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I can't stand those fools who act like they're the strongest of all. You kill somebody to live. I will only lose when hell freezes over.
~ Ohma Tokita


Tokita Ohma is the main protagonist of Kengan Asura. Having grown up in the lawless territory known as The Inside, the young Ohma was found and adopted by Tokita Niko, who taught him his style of martial arts; the Niko Style.

Later in his life, Ohma leaves The Inside to seek powerful opponents. In this quest, he eventually joins the Kengan Association as a fighter for the Nogi Group, and later, Yamashita Trading Co. with his friend and manager Yamashita Kazuo.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C, 7-C with Advance | 7-C, 7-C with Advance, Varies with Demonsbane

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Information Analysis (He analyzed the "new sound" of Medicine Man's tooth bullets and created an imaginary image of the ring and the attack trajectory, by observing he can create exact copies of the fighters to train in a mental space where they they can use all the techniques seen and known to Ohma to deal with it), Martial Arts (Type 4), Damage Reduction (Able to drastically reduce damage with Indestructible), Enhanced Senses (Has an extremely keen sense of hearing and smell, able to hear the slightest sound in the screaming crowd), Precognition (Type 1; Capable of using Flowing Edge, which relies on analyzing and predicting the trajectory of attacks to deflect them), Body Control (With Adamantine Kata and dramatically increase or decrease heart rate at will with Advance), Fear Manipulation (With the mere presence of him, he made two assailants cry and urinate, feeling that they were looking death in the face), Instinctive Reaction (Through image training and memory learning during sleep, Ohma's brain has developed the ability to "act without thinking" from experiences gained from having fought more than 40,000 imaginary battles in his mind), Berserk Mode (With Advance), Extrasensory Perception (Because he was born on the inside, he developed an ability to detect any change in the environment), Statistics Amplification (It can release endorphins that help you recover and raise your stats to a similar level as when you were undamaged), Afterimage Creation (He is able to use Fire Kata, mainly flashfire), Chi Manipulation (With Redirection Kata, you can control the energy flow, momentum and strength of the opponent and yourself) Resistance to Precognition (Type 1; Swimming Swallow is stated to be unpredictable due to its ever changing trajectory. Trained by Tokita Niko to change his rhythm so they aren't predictable)

Attack Potency: Large Building level normally (Should be comparable to Saw Paing and other fighters and Capable of violently fragmenting boulders using Ironbreaker.), Town level with Advance (Able to fight toe to toe with Removal Raian) | Town level (His demosbane caused this destruction), Town level with Advance, Varies with Demonsbane (The Demonsbane combines the strength of the opponent with the user's own and sends it back at the opponent)

Speed: Hypersonic, higher with Advance (Inaba Ryo could not react to their attacks, who can move this fast) | Hypersonic, higher with Advance (Faster than before)

Lifting Strength: Class K, higher with Advance (Should be comparable to Julius) | Class K, Higher with Advance

Durability: Large Building level normally (Comparable to his own attack potency), Town level with Advance (Takes hits from Removal Raian) | Town level (Higher than before), Town level with Advance

Stamina: Very High (Able to continue fighting in the tournament despite high damage taken from previous fights and the advance)

