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So, this was originally put on VsBattles wiki, but as the original creator of this blog and due to their removal of the verse this pertains to from their site I feel it free to use this as it was before it left. I hope it's understood here well enough and if need be, I can revise this to be more distinct.


Hello there and welcome to the Deluge of the Abyss cosmology blog. Could also just be called the Battle is an Art cosmology page since that's the only story to go off of but since I think it'll be applied to the setting at large I choose to refer to it by the former name. This is to help those that haven't read up on the one story that takes place within this web serial setting. Before I do that however:

Due to being a web serial, everything presented here is available for free. So you can find all of what I talk about just by visiting the site and reading for yourself. And if you wish not to be spoiled I do recommend that you go do exactly that.

Note: I will be referencing this page here: multiple times throughout this blog due to it holding a good amount of information on the verse structure.

With all that said let's dive in first with how time works.


Time in Deluge of the Abyss is said to exist at every level, with its size and function often varying. However and more importantly, every level of creation that has time has it so their time is separate from that of others levels of creation. Which means every level of creation has its own separate present, past, and future from each other.

Time in DOTA.png

One in-story example where this is shown is when Herah see's her parents after again after only a day passed for her while an entire week had gone by for them back in their home universe:

"Hmm, I see Norwe still has our universes on different time flows. It's been a whole week for us while it's only be about a day for you."

I bring this up only so that it is understood that time can be much bigger than normally thought in the context of this verse,

That said, it's time to move onto ua.


uas (pronounced uh-ah) or Dimensions as referred to by both narrator and the in-story creator of them, are time-spaces that defined by their axis of movement as shown above, with the whole number dimensions normally being finitely sized while the integer dimensions normally infinite in size. Both are also noted to be arranged in a stack, dimensions growing smaller as you go down and large while you go up.

Dimensions in DOTA.png

As noted in the image, dimensions also have this unique feature that requires one to have greater infinities of energy to go higher and higher, while also gaining greater infinites of energy while going lower and lower. Not just that, but there exist negative dimensions of which are factored into this infinity. 

Within the context of Battle is an Art, uas are black floors within white towers as seen here:

Likewise, a single uA” Within each sphere, a single one of the white towers was plucked out and enlarged to the point that Herah could make out the dizzying number of black floors that filled them, “Can fit every ua there is and never get full........"

The starting dimension or the one in which the story appears to take place should qualify as a Low 2-C structure.

The entire ua structure should qualify as a High 1-B structure because even while not directly stated in the image, the numbering system and the inclusion of integers implies that all real numbers and their corresponding negative numbers are accounted for when spoken about. It is also implied when Alex says in Chapter 5: Sharpening the Pencil

“Because we come from a vastly smaller infinity.” Alex spoke low and quiet, the carefulness in his words easy to hear for everyone present, “An aU is larger than an inaccessible cardinal while what we come from is a part of an uncountable cardinal.”

Pretty much there is more than a countably infinite number of dimensions within a single stack of uas.

With uas covered, next up is uA.


So uA (pronounced uh-ey) or Realities as referred to in text are time-spaces defined by their obtuse laws of existence. However before we can dive into the fully unique nature of uAs, the relationship between uAs and uas needs to be understood.

It has been said both within story and on the official structure page that a single uA is capable of containing every single ua without ever being filled. Not just that but then there is this quote from the very same chapter as before:

Likewise, a single uA” Within each sphere, a single one of the white towers was plucked out and enlarged to the point that Herah could make out the dizzying number of black floors that filled them, “Can fit every ua there is and never get full. Once again, no matter how many or how large the uas within get, they’ll never be even a percentage the size of a uA. Infinitely smaller you see.....”

With that covered, more focus can be placed upon uAs' organization and the means of traversal between them.

Realities in DOTA.png

uA's are structured similarly to that of uas, existing as white towers organized in stacks with ever larger ones being above the smaller ones. Not just that, but when ascending uAs one either has to utilize a power known as Presence, find some type of pathway, or channel an amount of power greater than that of which is used to ascend uas.

