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We are two people in one body... SO we want twice as much prey...
~ Twinkell


Twinkell is an Apoptosis found in the West Gold Tartarus. She appears like a giant metallic yin-yang orb with two giant mechanical legs shaped like a woman's body and two human-like upper halves on top. Unlike most Apoptosis, the two beings that made it up are still alive, resulting in two different individuals inside one body. Despite their long time together, both halves hate each other and constantly compete with each other and/or attempt to eliminate the other.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-B, possibly 2-A | 2-A | 2-A

Name: Twinkell

Origin: Monster Girl Quest!

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Apoptosis

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Void Manipulation (Can weaponize chaos, which is nothingness itself and erases anything it enters in contact with. It can even erase ghosts and angels. Passively causes space-time to erode around herself), Chaos ManipulationConceptual Manipulation (Type 2. Can erase abstracts like the Spirits), Information Manipulation (Can cause the local space-time to get overloaded with information, redacting speech and then erasing the surroundings), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation (Can warp space-time and use it to create black holes or supernovae), Power Nullification (Can nullify barriers, absorption and reflection effects through Dark and Eternal attacks), Resistance Negation (Can nullify resistances and immunities through Dark and Eternal attacks), Darkness Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Transmutation (Continued exposure to Chaos or Apoptosis can cause the Apoptosis phenomenon in someone, turning them into an Apoptosis), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with ghosts through her magical attacks or through her Dark and Eternal attacks), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Acausality (Type 1. As an Apoptosis, she most likely had her original timeline erased), Regeneration (High-Godly. Likely has comparable regeneration to Adramelech), Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 8. Dependent on Chaos and the Apoptosis law), Abstract Existence (Type 2. Represents the multiversal law of "Apoptosis" and is a direct manifestation of the will of space-time), Mind Manipulation (Can cause enemies to enter in a trance), Water Manipulation (Can produce bubbles), Berserk Mode (Can enter in a berserk state where her stats are all increased), Statistics Amplification, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Can inflict the burn and freeze status effect), Hair Manipulation (Can extend her hair to attack), Absorption (Can absorb health from enemies and absorb enemies whole), Self-Destruction, Breath Attack (Can breath fire, ice or electricity), Poison Manipulation, Disease Manipulation (Can inflict a virus that quickly damages the victim), Healing (Can heal herself or others), Electricity Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Can emit sounds loud enough to hurt comparable beings), Fear Manipulation (Can stun others in fear), Empowerment (Becomes stronger in forests), Vibration Manipulation (Can use vibrating blades), Soul Manipulation (Can create soul-destroying fields), Magic

Resistance to Death Manipulation (Immune to the death status effect), Void Manipulation (Can resist Monster Lord's Cruelty, the passive void manipulation of other Apoptosis and the attack Necrosis), BFR (Immune to Rezone, a skill that warps the opponent through space in order to kill them), Soul Manipulation (Immune to the ascension status effect), Poison Manipulation (Immune to the poison status effect), Power Nullification (Immune to the silence status effect), Mind Manipulation (Immune to the confusion and trance status effect. Unaffected by Tamamo's country-wide charm aura), Electricity Manipulation (Immune to the paralysis status effect), Fire Manipulation (Immune to the burn status effect), Ice Manipulation (Immune to the frozen status effect), Time Manipulation (Resists the stop and slow status effect), Size Manipulation (Immune to the minimum status effect), Petrification (Immune to the petrification status effect), Corrosion Inducement (Immune to the digestion status effect), Conceptual Manipulation (Can resist Chaos, which can erase abstracts just from leaking into a universe), Transmutation (Can survive long-time exposure to Chaos and Apoptosis, which would normally transform beings into Apoptosis), Earth Manipulation (Can half damage taken from Earth attacks)

