulation (Can create winds), Plot Manipulation & Power Nullification (Aldebaran can crumble and shatter the Goddess's scripts and skills. Brachium ignores skills and magic), Space-Time Manipulation (Can open a hole in the space-time continuum with a punch), Statistics Amplification (Can increase her defenses), Causality Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (Asellus Borealis is an absolute get-hit skill that can't be avoided by any means. Can give her allies absolute evasion. Like other skills from other agents of the Goddess, she has higher priority than any other skills. Her skills are absolute as they are permitted by the world's rules. They can't be prevented, take absolute priority over all skills in place, and once used are absolutely certain to happen), Mind Manipulation (Can manipulate minds), BFR (Can banish things to the space between dimensions), Memory Manipulation (Can erase and alter memories), Statistics Reduction (Can assign a damage restriction to the target), Ice Manipulation (Can create ice shards), Absolute Zero (With the Absolute Zero skill that freezes substances at absolute zero temperatures), Spatial Manipulation (Can cut space itself. When using Brachium she creates an isolated space to prevent the enemy from escaping and avoid unnecessary destruction), Sound Manipulation (Can attack with ultrasonic waves), Resistance Negation (Brachium ignores resistances, defenses and attributes), Damage Reduction (Technical Guard prevents an opponent’s attack and reduces the damage taken), Madness Manipulation (Can drive people insane), Illusion Creation (Can create illusions), Regeneration Negation (High-Mid)

All previous abilities, plus Higher-Dimensional Existence, Acausality (Type 5. When one becomes a deity, their human self vanishes from existence and history, as if they never existed. Gods are walking singularities who are unbound by all laws, providences and reason, being an existence that is an impossible probability that should have never been), Immortality (Types 1, 3 & 5), Regeneration (Mid-Godly, likely High-Godly. Even if Gods were to be erased alongside their soul, they'd come back instantly. Even if the very concept of HP from Gods is erased, they'd just come back as if nothing happened), Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly, likely High-Godly. Could permanently kill Alovenus if she wished), Law Manipulation, Fate Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2. Gods creates concepts, laws, providences and limits on a whim, enforcing their own truths and rules by painting over the black canvas that contains and exists beyond all creation), Reactive Evolution (She is automatically one step ahead of the enemy, surpassing them with her own sheer will/ego), Precognition (Type 2. Can predict an opponent's next move and the move after that), Power Absorption (Can seize an opponent's power for herself), Resistance to Attack Reflection, Information Analysis, Spatial Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Water Manipulation, BFR, Teleportation, Resistance Negation, Power Nullification, Causality Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Soul Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Subjective Reality, Reality Warping, Gravity Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Precognition, Power Absorption (Ruphas and Alovenus used everything they had on each other but without success, with the battle turning into a dead lock, to the point where they had no choice but to confront each other in a sword fight)

All abilities from Level 4200/5100, plus passive Reactive Evolution

Attack Potency: Small Planet level (Can crack a planet with a single hit. Punched away a small planet, shattering it into pieces. Her fist can accidentally crack a planet in two, which requires this much energy) | Planet level (Punched away the Dragon King's breath, which can destroy Midgard. The mere shockwaves of a Level 1500 can shatter countless planets and cause cosmic-scale explosions) | Planet level (Can fight against Level 1000 Midgard Orm, who is capable of causing planetary explosions) | Large Planet level (Destroyed a planet much larger than Midgard. Capable of completely overwhelming Benetnash's attacks, which are capable of destroying planets) | At least Large Planet level, possibly Star level (Much stronger than before. Implied that she could destroy the Sun by punching it) | Universe level (The impact of her punch caused the stars to collapse, alongside erasing the solar system and also the universe) | Low Macroverse level (After becoming the administrator of her universe and assimilating Midgard, she transcended to the point where she could reach the Final Point), up to High Hyperverse level+ (Merely believing that she is stronger allows her to be so. This allows Ruphas to passively transcend her enemies, always being one step above them due to the nature of her twisted and childish ego, to the point where she was able to instantly reach Infinity^Infinity when she first confronted Alovenus, and they still kept transcending each other after that, with Ruphas eventually surpassing Alovenus' powers as a whole. For her, Infinity is just 1 before her, and she is infinitely stronger, being a level of infinity higher than it, with the power to achieve even higher infinities above it. There is always an infinity beyond, if someone goes beyond that, she'll just achieve a state even beyond those) | High Hyperverse level+ (At the "peak" of infinity, Ruphas not only surpassed Alovenus but also had enough power to crack the Final Point itself) | Universe level (Returned to her former Level 5100 state), up to High Hyperverse level+ (Despite being in such state, she is still able to ascend up to her goddess level where she defeated Alovenus)

