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The power to induce status effects. The user can inflict various status effects on themselves and/or others, ranging from ailments such as poison, burn and paralysis, to compromised stats such as debuffs to strength, defense, speed, etc., to buffs to their stats like strength and speed.

Possible Uses

  • Confusion Inducement: The ability to cause confusion in a person or group of people. Depending of the power of user and/or attack this can cause momentary or longer lasting inability to focus attention, loss of orientation, disordered memory, etc.
  • Paralysis: The ability to prevent one's opponent from coordinating their movements or stopping their movements completely.
  • Petrification: Turning the target to restrain their movements if not outright kill them.
  • Poison Manipulation: The ability to poison one's target as a means of slowly or rapidly killing them.
  • Sleep Inducement: The ability to forcibly put one's opponent to sleep or otherwise render them unconscious.
  • Statistics Reduction: Many characters are able to reduce their foes' strength, speed, intelligence, defenses, or other statistics and attributes in combat in order to gain an advantage in a fight.

Notable Users