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Where am I... Is this kid... Have I come back, or am I going forward? It doesn't matter, I guess. As long as we're together.
~ Future Princess upon being summoned

I don't know what's going on. I'm so confused. I just want to sit down and cry... You're not wrong about wanting to save the world, I understand that... But you're not the real Knight!
~ Little Princess


The Princess is an important side character in Guardian Tales. During the events of the Prologue, Future Princess traveled 10 years back in time to save the Knight from the Invader's ambush on the Kanterbury Kingdom in a last-ditch attempt to save her future, which had been completely overtaken by the Invaders after the Knight from her timeline suddenly disappeared. Future Princess guided Knight across the warzone until they found Eva, which would lead the Knight to fight the Minotaur alongside Eva and attempt to evacuate Queen Camilla, and Little Princess, until the Dark Magician appeared, about to take Little Princess' life after one-shotting the Knight, Eva and Camilla herself. Little Princess was forced to seal the Dark Magician in a Dimension Barrier as the party quickly recovered and attempted to flee through the skies. Little Princess' barrier was not enough to hold the Dark Magician for long, as it quickly pursues and picks off each and every member with lasers, making them fall into the Kanterbury Forest. The Knight lands next to an inn with Little Princess, as the duo soon start their quest to save the Kanterbury Kingdom, and soon the world itself.

After the events of Rah Empire, Aisha and Shapira visited Heavenhold to meet the Princess to inform her of the Great Invasion, and that the Knight must be prepared for it. The Princess was unaware of the Knight's whereabouts, even though the Knight was last seen heading back to Heavenhold after they defeated Minister Duncan. Princess immediately runs out to search for the Knight alongside Aisha and Shapira, but couldn't find the Knight anywhere. The Princess starts to retrace the Knight's steps, going back to every place the Knight has been seen in and asking their allies if they have seen the Guardian, but to no avail. Saddened, the Princess returns to Heavenhold on her own, only to find that it is currently under siege by the Invaders.

Little Princess attempts to help Loraine, but all she tells the Princess to do is to run away. The Princess eventually stumbles upon her best friend, Jack, as the two start solving puzzles the residents of Heavenhold made to keep the Invaders out. Eventually, the Princess is cornered by a stray Invader, and as he is about to take her life, Jack intervenes and attempts to save the Princess... however, he is promptly killed by the Invader. Before the Little Princess would soon meet the same fate as Jack, Loraine arrives and defeats the Invader, and ends up pushing a traumatized Princess all the way to the ruins of the Inn. It was then where the Princess swore to wield a real weapon and asks Eva for training for when her Knight inevitably returns, eventually turning into Future Princess, as she would soon end up fighting alongside Future Knight and climbing up Heavenhold's castle to save her future.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, possibly far higher

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Flight, Weapon Mastery (Expert in wielding Liberator), Acrobatics, Fate Manipulation (The Knight was able to kill Erina before she was meant to be defeated and changed the scenario of the game. Princess is capable of directly helping the Knight with this), Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of her status as a fictional character, and can see the events of the game over screen), Soul Manipulation (Magiton energy directly targets the enemy's soul, which is what allows it to harm spirits), Teleportation (Teleported to Marshmallow, Mad Panda and Mad Panda Girl), Technology Manipulation (Wields the Android Controller, which can control robots and other technology), Electricity Manipulation (via Thunder Strike), Fire Manipulation (from Flame of Purification), Ice Manipulation (From Ice Shock Wave), Sound Manipulation (With Battle Roar), Energy Manipulation (Via Imperial Order), Holy Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation (Via Divine Explosion, Bounce Plasma Grenade and Newton's Apple), Poison Manipulation (Via Poison Cloud), Darkness Manipulation (Via Dark Laser), Fire Manipulation (Via Fire Laser), Electricity Manipulation (Via Lightning Buster), Empathic Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (Via Heart Breaker and Dimension Shield), Dimensional Manipulation, Chain Manipulation, Sealing and Power Nullification (via Dimension Barrier), Light Manipulation (Via Rainbow Sherbert), Space-Time Manipulation and Resurrection (Via Tempest of Time and Space. Reverted the entire Lilith Tower to before the explosion of the Labose bombs activated, bringing everyone back to life after they were sure they had died), Gravity Manipulation (Via Pressure Field), Afterimage Creation (via Akaoni), Homing Attack (Via Autopilot Arrow), Summoning (Although not used in-character, Princess can spend 300 or 2700 gems to summon a random hero to fight with her, which can vary from the Princess herself, low-class warriors or characters like Lupina and Bari. Can materialize 3 other party members who will disappear at the end of a battle), Statistics Amplification (From Awakening, she can increase her Skill Damage and Attack Damage, Health, Critical Hit Chance, and Damage Reduction. With various cards and merch, she can passively increase her skill and attack damage, health, critical hit chance, make shields that reduce damage, become immune to Doom, decrease damage taken by specific elements, heal all members of the party by hitting an enemy and increase various stats upon killing an enemy), Precognition (Whenever an enemy is about to attack, characters get visual cues on where and exactly when they are going to attack, allowing them to dodge or finish their chain skill in time. Princess can see visions of the future and exactly how they will play out, with varying situations depending on what she thinks will happen if the choice is given to her, though the end of her visions will always end up being the same no matter what she chooses), Paralysis Inducement (Can inflict Airborne, Injured and Downed, which renders the opponent immovable for 2 seconds, even if they have abilities that shouldn't let them be affected by them), Perception Manipulation (Time appears to slow down when characters need to dodge fatal attacks or do something quickly. Princess retains her speed while doing this), Time Travel (From running, by using Sohee's invention. Traveled back in time to save the Knight from death. Time Travel lets Princess summon a copy of herself from an alternate timeline to assist in battle), Non-Physical Interaction (Fought ghosts with physical weapons), Resurrection (Can revive herself or other people by using 30 gems + an extra 30 from the amount of times she's revived herself in that specific battle. Princess can have tens of thousands of gems on hand)