Speed: Relativistic+ (Can move at over Mach 100000. Can reach the Moon with a single leap). FTL with Shine Blow (With Shine Blow she can punch with a speed far faster than the speed of light) | Relativistic+ (Moves at half the speed of light). FTL with Shine Blow | At least Relativistic+ (Far faster than Orm, who moves at a rate faster than Mach 500000). Infinite with Alnasl (Alnasl hits the target with instantaneous speed. There is no proccess between firing and hiting. It ignores causality and bypasses the concept of space-time to instantly hit the target) | Massively FTL+ (Travelled to a planet outside the solar system, then returned it back, all in a second). Infinite with Alnasl | Massively FTL+. Infinite with Alnasl | Infinite (Gods are infinitely faster than infinite speed, and are able to get infinitely faster) with Immeasurable combat speed (Comparable to Alovenus, whose mere laugh was able to propagate through space, time and multiple timelines, while also destroying them and collapsing time itself) | Infinite with Immeasurable combat speed (Infinitely faster than before) | Massively FTL+, up to Infinite with Immeasurable combat speed

Lifting Strength: Class M (Capable of lifting Aries, which weighs this much) | Class M (Could lift and launch the Dragon King away, who weighs 180000 tons) | Class M | Class P (Capable of lifting the entire surface of Midgard, including kingdoms, countries and mountains) | Class P | Class P | Immeasurable | Immeasurable | Class P, up to Immeasurable

Durability: Planet level (She has an HP of 350000, while 99999 damage is already equal to planetary destruction) | Planet level | Planet level | Large Planet level | At least Large Planet level, possibly Star level | Universe level | Low Macroverse level, up to High Hyperverse level+ | High Hyperverse level+ | Universe level, up to High Hyperverse level+

Stamina: High | High | High | High | High | High | Infinite | Infinite | Infinite

Range: Planetary. Low Multiversal with X-Gate | Interplanetary. Low Multiversal with X-Gate | Interplanetary. Low Multiversal with X-Gate| Interplanetary, likely Stellar. Low Multiversal with X-Gate | Universal. Low Multiversal with X-Gate | Low Macroversal, up to High Hyperversal+ | High Hyperversal+ | Universal, up to High Hyperversal+

Standard Equipment: Overcoat of the Seven Luminaries, Lifthrasir

Intelligence: Genius (She is a genius who has been able to break past the limit imposed by the Goddess, and can even be considered a prodigy) | Nigh-Omniscient (Repaired all the dimensions and timelines she destroyed. She is close to omniscience like Alovenus)

Weaknesses: Holds back against those that are very close to her.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Esper: The Esper class is a class for psychic abilities. The skills allow you to constrain opponents and move objects without coming into direct contact with them.
    • Psychic Throw: One of the more typical abilities of the esper class, it allows the user to fire objects at enemies.
    • Psycho Compression: A skill which can be used on a weak enemy to immobilize it for a short amount of time whilst dealing damage to it. By strongly using this skill, Ruphas was able to put pressure on a giant blob of water and ultimately compress it, applying enough pressure to rival about one million atmospheric pressure.

  • Alchemist: A skill that produces items from nearby materials. These items range from healing items to defensive equipment. With the right combinations, it’s possible to craft unique items.
    • Transmutation: A skill which can transmute one material into another. Ruphas can transmute any form of alloy or steel and by applying transmutation to the earth, Ruphas can make dozens of blades from it, transmuting matter into metal. For example, she can create 30 swords, and then with the help of the psychokinetic power of the esper force them to levitate, and then launch them at the enemies, like shells.

  • Golem Creation: A skill which creates a doll from some material by using transmutation.
    • All Repair: A skill that fully restores HP, provided the target is a golem. This skill is really inefficient, and not all golems can be repaired. Only the ones owned by the user can be affected.
    • Amrita: The pinnacle of alchemy, water created from the rarest elements (dragon blood, phoenix blood, water of the Uruz fountain). The effect of Amrita is higher than that of elixirs which can revive a dead man if he was not dead for long. With Amrita, it is possible to revive any dead man. In addition to Ruphas, very few can do it.
    • Winter of Swords: A skill which creates countless blades from the ground to launch an area attack. Furthermore, it confuses the enemy by making it difficult to locate the real sword out of all the transmuted swords. Although the transmuted swords aren't weak, it is still be better to hit with the real one.
    • Winter of Wolves: A skill which collects mana and creates a flock of silver wolves from it. If the wolves are slashed apart, losing their forms and reverting to mana, the mana accumulates behind Ruphas. When all the wolves are defeated, the mana fully accumulates and formed a giant wolf, with a body no less than two hundred meters long.
    • The Thing That Shakes The Earth!: A skill which uses the giant wolf Ruphas created to emit a roar which becomes a wave of destructive energy.

