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The Knight is a durable, armored fighter who wades fearlessly into melee combat. Charge your enemies to close distance, but if things get messy, your ultimate will restore your health and let you shrug off blows with ease.
~ Knight's description

A mighty warrior with a lust for battle that is matched only by a hunger for sweet treats. Leap into the fight, then beseech your patron deity Eis-Crom to hurl one of his fabled thundercones down upon the heads of your enemies.
~ Candy Barbarian's description

The Gunslinger is an eagle-eyed ranged fighter who blasts enemies with dual pistols. Light up your foes with a well-aimed charged shot, then use your ultimate to gun them down in a hail of energy bullets.
~ Gunslinger's description

Elusive and deadly, the Neon Ninja slices and dices enemies when they least expect it. Backflip into stealth and surprise your enemies with thrown shuriken, and then obliterate them with the forbidden Final Technique.
~ Neon Ninja's description

The unlife of the party! Animate minions, then heal them and damage enemies with your basic attack's piercing beam. Enhance your attack and defense with Banshee's Boon, and combine your Bonetourage into a Grave Goliath!
~ Tomb Raiser's description

Boomerangers are skilled with both bow and blade. Bomb your way through bedrock and stun any enemies you find with your trusty boomerang! When things get too hairy or scary, lob a Mysterious Urn into the fray!
~ Boomeranger's description

The Dracolyte is a fire mage who commands the might of dragons. Use your flamethrower to charge up your dragonling familiar and if you get into trouble, use your ultimate to transform into a powerful dragon.
~ Dracolyte's description

The Fae Trickster specializes in avoiding damage while dishing it out. Use blink to leave behind an illusion that takes the hits for you, while you deal massive damage with your charged up attack.
~ Fae Trickster's description

Guardians of the Twilight Stratospheres, Lancers accumulate lunar power as they fight, eventually erupting into full Lunatic Mode. They can also call down a blessing from their missing deity, and use Grappling Spear for damage and mobility.
~ Lunar Lancer's description

The Ice Sage is a cryptic spellcaster with an unerring sense of everything cool. Chill foes with magical crystals and summon deadly falling icicles, then use your ultimate to freeze enemies solid and leave them helpless.
~ Ice Sage's description

An accidental traveller of both space and time, the Dino Tamer uses their knowledge of science and technology to survive in an inhospitable primitive world. The Dino Tamer uses ranged attacks consisting of hunting nets, tranquilizer darts and dinosaur allies to defeat foes.
~ Dino Tamer's description

Mysterious casters from beyond the Planes, Chloromancer's basic attacks heal allies, damage enemies, and grow their plants faster. Leafy Lashers snare foes and deals damage, Blooming Pollinators deals damage and heal allies, and Sow Chaos grows many plants quickly to turn the tide of battle.
~ Chloromancer's description

A salty sea dog with a love for explosions and the high seas. Blast your foes with Plunderbuss for doubloons to upgrade your First Mate's cannon, bait foes with Pretend Pirate, and unleash Man o' War for a fiery finish!
~ Pirate Captain's description

The Revenant is an oathbound spirit that protects the Sun Goddess's domain. A Spirit Wraith watches over you, saving you from death and joining the fight if it is able, so lure foes to you with a Bulwark Bash and destroy them with Spirit Spears and Spirit Storm.
~ Revenant's description

Shadow Hunters destroy evil wherever it may hide. Heed the Dark Whispers of your captured shadow, pick off distant enemies with a charged Radiant Arrow, and trap them with Sun Snares when they get close.
~ Shadow Hunter's description

Vanguardians empower their allies and vanquish their enemies, near or far. Take a Hero's Charge into battle and unleash your fists of fury, or leap to range and launch Plasma Blasts into the fray.
~ Vanguardian's description

Bards embellish with relish, singing their song to assist their allies' abilities and enfeeble their enemies. Unleash a mighty kabong with your lute fist or cultivate a crowd with your cadence - playing to perfection powers your percussion.
~ Bard's description


