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Diavolo is no match for Golden Experience Requiem


In a VS match, a stomp is when X Character in some circumstances is easily defeated by Y Character without almost any win conditions so that the X character can beat the Y Character, these can be resulted for things such as statistics differences, speed gaps between each character, the amount of hax and how good they are, etc.

Stomp threads for most of the time are no worthy of a debate, as almost everyone will know which character will easily outmatch the other character.


  • Dio Brando vs Arceus (Dio is effortlessly fodderized by Arceus thanks to the gigantic statistic differences, speed gap, hax difference and far more ways so that Arceus can destroy Dio)
  • Doctor Doom vs Kirito (While both are 4-B, Kirito has nothing against Doom's absorption which can even work on 1-A beings, making this a stomp)
  • Mario vs Saitama (Saitama gets horribly hax stomped, speed blitzed and also has immensely less power than Mario does)


When a match is a stomp, it cannot be put into one of the combatants profiles.