  • Warrior: A class specializing in increasing physical strength and fighting skills from various martial arts.
    • Blunt Edge: A warrior skill that prevented the opponent’s HP from dropping to zero. It can also be applied to weapons without blades, or even no weapon at all.

  • Grappler: A class which provides access to all kinds of melee techniques, grabs, and throws. This class also allows you to enhance physical kicks and feet to just the same incredible amounts.

  • Divine Magic: A supernatural ability different from Arcane Magic. It is the opposite of magical power and possesses the properties of repelling magic.
    • X-Gate: Spatial magic, which allows the user to create portals and travel vast distances, simply connecting the coordinates with each other. It is a combination of Arcane Magic and Divine Magic. The Divine Magic and Arcane Magic touch each other, punching a hole in the Space-time Continuum, distorting the world created by the Goddess Arovinas.
    • Heliosphere: One of the high-tier Sun attribute divine magic spells. It is a technique which creates an absolute field against arcane magic by rapidly spinning divine power and creating a layer, thereby stopping any form of mana from passing through it.
    • Heliopause: A skill that creates a barrier which can completely negate all physical damage under a certain value. It works against enemies who deal damage below that fixed threshold. However, its condition is up to “(Total level + Priest class level) x 10”. In other words, her Heliopause is unable to prevent damage that surpassed a value of 10 500.

  • Strider: A class of melee, fast-moving, merging with the environment, tracking, hunting and much more. The Walker, nomad, wanderer.
    • Void-step: A Strider class skill which allows you to reduce to zero the distance between the user and the enemy in one action. This skill has very good compatibility with the Grappler class.

  • Monster Tamer: A skill which allows you to suppress defeated monsters with your influence, or even lure them to your side without a battle.
    • Capture: The monster tamer’s basic skill. With this skill there is a certain amount of chance that the monster tamer can capture monsters which are unable to move or whose hit points are below a certain amount. The amount one can capture and the success rate increased along with skill level. Ruphas can capture ten monsters in one go.

    • Arcane Magic: Arcane magic is the power to create what doesn't exist, contrasted to divine magic which is the power to enhance what already exists.
      • Sol Bullet: A fundamental basic offensive arcane magic of the Sun attribute. It fires of white light from her fingers.
      • Photon Chain: A sun attribute arcane magic that restricts one selected enemy’s movement indefinitely unless Ruphas undoes the skill or the skill is shredded by the opponent, it also increases the hit rate on the enemy to 100%.
      • Solar Flare: A high-tier Sun attribute arcane magic, which is also known as Solar Surface Explosion. The skill’s only as big as a few hundred meters wide, and its destructive power is probably only as much as about tens to a few hundred Hydrogen bombs’ worth.

    • Trap Search Level 1: One of the ranger class’s skills, when this skill was activated, at set intervals, the user’s SP would be consumed. In exchange, the skill would detect traps for the user. Ir has the effect of detecting only traps which would result in instant death.
    • Money Getter: One of the skills that a ranger could learn. It was a useless skill with the effect of allowing the user to find and pick up money during the battle. The amount of money that one could gain by using this skill only amounted to a smidgeon, so it was too insignificant. Furthermore, as the user would be defenceless whilst the skill was active, it was often cancelled halfway after getting attacked by the enemy. Needless to say, if the skill was interrupted, the effect of the skill also ceased.