This draws a very distinct line between dimensions and realities, not just that but realities are represented as being beyond dimensions so I feel it fair to consider a single uA as being a 1-A structure

The exact number of uAs within a given stack are not stated clearly, however, I would hazard a guess that it is also infinite due to the same description being used for both in the context of the story:

Each sphere was filled with a dizzying amount of what looked like solid white towers, the towers organized so that the ones above were always distinctly larger than the ones below'

Within each sphere, a single one of the white towers was plucked out and enlarged to the point that Herah could make out the dizzying number of black floors that filled them.

So possibly a 1-A+ structure if not outright when taking a single stack of uAs into account, each uA in that stack filled with their own High 1-B structure.

Now onto aUs.


aUs (pronounced ah-yoo) or Universes as referred to in-text and on the official structure pages are time-spaces which contain uAs. Much like uAs, a single one is said to be capable of containing every uA without ever getting full, as said in Chapter 5:

“Well Artist, you see a single aU is large enough to fit every uA there is into it without ever getting full. No matter how many or how large the uAs you add up and stack upon one another, they’ll never be able to reach the size of an aU.

With the structure page essentially saying the same thing:

Universes in DOTA.png

Within the story of Battle is an Art, they take the form of translucent orange spheres, as shown in Chapter 5:

“First,” The room dimmed as three translucent, orange spheres appeared over the table. Each sphere was filled with a dizzying amount of what looked like solid white towers, the towers organized so that the ones above were always distinctly larger than the ones below, “An understanding of what exactly is at stake.”

“What are we looking at?” Owen asked, Herah noticing him now on top of the table and looking at the spheres in wonder.

“These are your aUs.”

Due to all of this, aUs should classify as High 1-A structures.

Next up are AUs.


AUs (pronounced ey-yoo) or Timecube as referred to in-text and on the official structure page are time-spaces which store within themselves every version of a single aU from beginning to its end (if it has one). Within Battle is An Art, AUs take the form of grey boxes. A single iteration, or line of these aUs is known as an AUi or timeline which will have within it an aU for every planck-second there is for that version of the aU. The number of AUi within an AU is very dependent upon the Maker, with Norwe's own stated to be uncountable within :

As the lines traveled through the liquid black, Jeffery felt them pass what were best described as millions of grey boxes that easily dwarfed both the pencil and Maker in size. A proton compared to a universe would describe something infinitely larger than Jeffery and Norwe compared to the boxes. Each box held within itself uncountable amounts of oranges spheres, like the ones Norwe had summoned earlier except much larger in scale, with watery black separating them into equally as uncountable groups. Orange chains larger than Realities bound these spheres together, an endless amount for each group to stay connected.

Timeboxes in DOTA.png

While not stated within story, much like the previous levels of creation, it's said that every AUi could fit into a single AU if made properly, which given the same form of statement appears for aUs and uAs, and the previous quote speaks of each AU having uncountable numbers of aUs within them I feel it fair to say that just like the previous levels, this one is inaccessible for the lower one. Which would place it firmly as a tier 0 structure.

I think at least, honestly feel like there needs to be a little more to this in order for it to be considered Tier 0 level so unless more information comes to light it will just be a higher level of High 1-A.

Now it's time to talk about aE.


aE (pronounced ah-ee) or Multiverse as referred to only within the official structure page are time-spaces which contain both a void and AUs. Only two aEs have been observed in Deluge of the Abyss, both being within the prologue of Battle is an Art as Norwe's Sandbox and a green-twister.

The squealing of many different species of children was heard as both Norwe and the other figure appeared within a blank and endless white “space” with a twister of green tearing through and away from them while a glowing orange and rapidly shapeshifting baby screamed in joy from within said twister.

