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This blog will cover Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha's Terminology and Cosmology. This blog will use statements from the Maou Gakuin Web Novel and the Maou Gakuin Light Novel.

This blog should not be considered a complete explanation of the verse's cosmology, since the novel has not yet provided a complete explanation of the cosmology, and has already hinted at the cosmology being greater than what is currently explained.

This blog will likely be updated if any new or relevant information is acquired.

A few statements in this blog will be machine translated.



世界 - sekai - Translations: the world; society; the universe

World usually refers to a universe. There are certain times when it also refers to a planet, though this is very rare.

World-destroying magic consistently destroys the earth (in addition to other things like mountains, the sea, and the sky), then celestial bodies like the sun, moon and stars, and then the world.

Introduction of the world-destroying magic <Egil Grone Angdroa>:

"<Future World Crystal> Kandaquisort is the many futures of this world, and is equal in form to the world. You are now trying to compare what will perish first: the world or yourself. The result is quite obvious."
"Sure, that's reasonable."
The crystal tip fell apart.
"My blood corrodes the world itself."
Kandaquisort turned into pitch black rust, shattered into tiny pieces, and dissipated.
The Demon King's blood can only be used against extremely powerful attacks.
If they are not strong enough to contain its destructiveness, it would inflict irreparable damage on this world.
"As you might expect from a goddess who commands the future, you're quite strong. But it's about time you started fighting to the fullest. If you don't start looking into the future with the utmost seriousness, you could perish here."
I walked toward Nafta without stopping.
In the meantime, the rusted and dissipated Kandaquisort turned into countless brightly shining crystal shards.
"Nafta swears. As long as there is a present, the future will rise again and again even if it is destroyed. The only way to destroy the Future World Crystal is to destroy all possibilities."
The number of crystal shards increased rapidly, enveloping the place like a shining sandstorm.
"This could be another form of the world. Condemned, you are sentenced to a limiting world."
As the crystal sandstorm dissipated, the landscape around us changed.
We were in a strange city. All the buildings, vegetation, and inhabitants were made of crystal.
The mountains visible in the distance, the heavenly canopy, and even the flowing rivers were crystal.
And from all this I felt unimaginable magical power.
"A world created by Kandaquisort, then?"
The divine domain of the goddess of the future.
"Nafta swears. This world limits everything to lead to the worst consequences for you. In this world, your victory is unattainable."
"Interesting. If you don't prepare the world, it won't reach me."
I looked at her nonchalantly and said.
"Well, future, try to challenge me."
As soon as I said that, the surface of the earth shattered into pieces.
The moment I flew into the sky with <Fless>, countless crystal spears flew out of the colossal hole in the ground.
I tried to cover the hole with <Beno Yeven>, but the crystal spears easily passed through it and stabbed into me.
In the next instant, the crystal spears suddenly appeared from the buildings around me.
They also appeared from the heavenly canopy above my head, and they all rushed at me at once from all sides.
As the spears plunged one by one into my body, the clock tower in front of me soared into the sky, as if it had lifted itself off the ground, hurtling toward me with its pointed roof.
Countless crystal spears immobilized me, and this clock tower spear plunged into me with crushing power.
Streams of blood poured from my entire body.
"I haven't bled so much in a long time."
The demon king's black blood made the clock tower, the crystal spears, and all the crystal in the surrounding area rust and fall apart.
All that was left was black rust.
"You said that everything would lead to the worst consequences for me. That you would bring down on me the worst day of my life."
I put my hand out and drew a multi-layered magic circle.
The layers were overlapping each other in the shape of a gun turret and I pointed it at Nafta.
"I didn't expect your power to be so terrifying. But since you're strong, I can use that one magic I have."
Black particles poured out of the magic circle in the shape of a turret.
"A universal miracle will come upon you. I sentence you to despair."
Again countless crystal spears flew at me. But they shattered as soon as they touched the black particles gathered around.
Every possible thing came crashing down on me: fire, water, lightning, earth, trees, and the heavenly canopy.
It was like a miracle.
But I wouldn't let anything in this world that was aggressive toward me get close to me.
"With this Origin Magic, I borrowed magic power from the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad of two thousand years past, the goddess of creation Militia, and the goddess of destruction Aberneyu."
And to top it all off, I added the magic power of my present self to the magic.
"It's a forbidden spell that can't be used in a normal place. Even I've only used it twice."
The jet-black particles swirled and coiled around the gun turret-shaped magic circle like a living creature.
From their mere influence, the crystals around it rapidly shattered into pieces and crumbled into tiny particles.
Nafta's divine domain began to crack and crumble.
"So open your divine eyes and restrain it properly. As soon as I release this spell, even in the worst case, the world of Kandaquisort will be destroyed."
I said to the goddess of the future, who looked at me stunned and without words.
"If you can't limit it, the real world will turn to ash along with it."
The black particles form a seven-layer spiral around the gun turret.
A bottomless crack formed in the surface of the earth.
It literally split the limiting world in half.
"<Egil Grone Angdroa>."
Apocalyptic flames erupted from the gun turret-shaped magic circle.
The seven-layered spiral of jet-black flames rumbled and rushed forward.
The apocalyptic flames of the world passed through Nafta. It must have been the blessing of Kandaquisort.
It reached beyond the horizon, and then everything in the world went up in flames.
The heavenly canopy, the horizon, the earth and mountains, all things burned and turned to black ash.
The reason why this magic, superior to <Jio Graze>, wasn't positioned as the highest level of fire attribute magic, was because there were no other users except me, and that it only had the form of a flame, but was actually a completely different thing.
It burns what should not be burned, destroys what should not be destroyed, and reduces the entire universe to ashes.
This spell was truly magic of destruction. The very type of magic I was best at.
In the face of apocalyptic flames, the entire limiting world was reduced to jet-black ash.
The ashes were blown away by the wind, and we were once again in front of the great holy gates, as if reality were hiding behind the ashes.
"Hmm. Taking it seriously after all?"
Nafta, holding the Future World Crystal in her hands, opened her eyes.
As the goddess controlling the order of the future, she could not allow the world to be deprived of all possibilities.
She must have looked hard into the future in order to limit Extreme Hell Destruction Ash Demon Mortar <Egil Grone Angdroa>.
"In other words, the outcome of the contest is certain."
Nafta nodded silently.
A crack appeared on her body.
"...Nafta swears to be defeated. No matter how much I limit the future, zero will never become one. There is no single future in which you are defeated."
The body of the goddess of the future was covered in countless cracks, and she began to fall apart.
No matter how she tried to limit the future, in her battle with me, there was only one thing waiting for her in the future: perdition.
The end of the future brought the end of Nafta herself.
The gods cannot go against order.
Nafta did not dare to open her eyes because she did not want to know that it would end this way.
"That's why I foretold you in the beginning."
After looking at Nafta with magic eyes tinted in destructive purple, I slowly walked toward her.
I covered her eyes with my hand to cut off the future.
Her body stopped falling apart.
"No matter how many hundreds of millions of miracles you try to unleash on me at once, you will never reach my worst."