  • Coercion: A flugels racial skill, which immobilizes weaker hostiles for a random amount of time. Anyone subjected to Coercion can hardly breathe, and it can be used to cause her opponents to shake in fear, unable to move.
    • Mesaltim: The ability of Aries from 12 Heavenly Stars, which allows the user to create a rainbow-colored fire. It is a killer flame that deals percentage damage in accordance with the maximum amount of enemy health. No matter how strong the enemy is, it will take damage, the power of this fire grows infinitely depending on the strength of the enemy. Ruphas can cover herself with the rainbow flame of Mesaltim causing even a simple touch to automatically inflict damage on the victim as a percentage of his life force, penetrating through defense and resistance.
    • Earthquake: A skill that creates earthquakes intentionally knocked a significant chunk of agility off its targets, often with a complimentary stun.
    • Observing Eye: A convenient ability that displays the level, remaining HP, and even the stats of an opponent if the user is skilled enough. However unless your own level is double that of Observing Eye’s target, only their name and level will be displayed. Furthermore, if the target’s level equals or exceeds your own, Observing Eye will fail to activate.
    • Penetrate Weak Spot: A skill that penetrates defenses.
    • Revenge: A skill that increases power according to damage received.
    • Meteor Kick: A skill that removes the flight status of its target and inflicts damage.
    • Shine Blow: A skill with absolute accuracy.
    • Flash: A skill with absolute evasion.
    • Double Blow: A skill that attacks twice.
    • Fourth Blow: A skill that attacks four times.
    • X-Counter: A skill that negates physical attacks and counters with double damage.
    • Sonic Fist: A skill that increases its number of attacks according to class and level.
    • Smash: A skill that always inflicts a critical hit.
    • Armor Break: A skill that inflicts a debuff to reduce defenses.
    • Power Break: A skill that inflicts a debuff to reduce attack power.
    • Speed Break: A skill that inflicts a debuff to reduce speed.
    • Buster Impact: An exceptionally high-damage skill that can be used only once every twenty-four hours.
    • Flash Step: A high-speed movement skill.
    • Vindemiatrix: An advanced skill that disperses the mana of a specified area. Since it can disperse mana, it is effective against all forms of arcane magic. It can even deal incurable damage to beings that maintain their bodies using mana.
    • Breidablik: A skill which has the effect of an area-of-effect debuff on all the enemies. Upon the activation of the skill, it decreases the magic power of all within the area regardless of whether they were enemies or allies.
    • Enchant Ray: A buff that increases the attack and defense stats of a single ally.
    • Alkaid: An original skill that did not exist back in X-Gate Online. By breaking past the level 1000 cap set by the Goddess, the maximum limit of the level becomes infinity, thereby allowing the user to display their true battle prowess which was previously suppressed by the system. Furthermore, due to the activation of the skill, the upper limit of the damage dealt shoots up, therefore it becomes possible to deal up to 999 999 damage. However, the damage of the real Ruphas in her prime was not this measly. 200 years ago, this skill did not have a name. It only gained the name Alkaid after the battle with Benet. In respect to Benetnash, Ruphas named it [Alkaid] which is another name for Eta Ursae Majoris of the Ursa Major, Big Dipper asterism. It destroys the world’s system and overcomes any existing boundaries, therefore, it places quite a significant burden on the world. Using game-related terms, it would be something like one person using so much data that it starts lagging in one go.
    • Ex Coalesce: A skill which has a prerequisite that the user must be over Level 200 in both the Monster Tamer and Alchemist classes to use it. And the effect of this skill is a fusion of skills. For example, if there are two skills and they are both activated at the same time; one that “stun the enemy upon a critical hit,” while the other “always inflict a critical hit”. The final result would be that the skill’s effect is changed to “always stun the enemy”.
    • Quick Raid: A consecutive attack skill in which Ruphas unleashes a storm of slashes at her target. It is a skill where in exchange for a lowered attack power in its individual strikes, the gaps in its motions are reduced. If utilized well, the skill allows the user to continuously hit the enemy.

