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When we look at the amaranth in the real world, it is is a particular type of flower. It derives from the Greek ἀμάραντος (amárantos), which means unfading, which is fascinating to me. It hints at the eternal nature of the universe. It’s most often associated by the Elder Scrolls fans with the flower amaranthus caudatus, which also goes by the name love-lies-bleeding. I’m not sure whether that’s something that’s explicitly been stated by Michael Kirkbride as being part of his intent in using the word amaranth describe it, but it’s got some interesting connotations when you think about the nature of love, and the idea of the trauma that potentially forms The Elder Scrolls’Amaranth.
~ Aramithius, written in uncertainty.

To the close dreamers, don’t forget the Amaranth. There *is* one step beyond CHIM, but you’re right in that it is not godhood. It’s the flowering of a statehood where the images you give birth to in your dream– stolen (?) from first dreamer– wakes up. Wails knowing free will. And begins to dream in the same way. Children of liberty without end, and then the music lives forever as a pirate radio tuned against the rules of Heaven and the vulgarities of Hell.
~ Michael Kirkbride.

Those who do not fail become the New Men: an individual beyond all AE, unerased and all-being. Jumping beyond the last bridge of all existence is the Last Existence, The Eternal I. I AM. A whole World of You. God. God outside of all else but his own free consciousness, hallucinating for eternity and falling into love: I AM AND I ARE ALL WE.
~ Loveletter from the fifth era.


The Amaranth, also known as The Godhead or simply God, is the supreme, ultimate being which lies beyond the boundaries of existence, dreaming all of the Aurbis. Less of a being, and more of an abstract force, the Amaranth is the Final Subgradience, the limitless state of pure freedom and unity, the death of all limits and restrictions attained when two Ruling Kings of the Aurbis enter a state of sensory deprivation, destroying the underlying concepts of Duality and Selfhood which seemingly unbind them and dissolving into a single, unified whole through the joy of dissolution, stepping beyond the last bridge of existence and becoming themselves the Godhead which dreams all things into being, holding every being, race and idea as facets of itself, and reflections of its memories and consciousness.

Powers and Status

Tier: High 1-A

Name: I, The Amaranth, God, The Godhead, The Nu-Men, Tsaescence, The Dreamer, The Dream Maker, Love Lies Bleeding, The House of WE, The Final Subgradience.

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Inapplicable. (All possible notion of the concept of “gender” came from it’s imagination, and it’s contained by its dream)

Age: Inapplicable. (All possible notion of the concept of “time” came from it’s imagination, and it’s contained by its dream)

Classification: God. The Last Existence. The Eternal I. The Everlasting Hypnagogic.

Dimensionality: Inapplicable

Powers and Abilities:' Reality Warping, Magic, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3), Existence Erasure, Transduality (Type 3), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2), Large Size (Type 11), Acausality (Type 5), Mathematics Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Causality Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Quantum Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, and Soul Manipulation, Law Manipulation

Attack Potency: High Ascendent level (Beyond the Aurbis, CHIM and all AE, lies the boundless final state of existence, The Amarath, which is devoid from all limitations and restrictions, which dreamed the entirety of the setting, all its laws, concepts, ideas etc. completely devoid of all illusions of duality and causality, the boundless and indivisible state of limitless and indescribable Consciousness from which all ideas, numbers, phenomena and possibilities spring into being, outside of all else but Its own unbound consciousness. Every conceivable ideia came from it’s imagination, every notion of size and geometrical scale, all possible and impossible mathematical hierarchies, “existing” beyond all constructs in The Elder Scrolls setting, perceiving then as nothing more than mere illusory and imaginary constructs, even the Dreamsleeve which is devoid from all possible and impossible forms and space and time, and contains all creation and magic in form of information, it’s still part of its endless dream, with even Anu and Padomay who are conceptually above the ideia of spatial-temporal dimensionality on every way, being merely the most fleeting and minuscule avatars of its infinite consciousness)

Speed: Omnipresent (Holds all aspects of existence as facets of itself, being the all-encompassing Eternal “I” from which all ideas and possibilities are dreamed into being, encompassing all of the Aurbis until the Dreamsleeve, at the same time existing beyond both), likely Inapplicable (The Amarath transcends both Anu and Padomay on a conceptual level, Anu being the eternal and infinite Stasis and stabilization, with Padomay being the eternal and infinite Change and movement, in this way, The Amarath doesn’t “move” nor is “static”, The Amarath simply “Is”)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Ascendental

Durability: High Ascendent level

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: High Ascendental (Encompasses all structures in The Elder Scrolls setting, at the same time it “exists” completely above them, dreaming all of creation as lower plane from it’s perspective)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Inapplicable. The Amaranth is the fully impersonal and featureless unity devoid of all characterization, being the state of Infinite "Zero" from which all springs, rather than a sentient entity on its own.

Weaknesses: None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Zero-Sum: It refutes and denies the existence of individuals by exposing that they're merely illusory and imaginary constructs within the Dream of the Godhead/Amarath, forcing them to undergo Zero-Sum and vanish from the Dream completely, making them ceasing to exist on every possible level.

Feats: Created all concepts and structures of The Elder Scrolls setting in it’s entirety


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