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Solo Leveling aka Only I Level Up is the story of Sung Jin-woo and he's the weakest hunter, a part of the E-rank classification and in all of South Korea and barely stronger than a normal human. One day, he and some other hunters find themselves trapped in an extremely dangerous and rare double dungeon, and only a few of them survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-woo himself "dies" but manages to complete all the trials in this dungeon. He then wakes up in a hospital and finds he has turned into a "player" who can now see an interface showing him quests, stats, inventory, store, and levels. Will he succeed in leveling up to become the most powerful hunter?

Power of the Verse

In this verse, the weakest characters, the E ranked hunters, are Wall level due to them being able to kill magical monsters. Sung Jin-Woo was able to kill giant centipedes at the size of five story buildings with statistics amplification, reaching Large Building level with Subsonic speed due to many hunters moving faster than the eye can see with many of hunters at B-Rank and above are at this level. Sung Jin-Woo later becoming Small Town level+ after becoming stronger than Tusk wielding the Orb of Destruction and speed at Massively Hypersonic due to Sung Jin-Woo reacting to lighting. The Ant King and all other characters comparable to him are Town level because of him upscaling past many of Sung's shadow soldiers such as Tusk.

Later on the top tier beings were stated cable of easily destroying world and were created for that purpose, making them Planet level with FTL speed due to Sung Jin-Woo reacting and avoiding Speed of Light attacks and the absolutely strongest god tier being the Absolute Being capable of creating the Universe thus making him Universe level+.





Hunters Sung Jin-Woo Cha Hae-In Lee Ju Hee
Sung Jin-Woo Cha Hae-In Lee Ju Hee
Shadow Monarch S-Rank B-Rank
Monarchs Queresha
Plague Monarch
Others Absolute Being
Absolute Being
The Creator