  • The Archenemy: An original class created by Ruphas using the Key to the Heavens in order to challenge Alovenus. Exploiting the fact that skills acquired from levelling up weren’t fixed, she loaded the class with the unique skills of her subordinates. Where there were slots available, she filled them with useful skills from various classes. Furthermore, she also learnt Dina’s unique skill, Sabik (skill for creating skills). Basically, it’s “anything goes”.
    • Graffias: A skill which is originally used by dragons, but since she is the queen of poisons, poisonous attacks are her specialty.
    • Shaula: A skill which makes her able to poison her opponents, once poisoned, its effects cannot be removed except by using an elixir or the highest-tier divine magic.
    • Aldebaran: A skill which doesn't break objects but power. Whether the root of that power is divine or arcane in nature is irrelevant to this skill. It unleashes a strike, which can even crumble and shatter the gods’ scripts. Using this skill Taurus shattered the Goddess’s power which was possessing Leon and Pollux.
    • Brachium: A unique skill Libra inherited from the boss Scales of the Goddess. It is an auto-hit skill which ignores defenses, resistances, skills and divine magic, forcefully penetrating the body to deal the maximum fixed damage of 99,999 damage.
    • Acubens: A counter skill that activates after she is attacked.
    • Tegmine: A skill which increases her defenses.
    • Altarf: A skill which doubles the damage output of her allies, even breaking through the damage limit.
    • Asellus Borealis: A skill that attracts physical attacks to herself.
    • Asellus Australis: A skill that attracts magical attacks to herself.
    • Covering: A skill which pulls all attacks to herself.
    • Luna Shooter: A high-level Moon attribute arcane magic. It creates a magical ray with high accuracy and high destructive power that runs straight.
    • Luna Blast: A high-level Moon attribute arcane magic. It creates a black bullet magic that simultaneously locks onto 3 bodies and homed in.
    • Lunatic Rain An extremely high-level Moon attribute arcane magic. It is an area of effect skill that turns all moonlight into a rain of light and annihilates all enemies in the vicinity.
    • Deneb Algedi: A unique skill which is a condensed moon attribute mana cannon. It creates a black shock-wave that attacks his target. Not only does the skill come with very high damage, it also includes an added effect for the victim to be unable to recover the damage received by the skill.
    • Invisible Break: An advanced Moon-attribute magic which is a kind of cancellation magic that removes duration-based magic.
    • Storm Circle: A spell which releases wind in all directions with RUphas at the center.
    • Storm Pressure: A spell which creates a heavy air pressure that crushes the opponents and renders them unable to move.
    • Ptarmigan: A spell which creates lighting that spreads away from her, and the pierces his opponents.
    • Roar: An attack in which he roars rupturing her target's eardrums. The roar is accompanied by destructive energy that destroys her target's.
    • Argonautai: The basic and most powerful skill used by Pollux. Its effect is the mass summoning of the spirits of heroes from the past. Even the braves and heroes from recorded history could be summoned. Although each summoning has the inefficient cost of 1000 SP, Pollux ccould easily summon several hundreds of people without any problem. The strength of the hero makes no difference to its SP cost. The cost would be the same whether the hero was Level 10 or Level 1000. The summoned hero will not hesitate to use sacrificial or self-destructive tactics, since they can cheat by reviving immediately. The heroes’ combat powers are as if they were at the prime of their lives, therefore it is difficult to deal with. Furthermore, Pollux could receive arcane power and divine power from Midgard via her true body, so her SP is practically infinite and she can summon and revive them indefinitely. However, this skill can only summon those whom Pollux recognized unmistakably as heroes, and they will disappear upon Pollux’s defeat.
    • Soul Succession: One of the skills possessed by one of the heroes summoned by Pollux. It creates a permanent barrier, weakening enemies and strengthening allies. However, in proportion to its powerful effects, the price was high, requiring the life of the person who uses the skill.This skill the Argonauts were strengthens all the Argonauuts by several tiers, while reducing the status reducing the status of her opponent.
    • Alnasl: A skill which once it is fired, distance is not a factor, it will hit in the next instant. In other words, there is no process between firing and hitting. It can neither be countered nor avoided. It ignores causality and instantaneously moves to hit the target. It is an absolute accuracy effect which bypasses the concept of space-time.
    • Ascella: A support skill which turns a single target skill, whether it be arcane or divine magic, into an area of effect skill. The potency of the skill drops when compared to the original single-target state. However, when considering the effort saves from having to cast it on each and every individual target, it is a convenient skill.
    • Oxygen Suction: A divine magic which increases the oxygen absorption capabilities of living creatures, allowing them to take in oxygen that is dissolved in water as if they were on land. In short, it can simply be thought of as a skill that allows one to breathe underwater.
    • Cleta: An ability which creates thousands or even tens of thousands of Metal-attribute raindrops which she drops on her opponent.
    • Dawn Star: The strongest Aoe Metal attribute arcane magic which creates a gigantic globe, kilometers in diameter high up in the sky which she then uses X-Gate to bring it down towards her opponent.
    • Auxo: An ability which uses her Metal-attribute raindrops to create trees by bathing the earth with them.
    • Aglaia: An ability which creates a bright light which blinds her opponent.
    • Illusion: Water magic which uses mists to confuse the opponents and change one’s appearance.
    • Star of Asclepius: The highest-tiered Water attribute divine magic. The effect of the skill is to fully recover the HP of all allies within the specified area around the user whilst stripping all status buffs, irrespective of their effects, and it also comes with the effect of resurrecting the dead.
    • Rasalhague: The most powerful unique skill, which has the effect of activating all the ouroboroses simultaneously. As the stand-in for the Goddess, she has the ability to wake the ouroboroses, not only that, after waking them up, she has the authority to give orders to them.
    • Yed Posterior: A unique skill which is used to control time. A set period of the target’s time is cut away and removed, causing the enemy’s movement itself to elongate over the cut period. It is an extraordinary skill only usable because she is the proxy of the Goddess. It is an absolute skill with an unfair effect. Not only that, this skill’s effect only become more potent the more time the target was placed under. Eventually, not only is the target’s time stop completely, it goes beyond that, and tread into the negative territory. The target’s time itself is revert and rewind back into the past. This skill can't be prevented and it takes absolute priority over all others that are in place.
    • Cebalrai: A unique skill which manipulates the target’s memory, and implants fake memories. Furthermore, by manipulating their recognition, the user is able to make the target perceive them as air or a rock, thus making them unable to feel their presence. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Muliphen: A unique skill which can assign a maximum damage restriction on the target. It is able to drop their maximum damage down to 9999. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Yed Prior: A unique skill which separates the target’s time from the surroundings and allows it to be sped up infinitely without an upper limit. Eventually, the target of this skill can be sped up such that they transcend past the limit and concept of time itself. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Sabik: A unique skill that creates skills. However, this does not mean that it can create any skill whatsoever on a whim. There are 100 points that can be distributed out during the creation of a skill. For example, if the power of the skill is raised too much, it may end up as an extremely destructive skill but possesses a terrible accuracy rate or end up as a skill with no special effect. Alternatively, if you evenly distribute points to those effects, there will be less assignable points to power. Additionally, if the previously made skill still remains in place, Sabik cannot be used to create another skill. If Dina wants to create a new skill, she will need to get rid of the previously created skill.
    • Subspace Seal: A skill which abandons the target in the space between dimensions.
    • Sadachbia: A skill which has the effect of bestowing allies with a dedicated Good Luck Star. Once the Good Luck Star is granted, for the next few fixed number of attacks, that ally will be able to luckily evade them. It gives the buffed allies absolute evasion.
    • Freeze Duster: An ability in which she blasts a countless number of ice shards from the inside of the water pitcher. Furthermore, the velocity at which the shards come flying out is truly ridiculous. Due to them being blasted out so fast, the shards all look as if they are connected to one another.
    • Absolute Zero: A skill which freezes all substances with the chill of absolute zero.
    • Albali: A skill which reflects her opponents attacks back at them.
    • Maelstrom: A high-level Water-attribute arcane magic which creates a swirl of water to attack the enemy.
    • Alrescha: A unique skill Pisces possesses as an agent of the Goddess. The effect of the skill allows the user to take possession of an opponent and manipulate them. This skill can't be negated, takes priority over all skills in place, auto hits the target, bypasses resistances and defenses and is absolutely certain to take effect as it is permitted by Alovenus rules.