~ WN Chapter 255

Anos Voldigoad was fighting the God of the Future, who controls the Order of the Future. The Order of the Future is the order that governs the future. The <Future World Crystal> Kandaquisort is the many futures of the world, and is equal in form to the world. The only way to destroy the Future World Crystal is to destroy all possible futures. Anos' world-destroying magic <Egil Grone Angdroa> destroyed the Future World Crystal and would have destroyed the world if Nafta and Anos did not limit and extinguish it.

あまねく - amaneku - Translations: widely; extensively; generally; universally; far and wide; everywhere; all around
天地 - tenchi - Translations: heaven and earth; the universe; nature; top and bottom; realm; sphere; world

あまねく天地 - amaneku tenchi - Translations: entire universe

It is specifically stated that <Egil Grone Angdroa> burns what should not be burned, destroys what should not be destroyed, and reduces the entire universe to ashes.

Introduction of the world-destroying magic <Gilieriam Naviem>:

Before I could rip it out, the apocalyptic flames closed in on me and flared up.
The world-destroying flames were consuming me, and my source was coming to an end.
But on the other hand, my magic power was swelling up quickly.
"Lieberschneid and this land are immortal because they are the past of all things, or in other words, the trace of all things."
Gorloana's eyes widen as he looks at me being burned by the apocalyptic flames.
He spills the words, as if it is inexplicable that I am not destroyed in an instant.
"It would be an indestructible footprint that would not disappear no matter how far back in time I went."
I look at my footprints in the land.
"You can carve footprints on this land, but you can never erase them. So how do we destroy them?"
Lieberschneid stares at me, dumbfounded, as if I should be dying.
"The answer is this."
I lifted my foot lightly and stepped on the ground again.
And then, the footprints around me disappeared without a trace.
My footsteps, which were accompanied by magic power, turned into huge footprints that covered even this land.
"You make footprints larger than this land. The original footprints will be crushed and disappear, and the new footprints will not fit into the land. In other words, the order of traces will be disrupted."
"Impossible. This is the land of traces, where everything in the world is contained. The traces from the beginning of time to the present day are 700 million years old. The size of this land is enough to repeat that a hundred times. There is no trace of anything larger than that in this world."
Lieberschneid spoke up solemnly.
"But that's all in the past, isn't it?"
I drew a magic circle around my own dying source.
I had taken the apocalyptic flames that was destroying the world into my body.
"I'm sorry, but I'm heading into the future."
Just in time, it seems.
<Egil Grone Angdroa> brings my source closer to destruction.
It's a sign of the end that I haven't felt in a long time. The end times.
That is, the torch flares up with renewed vigour just before it extinguishes, and uses it to overcome extinguishment.
It's a truth that applies to all sources, but it's even more powerful for me, who specializes in destruction magic.
The closer I get to destruction, the stronger I become, and finally, I overcome that destruction.
There was never an opportunity to receive <Egil Grone Angdroa>.
And that's why I dared to expose myself to it.
"It is a freshly created magic that has not been etched in your traces."
The power of destruction that had been swallowed inside my body overflowed.
Seven spirals of black flames clung to my entire body.
Quietly, I chanted the spell.
"<Gilieriam Naviem>."
This is a spell that releases the magic power of destruction condensed at my source with each step, instantly raising my power.
I stepped out loosely, facing the God of Traces.
Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest <Gilieriam Naviem> raises the level of all power.
With the release of magic power, all I did this time was walk.
The first step--
The huge bookshelves that lined the ground all collapsed, and all the books that contained traces of the world were thrown into the air.
One by one, the pages opened to reveal the traces of this world.
In the wilderness, the shadows of countless people began to appear. In the next moment, they were crushed by my first step, and perished without form.
The second step--
The books flying through the air were torn apart and countless pages were scattered.
Swarms of creatures appeared in the water, and birds and dragons appeared in the sky as shadows.
All traces of them were crushed by my feet, and all living things perished.
The third step--
The land shakes, and the countless scattered pages burst apart.
The canopy disappears, and the sky appears, revealing traces of the sun, stars, and moon.
Their shadows are crushed by my step and perish beyond the sky.
The fourth step--
More fragments of the scattered pages and traces dissipated.
The earth cracked into pieces, the lake dried up, and every plant and tree withered and perished.
The fifth step--
As if the traces of destruction were carved into the land, many bookshelves rise up again.
As if they were shaken, they shattered in an instant as if they were trampled.
The sky is crushed by my step, and the shattered heavens flicker above me.
The sixth step--
The earth, which is no longer a trace of anything, is simply trampled and shaken violently.
The only remaining light in front of me is trampled by my step, and the world closes in darkness.
The seventh step--
I was about to step, but suddenly I stopped.
The land of traces had disappeared, and there was a stone floor around me again.
If this seventh step had touched the floor, the world would have been destroyed a thousand times over, and there would still be power to spare.
"Hmm. I made it with the idea that if you walk seven steps, you can conquer even the land of traces, but it is quite a failure. After seven steps, there is nothing left."
By the sixth step, all the traces of destruction had been carved into the land, and the land of traces had exceeded its capacity.
The world couldn't take it anymore and collapsed.
I deactivated <Gilieriam Naviem> and put my foot on the floor.
"That's...That's just..."
Gorloana's expression was one of astonishment, as if he could not believe what he was seeing with his own eyes.
"The land of traces...the boundless world that God created...was crushed...
I said to the stunned Gorloana.
"It seems that the land of God, which carves the traces of 70 billion years, could not withstand my seven steps."