Trovians are the titular main protagonists of Trove. Trovians used to live in peace and harmony with the Geodians, Elysians and the Shadow many years ago. However, the Moon Goddess, working with Q'bthulhu who was jealous of the Sun Goddess' splendor, took control of her realms and spread chaos across all the lands, taking over all of Trove before the night could pass. The Sun Goddess was forced to bring upon the Sundering, an event that would shatter the Sky Realm, where the Trovians lived, at the cost of her own life. With her last breath, the Sun Goddess imbued all Trovians with her power, appointing them the protectors of the realms and to continue the fight. The Moon Goddess was presumably killed during the Sundering, and her daughter takes control of Q'bthulhu's army out of vengeance for her lost mother. The Trovians and Geodians were locked in a fierce war against the Shadow, with no side being able to ever gain the advantage.

Several years later, a kingdom was under siege by the Shadow, and the King sent 42 of his finest knights to fend off the oncoming invaders. When the battle ceased, there was only one Trovian who returned after the rest of their comrades have been slain in combat; only to find that their kingdom was destroyed by a Shadow ambush while they were gone, and everyone in it was found dead. After cleansing the desolate castle, the Trovian swore eternal vengeance to their fallen King and their loved ones who had to suffer this fate.

Todstrom, a servant of the Daughter of the Moon and the leader of the Shadow invasion, was ordered to steal the Trovian's soul to significantly boost her power. When the Trovian was confronted by Todstrom, a battle ensued. When all hope seemed lost, Hero suddenly appears to assist the Trovian in battle, as Todstram was far too powerful for the Trovian to handle. Todstrom was then defeated with the help of Hero, and was forced to retreat back to the Everdark. The Trovian then became a beacon of light for all fighters in the Prime Realm, pushing back against the Shadow and battling for the better of their future.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 2-C, possibly 2-A

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Dimensional Storage (Can keep Frameworks, which can vary from being small pieces of another biome to replicas of statues in their inventory), Magic, Aura (Trovians can infuse Radiant, Stellar and Crystal weapons and Radiant and Stellar hats with a cosmetic aura), Blessed (Trovians were blessed by the Sun Goddess' will), Transformation (All Trovians can change their class at will), Dimensional Travel and Teleportation (Can travel to Geode and the Shadow Tower near-instantly with the Trovian Atlas, and teleport back to the Hub at any moment), Resurrection (Trovians can revive other Trovians, and once they have died they can "release", reincarnating back into their Cornerstone or a Unity Shrine), Creation and Summoning (Trovians can summon their Cornerstones, which can have a variety of uses such as letting them heal and refill their Flasks with a Rejuvenation Station, forge their gear to make them more powerful, potentially trap the opponent, etc. Can place blocks, in their cornerstone or not. Can summon their mounts, a Mag Rider, a boat or several different dragons), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm ghosts with physical or magical attacks), Underwater Breathing (Trovians can breathe underwater for an infinite amount of time), Martial Arts (Varies in type), Power Bestowal (Trovians can bestow their power in the form of a "subclass" to other Trovians, giving the recipient some of their powers), Extrasensory Perception (Superstition allows Trovians to see the ghosts of other dead Trovians), Acrobatics (The Jump stat lets Trovians jump more than twice midair, with no limit), Statistics Amplification (Trovians can increase their Attack Speed, Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Maximum Health, Maximum Energy, Health Regen, Energy Regen, Stability, Movement Speed, Critical Hit chance, Magic Find, Light, Lasermancy, etc.), Deconstruction (Trovians explode into smaller pieces upon being defeated, and fade away after a short period of time. The same applies to their enemies) and Self-Sustenance (Type 1. Can breathe in outer space)

