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And after reversing the time flow, I'd like you to not sent anything to Earth. I shall kill the Monarchs, and their armies, in the gap between the dimensions. Far too many lives were lost during this battle. I just wish to bring them back, that's all. I'm going back.
~ Sung to the Brilliant Light


Sung Jin-Woo is the main protagonist of Solo Leveling. Originally an infamously weak E-Rank Hunter, he got the chance of a lifetime when he was selected as the Player of the System, giving him the impossibly rare ability to level up in strength beyond any known limits. As a result, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered to him by the System, Jin-Woo eventually rose to power as the new Shadow Monarch and the strongest hunter in the world.

Later fighting a 27 year long war against the Monarchs and thier armies in the Chaos World, which after winning the battle was able to gain the life he desired.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | High 8-C | Low 7-C | 7-C | 5-B | At least 5-B | At least 5-B, likely far higher

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities, Regeneration (Mid-Low; Hunters at B Rank or above can heal a severed tendon within minutes, Low-Mid; Will to Rehabilitation will temporarily regenerate his lost limbs, higher while sleeping), Enhanced Senses (His perception has increased allowing him to tell the type of monster and the direction they were coming from by sound, he can sense killing intent), Acrobatics (Sung is able to do flips to avoid taking damage), Dimensional Storage (He can store items in a bottomless “inventory” and can summon them at anytime), Weapon Mastery (He’s a skilled swordsman), Accelerated Development (He can level up increasing his HP and MP as well as using Stat Points to increase his attributes), Statistics Amplification (His stats will increase by 40% when fighting a Beast-Type Monster, Sprint will increase his movement speed by 30%), Teleportation (Via Hearthstone, the item will instantly teleport Sung out of a dungeon), Reactive Power Level (The more Sung kills the higher his level goes, increasing his power in the middle of battle, just in his first dungeon he was able to surpass the Steel Fang Raikans which were considered Orange which’s at his level to White meaning he’s superior to them), Photographic Memory and Precognition (Type 1. He was able to fully predict the monsters and where they’d come from by the patterns in which they attacked), Supernatural Willpower and Pain Tolerance (Type 1. He was able to strangle Blue Poison Fangs Kasaka while he was being constantly slammed against walls and felt his strength slipping), Status Effect Inducement and Paralysis Inducement (Via Kasaka’s Fang, it has a chance to paralyzed due to the venom and has a bleeding effect), Extrasensory Perception (He could feel the presence of the boss and can see the aura of a boss to follow the correct path), Information Analysis (He can see auras or colored names above an opponent indicating their level of power compared to his own), Fear Manipulation and Statistics Reduction (He can use Bloodlust which will cause someone to be in a state of fear for 1 minute and reduce their stats by 50%), Purification (Type 1. He has a buff called Cure Poison which will purify and poisonous substance that enter his body), Blessed (He was gifted a special spell that will guarantee he’ll be strong and healthy for his lifetime), Longevity, Damage Reduction (After consuming Kasaka’s Venom he gained the ability to reduce physical damage by 20%, his skill Perseverance will reduce damage taken by 50% when his health is below 30%, with Kasaka’s Venom and Armor his physical damage is reduced by 61%), Healing (He can heal himself and reset his fatigue with Status Recovery from “Preparing to Become Strong” which can be used once a day), Power Absorption (He can take the skill of an opponent that he’s kill during the quest “Kill the Enemies” which’s a emergency quest he’ll get against someone with too much bloodlust towards him), Stealth Mastery and Invisibility (He can use the skill Stealth which erases his body, scent, sound and aura), Damage Boost (With Advanced Dagger Arts he increase the amount of damage his daggers deal and he has Vital Strike that deal critical damage on vital parts of an opponent), Martial Arts (He has shown that he has a basic skill in hand to hand), Weapon Creation (Type 1. He can create his weapons directly in his hand and can deconstruct them of an enemy takes them), Supernatural Luck (He was able to survive nearly getting killed by the chance that he failed to do the daily quest which will teleport him to the penalty zone), Telekinesis (He can use Dominators Touch which allow him to control objects without touching them, he can also crush people with it), Resistance to Poison Manipulation (He has a buff that cures him of poisons), Disease Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (His body will automatically heal him of status effects), Enhanced Senses and Extrasensory Perception (He erases his body, scent, sound and his aura making him almost impossible to detect), Sleep Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Petrification and Perception Manipulation (His blessing from Great Shaman Kandiaru will immediately remove these as soon as they’re casted on Sung), Electricity Manipulation (He’s able to resist being stunned by lighting), Paralysis Inducement (His body can cure paralyzing agents).