~ WN Chapter 275

Anos Voldigoad was fighting the God of Traces, who controls the Order of Traces. The Order of Traces is the order that governs the past to the present. Everything in the world, from the beginning of time 700 million years ago to the present moment, is contained in the Land of Traces, as traces. The size of the Land of Traces is large enough to repeat the current 700 million years worth of traces a hundred times. In other words, the Land of Traces is large enough to contain 70 billion years worth of traces. The only way to destroy the Land of Traces is to exceed its overall capacity and carve a trace larger than 70 billion years. Anos' world-destroying magic <Gilieriam Naviem> destroyed the Land of Traces and would have destroyed the world at least a thousand times over if he had taken the seventh step.

The world-destroying magic <Egil Grone Angdroa> destroying a silver bubble:

"One major problem has arisen. It concerns the entire Academy of Pablohetara."
In a calm tone of voice, the Holy King Lebrahard said.
"The Dream World Falluforral, the corner of our Holy Top Six Academy, has been destroyed."
No one said anything.
The deep auditorium was enveloped in an eerie silence.
It must have been too sudden for them to understand.
Donnerd, Rip, and even Belmas had a look of disbelief, and were at a loss for words.
"Are you certain?"
Ottlulu asked.
"I went to the site to be certain, and confirmed it with my magic eye. Still, I don't want to believe it."
The Holy King said lightly, without much dismay.
"What power is responsible?"
"The big problem is that we don't know. We've only got one clue so far."
Lebrahard sends magic power to the spherical blackboard.
What I saw was the scene of a fantastic world of dancing soap bubbles.
It is probably the Dream World Falluforral. I can see people living peacefully.
Suddenly, the drifting soap bubbles popped.
As the countless dancing soap bubbles began to break, the people who at first looked on in wonder began to notice something strange.
All the soap bubbles were engulfed in black flames, and they screamed.
The people are on fire.
In the next moment, everything in the world went up in flames.
The sky, the earth, the sea, and everything else is reduced to black ash, and then, the silver bubble pops and disappears.
"The magic that drove Falluforral to its destruction was, oddly enough, the same magic that was used in the previous baptism, Extreme Hell Destruction Ash Demon Mortar <Egil Grone Angdroa>."

~ WN Chapter 528

シャボン玉 - shabontama - Translations: soap bubble(s)
銀泡 - gin awa (hō) - Translations: silver bubble(s)

The world-destroying magic <Egil Grone Angdroa> destroyed the Dream World Falluforral. The apocalyptic flames burned the inhabitants of the world, then burned the sky, the earth, the sea, then reduced everything else in the world to black ash before eventually destroying the silver bubble.

大地 - daichi - Translations: ground; earth; the solid earth; the (vast) land
地上 - chijō - Translations: above ground; on the ground; earth's surface; this earth

Earth usually refers to a planet (either the surface of the planet or the entire planet).

It is safe to assume that world refers to universe in the various statements from the novel, unless specifically stated to be otherwise or contradicted within the statement itself.


The various laws that make up the world, or the power of the gods that keep these laws normal. There are various orders such as “time”, “creation”, and “destruction”, and the same number of gods control them.

~ LN Volume 4 (I); Keyword

Gods are the race that controls the world. Each person has some kind of "order" as their authority and is extremely powerful.

~ LN Volume 4 (I); Keyword

"The order of the world, the laws of the world, or providence, are embodied by the Guardian Deities."

~ WN Chapter 29

"It is the reason why this world is the world it is. Why is a bird a bird, why is a demon a demon? The heavens send down rain to moisten the earth and nurture the trees. If you draw a magic circle and put magic power into the magic formula, the light will come on. These are what we call the laws of nature, the laws of magic, the order that makes this world what it is."
"And the beings who maintain that order, the beings who embody that order, are the higher order divine race, the gods."

~ WN Chapter 120

"Which came first, the world or the creator god Militia?"
"The world. The world existed before Militia was born, and the previous creator god, Elenesia, was already there. When the old world reaches its limits, the creator god perishes. At that time, the source that is close to perishing performs the final creation and gives birth to the next creator god."
It was about their own birth.
Sasha answered easily.
"So let's go back in time to the beginning, shall we? How did the original creator god come to be?"
Sasha was at a loss for an answer.
Militia's mother, the previous creator god Elenesia, had the same answer as Sasha.
However, there was no way to know how the first god - the original creator god - was born.
"I don't know... I can't be sure..."
"Kakaka, sure, sure. It's difficult to investigate. Then what hypothesis can we formulate? Did God come first, or did the world come first?"
Sasha opens her mouth, hitting her head with her hand.
"If anything, I think it was God..."
"Why is that?"
"After all, when the world is first born, if there is no order, the world will collapse. I don't think it will last until God is born by chance."
Without order, the world will perish.
It is obvious that a world without God will not last long.

~ WN Chapter 484

秩序 - chitsujo - Translations: order; regularity; system

Order is the laws and concepts that define and maintain the world. Gods maintain order by either controlling an order or protecting it from being disrupted. Completely destroying an order would destroy the world as a by-product. Disrupting an order means that the order has only been removed from the 'natural system of the world', and not completely destroyed, therefore the world would not be destroyed.

In the Mythical Age, the God of Destruction Aberneyu was the cause of all death and destruction. That's why I overthrew them first.
"All things lead to destruction. That was the God of Destruction's order, but since the Demon King stole it, destruction in the world has been limited. Those who were supposed to die did not die, those who were supposed to perish did not perish, and the reason of the world was disrupted. Other gods compensated for this, but the world was not completely restored. The result is now, two thousand years later."

~ WN Chapter 120

<Venuzdonoa> was created by distorting the Order of Destruction and transforming the God of Destruction's authority, the Sun of Destruction <Sargeldonave>, into a magic in the form of a sword that destroys reason. The order was therefore disrupted, and not completely destroyed. After removing the order from the natural system of the world, the concept of death and destruction and all laws related to it across the entire world was altered.

権能 - kennō - Translations: authority; power; function

A god's authority is connected to that god's respective order, and likely utilises and maintains the function of that god's respective order in the world.


