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The Greybeards can use Thu’um, a form of Tonal Manipulation


Originally there were two brothers, Anu and Padomay, who came from the Void. Through their interplay of Light and Darkness a third being is created, Nir (The Grey), the feminine counterpart, and the origin of all possibility. Anu and Nir fall in love with each other, and she becomes pregnant with his seed. However, Padomay also loved Nir, and enraged with her rejection, murders her as she was giving birth to Anu's children. Anu then murders his brother in revenge. Finally, Anu is left alone, with a broken mind and a grieving heart, and so he hides and go to sleep and begins to Dream, ascending to the state of Amarath, dreaming the totality of The Elder Scrolls setting.

Nir's Primal Wail, her mutual crying of simultaneous childbirth and death, echoes through the broken mind of Anu and it’s Dream as a Song, resulting in an endlessly echoing pattern of betrayal, death, and suffering, this is the Song of creation, whose tones compose and shape the most fundamental layers of existence and the Dream of Anu, Tonal Manipulation also called Tonal Architecture, is the ability to control this tones to make, unmake and remake the creation on it’s most fundamental level.

Possible Uses

  • Sound Manipulation (Tonal Manipulation is fundamentally the manipulation of sound to alter and control existence, this sound is more a “Metaphysical Sound”, than sound as we know, thus it’s not necessarily limited to space, time and dimensionality, depending on the scale of the Tonal control)
  • Information Manipulation (Tonal Manipulation/Tonal Architecture can control the underlying tones which comprise existence on it’s most fundamental level, it can be used to define the nature of reality according to the Will of its user)
  • Reality Warping (It’s main use is to reshape reality according to the will of its user, also all magic in Nirn no matter how simple or weak consists on an individual exercise it’s will upon Reality)
  • Matter Manipulation and Quantum Manipulation (By controlling the tones that compose The Song of Creation, Tonal Architecture/Tonal Manipulation can redefine the physical word and physical matter on any level wished)
  • Conceptual Manipulation and Law Manipulation (Can make, unmake and remake the fundamental laws and concepts of Nirn in its totality, completely rewriting the rules of what’s possible and what is not)
  • Probability Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (Users of tonal magic can change probability and fate as they see fit)
  • Death Manipulation (Tonal manipulation can also be used to induce instant dead)
  • Time Manipulation (Users of The Thu-um like Dragons can control time)
  • Weather Manipulation (Tonal manipulation users are capable of flooding the lands or creating storms that extend across the horizon or even clear the skies)
  • Soul Manipulation ( User can take away the souls of living beings taking their soul out by Force)
  • Mind Manipulation (Tonal magic users are able to control the minds, memories and even perception of others)
  • Empathic Manipulation (Users are able to manipulate the emotions of people being able to instill valor or fear on them)
  • Animal Manipulation (Users are able to manipulate and control animals to do their biding)
  • Necromancy (Tonal users can raise armies of the dead)
  • Summoning (Tonal users like dragons are able to summon beings using tonal manipulation)
  • Intangibility (Users are able to make themselves intangible)
  • Spatial Manipulation (Tonal users are capable of manipulating Space)
  • Elemental Manipulation (Users of Tonal manipulation are capable of manipulating the elements and their subranges and combinations like magma or metal)
  • Statistics Amplification (Users are able to enhance themselves and become more powerful)
  • Status Effect Inducement (Users are capable of Making their target weaker to the point of leaving them close to dead)
  • Statistics Reduction (The user can make their enemies lose strength as time goes by each second making them weaker)
  • Curse Manipulation (Users are able to place curse on their target)
  • Plot Manipulation (Exceptional Users of Tonal manipulation are able to manipulate the narrative of the dream to a limited extent)
  • BFR (Users of tonal manipulation like Dragons and those proficient enough are able to even send beings or targets to the realms of oblivion)
  • Durability Negation (Tonal users can negate enemies durability with some making them non-existent)
  • Power Nullification (Tonal magic users are able to nullify the powers of other beings)

It’s also said that the Dwemer could use Tonal Manipulation/Tonal Architecture in similar ways to:

Notable Users