All prior, plus Absolute Zero, Accelerated Development (Training and Battle: Physical Stats, Abilities), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with other angels and damage ghosts), Weapon Mastery (Of Daggers, Swords, Rapiers, Spears, Axes, Clubs, Scythes, Flails, Rods, Grimoires, Staves, Whips, Gun, Rapiers, Fans, Plates, Abacuses, Ninja Katanas, Sickles, Bows, Whips, Boomerangs, Shield, Cards, Kitchen Knives, Knight Swords, Magic Swords, Fists, and Great Swords), Transformation (Can transform into various power-up such as Hero of Justice. Can stop numerous of these transformations), Healing, Martial Arts, Chi Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Stealth Mastery, Magic, Sound Manipulation, Necromancy, Summoning, Animal Manipulation (Manipulation of mythical creatures), Social Influencing (With many Talk, Signing, and Dancing abilities, he can dramatically change his opponents mindsets from his conversions to the level where many would be willing to join his party despite trying to fight him earlier in battle), Creation (Has the abilities to create items out of thin air by refining objects into mysterious alchemical tools. Items such attack items can be made on the fly with alchemy skills), Pressure Points and Acupuncture (Can instantly kill enemies through pressure points), Elemental Manipulation (Fire Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation), Sleep Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Can increase his or his ally’s statistics for the length of a battle; can passively get stronger at lower health), Statistics Reduction (Can removed his opponent's statistics increases), Status Effect Inducement (Can inflict various status effect such as blind and paralysis), Time Manipulation (Can slow, speed up, stop time; can warp space-time, and can age people until they fossilize), Teleportation, Spatial Manipulation (Can twists spacetime to drop a comet on a foe; can break spacetime with skills like Darkness Seal Formation to slay foe), Aura, Absorption (Can absorb the target's health, magic, and energy with many abilities and skills such as Drain Strike, Mana Drain Strike, Spellblade Drain, Lancet among others. Can absorb elemental damages with abilities like Armor of Truth; with abilities like White Sun, can absorb all physical damages), Mind Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation (With attacks such as Super Vibro Blade), Petrification (With Godfather skill and Godlen needle reversal), Resurrection (Can resurrect others. Can also resurrect self with abilities like Second Coming), Gravity Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (With Makinas; Can force nuclear reactions to occur and cause nuclear explosions), Void Manipulation (With skills like Page 99999 of Chaos, she conjure the chaos and brings the end to life with a grimoire page. Chaos erase beings from existence), Self-Destruction (With abilities and skills like Saint's Self-Destruction), Life Manipulation (With Drain Skrike: Normal attack heals the user for 50% the damage done to opponent), Soul Manipulation (Via ascension and many holy skills, can send one’s soul to Heaven), Size Manipulation (Can cause opponents to become extremly small), Durability Negation (Have many skills that ignore durability like Cursed God Slash), Attack Reflection and Forcefield Creation (From skills like those from Spellsword, Spear Skills, and others. Attack reflection with skills like Carbuncle that can reflect magical attacks. She can reflect magic on his own), Damage Reduction (With skills and abilities like Great defense. Can passive reduce damage taken at lower health. Has skills and abilities that reduce reduce damage), Biological Manipulation (Can affect biology of opponents from many skills and abilities. Can also turn opponent into Zombie from many skills and abilities. Can disassemble creatures made via genetic engineering), Transmutation (Can transform matter into objects through alchemy), Vibration Manipulation (with Vibro Blade), Radiation Manipulation (With skills like Super-Heating Radiation), Weapon Creation (Can weapons with Golden Alchemist's abilities), Illusion Creation (With Doppelganger), Plasma Manipulation (Gigavolt mage and master scholar skill), Resistance Negation (Can weaken target's resistance), Berserk Mode, improve Spatial Manipulation (With attacks like Ice Age which can freezes space itself), Invulnerability (Can temporarily become invincible with some skills and abilities that nullifies all form of damages; can become completely invincible with gem equipments), Matter Manipulation (Can force a change of phase and create a variety of reactions)

With Gems: Invulnerability, Passive Absorption and Attack Reflection, Instinctive Reaction, Probability Manipulation (With Critical Perfection and Perfect Hits Gem)

Resistance to Absolute Zero, Size Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement, Power Nullification, Earth Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation. Petrification, Time Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Can resist various status effect such as blind, stuns, and paralysis), Sleep Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Resists the confusion and trance status effect. Unaffected by Tamamo's country-wide charm aura), Death Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Soul Manipulation (Immune to the ascension status effect), Void Manipulation (Can resist Monster Lord's Cruelty, the passive void manipulation of other Apoptosis and the attack Necrosis), BFR (Resists Rezone, a skill that warps the opponent through space in order to kill them), Transmutation (Can survive long-time exposure to Chaos and Apoptosis, which would normally transform beings into Apoptosis), Radiation Manipulation (Can survive skills like Super-Heating Radiation with no negative long-term effects)