The fundamental concept of existence that all living things hold within them. An excellent magician can be reincarnated with the memories of their life kept in their source, and even if the physical body perishes, as long as the source is intact, they can be revived.

~ LN Volume 1; Keyword

To begin with, magic power is created from the magical source in our bodies. To put it simply, it's the soul, the psyche, but the source exists even deeper in the abyss, and it's what makes us who we are.

~ LN Volume 1; Chapter 6

"...But, how do you...? You don't even have to think about it to know it's impossible. Our body and soul are originally one. We can't keep them separated forever. Even if we prepare a vessel for Misha, her soul cannot live long with only one half. It's the same even if you reincarnate her."
"Two separate souls, in other words, one separated source, is always fated to return to one. Then, don't you think it would be better if there was another source?"
"Unfortunately, no type of magic can create the same exact person. There is only one source for all of us in this world."

~ WN Chapter 28

My body was enveloped in light.
The scars inflicted by the Spirit God Human Sword will destroy my source.
The light that had been surrounding my body burst out at once.
It gradually subsided, and my body disappeared.

~ WN Chapter 109

"However, if the Almighty's sword is not sheathed, the power of the divine sword will annihilate the source of the person who pulls it out, present, past, and future."

~ WN Chapter 231

根源 - kongen - Translations: root; source; *origin (*Should not be referred to as origin, since Origin Magic is something separate from the source.)

The source is the fundamental concept of existence, and it defines all aspects of an individual. It exists beyond the body, soul and mind, and therefore should not be confused with any of them. It exists across the present, past and future. Only specific magic like <Bebesd> or weapons like <Venuzdonoa> can affect the source. If a person's source is destroyed, they would be erased from existence at a conceptual level.


"I think I've existed outside the world's reason for a long time. Like you, I've been targeted by the gods. -"
"You also exist outside the world's reason. So much so that the gods called you a misfit."
"No, this isn't about philosophy. We're talking about the world, about order, about magic. We exist outside the reason of the world. We alone. How could we be outside the order of the world, outside of its framework?"

~ WN Chapter 370

不適合者 - futekigōsha - Translations: misfit; non-conformist

A misfit is an individual who exists outside the world's framework, order and reason altogether. This term should not be confused with the "misfit" title Anos Voldigoad was given at the Demon King Academy.

Magic Power

魔力 - maryoku - Translations: magic power/magical power

The amount of magic power an individual has not only determines the amount of spells they are capable of casting, but also determines their overall power, like strength (attack potency), toughness (durability), and rarely even their speed.



The universes contained in the multiverse are referred to as worlds.

"I might have called it "outside this world", but at least no one has ever seen anything outside this world. Even what we call "other dimensions" and "different worlds or realms" must exist inside this world after all."
"So, God of Creation? Could you explain to us directly what the end of this world is?"
"All right."
Misha stood up and walked forward, sending her magic power to the blackboard.
"Above the sky and below the depths of the earth, a black sky stretches out."
What was added around the world of Militia drawn on the blackboard was a black sky--the Black Sky.
"The farther away you go from this earth, the larger the black sky is stretched and the closer you get to nothingness. It is here, an almost infinite sky, where the divine realm is located."
"Azure Sky of the Gods" is added to the black sky.
"This black sky, which stretches endlessly, has no end."
"What if we fly faster than the speed at which the black sky can be stretched?"
"When you fly up to the sky, you come out from under the depths of the earth."
"In other words, the space in this world is not uniform, but distorted. If you fly straight up, you will naturally change direction, go around the world and come out from below. So to speak, due to order, the world comprises a sphere."
Eldemade added to the diagram on the blackboard, making the world a sphere.
"Outside of this sphere, it can be thought that an order different from our world has created a different sphere. Another world, perhaps?"

~ WN Chapter 485

Worlds are universes with endless and endlessly stretching size. The Author explanation also states that worlds have infinite size. It is impossible to leave a world by conventional means, like flying past the endlessly stretched space in the world. The space in a world is distorted, and therefore something that flies straight up, naturally changes direction, goes around the world and comes out from below.

In the Silver Water Holy Sea, 14,000 years ago.
Before the God of Creation Militia was born, the name of that bubble world was Elenesia.
That is, there is a discrepancy in time between the Silver Sea and the small world.
From the perspective of the Militia World, it was roughly more than 700 million years ago--.

~ WN Chapter 558

"Even so, the Militia World was created 700 million years ago, right?"
"In the Silver Water Holy Sea, it is only about 14,000 years old."
A questioning look appeared on Sasha.
Then Misha explained.
"Luna fell into the Elenesia World 14,000 years ago."
"...Oh, I see, that's right... Huh? But I was certain that the Militia World is 700 million years old since its creation...?"
"Perhaps time is out of sync."
"...Well, for example, when a day passes in the 7th of Elenesia, a year or even longer passes in the Militia World?"
"Simply put, yes. However, I haven't been able to confirm any discrepancy in time between the small worlds we have visited so far and the Militia World. One second here in the 7th of Elenesia is exactly the same as one second in the Militia World."
Sasha looked more and more puzzled.
"Then, what do you mean?"
"A discrepancy in time somehow occurred once. And now, it's back to normal, I guess."
For example, if nearly 700 million years have passed only in the Militia World, while time has stopped in this Silver Sea, it would make sense.
It's not certain if the Militia World accelerated or if the other small worlds stopped.

~ WN Chapter 575

All worlds are separate space-time continuums in the shape of bubbles. If a day passes in one world, a year or even longer might pass in another world, even though there are no confirmed discrepancies in time (1 sec = 1 sec in all worlds). It is implied that the Silver Sea itself is a space-time continuum/timeline that contains the separate space-time continuums (worlds), because while a certain world has a timeline going back 700 million years ago, it is only about 14,000 years old in the Silver Sea.