Non-Physical Interaction (via the Dimensional Discerner), Empathic Manipulation (via the Ladybug's Luck), Electricity Manipulation (via the Voltage Volley), Resurrection (Can leave the netherworld and fight back to life with the Stark Sentry), BFR (via the [Balefire Banisher), Deconstruction (via the Wand of Weeping Eyes), Air Manipulation (via the Gilded Galeguster), Pain Manipulation (via the Apis Archer), Exorcism (via the Curse Cleanser), Ice Manipulation (via several Tundra bows, such as the Frosteel Fletcher), Fire Manipulation (via several Dragon bows, such as the Dragon Darter), Blessed (The Wildwood Windhunter is blessed by dozens of spirits), Information Analysis (via the Blacklight Bow), Darkness Manipulation (via the Chiropteran Captor), Light Manipulation (via the Route Mask), Technology Manipulation (via the Signal Shortener), Sweets Manipulation (via several Candorian bows, such as the Syrup Sprayer), Extrasensory Perception (via the Righteous Rangefinder), Adaptation Negation (via the Dual Streamer), Technology Manipulation (via the Fail Function Injector) and Dream Manipulation (via the Shimmering Crescents)

Surface Scaling (via the Grappling Glove), Ice Manipulation (via several Tundra fists, such as the Permafrost Punch), Aura (via Breath of the Dracolich), Fire Manipulation (via several Dragon fists, such as the Incandescent Claw) and Sweets Manipulation (via several Candorian fists, such as the Vice Scream)

Statistics Amplification, Fire Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Damage Reduction and Transformation (via their skills). Blessed (via the Ashen Beast), Darkness Manipulation (via the Shadow Maw), Sealing, BFR and Absorption (via the Balefire Beast, which is made out of the same substance as other Balefire weapons that can do this), Sweets Manipulation (via the S'more Sweetness) and Soul Manipulation (via the Vengeful Avatar)

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (With the Mantle of Power, Trovians are able to contend against the Daughter of the Moon. The Daughter of the Moon is comparable to Elysia, who created the Trove realm and shattered it according to Quebsly. The Trove realm was one of her many realms, which are the size of universes according to the Battleverse, which is stated to be an alternate realm. Created the Infinity Engine, which is capable of creating a new universe, and the Chop in Time is capable of destroying timelines. Trovians can one-shot other Trovians), possibly Multiverse level+ (Some powers Trovians can use are capable of destroying all of existence. The Trove verse is stated to be an endless multiverse twice)

Speed: Unknown (Can keep up with dragons that can fly to Geode, a seperate planet, in a short time frame. The Swift Bolt moves barely faster than mortals can comprehend)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Universe level+, possibly Multiverse level+ (Can take hits from Shadow Titans, Daughter of the Moon and other Trovians)

Stamina: Infinite (Can go through potentially infinite Delve levels without tiring. Trovians have been fighting other beings ever since the dawn of time)

Range: Extended melee range for melee and users, hundreds of meters for staff, gun, bow users and Vanguardians, varies with a max of Multiversal+ with different types of equipment

Standard Equipment: Knights, Candy Barbarians, Neon Ninjas and Boomerangers wield everything in the Melee category (Boomerangers can also wield Bows). Fae Tricksters, Ice Sages, Chloromancers, Tomb Raisers and Dracolytes wield everything in the Staves category. Gunslingers, Pirate Captains and Dino Tamers wield everything in the Guns category. Boomerangers and Shadow Hunters wield everything in the Bow category. Lunar Lancers and Revenants wield everything in the Spears category. Vanguardians and Bards wield everything in the Fists category. Trovians also wear different Hats and Faces to gain stat boosts, as well as Rings, Wings, Banners, Food, their Elysian Flask, their Mounts, Emblems and Tomes, which all boost stats.

Intelligence: Varies depending on the class, though Trovians as a species have been studying their world ever since the dawn of time and have been training their skills for generations. Trovians are capable of creating immensely advanced technology in the Battleverse and the Infinity Engine which are both capable of creating entire universes, the latter of which is considered primitive technology by Trovians right now. They have also created a form of time travel seemingly accessible by just anyone, even on accident in the case of the Dino Tamer. Trovians invented and are considered to be the manifestation of mastery of several different weapons, skills and techniques that they have been shown or implied to be able to use

Weaknesses: Varies depending on the weapon being wielded. Ego Blast is temporarily stopped when Fae Tricksters take damage.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Retribution: Passive. When the Knight attacks an enemy, their damage output is decreased by 5%. Each attack refreshes the debuff's duration.