  • The Mocking Slaughterer: Alchemy’s ultimate technique which creates an enormous black dragon which was so big that it could swallow the entire universe. It could turn stars to dust just by glaring at them. A single breath could blow away galaxies. It was a monster among monsters that was said to consume the World Tree, which was rooted in the foundation of the universe. Its roar creates supergravity, twisting and destroying space itself just by its existence.
  • Law Manipulation: Ruphas can rewrite the common sense of the universe, apply new laws at her convenience, and forcefully push reason aside.
  • Plot Manipulation: Like Alovenus, Ruphas has the ability to manipulate the entire world according to scenarios she wants. Her power is infinite as she can overlay settings over pre-existing settings. For example, if someone somehow acquired unusual abilities and powers in order to defeat her. Then, she can simply resolve that by saying their unusual power won’t work on her, and she can still defeat them with one finger. Even if someone has infinite speed she will just say infinite speed before her is nothing more than one, and she is one hundred times faster. If someone has infinite power, she’ll just say even that infinity is just one, there is always another infinity beyond. If they go beyond that, she’ll simply say that there’s even more beyond. If they say that they’ll become infinitely stronger and stronger, she can simply make herself become infinitely stronger, but at a rate one thousand times faster than them.

  • Key: Level 1000 | Level 1500 | Level 2100 | Level 3000 | Level 4200 | Level 5100 | Goddess | Goddess (Peak) | EoS


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