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I am a part of you, little mortal. I am a shadow in your subconscious, a blemish on your fragile little psyche. You know me. You just don't know it ... You can call me Ann Marie. But only if you're partial to being flayed alive and having an angry immortal skip rope with your entrails. If not, then call me Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. Charmed
~ Sheogorath


Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness, Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles, the Skooma Cat, Lord of the Never-There, Raver, Comforter of Men, and Sovereign of the Shivering Isles. His motives are said to be unknowable. He is sometimes referred to as the Mad Star, the Mad Lord, the Mad One, the Mad God, and Uncle Sheo among other things. His realm, best known as the Shivering Isles, has also been called the Madhouse. It's believed that those who go there lose their sanity forever. Of course, only the Mad God himself may decide who has the privilege to enter. The Golden Saints, or Aureals, and Dark Seducers, or Mazken, are his servants. The Mad God typically manifests on Nirn as a seemingly harmless, well-dressed man often carrying a cane, a guise so prevalent it has actually been coined "Gentleman With a Cane". "Fearful obeisance" of Sheogorath is widespread in Tamriel, and he plays an important part in Dunmeri religious practice.

Sheogorath owes his origin to his fellow Daedric Princes, for he was formerly Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order. In times beyond memory, Jyggalag had vastly grown in power, and his influence spread across the seas of Oblivion. The other Daedric princes grew jealous and fearful and cursed Jyggalag to live as Sheogorath, the incarnation of the thing he hated most. The curse did allow Jyggalag to return in his true form at the end of every Era, and reconquer his lands, an event known as the Greymarch. After that, however, he would be transformed back into Sheogorath, and Sheogorath would spread madness upon his lands once more.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 1-B

Name: Sheogorath, Mad Star, the Mad Lord, the Mad One, the Mad God, Uncle Sheo

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Inapplicable, More commonly takes the form of a Man

Age: Irrelevant

Classification: Daedric Prince, God, God of Madness, Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles, the Skooma Cat, Lord of the Never-There, Raver, Comforter of Men, and Sovereign of the Shivering Isles.

Dimensionality: Infinite-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acausality (Type 5. Gods and Daedra are eternal and immutable entities who only seem to be linear and bound by cause and consequence because they choose to appear as so), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9), Abstract Existence (Type 1. Sheogorath is the creator and the embodiment of madness and insanity itself), Higher-Dimensional Existence, Dimensional Manipulation (Type 2), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Aura (Being on the presence of sheogorath can drive people insane, kill them or outright erase them), Transmutation, Magic, Reality Warping, Madness Manipulation (Sheogorath is Madness itself, being in his presence can drive people insane, he is also known to play with the mind of mortals to drive them insane), Age Manipulation, Animal Manipulation, Avatar Creation, Causality Manipulation, Resurrection (Daedric princes are able to resurrect themselves should they be destroyed, even if they are erased from every point in time and all timelines), Shapeshifting, Chaos Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Creation, Corrosion Inducement, Corruption, Cosmic Awareness, Elemental Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Forcefield Creation, Attack Reflection, Paralysis Inducement, Teleportation, Portal Creation, BFR, Curse Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Dimensional Travel, Durability Negation, Existence Erasure, Fate Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Non-Physical Interaction, Invulnerability, Size Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Large Size (Type 10), Logic Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Power Bestowal, Power Nullification, Precognition, Matter Manipulation, Self-Sustenance (All types), Absorption, Summoning (He is able to summon Daedric creatures and mortals), Soul Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Sealing, Tonal Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Godly. One of the strongest Daedric princes he should be comparable to Daedric Princes like Azura who could regenerate even after she was completely erase by Vivec after he tapped into CHIM)

Attack Potency: High Hyperverse level (Sheogorath is a Daedric Prince which maintains and comprises Oblivion, and is one of the Ruling Princes and holds a great piece of oblivion in which he holds absolute control of)

Speed: Immeasurable (Can travel on the Infinite dimensions of Oblivion), Omnipresent (Inside his domains)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Durability: High Hyperverse level

Stamina: Infinite

Range: High Hyperversal

Standard Equipment: The staff of sheogorath, Folium Discognitum, Fork of Horripilation, Gambolpuddy, Memory Wand, Neb-Crescen, Sheogorath's Regalia, Staff of the Everscamp, Wabbajack.

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient. Although his insanity makes him look less intelligent he is very smart and cunning.

Weaknesses: He is insane and rarely takes things seriously, however this leads to him being completely unpredictable

Keys: Daedric Prince of Madness


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