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The right path... Even if walked on by a saint who makes no mistakes... It is unavoidable that bad things will sometime occur. That is "calamity."
~ Tooru

I am "Wonder of U", and the "flow" is always a calamity.
~ Wonder of U


Tooru (透龍, Tōru) is the main antagonist of JoJolion. He is Yasuho Hirose's ex-boyfriend from high school and a part-time worker at TG University Hospital.

He is eventually revealed to be a Rock Human and a Stand user, wielding the calamity-causing Wonder Of U.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, Unknown with Wonder of U

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Stand Physiology, Duplication and Teleportation (Shown to be able to teleport and duplicate throughout Morioh), Abstract Existence (Wonder of U Is the very idea of "Calamity" itself, being the law of the world), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3 and 7. Can function even with fatal wounds. Will exists even after the user's death), Extrasensory Perception, Regeneration (Mid-High. Regenerated his head and several bodies wounds in minutes, and has possibly regenerated from being turned into dust), Afterimage Creation, Perception Manipulation (Those who do not fully understand Wonder of U ability will see him as the 89-year-old Head Master), Flight (Able to levitate), Natural Weaponry (Has blades on both of its arms), Telepathy and Clairvoyance (Even when people simply think of pursuing Wonder of U he still will know about their attempts to do so knowing exactly where the pursuer is located and able to appear instantly with their vicinity or go manually), Shapeshifting, Immersion (Can walk from 2-D images and reflections), Durability Negation, Probability Manipulation, Logic Manipulation, Fate Manipulation (Wonder of U main ability is to control the flow of calamity, making him virtually untouchable to anyone trying to harm him even when it seems as their 1 centimeter away from victory, with whoever even triying to pursue it with the intention of harming it will be hit with a immense amount of calamity even being able to make things like raindrops and cigarretes be fatal), Death Manipulation (Whoever pursues Wonder of U or Tooru will have death shifted towards them with Tooru being able to also kill others via eye contact. Instantly snapped someone's neck killing them instantly on the spot), Homing Attack (Wonder of U attacks were described as unavoidable), Power Nullification (Made Josuke lose control over his ability for a short period of time), Information Analysis (Precisely described the actions of the mailman and everything he did to know why a Rokaka was inside the package), Attack Reflection (Reflected the attack from Awakening III Leaves), Energy Manipulation (Able to generate Calamity Energy), Resistance to Ice Manipulation (Unaffected by Born This Way ability)

Attack Potency: Athlete level, Unknown with Wonder of U (Wonder of U never physically fights)

Speed: Athletic Human (Kept up with Josuke who can sprint 100 meters in 11.3 seconds) with Massively FTL reactions. Average Human (Moves at the speed of an 89-year-old man) with Massively FTL combat speed with Wonder of U (Able to keep up with Soft & Wet and even blocked his attacks, Soft & Wet was capable of keeping up with Vitamin C, the latter who blitzed Killer Queen which should be comparable it's part 4 counterpart)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human, Unknown with Wonder of U

Durability: Wall level (Survived being caved into a windshield), higher in Rock State (Soft & Wet had difficulties properly damaging a Rock Human in this state), Multi-City Block level with Wonder of U (Blocked a bubble attack from Josuke with his cane and was mostly fine from getting choked by Rai Mamezuku)

Stamina: Very High (Able to still fight even after having multiple fatal injuries on his body such as a hole in his torso and neck), Limitless with Wonder of U (Due to the nature of being an Automatic Stand, it will always endlessly funtion as long as the user wants)

Range: Standard melee physically for Tooru Standard melee physically, Extend melee with cane, Universal with his powers for Wonder of U (Calamity is an endless constant and law of the universe that shall forever exist)

Standard Equipment: Wonder of U (Who wields a cane), Do Do Do De Da Da Da and Obladi Oblada, as long with several other rock organisms

Intelligence: Gifted (Became a doctor and has shown to be very knowledgeable with technology)

Weaknesses: Being drowned while on rock state will make him instantly drown, actions that don't count as pursuing will make so Wonder of U ability won't work