Smash: The Knight jumps up and slams their sword on the ground, creating a shockwave that forces all enemies to attack the Knight for 3 seconds.

  • Smashing: Passive. Every time the Knight uses Smash, Iron Will's cooldown is decreased by 1 second.

Charge: The Knight lunges forward with their sword, taunting and stunning all enemies in their path.

  • Spirit Squire: Passive. When the Knight uses Charge, it instead summons a Spirit Squire, which acts as a projectile that does the exact same thing as Charge.
  • Over Charge: Passive. Using Charge grants a movement speed buff to the Knight temporarily.

Iron Will: The Knight drinks from their Elysian Flask, fully healing them and reducing incoming damage by 50%. 7 Trovians near the Knight have 10% of their damage taken redirected to the Knight.

  • Iron-er Will: Passive. Iron Will's damage redirection is increased, and the damage reduction is also increased.

Gum Drop: Passive. The Candy Barbarian drops Gum Drops upon hitting an enemy, which increases their attack and movement speed upon being consumed.

Vanilla Swirlwind: The Candy Barbarian spins in a wide area and turns into a tornado, dropping Healing Candies for every enemy they hit.

  • So Sweet: Passive. Vanilla Swirlwind spawns a Gum Drop upon use.
  • Spin to Win: Passive. Vanilla Swirlwind's energy cost is reduced. The speed reduction when using Vanilla Swirlwind is negated.

Sugar Crash: The Candy Barbarian leaps toward and crashes onto the enemy, creating a Gum Drop for each enemy hit.

Scoop n' Gloop: An upgraded Sugar Crash where the Candy Barbarian jumps into the sky and crashes down, dealing damage and vacuuming all nearby enemies toward the Candy Barbarian, while also stunning them.

Eis-Crom Cone: The Candy Barbarian calls upon Eis-Crom to summon one of his thundercones to crash onto the enemy, creating a large explosion once it falls while also dropping Healing Candy and Gum Drops.

Emergency Snack: Passive. The Candy Barbarian spawns a Cupcake whenever they take damage when below 50% of their maximum health, which refills their energy bar and resets their ability cooldowns upon being eaten.

Lucky Shot: Dealing damage has a chance to fully charge the Gunslinger's Charge Shot, and every bullet the Gunslinger fires slows their falling speed.

Charge Shot: The Gunslinger stores up energy in their gun before firing a powerful AoE blast.

  • Lock n' Load: Passive. Dodging gives the Gunslinger an instant Charge Shot.
  • Stunning Ammo: Passive. Charge Shot now has a chance to stun the enemy.

Blast Jump: The Gunslinger fires their guns beneath them, creating an explosion that launches them high in the air and slows their falling speed.

Run & Gun: Run & Gun makes the Gunslinger move and shoot faster, and shooting no longer slows the Gunslinger.

  • Berserk Slinger: Passive. While using Run & Gun, the Gunslinger's attack power and speed are increased even further, though in return the Gunslinger's movement speed is greatly slowed.
Overcharged: Run & Gun no longer increases the Gunslinger's attack speed, but decreases it by 25%. However, all shots the Gunslinger fires are fully charged Charge Shots.

Shining Star: The Neon Ninja generates 1 throwing star per enemy hit, with a maximum of 3. When entering Stealth Mode, the Neon Ninja throws all active stars at the opponent.

Heuristic Haxstar: The Neon Ninja's throwing stars are replaced with a massive buzzsaw, which pierces through and paralyzes the enemy.

Shadow Flip: The Neon Ninja flips and enters Stealth Mode, where they will be invisible to all enemies and have increased movement speed until it expires or the Neon Ninja attacks. The Neon Ninja creates a clone in the place where they entered Stealth Mode, which absorbs damage and taunts enemies.

  • Clone Jutsu: Passive. The clone created by Shadow Flip now explodes when it is destroyed.

Stasis Blade: The Neon Ninja dashes forward and slices through the enemy, damaging them and paralyzing them for 2 seconds.