Statistics Amplification (Increases +50% max HP, MP, SP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Willpower, Agility, Dexterity,; Hit Rate (+200% when below 20% of health), Critical Hit Rate (+100% when below 20% of health), +30% Physical Evasion (+75% when below 20% HP), Magical Evasion (+75% when below 20% HP) per "turn", +100% Physical Counter Rate, Magical Counter Rate, Counter Damage; +10% to all stats when below 20% health, Healing (healing techniques or items are 5 times more effective in the user), on death, all allies gain +50% stats. Status dealt by dancing, singing, demon arts and plants are 50% more effective. +40% all stats while in a forest, dessert, ocean, deep sea, cave, city. All stats triplied for the first turn, Black Magic, Time Magic, Summoning, Flail skills act faster), Regeneration (Mid), Attack Reflection (50% Magical Reflection Rate, can increase at 100% his magical reflection rate but it increases the physical damage times 2), Damage Reduction (Halves physical damage and magical damage when below 20% health, can reduce to a 50% the magic damage but it costs 1/2 stamina, takes 1/20 damage from blocking instead of 1/2, takes 50% physical damage), Damage Boost (Can increase at 50% the magic damage but it costs 2x stamina; +50% normal attack damage, take double damage the turn you attack, +50% damage of normal attack for each defeated ally, normal attack deals +150% damage, deals +50% damage to humans, yomas, succubi, demi-humans, vampires, elves, mermaids, fairies, slimes, beasts, kitsune, lamias, scylla, harpies, dragons, land-dwellers, sea-dwellers, insects, plants, zombies, ghosts, chimeras, dolls, angels and giants. Increases at 400% physical, and at 50% fire, pleasure, ice, lightning, wind, earth, water, holy, dark, sonic and bio damage. Species Slayer does +100% attack damage. Self Destruct, Chaos, Tongue Demon Arts skills are boosted), Berserk Mode (it activates when below 20% of health. On this mode, the user regenerates 20% HP, 2% MP and 50% SP, can become berserk a the start of the battle, which also increases his damage), Resurrection (revives once per battle with a massive stats boost, on death, revives all allies), Healing (on death, heals all allies. Restores 50% of damage dealt) Power Nullification (nullifies lesser attacks), Transformation (Can transform into a Zombie (which negates biological damage, but healing damages the user)), Stealth Mastery (normal attacks steal items), Summoning (on death, gains an item and performs a random summon. At the start of the battle, 75% chance meteor, every time the user attack, 75% meteor), Poison Manipulation (on death, scatter a deadly poison), Fire Manipulation, Holy Manipulation (On death, deal 840% (Dex) Fire/Holy damage to all foes), Supernatural Luck (Become one-fifth as likely to be targeted in battle), Status Effect Inducement (50% of Slime and Digestive Liquid counter when physically attacked, 100% of stun on foes, final demon eyes (50% Poison, Blind and Silence and 25% Confusion, Sleep and Paralysis) each time the user attacks, Nightmare's smile (Sleep, horny and trance effects), Succubus Whisper (Horny, trance and seduction effects) at the beginning of the match. Has 20% to inflict death, ascension, climax, poison, blind, silence, confusion, sleep, paralysis, burn, freeze, shock, slow, stop, mini, zombie, Petrification, Digest, stun, slime, horny, trance, seduction and incontinence effect with each attack), Forcefield Creation (On entering battle, create a barrier that blocks 2 hits), Death Manipulation (75% of instant death on foes), Magic (added 150% magic to normal attack), Darkness Manipulation (Normal attack is dark atribute, it costs 2% of health per use), Elemental Manipulation (Normal attacks deal fire, pleasure, ice, lightning, wind, earth, water, holy, dark, sonic and bio damage), can regenerate 100% of MP, 30% of SP, can regenerate MP equal to the user's damage taken, user's attacks costs 1/4 of the stamina they should cost, while above 10% of health can survive attacks at 1HP, can survive self-destruct attacks with 1HP, skills that sacrifice health have no cost, at the start of each turn, incapacitates Slimed/Horny/Tranced/Seduced/Incontinent Foes

Resistance to Damage Boost (Nullify critical hits), Empathic Manipulation (takes no pleasure damage), Fire Manipulation (takes no fire damage), Ice Manipulation (takes no ice damage), Electricity Manipulation (takes no lightning damage), Air Manipulation (takes no wind damage), Earth Manipulation (takes no earth damage, absorbs earth damage), Water Manipulation (takes no water damage), Holy Manipulation (takes 50% holy damage), Darkness Manipulation (takes 50% darkness damage), Vibration Manipulation (takes no sonic damage), Biological Manipulation (takes no bio damage), Elemental Manipulation (takes 50% Elemental damage), Statistics Reduction (resists status reduction by 50%, nullify stats reducts), Status Effect Inducement (nullify death, ascension, climax, poison, blind, silence, confusion, sleep, paralysis, burn, freeze, shock, slow, stop, mini, zombie, Petrification, Digest, stun, slime, horny, trance, seduction and incontinence, resists all status), enviromental damage, all status aliments effects