Range: Standard Melee Range

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Genius in martial arts and combat tactics. Outperformed Imai Cosmo in grappling, in which Cosmo is considered a genius. Managed to perform on a similar level of tactics as Kuroki Gensai, who outwitted and outplayed the combat genius Kanoh Agito. Can be considered as one of the most skilled fighters in the world comparable to legendary assassins like Kure, Inaba, Gerkha and Raishin style users, and the world's best public fighters such as MMA specialist Okubo Naoya, and the Thai God of War, Gaolang Wongsawat.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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Niko Style4534636.png
  • Niko Style: This is Tokita Niko's main fighting style, consisting of four main kata; the Adamantine Kata, the Flame Kata, the Redirection Kata, and the Water Kata. Each kata has a "ultimate technique", which serves as aces on the hole rather than being the strongest techniques. Some techniques use principles from more than one kata.
    • The Adamantine Kata: It involves tightening the muscles for defensive and offensive purposes.
      • Indestructible: A technique that tightens the muscles at the moment of impact to either reduce the damage or outright negate it, depending on its strength.
      • Ironbreaker: The same idea as indestructible but used for the offensive.
      • Iron Fingers: A technique that tightens the muscles in the fingers, reinforcing the joints.
      • Bone Binding: Uses precise and delicate muscle control to freely move limbs in spite of broken bones.
    • The Flame Kata: It involves the use of footwork to improve the speed and agility of the user.
      • Flashfire: Create multiple afterimages using a special footwork, intended to distract and confuse enemies.
      • Phantom Pace: Tricks the opponent into believing that their attack has sidestepped the user just before their attack
      • Raging Fire: It is a technique that allows the user to accelerate to full speed almost instantly by digging the toes into the ground.
      • Earth-Shrinking: Through shifting one's center-of-gravity to move, it makes an illusion of the user backstepping, and the distance between the user and the opponent suddenly shrinking.
    • The Redirection Kata: It involves the use of kinetic vision and delicate physical control to observe and manipulate the "flow of power" in attacks; using minimal effort to turn the full force of the opponent's attacks against them.
      • Weeping Willow: It is the most basic move in Redirection Kata. The user can make the opponent miss each attack by altering the trajectory of his blows. This technique can be used to throw opponents off balance, leaving room for Ohma to exploit. More advanced use can redirect the opponent's body force towards punishment hits, or establish grappling techniques by redirecting the opponent to the ground.
      • Change of Scenery: Redirect the force of the whole body in an upward twisting motion, launching them into the air.
      • Chi Blockage: It is a technique designed to destroy the nerves, paralyzing the opponent. However, it can also be used to suppress the autonomic nervous system to manipulate the opponent's unconscious bodily functions, such as explosively changing a target's heart rate, manipulate neurological conditions such as tachypsychia to warp a target's perception of time, and even suppress the brain's ability to create connections within itself to seal memories.
      • Entanglement: It is a technique that is one step above the weeping willow. By altering the trajectory of the opponent's attacks while grabbing them at the same time, redirected force can be put into additional actions, such as dislocating the joints.
      • Flowing Edge: It is a defensive form of Redirection Kata that deflects the trajectory of the blow by applying force to its side. It can be used to deflect bullets by quickly calculating the trajectory of the bullet before moving to deflect it from the bone.
      • Marionette: It is the last technique of the Redirection Kata. Using Weeping Willow on himself, Ohma can amplify his body's internal power and control his movement using minimal energy, allowing him to fight effectively even when his stamina is extremely limited. While fighting Marionette, Ohma can regain her stamina for more intense and later use.
    • The Water Kata: It consists mainly of grip techniques, emphasizing flexibility and fluidity of movement.
      • Bind of Pisces: It involves immobilizing the opponent's arms by holding the opposite arm by the head with the legs and holding onto the other with the hands.
      • Guillotine: Catch an off-balance opponent to grab his throat with both hands before lifting him over the shoulder using his neck as a lever, severely damaging the neck.
      • Jellyfish Clutch/Hold: The user runs towards the opponent and catches him in a headlock, leaning down using the momentum of his run. This move is used to break the neck back.
      • Screw Cutter Jizo: The user throws the opponent to the ground before grabbing his arm, turning him over, and sitting on his shoulder while blocking the arm with both hands.
      • Seagrass Hold: The user evades a thrusting motion before locking the thrusting limb under the armpit.
      • Water Dragon's Vein: It is an extremely lethal winery. From underneath the opponent, the user grabs them by the thighs and neck before pushing up on the opponent's back with their shins. The opponent is forced to pass out within seven seconds due to the carotid sinus reflex, but the clamp is also capable of simply breaking the spine.
      • Water Mirror: It is the last technique of the Water Kata. It is used when the user is unable to use their normal locks and holds, such as a broken limb. The technique involves using the opponent's body to secure a block or hold in place of the user's limbs. The water mirror does not have a specific shape and can therefore be used in almost any situation.
    • Nil Kata: The Nil Kata is not one of the four kata of the Niko style per se, but rather a compilation of breathing exercises.
      • Void: It is a breathing exercise similar to the Ibuki and Neigong breathing, which involves deep exhalations increasing abdominal pressure, focusing awareness towards the meridian of the body. It is used as a means of concentration and internal regulation.
    • The Combined Kata: It involves the use of more than one kata principle.
      • Fire Water: It is a combination of the Flame and Water Katas. The user makes a quick and smooth transition from a forward hit to a low tackle, evading any incoming attacks while aiming the opponent to the ground at the same time.
      • Flashing Steel: It is a combination of Flame and Adamantine Katas and is the fastest attack in the Niko style. The user uses the Flame Kata's footwork to charge at high speed before striking with the Adamantine Kata. Drive and toughness are a devastating blow; even more so when used as a counter, adding the opponent's momentum to the equation. Flashing steel has three forms:
        • Blast: A shoulder tackle.
        • Smash: A hit
        • Pierce: A stab with the finger.
      • Flickering Flame: It is a combination of the Katas Flame and Redirection. Using a special style of footwork designed to maximize the displacement of the user's center of gravity, it allows the user to instantly change directions mid-board while maintaining top speed.
      • Ironbreaker Revolution: It is a combination of Water Kata and Adamantine Kata. Throwing the opponent to the ground to prevent the impact from softening, the user follows up with an Ironbreaker.
      • Swimming Swallow: It is a combination of Water Kata and Redirection Kata. The user launches a barrage of blows with unpredictable and rapidly changing trajectories, making them incredibly difficult to protect.
      • Will-O'-the-Wisp: It is a combination of Redirection and Flame Katas. When performing a spinning side kick, the user redirects the force of the kick into a stomp that is strong enough to break a hole on solid ground.

  • Demonsbane: The secret and ultimate technique of the Niko Style, which requires a mastery of all four katas. The user redirects the force of the opponent's strike with the Redirection Kata, channels the power through his body using the Water Kata, optimizes the positioning of the body with the Flame Kata, before finally delivering the force of the attack, while adding one's power, back into the opponent while using the Adamantine Kata to concentrate all of that force into a single blow.

  • Possessing Spirit / The Advance: The Advance overclocks the heart's cardiovascular output increasing speed, acceleration, torque and in turn, damage. it has severe drawbacks. The increased heart rate and resultant high blood pressure damages the blood vessels causes bleeding within the brain tissues and leads to temporary memory loss and confusion. Constant use can lead to visual and auditory hallucinations, and eventually heart failure.

Weaknesses: None notable

Key:Restricted | Unrestricted


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