Final Technique: The Neon Ninja stops holding back and uses their forbidden true power. The Neon Ninja's basic attacks hurl damaging energy swords that pierce through enemies, and will refresh Stasis Blade's paralysis effect every time the enemy is hit by any of the Neon Ninja's attacks while using Final Technique.

  • Float Like a Butterfly: Passive. The effects of gravity are reduced on the Neon Ninja while they are using Final Technique.
Recharge: Passive. The Neon Ninja gains energy whenever they dodge.

Soul Caller: The Tomb Raiser attracts a Restless Soul every 10 seconds and upon slaying enemies, up to a maximum of 3.

Bonetourage: The Tomb Raiser consumes all their Restless Souls to attract Skellittles to fight for them, up to a maximum of 6. If they already have 6 Skellittles, their excess Restless Souls will instead choose a Skellittle to possess for 30 seconds, causing them to take and deal extra damage.

  • Skellbiggle Split Using Bonetourage has the chance for the Tomb Raiser to summon a large Skellittle. When the large Skellittle dies, it spawns more Skellittles.

Ghostform / Banshee's Boon: The Tomb Raiser turns into a ghost, which makes them take 90% less damage, deal extra damage and increases the damage of all Skellittles for as long as their stamina will last.

  • Ghost More: Passive. The Tomb Raiser can stay in Ghostform for longer.
  • Beckon Banshee: Banshee's Boon also summons a banshee that heals the Tomb Raiser's Skellittles and damages enemies. Additionally, when the banshee dies, it attracts a Restless Soul.
    • Banshee Blast: Passive. The Tomb Raiser's basic attacks have a chance to summon Baby Banshees.
Grave Goliath: The Tomb Raiser gathers the Restless Souls possessing their Skellittles and transforms them into a Grave Goliath. The more Restless Souls it absorbs, the more powerful and larger the Grave Goliath is.

Finishing Blow: Every third attack the Boomeranger does has increased damage and an extra effect depending on the weapon the Boomeranger is currently wielding.

  • Cyclone: Passive. When Finishing Blow activates for melee weapons, it pulls opponents closer to the Boomeranger with a gust of force.

Boomerang: The Boomeranger throws a boomerang that stuns the enemy it hits, and returns to the Boomeranger after hitting an obstacle or an enemy.

Big Bomb: The Boomeranger throws a timed bomb that sticks to any surface and explodes after 2 seconds.

Bawk-Bomb: Big Bomb also creates 3 Chickens that charge at the enemy.

Mysterious Urn: The Boomeranger throws a mysterious urn that explodes shortly after being placed, which can either create cluster bombs, drop healing gems, drop cooldown gems, or summon 3 Chickens to fight for the Boomeranger.

  • Overstuffed Urn: Mysterious Urn now triggers 2 of its' effects at a time.
Blast Bow: Every time the Boomeranger fires a bow, it explodes on impact.

Fireborn: The Dracolyte's attacks cause the enemy to burn, increasing their damage taken from all sources for 5 seconds. Fireborn makes the Dracolyte move 75% faster while damaged by lava, and take less damage from it.

Spit Fire: The Dracolyte's familiar shoots a fireball at the enemy after they are charged enough. The Dracolyte's familiar increases its charge over time.

  • Firestorm: Passive. Spit Fire now has a chance to grant a buff that allows it to be freely used without the need for a charge for a short time whenever it hits.

Burnt Offering: The Dracolyte throws a Dragon Idol on the ground, which explodes after 3 seconds or if an enemy is in close proximity to it. Dragonborn: Passive. Whenever the Dracolyte dodges, it has a chance to trigger Burnt Offering.

Burning Ward: When a Dragon Idol detonates, it also creates a mini Dracolyte minion that fights alongside the Dracolyte.

Avatar of Flame: The Dracolyte transforms into the living embodiment of draconic fury, increasing all of their stats and transforming them to take the appearance of a dragon.

  • Dragon Force: Passive. The Dracolyte summons two extra Dracolyte allies upon using Avatar of Flame.