All previous abilities, Magic and Energy Manipulation (The magic hunters use is a magical energy), Necromancy (Type 2. He can bring the souls of the dead back to life as Shadow Soldiers with Shadow Extraction), Summoning and Absorption (He can use Save Shadow to absorb his Shadow Soldiers then summon them at a later time), Social Influencing (He was able to convince Igris to allow him to use Shadow Extraction on him), Statistics Amplification (He has the title The One Who Overcame Adversity which increase his stats by 1% for every 1% of his health that’s missing), Automatic Translation (He can understand and speak monster language without any prior knowledge), Precognition (Type 1. He could read Vulkan’s movement patterns), Darkness Manipulation (He can use Domain of the Monarch to cover a area with his shadow increasing the his Shadow Soldier’s stats by 50%, he can store his Shadow Soldiers in other people’s shadows), Aura and Limited Air Manipulation (Hunters have been shown to have overwhelming auras which will cause fear, can thin out the air making it harder for weaker people to breath, the resonance between two strong hunters could force a person unconscious), Preparation (He can use items and equipment from the store to prepare himself for the dungeons), Transmutation (He can craft items using the system to make new items), Animal Manipulation (He can control his Shadow Wyvern), Teleportation and Portal Creation (He can use Shadow Exchange to change location with one of his Shadow Soldiers, it opens a portal in an area around him), Limited Flight and Vehicular Mastery (He can use his Shadow Wyvern to fly him to location), Resistance to Heat Manipulation and Fire Manipulation (He has a Wind Robe and Water-Attribute Ring that protects against the heat of the dungeon).

All previous abilities, Immortality (Type 1 and 2), Non-Corporeal (As a Monarch he has a astral body and lacks a physical one), Possession (Monarchs are capable of possessing humans to manifest themselves), Cosmic Awareness (Higher beings can detect when the flow of time has been changed), Existence Erasure (Monarchs are able to erase Shadow Soldiers with their attacks and as a Monarch he should be able to do the same), Pocket Reality Manipulation (The system created a dungeon containing 100 city-sized pocket realities with the help of the Shadow Monarch powers), Martial Arts (He gained all of the Shadow Monarch's experience), Precognition (Type 1. He could see the Frost Monarch’s movements, where he was looking, rate of breathing, muscle movements and the flow of his power), Memory Manipulation (He can share his memories with other people), Portal Creation, Dimensional Travel and BFR (Sung can create portals to other dimensions), Telepathy Negation (He can use Tusk to block communication between to beings with telepathy), Transformation, Paralysis Inducement, Fear Manipulation and Breath Attack (He releases a cry from his soul that will send anyone weaker than him into despair and paralyzing them), Preparation (He will prepare for any situation he has knowledge of to make the fight in his favor), Adaptation (He’s able to buildup immunities to status effects after experiencing them once), Limited Flight (He can use mana to propel himself around), Astral Projection and Large Size (Type 3. He’s large enough to touch the skies by using Spiritual Body Manifestation), Pain Tolerance (Type 2. He could withstand being stabbed through the stomach and continued to fight), Acausality (Type 1. Higher beings such as Rulers and Monarch are unaffected by the Chalice of Rebirth which reverses time keeping both their current memories and powers), Resistance to Magic (Magic damage is reduced by 44%), Fear Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement (Sung was able to buildup a immunity to the Dragon Fear after experiencing it once).

Attack Potency: Wall Level (E-Rank Hunters are vastly superior to normal humans, he should be comparable to himself and the monster from his first instant dungeon which was a E-Rank dungeon) | Large Building level (He was able to strangle Blue Poison Fangs Kasaka, he was able to kill Giant Arachnid Buryura, he was able to kill Blood-Red Commander Igris and while fighting him roughly caused a 3.5 earthquake, pulverized a large portion of a giant centipede) | Small Town level+ (He could kill Vulkan who was the size of a skyscraper, he was able to kill Kargalgan and is comparable to him while he was using the Orb of Destruction which doubles his power, he was able to defeat Demon King Baran) | Town level (He's superior to Tusk while he's using the Orb of Destruction and was able to defeat Beru) | Planet level (He was able to kill first Monarch Legia, it is said that Planets without magic can be easily destroyed if the Monarchs and the Rulers were to fight each other and could completely beat Thomas Andre while he was in his Ruler form) | At least Planet level (He could fight and kill the Insect Monarch, became the Shadow Monarch and gained all of his power then killed the Beast Monarch and Frost Monarch, he could match and nearly kill the Dragon Monarch) | At least Planet level, likely far higher (He killed all of the Army of the Chaos World and all of the Monarchs, is supereior to all of the Rulers, killed all of the Titans with no difficulty and they're on the same level as The Monarchs and Rulers)