Ottlulu draws a transparent bubble on a spherical blackboard.
She wrote 'Bubble World' on it.
"The movement of fire dew occurs mainly in the bubble world. This is what we call the countless dark bubbles floating in the Silver Sea. It is said that all worlds begin with bubbles. Even the deeper worlds located in the depths of this ocean, was one bubble in the beginning."
She added the word 'unevolved'.
"The bubble world is an unevolved small world. In the Silver Sea, it can be said to be an unborn world, because the Bubble World does not have a Chief God and Sovereign. Without the Chief God, there is no complete control over the order of the Small World, and without the Sovereign, the inhabitants of the small world will continue to fight. It's easy to imagine what will happen."
Like a bubble popping, the Bubble World disappears.
"The bubbles of that ocean would disappear if left alone like this, hence the name bubbles."
Lots of bubbles appear again, building a bubble world.
"However, not all bubbles disappear. Those bubble worlds that are lucky enough to survive have certain changes going on within them."
Ottlulu wrote 'The birth of a Conformist'.
"There is order in the bubble world, and there are gods. They have the seeds of world will to lead the world in one direction. The seeds of world will is invisible and does not have a clear consciousness. The gods obey it, and each of them acts in a vague way, trying to lead the world to the right order. In most cases, they fail, but in bubbles blessed with the blessing of Silver Sea, a conformist is born."
In the Militia world, the gears of Eques were probably the seeds of world will.
"The Conformist is the end result of the evolution of life. They have magic power and strength, power that surpasses that of the gods, and the power to lead the world in a better direction. As the number of conformists continues to increase, further changes will be brought to the small world. That is the birth of the World Chief God."
Ottlulu continued her explanation without hesitation.
"The existence of the Conformist strengthens the world's fire dew and brings a strong force to the order. One of the seeds of world will possessed by the gods will sprout, and the existence that can be called the will of the world, the World Chief God, will be born."
"It's a little different from the Militia world."
"With the birth of the World Chief God, the small world will change drastically. The Chief God will choose a suitable Sovereign to rule the small world. The candidates will be the Conformists."
"Do you mean a Sovereign Conformist?"
"They are the Sovereign Conformist and a conformist of an evolved world. The Chief God sniffs out those who are suitable for his world according to his order."
"The Chief God will choose a king of the world from among the conformists. This will create a Sovereign, and the bubble world will evolve into a silver bubble."
It seems almost certain that the reincarnation of the world to align the order was the same result as the evolution to the silver bubble.
"Is there any other way to evolve?"
"No, there is not. All small worlds follow this evolutionary process. Let them be guided by the order of the Silver Sea."
My question was answered immediately by Ottlulu.
The Militia world seems to be an exception.
The people of Pablohetara don't know that evolution is possible without a Chief God and Sovereign.
"On the other hand, the unevolved bubble world continues to release fire dew. The receiver of this is the small world that has finished evolving. Magic power flows from shallow to deep, and fire dew also flows from shallow to deep."

~ WN Chapter 502

Chief God and Sovereign
The Chief God is the god who governs the order of the world, and the Sovereign is the one chosen by the Chief God as a worthy person to govern the world. The birth of the Chief God is the key to perceiving the outside of the world, stopping the leakage of fire dew, and the evolution of the Bubble World.

~ LN Volume 11; Keyword

Bubble World
Among the worlds that exist in the Silver Water Holy Sea, there are those where the Chief God has not yet been born, and the world has not evolved to be able to perceive the outside of the world. They are constantly releasing fire dew, and most of them are fated to disappear without any change.

~ LN Volume 11; Keyword

Bubble Worlds are unevolved small worlds, and are located in Layer 0 of the Silver Sea. A Bubble World does not have an official Chief God, therefore the world constantly releases fire dew, and Sovereign, therefore the inhabitants of the world are continuously in conflict. As a result of the constant release of fire dew and continuous conflict between inhabitants of the world, all bubble worlds approach their own destruction.
Silver Bubbles are evolved small worlds, and are located in any layer deeper than Layer 0 of the Silver Sea. A Silver Bubble has an official Chief God, who controls and maintains the world's order and fire dew, and Sovereign, who governs the world and its inhabitants, therefore stopping the constant release of fire dew and continuous conflict between inhabitants of the world.

World Composition & Structure

Black Sky
A space filled with darkness and starlight that exists far above the earth, and even above the clouds and the sky. It is a place that is impossible for life on earth to enter, and the "Gates of the Divine Realm" that lead to the Azure Sky of the Gods float there.

~ LN Volume 9; Keyword

Gates of the Divine Realm
The gate leading to the Azure Sky of the Gods, which exists in the Black Sky. In the past the gods descended to the earth through this gate, but it is no longer used since Anos built the Demon King Castle Delsgade on top of the gate.

~ LN Volume 9; Keyword

Azure Sky of the Gods
The world of the Gods located beyond the Gates of the Divine Realm, one of the four worlds divided by the large Four Worlds Wall <Beno Yeven>, which Anos once activated in exchange for his life.

~ LN Volume 10 (I); Keyword

The earth is implied to be the centre of the world, with the Black Sky surrounding the earth. The Black Sky is described as endless and endlessly stretching, and the sun, stars, and moon are located in the the Black Sky. It is explained that the Black Sky exists even above the sky, therefore the Black Sky and the sky are presumably different things. (The term "sky" can also very rarely refer to the Black Sky or the Azure Sky of the Gods.) The mortal world is presumably composed of the earth, the sky, and the sea. (The Underground World also exists in the depths of the earth, but thus far this realm is unique to the Militia World.) The Gates of the Divine Realm exist (and float) in the Black Sky. These gates lead to the Azure Sky of the Gods. The Azure Sky of the Gods is located in the Black Sky. The world has a spherical shape, resembling a bubble, and is lit by silver light that can only be seen from the outside, which is why worlds are sometimes referred to as Silver Bubbles. The world is encompassed by silver water, and contained within the Silver Sea.

It is important to note that the structure (not composition) of a world is mostly dependent on the personal interpretation of the reader, because there is currently no official illustration of the structure of the world. Therefore, no single unofficial illustration of the structure of the world should be considered completely accurate.

This is an unofficial illustration of the Militia World. Credit to TMC-667.

Silver Sea

The multiverse that contains countless universes in the shape of bubbles is referred to as the Silver Water Holy Sea, or simply Silver Sea.