Attack Potency: Multiverse level, possibly Multiverse level+ (Comparable, if not superior to Apoptosis such as Valto) | Multiverse level+ (Fought Sonya Chaos) | Multiverse level+ (Stronger than before)

Speed: Unknown, possibly Immeasurable (Comparable, if not superior to Apoptosis such as Valto) | Immeasurable (Comparable to Sonya Chaos) | Immeasurable (Faster than before)

Lifting Strength: Class Z (Comparable to Gnome) | Immeasurable (Comparable to angels) | Immeasurable (Stronger than before)

Striking Strength: Multiversal, possibly Multiversal+ | Multiversal+ | Multiversal+

Durability: Multiverse level, possibly Multiverse level+ | Multiverse level+ | Multiverse level+

Stamina: Unknown (Doesn't need to sleep, albeit can still tire) | Unknown | Unknown

Range: Melee range, several meters with guns, at least planetary with time magic | Melee range, several meters with guns, at least planetary with time magic | Melee range, several meters with guns, at least planetary with time magic

Standard Equipment: Guns, Bows, Makinas | Same as before | Weapons: Daggers, Swords, Rapiers, Spears, Axes, Clubs, Scythes, Flails, Rods, Grimoires, Staves, Whips, Gun, Rapiers, Fans, Plates, Abacuses, Ninja Katanas, Sickles, Bows, Whips, Boomerangs, Shield, Cards, Kitchen Knives, Knight Swords, Magic Swords, Fists, Great Swords. Equipment: Armor, Heavy Armor, Helmets, Heavy Helmets, Shields, Heavy Shields, Robes, and Magic Hats

  • Optional Equipment: Accessories, legendary accessories

Intelligence: Average | Average | At least Average (Additionally, trained in nearly all of form of combat while reaching the highest form of mastery)

Standard Tactics: As an Apoptosis, she is single-mindedly made to erase everything she perceives as an enemy as quickly as possible, even disregarding her own safety.

Weaknesses: The two halves hate each other and won't cooperate easily

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Lowly Apoptosis Skills
    • Necrosis: A skill that directly summons Chaos in the opponent's body, destroying them from the inside.
    • Beam Scythe: An attack that uses a beam scythe, an advanced weapon that ignores defenses.
    • Black Hole: The user twists space-time in order to create a black hole with Dark and Eternal properties.
  • Doll Skills
    • Micro Dril: The user releases a small drill that drills directly into the opponent.
    • Washing Program: Bubble: Several bubbles are released, which can slime the opponent up or cause them to enter a trance.
    • Limiter Release: The user goes into a berserker state, increasing all of their stats while doing so.
    • Draining Hair: An attack that lengthens the user's hair and use it to drain the opponent's health.
    • Fiery Exhaust: The user exhausts fire from their body, potentially burning those around them.
    • Frozen Exhaust: The user exhausts cold air from their body, potentially freezing those around them.
    • Self-Destruct: The user blows their body up.
  • Chimera Skills
    • Fire Breath: A basic breath attack that uses fire.
    • Vector Virus: The user produces a virus and inflicts it on the enemy.
    • Cold Breath: A basic breath attack that uses ice.
    • Flame Breath: A stronger version of fire breath.
    • Self-Replication: A basic healing skill that re-creates part of the user's body.
    • Thunder Breath: A basic breath attack that uses electricity.
  • Tri-Chimera Skills
    • Roar: A powerful roar that stuns the enemy in fear.
    • Bio Breath: A basic breath attack that uses poison.
    • Genetic Assimilation: The user absorbs the foe if it has been poisoned before.
    • Freezing Breath: A stronger version of cold breath.
    • Genetic Awakening: A move that unlocks all of the user's genes-based moves.
    • Inferno Breath: A stronger version of flame breath.
    • Triple Breath: A breath attack that combines fire, ice, and electricity.