Resistance to dark elemental attacks, Extreme Cold (Can fight in Mt. Shivering, where it is constantly snowing), Extreme Heat (Can fight in the Dungeon Kingdom, where lava is spread around the area. Can take attacks from the Archfiend, who attacks with lava), Energy Absorption (Regularly has her energy taken by succubi), Disease Manipulation, Resistance Negation, Deconstruction and Transmutation (Could move, speak and endure the effects of the bomb made out of Labose, which made everyone afflicted by it fade away, including the Knight who has a resistance to Labose)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Fought Beth alongside Future Knight and won. Far superior to Eva and present Knight. Even in her younger form, Window Breaker is capable of destroying Mecha Spiders, which are capable of quickly incapacitating the Knight), possibly far higher

Speed: Subsonic (Trapped the Knight in a Dimension Barrier before they or Marshmallow could react) with Speed of Light attack and reaction speeds (Regularly fights Cursed Towers that attack with beams of darkness. Can contend with Android Mk.99), faster with the Pegasus Sneakers

Lifting Strength: Average human regularly, higher with the Ogre Glove

Durability: Small Building level, possibly far higher

Stamina: Very high (Usually fights groups and waves of enemies without tiring)

Range: Extended melee range with Liberator, hundreds of meters with abilities (Could fix the entirety of Lilith Tower in an instant)

Standard Equipment: Liberator, various cards that give different boosts to the user, an accessory, a shield, Window Breaker and a spiked club

Optional Equipment: Click this to see a list of all weapons that Princess can potentially use

Intelligence: Gifted (Surpassed Eva and became more skilled than every Guardian currently fighting on Heavenhold. Was training for 10 years)

Weaknesses: Damage dealt to her Dimension Barriers are reflected back onto her, and she will collapse if a Dimension Barrier of a sufficient size is destroyed

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Everything in this page is what Princess can potentially access

Dimension Breaker: If Future Princess is wielding a shield, she will attack with a mix of melee attacks and ranged attacks. If she is not wielding a shield, she will use only ranged attacks. If Future Princess is wielding Liberator, she will passively heal herself every time she hits an enemy.

Dimension Shield: Future Princess forces nearby enemies to target her using a pandimensional shockwave, and increases her and her allies' defenses by 30% for 5 seconds.

Dimension Barrier: Future Princess jumps into the sky and creates a dimensional barrier that negates all damage of 3 hits from enemies, and heals her and her allies. as well as giving the enemy the Downed status. Can also be used to seal enemies in a blue orb that is kept in place by chains, immobilizing them, even if she is not present

Time Acceleration: When Future Princess hits an opponent, she increases her movement speed and Dimension Breaker's attacking speed.

Tempest of Time and Space: Future Princess jumps into the sky and throws Liberator at the enemy, exploding on contact with any surface. Tempest of Time and Space creates a large field of distorted space-time that will do continuous damage and inflict the enemy with Injured.


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