We flew through the sky and out into the black sky.
No matter how fast you fly, if you follow the order of this world, you will only go around the black sky and come out the other side.
If we are going to head out of this world, there is a reason why it has to be this ship.
Sticking to the bottom of the ship, I stared into the depths with my magic eyes.
As I suspected, there did not seem to be any special magical formula in play.
However, if you were to take a bird's eye view of the entire ship, you can see that the sails are bulging out.
As if it's receiving a wind that the magic eye can't see.
There is something.
Like the gears of Eques, there is some kind of power at work that the magic eye cannot see.
Perhaps it's some kind of order?
Either way, if there is something out there, there must be a way to look into its depths.
I changed my magic eye in various ways to see if I could match the wavelengths of this unseen force.
But before I could get the hang of it, however, a silvery light flooded the black sky before me.
The ship moves straight toward that silvery light.
Gradually, little by little, the black sky turns into silver.
As the ship continued to accelerate, I saw countless bubbles form around me.
"This is...?"
Lay took a breath out of the spectacular sight.
Even Shin couldn't hide his astonishment, as his gaze was stern.
We were in a sea that flowed out silvery light.
Looking back, I could see an endlessly huge, round bubble of silver light.
Looking with my Magic Eyes, I can certainly see the magical power of the creator god Militia.
This silver bubble was the world we were in.
In other words, we've gotten outside of it.
Only silver light is pouring down from all angles.
"If the world looks like those silver bubbles from the outside, then all this light may be emitted by them."
"Does this mean that there are as many worlds as there are lights?"
Shin turned his Magic Eye to the multitude of lights.
They were so numerous that it was ridiculous to even count them.
"Kuhaha. I didn't think it was so big outside. You can really get lost out here."
"This isn't a laughing matter."
Said Lay.
A few hours passed, and a silver light shone in front of my eyes.
As if a path of light was created.
Guided by it, the hull of the ship continued on, and just like in the world of Militia, a huge silver bubble came into view.
The ship plunged straight into the bubble.

~ WN Chapter 492

"Well, we'll talk about that later. More importantly, do you understand the principle of entering and exiting the small world?"
"...Yes. The small world is lit by silver light, a light of order that can only be seen from the outside. It is accompanied by the invisible winds and waves of order, and by riding that flow, it is possible to cross over worlds. However--"
In the middle of Ronculus' explanation, I soar into the sky and fly toward the black sky.
In the blink of an eye, I flew through the sky and ascended into the black sky.
"Mister Anos. To enter and exit the small world, you need a ship that can sense silver light and ride the winds and waves. That ship can only be created by the World Chief God--"

~ WN Chapter 498

I fly through the sea of silver with Flight <Fless>.
I'm using the magic of Underwater Activities <Koko>, but the pressure of the water clinging to me is tremendously strong, and on top of that, it steals the magic power from my wet body.
A magic barrier was put up to block the water.
"The outside isn't a very good environment."
"The Silver Water Holy Sea absorbs magic power inexhaustibly. This water is called silver water, and life can only live in a bubble that blocks the silver water."
Ronculus said.
Certainly, if they were left in this silver water, they would not survive.
For an average person, it would be difficult to fly alive.
"So the bubbles floating in the Silver Water Holy Sea are each a small world?"
"That's right. Small worlds are sometimes referred to as silver bubbles."
Looking back, I could see a huge bubble of silver receding into the distance.
It's the small world I was in a moment ago.

~ WN Chapter 499

The Silver Water Holy Sea is unimaginably wide, and you never know what kind of danger might be lurking out there.
This sea, which seemingly does not allow the existence of life, appeals to fear at the source.

~ WN Chapter 500

"So? Where is the abyssal world?"
Curiously, the Blaze Death King asked.
"The Abyssal World has sunk so deeply into this ocean that it is usually impossible to even perceive its existence. It is said that if you reach the ninety-ninth layer, you can barely see it from there. Other than that, Pablohetara has no information on how to get there."
"I see!"
The Great Demon King Zinnia Shivaheld rules 12 worlds of the deep, and at least one of them may be deeper than the ninety-ninth layer.

~ WN Chapter 584

"You are an inhabitant of a bubble world, so it is understandable that you are bewildered. Outside the world in which you lived, an endless sea spreads out. That is the Silver Water Holy Sea. And there are many countless small worlds that exist there."

~ WN Chapter 673

無数 - musū - Translations: countless (number); innumerable; infinite number; numberless

The Silver Sea is composed of 99+ layers, and has endless size. The Author explanation also states that each layer has infinite size. Each layer contains countless worlds, and these worlds, also referred to as (silver) bubbles, are encompassed by silver water. The pressure of silver water is tremendously strong, and silver water also "steals" magic power, therefore life can only live in a bubble that blocks the silver water.

Power Hierarchy

Silver Water Holy Sea
An area that encompasses many "worlds", that extends outside of these worlds. Each world exists in a hierarchy, and the deeper the world, the stronger its order, and the more powerful its inhabitants appropriately are.

~ LN Volume 11; Keyword

"If there's a shallow-layer auditorium, does that mean there's a deep-layer one?"
"There is a middle-layer auditorium and a deep-layer auditorium. The first to tenth layers is the Shallow Worlds, the eleventh to twentieth layers is the Middle Worlds, and beyond the twentieth layer is the Deep Worlds."
Didn't Balzarondo's subordinates refer to the Militia World as the first layer World?
"How do you classify them?"
When I asked, Ottlulu softly jumped on the spot and landed at the podium.
She sent her magic power to the blackboard that had been set up there.
"The World's depth is the strength of the World's Order. It refers to the great influence the Small Worlds have on the Silver Sea. Magic power flows from the Shallow Layer to the Deep Layer, and the Order exerts its power from Shallow to Deep."
The spherical blackboard must have been a magical tool as it was transparent and what appeared inside were silver bubbles.
It seemingly imitated five Shallow Layer Worlds and one Deep Layer World.
"Let's say, for example, that the Shallow Layer Worlds have a magic power of 10 and the weight of their Order is 10. The same goes for the Deep Layer World."
'Shallow Layer World: Magic Power: 10. Weight: 10'
'Deep Layer World: Magic Power: 10. Weight: 10' was added.
"According to the Order of the Silver Sea, magic power flows to the deep layer and the Order exerts its power to the depths. The magic power of the Shallow Layer World shifts by one, same for its Order."
One magic power and weight are subtracted.
It was rewritten as 'Shallow Layer World: Magic Power 9. Weight 9'.
"The magic power and Order are given to the Deep Layer World, turning it into power."
From each of the five Shallow Layer Worlds, one magic power and weight are transferred for a total of five magic power and weight, which are added to the ones the Deep Layer World originally had.
There, the Deep Layer World becomes 'Magic Power 15, Weight 15'.
"It's actually not that simple, but this is the basic principle of the Silver Sea's Order. A small world that possesses numerous magic power and a strong functioning Order is heavy and sinks into the depths. Thus, it is considered deep."