Ego Blast: The Fae Trickster's attacks do 400% more damage after not taking any damage for 2 seconds. Taking damage causes the Fae Trickster to temporarily lose Ego Blast.

Fae-go my Ego: The Fae Trickster is able to take an additional hit in the case they get harmed while Ego Blast is active. Fae-go my Ego refreshes after 2 seconds after being hit.

Blink: The Fae Trickster teleports in the direction they're facing/moving in, and leaves a decoy behind that enemies will be forced to attack.

Faerocious Facsimile: The Fae Trickster's decoys are no longer immobile. They seek out enemies and self-destruct on contact, stunning them.

Glitter Bomb: The Fae Trickster throws a shiny bomb that stuns enemies in a large radius while also dealing damage.

  • Trick Trick Boom: Passive. Whenever the Fae Trickster takes damage, they have a chance to spawn a Glitter Bomb at their current location. This Glitter Bomb has an increased explosion radius and stun timer.

Faerie Dance: The Fae Trickster creates 3 clones of the staff they're wielding as they fire magic projectiles independent from the Fae Trickster at the enemy. Faerie Dance's staves are also affected by Ego Blast.

  • Dance Partner: Passive. Faerie Dance summons a Fae Juggernaut, which taunts enemies similarly to the decoy created by Blink.
  • Mobilize: Passive. Faerie Dance now summons an extra enchanted staff that follows the Fae Trickster.

Lunacy: The Lunar Lancer passively gains Moon Power by attacking enemies, and uses this as a substitute for Energy.

  • Lunarform: When at maximum Moon Power, the Lunar Lancer turns into their Lunarform. The Lunarform grants increased movement speed, halves all damage taken and adds a 130% total damage increase. Moon Power drains over time while in Lunarform, and the Lancer will revert back to their basic form when it is fully drained.
    • From the Moon: Passive. While in Lunarform, basic attacks have a chance to spawn meteors from the sky that rain down on the opponent every time they hit.

Shadow Lancer: The Lunar Lancer has a chance of creating a shadowy clone of themselves with every basic attack. This chance increases while in Lunarform.

Grappling Spear: The Lunar Lancer throws their spear at the enemy and creates a new one. They can either grapple to it, or teleport to it if it lands on any surface.

  • Cliffhanger: Dodging lowers the cooldown of Grappling Spear.

Crescent Combo: The Lunar Lancer swings their spear with a sweeping motion side by side, dealing damage. Crescent Combo has a chance to stun all enemies hit by it for 1 second.

Lunar Leap: The Lunar Lancer jumps up into the air and decreases their falling speed. For a short time, Grappling Spear turns into Lunar-Infused Grapple, dealing extra damage and triggering a physical damage buff.

  • Need for Speed: Passive. Instead of a damage buff, the Lunar Lancer gains a speed buff whenever using Lunar-Infused Grapple.
  • Lunar Slam: While using Lunar Leap, the Lunar Lancer slams down onto the floor with their spear, dealing damage and stunning enemies.
Blessing of the Moon: The Lunar Lancer summons a giant replica of the spear they're wielding as it falls onto the enemy, dealing damage. It increases the stability and movement speed, as well as applying a healing over time effect to all allies near it.

Coldhearted: The Ice Sage's basic attacks chill enemies, which paralyzes the enemy for 5 seconds. The Ice Sage can also walk across ice without sliding.

  • As Cold as Ice: Passive. While floating over ice, the Ice Sage gains additional Critical Hit and Critical Damage.
  • Pain Freeze: In addition to Coldhearted's effects, the Ice Sage's basic attack freezes the enemy for 1 second. Enemies hit 3 times by the Ice Sage's basic attack will explode.

Ice Crash: The Ice Sage summons an icicle from the heavens, which falls onto and chills the enemy for 3.5 seconds.

The Big Chill: The Ice Sage lets out a frosty shockwave, freezing all enemies around them and applying a damage over time effect on them.

  • Nice Ice Baby: Passive. The Big Chill now summons an Ice Crash onto the enemy, which changes the floor into slippery ice as soon as it impacts.