“Look at what you did War,” Norwe mockingly scolded the other figure as they summoned the baby to themselves, causing the tiny orange thing to fly out of the twister and into their arms. Its form shifted to that of a pile of tendrils, a cherub with the head of a lion, a stack of nearly blank papers, a tadpole, etc. “You destroyed five iterations of my Sandbox’s aUs with that swing of yours.”

Just like all the previous levels, a single aE is capable of containing every AU the amount of which is at least uncountable just looking at Norwe's multiverse.

Multiverses in DOTA.png

This would lead to the level being higher into High 1-A.

Next up, and they're all being grouped together for a reason, iIs, the Iie, IiE, and AE.

iI, Iie, & IiE

Note, everything past this point is mostly taken from the official verse page with no real appearance in the story so do with that what you will.

iIs or Slates as referred to on the official structure page are time-spaces in which aEs are stored and where what is and isn't are stored. They're said to exist as endless "spaces" and a single one is capable of containing every aE. Not just that, but these spaces are said to be controlled by Makers, the beings of which shape and structure creation, a single one shared between multiple. Not just that, but a unique facet of iIs is how without Presence, an in-universe power, one cannot make sense of it and how it strains one Will, which in-story is one's willpower. When referring to all of the iIs together, they're known as Iie or the Omni-Slate.

Slates in DOTA.png

Once again the lack of specific saying of being inaccessible to the lower level and the lack of more make me want to air on the side of caution and just consider iI higher into High 1-A , though 0 has also been suggested as a possibility for this level while the Iie shouldn't really add anything since it's just the summarization of all the iI together.

Then there are IiE or the Abyss as referred to both in text and on the structure page, which is said to be a direct mirror of the Iie and serve as the home of Abyss Walkers. The IiE is considered something different in comparison to the voids that are mentioned at other levels of creation, being where both what is and isn't are unmade. It is here that Abyss Walkers destroy universes (whether referring to ua's or aU's is unknown), by feasting upon them alongside the IiE itself. Said in Battle is an Art by Norwe, a former Abyss Walker, in Chapter 14: Naming the Illustration:

“I meant they like to destroy universes,” Norwe replied, completely lacking in any form of enjoyment which Herah thought would make her happy if not for what was being said. Norwe lazily pointed at Max with their left middle hand, still looking quite serious, before saying, “The Abyss Walker you encountered, Anwir Alice, their plan after killing you was to rip your universe from my grasp and sink it into the Abyss. Afterward, your universe and everything within would begin to be torn asunder and consumed by the Abyss itself and the Abyss Walkers that inhabit it.”

Another thing to mention is that one is said to require Presence to even exist within the IiE and that it also taxes one's Will like the Iie does.

The Abyss In DOTA.png

Definitely larger than a single iI, so higher into High 1-A or higher into 0.

Finally AE, also referred to as the Beginning and the End, Omniverse, Multiverse, Metaverse, or Everything, is where all that are not Maker's, Abyss Walkers, or Concepts are said to originate. This refers to the Iie and IiE combined and shouldn't really be considered any bigger than the sum of their parts.

Next up is the final level to Deluge of the Abyss's cosmology, the EuU.


The EuU is known by no other name and not a lot is said about it. All that is known is that this area surrounds the AE and that only beings that are Contradictions are able to exist here without being erased. Which are Concepts, Abyss Walkers, and Makers.

EuU in DOTA.png

Without more said about it, this I don't think can really qualify for anything concrete so Unknown for now.


That's that. The entire verse cosmology laid out for all to see.

And if this is all correct, it should look something like this:

  • ua: Low 2-C for the 3rd dimension up to above baseline Low 1-A for a single stack together.
  • uA: 1-A for a single one up to possibly 1-A+ when referring to them all together if it's an infinite number of them.
  • aU: High 1-A
  • AU: Higher into High 1-A
  • aE: Higher into High 1-A
  • iI: At least higher into High 1-A, possibly 0
  • IiE: At least higher into High 1-A, possibly 0
  • EuU: Unknown