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Twilight Cutie Mark.png You don't know what it's like to have friends. You could tell me what it's like to feed on love, but you can't tell what it's like to truly love and be loved. Your motivations are selfish, we fight because we know about things worth fighting for! Love! Friendship! We have things you can't hope to have! You envy us! Ponies who can't do things themselves tell others that they can't do it...I can stand up to you...And I can win!
~ Twilight Sparkle


Twilight Sparkle is the main character of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and represents the Element of Magic. As the student of Princess Celestia, Twilight is sent to Ponyville from her initial home in Canterlot in order to learn the value of friendship. Despite her initial hesitation, she quickly makes several close friends and ends up saving the town, along with all of Equestria, on multiple occasions.

Eventually, her growth and heroism are acknowledged by Celestia, who turns Twilight into an Alicorn princess. After the defeat of Tirek, Twilight realizes her role as Princess of Friendship, and after Celestia and Luna retired, Twilight took the role of the ruler of Equestria.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 6-B | 4-B | At least 4-B | 2-C | At least 4-B | 2-C | At least 4-B | 9-B | 2-C | At least 4-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Telekinesis, Aura (All unicorns naturally have this), Energy Manipulation (Can project or create energy), Teleportation (Scaling to Starlight Glimmer who can teleport herself or others), Hair Manipulation (Seen here), Heat Manipulation (Can generate heat around herself), Biological Manipulation (Can zip someone's mouth close), Density Manipulation (Can make herself weigh less), Extrasensory Perception (Even as a filly, Twilight can detect magic signatures of those, even if it's far stronger than her), Power Nullification (Had Discord not resisted it, Twilight would have nullified his reality warping), Forcefield Creation (Can create forcefields), Light Manipulation (Can project light), Fusionism (Can fuse objects together), Petrification, Matter Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Corruption (Can use dark magic, which can petrify objects, manipulate matter, corrupt the user such as the case of King Sombra, and create crystals), Life Manipulation (Granted a tree life), Reactive Power Level (Comparable to her Equestria Girls counterpart Sci-Twi), Time Manipulation (Can travel into the past), Stealth Mastery (Though it didn't really work because she was unaware of her being allowed inside of it, she snuck inside of the castle to get to Starswirl's section of spells), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with Discord), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Social Influencing, Possession (The elements of harmony and the magic of friendship naturally negate mind manipulation, including Accord's, the embodiment of order that exists within everything. They can negate the possession of Midnight Sparkle. Unaffected from entering the Pony of Shadows), Darkness Manipulation, Absorption, Power Nullification (Entered the Pony of Shadows, and using light inside of it, who can absorb light and magic, possessing objects, and creating darkness to engulf others in, which Twilight wasn't affected by)

All previous abilities but on a higher scale, Flight (Capable of flight, which grants her Air Manipulation [A strong enough pegasus can create gusts of wind to trap their opponents inside of, or push against ocean waves through doing this], Statistics Amplification [A strong enough pegasus such as Rainbow Dash can create a Sonic Rainboom to amplify her stats]), Statistics Amplification (Comparable to Starlight Glimmer, who can use Accelero), Earth Manipulation (Can create a crystal around her opponent), Fire Manipulation (Alongside Celestia, she can set objects on fire), Sealing and Power Nullification (Can seal away magic from others, removing attributes such as flight or strength as well), Dimensional Travel (Can create portals to other dimensions, move to other books, and travel back to her own dimension), Power Mimicry and Biological Manipulation (She can manipulate her biology to mimic another animal's DNA. Can give others gills and fins, and turn others into palm trees), Mind Manipulation (Can travel into one's mind and dreams, and give back/restore memories), Intangibility and Non-Physical Interaction (Can grant others intangibility and interact with them, interacted with the Pony of Shadows), Space-Time Manipulation (Can manipulate and fix ruptures in space-time), Plant Manipulation (Can create plants), Magic Absorption and Power Bestowal (Can absorb magic and give it to others), Illusion Creation (Can create illusions able to interact with others), Electricity Manipulation and Danmaku (Can create beams of electricity that can split in order to hit multiple areas), Resistance to Corruption (Is just as strong as Celestia, meaning she has the same resistances to her, in which her power alone can resist transmutation)