Speed: Unknown | At least Subsonic (He was able to move faster than the Hunter could see, he was able to block two of Kang Taeshik's sneak attacks and they both stated they were as fast as each other, could catch an arrow) | Massively Hypersonic (He could keep up with Vulkan who was blitzing him in the beginning of their fight, was blitzing Kargalgan and could react and block Demon King Baran's lighting breath from point blank range and his Demon King's Longsword which summons an endless storm of lighting when swung) | At least Massively Hypersonic (He's superior to before and can easily fight Beru) | At least Massively Hypersonic, likely FTL (He could fight and beat Thomas Andre while he was in his Ruler form) | FTL (He could react and avoid the Breath of Destruction which moves at the speed of light multiple times) | At least FTL (He could easily match the Breath of Destruction and was able to blitz the Titans who are on the same level as the Monarchs and Rulers)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | At least Class K (He's superior to Iron who could drag Volkan's head) | At least Class K | At least Class K | At least Class K, likely Class T (He should be capable of lifting as much as his Spiritual Body Manifestation which's the size of a mountain) | At least Class T (He's superior to before)

Durability: Wall level (He could take attacks from E-Rank dungeon monsters) | Large Building level (He could take attacks from Blood-Red Commander Igris) | Small Town level+ (He could take attacks from Vulkan, Kargalgan and Demon King Baran) | Town level (He could take attacks from Beru) | Planet level (He could take attacks from Thomas Andre) | At least Planet level (He could take attacks from the Incest Monarch, Frost Monarch, Beast Monarch and Dragon Monarch) | At least Planet level, likely far higher (He surpassed all the Monarchs, Rulers and Titans)

Stamina: His stamina works somewhat differently due to the system's rules from the Reawakening Arc to the Jeju Island Arc, being measured in %:

0-69%: No negative effects.

70-89%: Speed halved and heavy breathing.

90-100%: Breathing and moving becomes exponentially more difficult. Pushing himself by 100% is possible even tough extremely difficult, as he did when sprinting from giant worms for 4 hours.


Superhuman (He can fight for days without stopping)

High (He can fight for weeks without stopping)

High (He was able to fight for a month straight)

Very High (He gained a massive increasde due to the Black Heart)

Very High (His stamina is superior to before)

Extremely High (He was able to fight a endless battle in the Chaos World for 27 years)

Range: Standard melee range | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Weapons | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Weapons, Tens of meters with Shadow Summoning (range in which he can summon his soldiers) | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Weapons, Tens of meters with Shadow Summoning, Varies with Shadow Exchange (He can switch places with one of his shadow soldiers regardless of range, even if they are in other realities) | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Weapons, Tens of meters with Shadow Summoning, Varies with Shadow Exchange | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Weapons, Tens of meters with Shadow Summoning, Varies with Shadow Exchange, Hundreds of kilometers with Spiritual Body Manifestation | Standard melee range, Extended melee range with Weapons, Tens of meters with Shadow Summoning, Varies with Shadow Exchange, Hundreds of kilometers with Spiritual Body Manifestation

Standard Equipment:

A Smartphone

Casaka's poisoned fang: A large dagger that inflicts 'Bleeding' (1% hp loss per second until death or healing, does damage to the veins, causing immense pain and making someone look like this) and 'Paralysis' effect on enemies hit.

Gatekeeper's necklace: A dog collar worn by Cerberus. Increases Sense and Agility by 20

High-level knight's breastplate: A metal breastplate used by medieval knights. Reduces physical damage by 7%

High-level knight's gauntlet: A metal gauntlet used by medieval knights. 3% damage reduction,

Ygritte's Helmet: A red helmet worn by Blood-red Ygritte. 15% damage reduction, +20 strength and Endurance.

Status Recovery potion: Removes negative status effects.

Health Potion: Heals the target as long as above 10% in health.

Knight Killer: A jagged dagger made to rip through armor. +25% against armored enemies.

Baruta's Tanto: It is a blade wielded by the great warrior Baruta. It is enchanted to make the blade and the user more agile. +10 agility.

Monarch of Demons earring: Strength and Constitution +20, demon's jewelry set. If two equipment of the same set is worn, +5 to all stats. If three sets are worn, +10 to all stats.

Monarch of Demons necklace: Agility and Intelligence +20, demon's jewelry set. If two equipment of the same set is worn, +5 to all stats. If three sets are worn, +10 to all stats.