-Hunter Skills

    • Rapid Fire: A basic bow skills that hit twice.
    • Beast Killer: A bow skill that deals higher damage against beasts.
    • Mental Concentration: The user increases their concentration, dealing higher damage and being more accurate for their next shot.
    • Land-Dweller Killer: A bow skill that deals higher damage against mollusks and other miscellaneous land-dwelling animals.
    • Fire Bow: An arrow imbued with fire.
    • Ice Arrow:An arrow imbued with ice.
    • Lightning Arrow: An arrow imbued with lightning.
    • Chaos Arrow: A bow skill that fires several arrows at random enemies.
  • Engineer Skills
    • Auto Crossbow: An attack that uses an Automatic Crossbow machina.
    • Bio Blast: A machina that shoots poison at the enemy.
    • Blast Voice: A machina that produces sound loud enough to damage enemies and confuse them.
    • Dual Cannon: A simple machina with two cannons.
    • Ocean Anchor: A large anchor that is particularly strong against water-dwelling monsters.
    • Stringer: A rocket launcher that is particularly strong against harpies.
    • Flamethrower: A machina that launches fire and can burn the opponent.
    • Electric Flux Emitter: An electric flux emitter that emits an electric flux capable of paralyzing opponents.
  • Maid Skills
    • Serve Tea: The user serves tea, boosting an ally's fighting spirit.
    • Insecticide Spray: A spray that deals high damage to insects, even giant-sized ones.
    • Maid's Pruning: A skill that is particularly effective on plants-based beings.
    • Duster Dance: A skill using a duster that has a chance to blind the opponent.
    • Kitchen Garden Harvest: The user collects food in the surroundings.
  • Gunner Skills
    • Double Tap: A basic gun skill that hits twice.
    • Spray and Pray: The user sprays bullet over an area, hitting every enemy.
    • Bird Shot: A gun skill particularly strong against bird-type enemies.
    • Succubus Slayer Bullet: A bullet that deals bonus damage to succubi.
    • Concentrated Fire: The user concentrates their firepower on a single target, hitting them multiple times.
    • Shotgun: A shotgun fire that can stun the targets it hit.
    • Ricochet: The user fires a bullet that bounces off, hitting the target in an unexpected angle.
  • Machinist Skills
    • Gatling Gun: The user unleashes a gatling gun on all enemies.
    • Vibro Blade: A mechanical blade that vibrates at high enough speed to ignore defense.
    • Kalina Ann Range: A technology that creates a field that destroys spirits and ghosts.
    • Trial Punisher: A stake launcher that deals high damage to vampires.
    • Electromagnetic Armor: A piece of armor that can completely absorb two attacks before going down.
    • Drill: A large weaponized drill that impales the opponent.
  • Others
    • Chaos: Chaos is the primordial void that preceded all of existence. Its very existence erases space-time and anything else that interacts with it. This includes completely erasing ghosts, angels, and even being able to erase abstracts just by entering their universe. Chaos mostly manifests as information overflowing and overwriting part of space-time, causing parts of it to be erased due to it.
    • Apoptosis Properties: Apoptosis are beings born from distorted space-time. They are little more than representations of the multiversal law of "Apoptosis" and of the very will of space-time itself. As a result, their existence is tied to chaos and space-time, and they will always revive even from complete erasure by chaos.
    • Apoptosis Effect: When exposed to chaos for prolonged periods of time, living beings will be converted into an Apoptosis. Their body will be fused with the surroundings and their very self will become one with the will of space-time. Apoptosis are subservient to the will of space-time and thus will fight to protect space-time, but will have little to not desires otherwise. As mere representations of Apoptosis, individual Apoptosis will always come back from destruction and perfect clones of the one transformed will start to be regularly produced as another Apoptosis unit.
    • Link to Chaos: Apoptosis and other chaos-oriented beings have a strong link to chaos. This can manifest as the ability to summon chaos into the world at will, but will also manifest as passive corrosion of space-time. Weak Apoptosis will need to be many in a group to significantly affect the surroundings, but stronger ones will instantly erase parts of the universe with their sheer presence and will instantly transform living beings into Apoptosis.
    • Dark and Holy magic: Dark and Holy magic are special kinds of magic. As they are born directly from chaos, they have a close link to the universe and space-time itself. But they also ignore most defensive abilities, such as dodging, immunities, absorption, and reflection. One needs direct resistance to those attacks to resist them.
    • Chaos Elements: Chaos elements are stronger versions of the normal elements. They have the same properties as Dark and Holy magic, but they also ignore specific resistance to the original element. These include Galaxy, Nightmare, Nuclear, Quantum, Ion, Hadron, Terra, Nano, Eternal and Demise.

Key: Base | End of Part 2 | Full Potential


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