Resistance Negation, Forcefield Creation, Power Nullification (All seen here), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with the Pony of Shadows, affect Discord, and destroyed the Siren's projections), Statistics Reduction (Though it's weaker, should scale to Rainbow Power to some degree, which weakens others, and can completely nullify both magic and energy fired against the user), Petrification and Danmaku (Turned Discord into stone and fired multiple projectiles), Light Manipulation (Creates a beam of light), Summoning, Energy Projection, and Deconstruction (Seen here), Reality Warping (With it's use, Midnight Sparkle tore both the Pony and Human World into multiple rifts), Empathic Manipulation (The elements, though not explicitly shown, can affect others with empathy and compassion, such as when it was strong enough to outright nullify the possession of Midnight Sparkle), Biological Manipulation (Grants the users of it wings if they're human), Purification (Can purify objects and reverse mind-changing effects. An alternate universe Sombra, using it, restored the Pony World and his alternate universe, fixing them from after being combined), Absorption (The elements of harmony allowed King Sombra to absorb dark magic)

Presumably same as before (Rainbow Power should share most of the same abilities of the Elements of Harmony and is stronger than them)

Same as before, Natural Weaponry (Has sharp teeth), Enhanced Senses (Vampire bat ponies have enhanced stats, allowing characters like Fluttershy to have heightened senses), Acrobatics (Flutterbat was shown to be noticeably acrobatic)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic (Capable of using magic), Transformation (Can transform into her pony-up form through playing music or through the power of friendship), Sound Manipulation and Danmaku (Should scale to the other Equestrian Girls Mane 6, who are able to weaponize sound)

Power Nullification (Can negate effects done to them via the power of friendship and with the elements of harmony, which links all of the Mane 6 together. This can also be used on others and against abilities), Flight, Danmaku (Scaling to the other Mane 6), Purification and Light Manipulation (Seen here. It can create a focused blast to destroy objects)

Attack Potency: Small Country level+ (Comparable to Rainbow Dash who can do this) | Solar System level (Comparable to other alicorns, such as Princess Celestia, who can move the sun, and Twilight can do this on her own, moving both the sun and moon, and did it twice) | At least Solar System level (Superior to before, fought the Mean 3, who overpowered Discord, alongside the other Mane 6) | Low Multiversal (Via the Elements of Harmony, which five weakened versions of them are able to repair tears in space-time, and an alternate universe Sombra can repair the merging of the Pony World and the alternate universe it was combining with) | At least Solar System level+ (Has the power of every alicorn, and could match Lord Tirek, who absorbed Discord's and the Mane 6's power. Should be superior to each of the princesses irregardless) | Low Multiversal (Rainbow Power is stronger than the Elements of Harmony) | At least Solar System level (Should be as strong as other full-grown alicorns, such as Princess Celestia) | Wall level (Comparable to Sunset Shimmer, who crushed a coal skull in her hand) | Low Multiversal (Her Pony-Up Transformation directly contributed to fighting against the Dazzlings. Should scale to the Elements of Harmony due to being from the exact same power source) | Solar System level (Twilight Sparkling should be stronger than alicorn Twilight Sparkle, due to being an amplified version)

Speed: FTL (Scales to this feat, and is known as one of the best magic users, meaning she would scale to this in speed regardless) | Immeasurable (Comparable to other ponies such as Starlight Glimmer who was able to blitz Discord) | Immeasurable (Fought Lord Tirek and co., who could hit Discord before he could move away) | Immeasurable (The Elements of Harmony can blitz Discord) | Immeasurable | Immeasurable (Rainbow Power is superior to the Elements of Harmony) | Immeasurable | Athletic Human | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Class G (The average pegasi is this strong, and Twilight should be comparable), higher with Telekinesis | Class G, Stellar with Telekinesis (Can move the sun and moon) | Class G, at least Stellar with Telekinesis | Class G, at least Stellar with Telekinesis | Class G, at least Stellar with Telekinesis | Class G, at least Stellar with Telekinesis | Class G, at least Stellar with Telekinesis | Athletic Human | Unknown | Class G, likely Stellar with Telekinesis

Striking Strength: Small Country Class+ | Solar System Class | At least Solar System Class | Low Multiversal | At least Solar System Class | Low Multiversal | At least Solar System Class | Wall Class | Low Multiversal | At least Solar System Class

