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The Suniaster (スーニーアスター, Sūnīasutā, or alternatively translated as The Star Cup/Star Grail/Astral Grail, is an ancient relic that according to legend, when obtained will grant the user the title of One True God and absolute power above all other races.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-B

Name: Suniaster, Star Cup, Holy Grail, Astral Grail

Origin: No Game No Life

Wielders: Tet

Age: Unknown

Dimensionality: 13-D

Powers and Abilities: Power Bestowal (Grants its wilder the following powers: Higher-Dimensional Existence, Omniscience, Precognition, Cosmic Awareness, Law Manipulation (Allowed Tet to create the Ten Oaths, an absolute law that governs all of Disboard and protects its inhabitants from any harm), Technology Manipulation, Reality Warping (Its user can alter the landscape and atmosphere of Disboard, and should make them superior to the Old Deus, who are capable of creating landscapes with a wave of their hand), Creation (Grants the power to destroy and re-create the entire world as many times as the users desire), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; Grants its wielder control over creation, destruction, the past, the future, definitions and observation), Space-Time Manipulation (Its wielder can wrap space and have control over the past, present and future), Existence Erasure (Its wielder can freely erase things as they please), Acausality (Type 5; To its user, time and metaphysical causes and effects are completely meaningless), and possibly others)

Attack Potency: Hyperverse level (Possesses the highest affinity to magic in existence, granting its user the title of "The One True God" and making them indescribably superior to any other being on Disboard, including the Old Deus, when Holou, the weakest of them, is above 11 dimensions, and even further higher dimensions aren't able to reach the power of the One True God)

Speed: Immobile

Durability: Hyperverse level (Can provide its wielder with the ability to enforce the Ten Oaths, essentially laws that protect all 16 races from any potential harm)

Range: Hyperversal

Weaknesses: None notable

Feats: Grants the user immeasurable powers and stats


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