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Calamity: Wonder of U's main ability revolves around the concept of 'Calamity', bringing impending doom to anyone pursuing Tooru or Akefu (the Stand's 'human' form). The pursuit does not have to be in the form of a direct chase, as even the intention, will, or desire to pursue Wonder of U in the future will cause the stand to activate. The switch to activate the ability can range, but its not limited, to chasing him, fighting him, trying to get a good look at him, simply deciding to go somewhere to meet him, trying to contact help, trying to help someone who's trying to "Pursue" him, contacting an ally to help an existing "Pursuer", getting in the way of his goals, touching something he's touched, questioning why he's at a certain location, to even thinking about defeating him. The intent to pursue seems to need to be more than just coincidental, however, as Akefu had to coax a declaration of intention out of a reporter who threatened to expose him. Only when the reporter's intention was clearly stated to be in pursuit of Akefu and the Rokakaka was Wonder of U able to kill the reporter with a calamity. The exact form the calamity takes varies, but always involves redirecting aspects of the nearby environment towards the target in a harmful manner. Upon contact with any object influenced by part of the calamity, the target receives an extremely disproportionate amount of damage, especially from impacts. The damage the object can cause will only affect the target, and not obstacles in the way or bystanders unaffected by the calamity. Objects touched directly by Wonder of U can be "charged" with calamitous energy as well, allowing the stand to create additional area hazards. If the target manages to avoid or survive a calamity, another one will always follow shortly afterwards. Examples of this ability include:

  • During a pursuit of the head doctor, Rai Mamezuku tripped over an umbrella stand hard enough to cause compound fractures in both legs.
  • A bus containing the head doctor kicked up a cigarette butt with enough force to penetrate Josuke's hand.
  • While slicing vegetables, a minor slip of the knife resulted in Mitsuba Higashikata cutting off two of her fingers and triggered a chain reaction of events that nearly led to her being lethally scalded by oil.
  • When Josuke and Rai were caught in a rain storm, the raindrops hit with the force of bullets - penetrating through limbs and doing enough damage to knock Josuke unconscious and require a trip to the hospital.
  • At the hospital, a police officer who Josuke knocked out fell on top of him, breaking two ribs and damaging his left lung in the process.
  • A leaf on the Higashikata estate fell with enough force to slice off Joshu's fingers.
  • The instant Yasuho continued to pursue Tooru at the Higashikata estate, a piece of an airplane 10,000 meters above ground broke off and fell directly towards her.

The stand can even influence the Locacaca's 'Equivalent Exchange' - when Josuke tried to drink the serum while still intending to pursue Wonder of U, the exchange happened in a way that threatened to suffocate him. Only when someone else without the intent to pursue administered the serum for him was it able to perform a normal exchange. Wonder of U will apply calamitous effects to any object in the area of the target in an attempt to kill or disable them. When Rai was testing the limits of Wonder of U's ability while in prison, he was attacked by spilling liquid and an exploding light bulb. When those calamities failed to damage him, a normal tray of food suddenly became diseased, and erupted with maggots and a dying rat. In the absence of any objects which can be propelled at the target to create an impact, Wonder of U seems to have the ability to affect nearby people and influence their behavior or actions. This was first seen in the Hospital parking lot when a nearby patient got unusually angry with Josuke and advanced to touch him. When Jousuke prevented contact using his bubbles, the man's neck snapped 90 degrees to the side, killing him instantly. This has also been observed with a prisoner going into a rage and attacking Rai and Joshu going berserk and attacking Yasuho. Dying from a calamity or losing the will to "intend to pursue" either Tooru or Akefu will remove the target from the calamity priority stack.

Do Do Do De Da Da Da: A type of rock insect called the "Do Do Do De Da Da Da". Capable of melding into surfaces like the floor, walls, furniture as well as being able to re-configure itself. If one is struck by this bug, a poison that isn't very strong will be inflicted and upon extending or moving the body's joints up, every hole in that target's body will spew asbestos whether that be the eyes, ears, mouth, etc, eventually those effected will become blind and asphyxiate to death

Obladi Oblada: A rock organism that attaches to a host and will rapidly spread across their body, incapacitating them, possibly even killing them overtime. Any attempts to rip it off will cause the target to bleed, which Obladi Oblada will use to spread across the target's body and multiply itself as well as tear the flesh off the attached spot, resulting in greatly hindering the victim's movement


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