Monarch of Demons ring: Sense and Intelligence +20, demon's jewelry set. If two equipment of the same set is worn, +5 to all stats. If three sets are worn, +10 to all stats.

Marble of Avarice: Doubles all magical damage done by the owner, tough Jin-Woo cannot use any offensive spells.

Holy Water of Life: Can heal any and all sicknesses if a full bottle is drank. Has 5 of them.

Robe of Wind: Completely nullifies heat and damage it would do. It could nullify all the heat created by lightning, as well as heat strong enough to vaporize dozens of demons.

Demon King's Daggers: Adds ones strength to the two daggers power attack.

Demon Lord's Longsword: Can create a "Storm of White flames" (A storm of electric sparks with enough heat to vaporize enemies several stories high) upon being swung.

Kamish's wrath: A couple of shortsword far stronger than the Demon King's Daggers

Intelligence: Average | Above Average (He shown his to be quite a skilled fighter even while under pressure) | Above Average | Above Average | Above Average | Gifted (He gained all of the Shadow Monarch's memories) | Gifted

Weaknesses: None notable | If attacked by a human with high killing intent, there is a high chance he'll get the emergency quest 'Slay the Enemies'. Cannot use healing potions below 10% health | If attacked by a human with high killing intent, there is a high chance he'll get the emergency quest 'Slay the Enemies'. Cannot use healing potions below 10% health | If attacked by a human with high killing intent, there is a high chance he'll get the emergency quest 'Slay the Enemies'. Cannot use healing potions below 10% health | None notable | None notable | None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Game Mechanics/System Rules:

  • Unlimited Inventory: A dimensional storage capable of holding items that he obtained. He can automatically teleport things within it as long as they are his rewards (For example, a sword from a fallen enemy/comrade) and summon from at on thought. He can also equip items directly from it.
  • Item equipment: Can "equip" an item without actually wearing it, gaining all the effects it would have (From status effects to simply blocking attacks), without visually wearing them.
  • Shop: A shop where he can sell items obtained from slain enemies for gold, and buy several items like healing potions, mana potions, weapons, armor and several others. Items obtained this way cannot be traded (disappear once given to someone else) but can still be used if not held by the other (pouring a potion down someone's throat)
  • Auto-Translation: Translates the language others talk to one Jin-Woo can understand and vice-versa. This is limited to one person at a time,
  • Levels: After killing enemies, as long as not too weak compared to him, he gains experience. With enough experience, he gains a level. A level increases all of his stats by 1, as well as giving him 5 to spend as he wishes.
  • Stats: Numbers representing his strengths, they can be increased with stat points, which he gets with quests and level ups.
    • Strength: Increases physical strength, speed, and durability by bettering the user's muscles.
    • Agility: Increases the user's perception on time and thought speed, allowing them to see enemies on his level in slow-motion.
    • Endurance: Increases his health, resistance to status effects and longevity (Though, it isn't known how much the lifespan is increased by).
    • Sense: Increases the 5 senses to the point that he can hear other's heartbeat and the sound of cameras from tens of meters away, see in the dark as if it was the day, smell as well as canines and likely many more. Also gives a sixth sense that allows one to detect others' life energy and mana, to the point that he could fight someone who was invisible, soundless and had no smell. Can also feel emotions like bloodlust.
    • Intelligence: Increases mana and regeneration of it, as well as the effectiveness of spells.
  • Quests: Under certain events, he gains a quest detailing objectives to achieve. If achieved, he can gain rewards. If failed, he'll receive a penalty. Some reoccurring quests:
    • Road to Power: A daily quest, he has to do 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats and run 10 miles within the day the quest is assigned. The rewards are a random item box (Creates a random junk item, like pens and umbrellas. They, however, seem to come somewhat in handy eventually), a full heal (Can be used whenever he wishes) and 3 stat points. If he doesn't do the exercises, he'll be teleported into a pocket dimension with giant worms for 4 hours.
    • Slay the Enemies: He gets it when he faces a human trying to kill him. He will obtain stats and the enemies superpower (If they have one). The penalty for failing to kill the enemy is a heart attack.

Titles: Titles obtained through noteworthy actions or feats. Only one can be equipped at a time.

  • Player: While not an actual title that can be switched on and off, it represents him being a member of the system. The only real difference is that he is, technically, a player before a human. As such, abilities specifically tailored against humans interact with him like they would with any non-human animal.
  • Wolf Slayer: All stats are increased by 40% while fighting beast-type monsters.
  • Triumphant over Adversity: Stats increase proportionally to missing health, resulting in a 1% stat increase for every 1% HP missing.