~ WN Chapter 502

Worlds located in layers 1 to 10 are classified as Shallow Worlds. Worlds located in layers 11 to 20 are classified as Middle Worlds. Worlds located in layers 21+ are classified as Deep Worlds.

Inhabitants from a world located in layer 1 would refer to a world located in layer 2 as a deeper world (or deep world when compared to the depth of their world), and inhabitants from a world located in layer 22 would refer to a world located in layer 21 as a shallower world (or shallow world when compared to the depth of their world).

Magic power and order (Weight of order) flow from shallow to deep.

Magic power determines the overall power of an entire world in this case, and not just an individual.
Weight of order determines the strength of the laws and concepts of a world.

A world's classification is based on the amount of magic power and weight of order it has.

Even though shallower worlds would eventually run out of magic power and weight of order, and be destroyed as a by-product, new shallower worlds would simply replace the destroyed shallower worlds, meaning that deeper worlds have a virtual endless supply of magic power and weight of order from shallower worlds.

Using the example from the statement, a deeper world would gain 1 magic power and 1 weight of order from any shallower world above it. If we consider that there are countless worlds on each layer, then a deeper world would gain an innumerable amount of magic power and weight of order from the countless shallower worlds above it, causing the overall power as well as the strength of laws and concepts in the deeper world to be at least innumerably greater than that of the shallower worlds above it. ("Innumerably" is used as a synonym for "countlessly".)

Mathematical explanation:

I am not an expert on set theory, and only decided to use some of the basics of set theory to better explain this. Do not expect this explanation to accurately follow the rules of set theory.

The example given to us in the novel is mathematically expressed as follows:

Shallow Layer Worlds = {A, A, A, A, A}, where |Shallow Layer Worlds| = 5; A = 10.
Deep Layer Worlds = {B}, where |Deep Layer Worlds| = 1; B = 10.

The result after magic power and weight of order flow from shallow to deep:

Shallow Layer Worlds = {X, X, X, X, X}, where |Shallow Layer Worlds| = 5; X = 9.
Deep Layer Worlds = {Y}, where |Deep Layer Worlds| = 1; Y = 15.

We can then reason that X = A - |Deep Layer Worlds| and Y = B + |Shallow Layer Worlds|.

If X ≤ 0, replace X with "X1" in the set Shallow Layer Worlds and apply the altered formula X1 = A + (X). This process can be repeated ad-infinitum, e.g., if X1 ≤ 0, replace X1 with "X2" in the set Shallow Layer Worlds and apply the altered formula X2 = A + (X1). (This is due to new shallower worlds simply replacing destroyed shallower worlds.)

If we then change the cardinality of both sets to an innumerable and undefined number, "countless", and change the elements in both sets to initially equal an undefined number, since magic power and weight of order does not truly have a defined quantity, it results in the following:

Shallow Layer Worlds = {A, A, A, A, A...}, where |Shallow Layer Worlds| = countless; A = undefined.
Deep Layer Worlds = {B, B, B, B, B...}, where |Deep Layer Worlds| = countless; B = undefined.

The result after magic power and weight of order flow from shallow to deep, by applying the formula X = A - |Deep Layer Worlds| and Y = B + |Shallow Layer Worlds|:

Shallow Layer Worlds = {X, X, X, X, X...}, where |Shallow Layer Worlds| = countless; X = undefined - countless.
Deep Layer Worlds = {Y, Y, Y, Y, Y...}, where |Deep Layer Worlds| = countless; Y = undefined + countless.

We can therefore conclude that deeper worlds have an at least innumerably greater amount of magic power and weight of order than shallower worlds.

It is important to note that this is only a basic explanation of the difference between layers, and that it is not actually as simple as explained above.

"Because it's inefficient to measure all of the small world's order and the amount of magic power it possesses, we'll use the amount of fire dew it possesses to determine the hierarchy. The more fire dew a small world has, the deeper it is located."
Location is not a matter of place, but of the strength of order in that world.
"Are you saying that the deep world is taking the fire dew away from the shallow world?"
"That understanding is fine, but the fire dew belongs to no one. It is an order in the Silver Sea. The fire dew is something that travels across the sea and through various bubbles."
"Magic power flows from shallow to deep, and fire dew flows from shallow to deep."
"The fire dew that is released from the bubble world is what every Sovereign desires in order to bring the lesser worlds to the deeper levels. Fire Dew is a force. The more of it there is, the stronger it is, the deeper the world becomes."

~ WN Chapter 502

"Silver Water Shogi can only be played on the <Mechanism Abyss Board>. We will have to move to the deepest part of the palace, if that's all right?"
"With the power of <Ibis>, the fire dew of that world can appear on the board at the will of the Sovereign. The fire dew will be your silver water shogi piece."
"Fire dew is the order of life-force. Its quantity is the foundation of the Small World, which determines the depth of the world. It is no exaggeration to say that Silver Water Shogi uses the Small World itself as its pawns."
If you lose the fire dew, the world will be destroyed.
The amount of fire dew is directly related to the amount of magic power in the entire small world.
Using the fire dew as pawns would indeed be equivalent to using the world itself as a pawn.
"What you're about to deal with are the 169 small worlds. Sovereign of the Militia World, Anos Voldigoad."
"168 worlds left."
I turns my palms upward and beckon lightly with my fingertips.
"You may come at me in batches."

~ WN Chapter 579

"I can't believe it... the strength of the silver water shogi piece is the small world itself..."
"Apparently, at the very least, his fists are capable of destroying the world."
"That is unbelievable! If he has that kind of unbelievable power, the bubble world of Militia could be destroyed just by his existence! No, even the 7th of Elenesia wouldn't be completely unscathed..."