Frozen Ward: The Ice Sage gains a forcefield and increased movement speed for 5 seconds. The forcefield grants bonus magic damage and attack speed to the Ice Sage while it is active. Any attack that would do more than half of the Ice Sage's health is absorbed, breaking Frozen Ward.

  • Chill Out: Frozen Ward automatically triggers at low health.

Mini Bloom: Passive. The Chloromancer's attacks have a chance of spawning Blooming Pollinators, flowers that explode and heal Trovians after a short while.

  • Weird Growth: After the Chloromancer deals damage, they gain a buff that spawns random plants nearby for a short period of time.

Phytobarrier: The Chloromancer automatically creates an energy barrier that absorbs damage for them at low health..

Green Gatling: The Chloromancer throws a seed that quickly grows into a Green Gatling, a plant that unleashes a rapid stream of projectiles at the enemy.

  • Gatling Gatling Gatling: The Chloromancer's basic attacks have a chance to create Mini Green Gatlings. Mini Green Gatlings have a chance to create Mini Mini Green Gatlings upon destruction.

Leafy Lasher: The Chloromancer throws a seed that quickly grows into a Leafy Lasher, a plant that spins and ensnares enemies.

Sow Chaos / Empowered Growth: Sow Chaos has the Chloromancer create 10 Blooming Pollinator and Leafy Lasher seeds and spread them out at random in quick succession. Empowered Growth has the Chloromancer increase the potency of their Green Gatling and Leafy Lashers.

Vengeful Spirits: When the Revenant's health reaches 1, it is healed for 50% of it's maximum health and summons a Spirit Wraith that fights for it for 40 seconds. The Revenant's basic attacks apply a debuff on the enemy for 5 seconds, increasing all damage taken. Additional attacks refresh the debuff. The Revenant's basic attacks and Bulwark Bash absorb the enemy's health.

Bulwark Bash: The Revenant bashes the enemy with it's shield, taunting all nearby enemies and forcing them to attack the Revenant.

Aegis Assault: The Revenant loses it's cooldown on Bulwark Bash, while also applying a stacking damage over time effect on the opponent each time they are hit by Bulwark Bash.

Spirit Spears: The Revenant damages all enemies near it with a storm of spears that surround the Revenant.

  • Speed Spears: Passive. Spirit Spears no longer slows the Revenant down.

Spirit Storm: The Revenant creates a cyclone that pulls all enemies near the enemy while also randomly firing spirit explosions, healing all Trovians near the Revenant and damaging enemies hit by the explosions. Spirit Storm also paralyzes enemies.

  • Spirit Squad: Spirit Storm now summons a group of tiny Spirit Wraiths.
  • Vengeful Storm: When at low health, Spirit Storm is triggered automatically.

Shadow Blitz: The Shadow Hunter's basic attack's speed is increased by 400%, making their former slow-firing arrows into a rapid fire flurry of arrows. Damaging a shadow-marked enemy also explodes the enemy.

Dark Whispers: The Shadow Hunter's captured spirit whispers to the Shadow Hunter and applies the Shadow Mark effect to nearby enemies, which allows the Shadow Hunter to see them through walls and do 500% more damage to them, causing a miniature explosion that consumes the Shadow Mark. The Shadow Hunter will gain one Seeker every time they harm a Shadow Marked opponent with the explosion. Whenever the Shadow Hunter dodges, they get a speed boost.

  • Unholy Heal: Whenever a target inflicted with Shadow Mark is defeated, the Shadow Hunter is healed by a small amount.

Shadow Seekers: The Shadow Hunter's active Seekers hunt the closest target and explode on contact, dealing damage. The Shadow Hunter can store up to 5 Seekers at a time. Seekers deal increased damage for each one fired when used.

Sun Snare: The Shadow Hunter throws a blinding trap that detonates on proximity, making all near the blast radius paralyzed for 2 seconds. Additional use of Sun Snare refreshes the paralysis effect. Enemies affected by Sun Snare are inflicted with a Shadow Mark. Sneaky Traps: When dodging, the Shadow Hunter drops a Sun Snare.

