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The universe is a 4-dimensional space-time manifold of unknown total size, of which a diameter of 93 billion light-years has been observed, that originated with the spatiotemporal expansion known as the Big Bang around 13.8 billion years ago. A collection of multiple universes is known as multiverse, with each of them normally being made of its own manifold, but certain cosmologies (such as the quilted multiverse) have them share a single greater space-time. In vs debating, the term "verse" is used to simply say "the universe of a fictional series", for example the "Dragon Ball verse" is referring to the "Dragon Ball series".


A common theme in vs debating is the creation/destruction of pocket dimensions and how these scale to a character’s attack potency, mostly in their relation to the universe. Per the basis of our Tiering System, destroying space-times of less than universal size isn’t considered a Universe level+ feat, so determining the size of these dimensions is crucial to tier these characters. The following is a list of standards used to judge if these dimensions qualify for the requirements of being considered a full fledged universe:  

  • Being directly called universe, or the size of a universe, makes the place qualify as a universe.
  • Being called “world”, “dimension”, “alternate reality” or “realm” doesn’t make the place qualify as a universe without further evidence of its size.
  • Being called “timeline” makes the place qualify as a Universe level+ structure.
  • Being described as infinite in size makes the place qualify as an infinite universe.
  • Being stated to mirror or copy a place that already qualifies as a universe makes the duplicate qualify as a universe.
  • Being shown to house a galaxy, or multiple galaxies, is a strong indicator the place may qualify as a universe, but doesn’t serve as concluding evidence by itself.
  • Being shown to house a star, or multiple stars, can be an indicator the place may qualify as a universe, but doesn’t serve as evidence by itself.

Note: As stated above, while a place qualifying as an alternate universe is assumed to be its own spatiotemporal manifold by default, if evidence against this is presented (such as these universes being physically traversed without issue), then they would taken as a quilted multiverse. However, if the universes are stated to be their own space-time even if such contradictions arose, they’ll be taken as Tier 2 structures.