  • Unyielding Spirit (Passive Skill): When HP is below 30%, all damage received is reduced by 50%.
  • The great sorcerer Kandiaru's blessing: Immune to all poisons, diseases and status effects.
  • Casaka's Armored skin (Passive Skill): Reduces physical damage by 20% (Even if not received through the skin).
  • Advanced Dagger Proficiency (Passive Skill): +33% damage with daggers.
  • Sprint (Active Skill): Increases speed by 40%. Mana Cost: 5 (+1/minute).
  • Bloodlust (Active skill): Targets are inflicted with "fear" status effect, reducing their stats by 50% (The fear feels "as if submerged in deep water, and struggling to move") for one minute. Mana Cost: 100. Please note that stats are exponential in Nature, and as such a 50% decrease can mean an extreme drop in power (Where he to use it on a baseline High 8-C (much like the giant sandworms 5 stories in height), they would become at most baseline 8-C (weaker than a spider boss, who is described to be as large as a building))
  • Stealth (Active): Hides the users presence from sight, hearing and smell and all other senses to the point that no technology can detect them. Mana Cost: 200 MP (+20/second).
  • Vital Strike (Active): Aims at a vital point in the enemy. If hit, the enemy will instantly die.
  • Ruler's Hand (Active): Works mostly as telekinesis, the more one uses it the more they can lift with it.
  • Dagger Throw (Active): Allows him to throw a dagger with increased accuracy and strength. 30 MP per throw.

Class Skills: Skills hat he gains with his class Necromancer, and it's evolution Monarch of Shadow

  • Arise: Extracts a fallen enemies shadow, creating a copy of them. The chance of the success depends on the level of the one being "revived" compared to the user, the time passed since death and if the user killed the enemy. Can only be attempted on an enemy thrice. If certain conditions are met (like the shadow not wishing to die), the shadow will start out stronger. Can make at least 100 in his third key and at least 340 in his second. In his last key, he has access to more than 130000 shadow soldiers and by the End of Series, he has access to over 10 millions of shadow soldiers.
  • Shadow Storage: Can store shadows in an actual shadow (Be it his or someone else's), allowing him to summon certain beings at any time. Killing the shadows will merely incapacitates them. He can use maximum of 100 in his third key, 340 shadows in his fourth key.
    • Knights: Animated armors, they have no real special powers of their own.
    • Wizards: Three wizards that mainly use fire magic, tough they can fuse the knights into a giant golem.
    • Igris: A boss he fought in his quest to achieve a class. It is an extremely skilled knight with telekinetic abilities with a pendant
    • Iron: A former A rank, it is a tank-class fighter capable of taking attacks on it's own level without any damage.
    • Tank: An beast type monster, Tank is a giant ice bear the size of a seval story building.
    • High Orcs: Giant ogres who fight much like one might expect caveman to, they make up in power and number for their lack of skills.
    • Kaisel: A wyvern he rides on.
    • Tusk: A great sorcerer, he leads the orcs with his blessings and curses into battle.
    • Ants: Giant winged ants that have mutated to kill humanity, they are surprisingly strong, tough their numbers are the major problem. Their numbers measure over 300.
    • Beru: The strongest spawn of the ant queen, it is a mutated ant capable of assimilating powers, memories and other knowledge from others by eating them. It has several powers, from poisons to mind control over ants.
    • Giants: 29 humanoid giants that can crush even most S rank hunters.
    • Greed: An ex S rank hunter, he has extraordinary senses comparable to Sung and can enhance his attacks by coating them in mana.
    • Bellion: He is one of the original servants of the former Shadow Monarch. He was born from the fruit of the World Tree and is the strongest Shadow Soldier.
    • Ashborn Soldiers: Sung Jin-Woo inherited more than 100000 Shadow Soldiers from the former Shadow Monarch, Ashborn.
    • All of Monarchs army: Sung Jin-Woo got over 10 millions Shadow Soliders from killing the Monarchs and their armies by the End of Series.
  • Domain of the Monarch: This allows the user to spread their shadow over an area of a few dozen meters squared. Any summoned shadow will gain 50% increase in all stat.
  • Shadow Swap: Swaps places with a summoned shadow. Has a cooldown of two hours, and no cooldown after becoming a True Monarch.
  • Rune of Kamish: When used it releases a roar from Sung's soul that sends anyone weaker into despair.

Key: Double Dungeon Arc | Reawakening Arc | Shadow Monarch Class Arc | Jeju Island Arc | Black Heart Arc | Monarch War Arc | Chaos World Arc/Titan Arc


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