Durability: Small Country level+ | Solar System level (Can consistently tank damage from other characters on this level) | At least Solar System Class (Fought and tanked hits from the Mean 3) | Low Multiversal | At least Solar System Class | Low Multiversal | At least Solar System Class | Wall Class | Low Multiversal (Should be comparable to their attack potency, and should be superior to the Equestria Girls under the influence of the magic of friendship, tanked a soundwave from the Dazzlings) | At least Solar System level

Stamina: High (The Mane 6 could fight the Bugbear for an entire day through running across the town)

Range: Standard melee range, Tens of kilometers with magic (Characters such as Rarity can create storms across Equestria) | Standard melee range, Interplanetary (Twilight can move the moon and sun with her magic) with magic, likely higher (Twilight could create a barrier around Discord's space to stop it from moving, said space having planets and stars) | Same as before | Same as before, Universal+ via the Elements of Harmony (Can repair holes in space-time and unmerge universes) | Same as second key | Same as fourth key | Same as second key | Standard melee range, Hundreds of meters with Sound Manipulation (Sound travels this far) | Standard melee range, far higher with Sound Manipulation, Universal+ with abilities | Same as second key

Standard Equipment: The Elements of Harmony

Optional Equipment:

  • The Staff of Sacanas
  • Armor of Friendship

Intelligence: Supergenius (Twilight is an exceptionally intelligent student, being one of the highest students within school, and enough for her to be noticed by Princess Celestia, and working under her wing. She can organize and map out events that would have lasted for 1,000 years, and as Empress Twilight, not only did she describe herself as the most intelligent ponies ever, though this is presumably an exaggeration, she worked on and created a device that drains the intelligence of ponies, and through her intelligence alone, she mapped out every singular possibility that anyone was going to have stopped her, which was found out to be true. Twilight herself has mastered magic, being that she was able to move the sun and moon without much difficulty even when it was her first time, and can master spells by herself with no effort put into it. Twilight could do a time-travelling spell that even gave Star Swirl the Bearded issue in his first attempts, who's renowned as the best wizard in all of Equestria, and should be comparable to Starlight Glimmer, who not only mastered the time spell in moments, but modified it to the point that it allowed her to change the past completely, and modified it even further to create portals to BFR Twilight, whereas the original spell just travelled her back to time, and Starlight Glimmer also mastered an aging spell in moments, which was already difficult. Furthermore, Star Swirl himself even complimented Twilight's intelligence, who created over 200 spells in his time alive, created two dimensional portals, one that connected the Pony World to the Human World, and one that allowed Princess Celestia to travel to an alternate universe King Sombra, has a high mastery and intellect of the cosmology of My Little Pony, created several spells which required high mastery to do in the first place, and was going to create a magical garden that other workers didn't have the skills to make. Most notably, Twilight has a high intellect in terms of the cosmology of the universe, being directly compared to Star Swirl himself by Celestia, and is already one of the most intelligent ponies in-verse. She was also the only pony at the time who was the most fit candidate for becoming the princess of Equestria, and could take over the jobs of both Celestia and Luna together, being just as skilled as the two despite it only being two years, whereas the two had over thousands of years of experience. She is able to do extremely complex mathematical problems on the fly, and combine the use of both magic and science rather consistent, and is presumably comparable to her Human World counterpart due to Human World characters sharing the main personality and intelligent traits of their Pony World counterparts, who memorized a 300-page textbook and created a device that could absorb magic and energy without any prior knowledge on the subject)

Weaknesses: Overly organized to the point of insanity, has OCD and can be driven to madness if one thing doesn't go her way, is afraid of ladybugs and quesadillas | Same as before, has not quite mastered flying yet (Mastered by Season 5) | The elements of Harmony are focused upon incapacitation rather than pure attack potency. | Same as before | Same as before, including the weaknesses of the Elements of Harmony | Same as before | Same as before, regular human weaknesses | Same as before, minus the weaknesses of the Elements of Harmony | Same as before, if the correct spell is casted on Twilight Sparkling, she loses all of her enhanced strength, sans her sharp teeth.

Keys: Unicorn | Alicorn | The Ending of the End Alicorn Form | Elements of Harmony (Magic) | All Alicorn Magic | Rainbow Power | Post-Timeskip Alicorn Form | Equestria Girls Human form | Pony-Up Transformation | Twilight Sparkling


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