Sacred Arrow: The Shadow Hunter fires a large, damaging arrow made of energy that applies a damage over time effect to all enemies hit by it, and this effect can be added multiple times to the same enemy. The arrow pierces through enemies and terrain. The Shadow Hunter can continuously use Sacred Arrow until they run out of energy.

  • Tactical Shot: When enemies take damage from Sacred Arrow, a Shadow Seeker will be created and then fire.

Touchdown: The Vanguardian becomes supercharged after flying for 3 seconds, creating a shock wave in front of them when they land.

Hero's Mantle: Every third attack the Vanguardian does reduces their ability cooldowns by 2 seconds.

Eyebeam: The Vanguardian fires 2 laser beams from their eyes, and increases all damage dealt to the opponent.

Plasma Blast: The Vanguardian fires a ball of pure energy that explodes on impact, dealing damage in a large area.

Force Flash: The Vanguardian pulses kinetic energy for 6 seconds, damaging nearby enemies while increasing their movement speed and damage resistance.

Fired Up: The Vanguardian infuses themselves with energy for 10 seconds, increasing attack speed and damage by 50%.

Champions! Congregate!: Force Flash and Fired Up apply the buff to 2 other allies instead of just the Vanguardian.

Hero's Charge / Laser Leap: The Vanguardian switches into either ranged mode or melee mode. Both fully replenish Energy.

  • Heroes Stand: Laser Leap and Hero's Charge grant a lifesteal effect to the Vanguardian.

Melody: Melody is a mechanic exclusive to the Bard. It is used for all of the Bard's abilities, and is gained through the Epic Riff and the Bardsong Buffs. The maximum amount of Melody is 11.

Nimble Dance: The Bard gets in a stance. When the Bard is attacked during this stance, they will use a sound-based attack while also granting them invulnerability for a short time. Nimble Dance removes 1 Melody. If it is used correctly during Epic Riff, it will grant 1 Melody instead.

Singing Crystal: The Bard throws a Singing Crystal into a designated area. Whenever one of the Bardsong Buffs are used, the area of effect for the buff is added to both the Bard and the Singing Crystal.

Crystal Pop: After Singing Crystal is used, the Bard can manually detonate it with an overloaded amount of musical energy, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Epic Riff: The Bard plays a tune on their lute and gains one Melody, and periodically spawns icons above the Bard's head. If the Bard uses an ability that matches the icon of the one above their head, the Bard will gain Melody and will initiate the respective Bardsong Buff. All Melody is lost when the buff is finished, each Bardsong Buff removes 3 Melody once used, and all Bardsong Buffs last for 30 seconds.

  • Jubilant Song: The Bard causes nearby allies and themselves to dance, gaining an increase in movement speed and the maximum amount of Energy. Every time the Bard or their allies attack an enemy, they have a 50% chance to restore all of their Energy. Removes 3 Melody when used.
  • Peaceful Song: The Bard heals nearby allies and themselves for 20% of their maximum HP, and gives them a lifesteal effect that heals them for 8% of the damage they deal. Once Peaceful Song is activated, all enemies are stunned for 1.5 seconds.
    • Peaceful Moment: During the effects of Peaceful Song, all enemies do less damage to every ally.
  • Battle Song: The Bard triggers an explosion around themselves, dealing 600% of their Magic Damage while also Taunting all enemies for a short time. Battle Song increases the Bard's and their allies' Magic Attack and Physical Attack by 30%, and increases Critical Hit by 20%.

Musical Master: The Bard gains an increase in Critical Damage when all 3 Bardsong Buffs are active at the same time.

Overload: While at maximum Melody, the Bard deals extra damage.

Melody Master: Increases the effects of all of the Bardsong Buffs. Jubilant Song increases speed by 40% and max energy by 50, Peaceful Song heals for 45% of the recipient's max health, grants a 15% lifesteal effect and stuns enemies for 3 seconds, and Battle Song does 800% of the Bard's Magic Damage and increases Physical, Magical and Critical damage by 45%.


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