~ WN Chapter 580

Fire Dew
Something that flows through the Fundamental Laws Cyclic Garden, the domains of the Four Fundamental Laws Gods, equivalent to the term "Source" in the world of mortals. It is born, deepens, meets its demise, changes and cycles back to birth again, gradually decreasing its total amount in the process.

~ LN Volume 10 (I); Keyword

Fire Dew
A visualization of the laws that affect the "Source" of the earth, which flows in the depths of the "Azure Sky of the Gods". It is the very power itself that the world contains, and the strength of the world's order is approximately equivalent to the total amount of fire dew that it contains.

~ LN Volume 11; Keyword

  • Fire Dew: Fire Dew is a force that exists across the entire Silver Sea and is equivalent to the "Order of Life-force", or the term "Source" in the world of mortals. Its quantity in any given location is approximately equivalent to the amount of magic power and strength of order in said location. It has been established that deeper worlds have greater magic power and order (magic power and order is at least innumerably greater) than shallower worlds, therefore the amount of Fire Dew in a deeper world would also be greater than that of a shallower world. If a shallower world gains enough Fire Dew, it would sink and become a deeper world. Completely removing the Fire Dew from a world would result in the world's destruction.

Magic power, order, and Fire Dew flow from shallow to deep.

The Sovereign of a world can use their own world and other worlds under their control as shogi pieces in a game of 'Silver Water Shogi'. Silver Water Shogi uses the Fire Dew of worlds to create shogi pieces. It is stated multiple times that using the shogi pieces in Silver Water Shogi is equivalent to using the worlds themselves as pieces. If a shogi piece is destroyed, the corresponding world is also destroyed.

I jumped back lightly and dodged it.
At least it should have been, but a crossed light grazed my toes, freezing me to my right knee.
Was my body heavy?
Did they do something? No, this was something else.
"You can't use your magic or your body the way you use it."
Balzarondo instantly moved in front of me right as I fell to my knees.
No magic was used. It was just plain speed.
"Hmm. I thought I was just a little out of shape." "In this small world, which exists deeper than your small world, the power of everything is in another dimension. Strength, speed, toughness, magic power, everything. Even the resistance of a grain of air would be a weight to you. If you unleash your shallow, world-destroying magic, you will not be able to destroy a single ship here."
Balzarondo said admonishingly.
He didn't want to destroy me. He wanted me to surrender.
"In your world, he must be a man of some strength."
Balzarondo pointed at Lay.
"But I took it easy on him in the previous match. The man was not able to keep up with my speed even after I took it easy on him. If I were to get serious, the level of this world would be broken. Let me make this clear."
As soon as I thought his figure blurred, he instantly went for my backside.
As I caught the kick that was released without a pause with my palm, sparks of magic power scattered violently.
"Like a frog in a well."
My body was easily flung back, and I hit the hull's wall.
"You know of the ocean, Anos Voldigoad. Lay down your weapons and surrender. In the shallowest of this small world, that is the only thing you can do."
I loosely stand back up on the spot.
I was sure that I was knocked back with a great deal of force, but I didn't see even a scratch on the hull. It was definitely something else, certainly a lot stronger than any of the matter in my world.
You can't destroy this ship even if you use a world-destroying spell?

~ WN Chapter 493

In a deeper world the power of everything, i.e. "Strength, speed, toughness, magic power, everything.", is in another dimension when compared to a shallower world. (The difference between layers is compared to the difference between dimensions, but it is not stated that deeper layers are higher dimensions.) World-destroying magic from shallower worlds, meaning magic capable of destroying an entire space-time continuum, cannot destroy an ordinary object (in this case a ship) from a deeper world. The matter in a deeper world is also stronger than any of the matter in a shallower world.


A summary for Maou Gakuin's cosmology:

The multiverse is composed of 99+ layers, and has endless size. The Author explanation also states that each layer has infinite size. Each layer contains countless universes, all of which are separate space-time continuums in the shape of bubbles. These universes, referred to as worlds or (silver) bubbles, are encompassed by silver water.

Universes located in layers 1 to 10 are classified as Shallow Worlds. Universes located in layers 11 to 20 are classified as Middle Worlds. Universes located in layers 21+ are classified as Deep Worlds.

Inhabitants from a universe located in layer 1 would refer to a universe located in layer 2 as a deeper world (or deep world when compared to the depth of their universe), and inhabitants from a universe located in layer 22 would refer to a universe located in layer 21 as a shallower world (or shallow world when compared to the depth of their universe).

The overall power, meaning attack potency, durability and speed, as well as the strength of laws and concepts from a deeper universe is at least innumerably greater than that of a shallower universe. The difference between layers is compared to the difference between dimensions, but it is not stated that deeper layers are higher dimensions.

The Sovereign of a universe can use their own universe and other universes under their control as shogi pieces in a game of 'Silver Water Shogi'.

Magic capable of destroying an entire shallower universe (space-time continuum) cannot destroy an ordinary object (like a ship) from a deeper universe. The matter in a deeper universe is also stronger than any of the matter in a shallower universe.


Author explanation

The Author of Maou Gakuin's presumed reply to a direct message.


I think there are still many people who misunderstand the true meaning of the Silver Sea.
Here's an easy explanation of the true meaning of the Silver Sea.

There are many layers in the Silver Sea, and there are countless bubbles in each layer, and there is an infinite sky in each bubble. There, it stretches on endlessly with no end, and it is where that world's gods are located.
Each god has its own world, and there is a deeper world, the world of the Chief God or the abyssal world.

So is the size of each layer infinite?
Yes, each layer of the Silver Sea has infinite size. There are 99 layers of the Silver Sea already described in this novel. Matter of fact, there are still many layers deeper than 99 in the Silver Sea.

That's all I have to say about the Silver Sea.

Thank you for reading my work and I really appreciate all my readers.

And thank you for supporting me.

The Author of Maou Gakuin presumably stated the following:

  • Each *bubble has infinite size. (*"Bubble" and "World" are interchangeable.)
  • Each layer contains countless bubbles.
  • Each layer has infinite size.
  • There are more than 99 layers in the Silver Sea.

Magic in the Silver Sea

The first lecture at the Silver Water Academy Pablohetara--
On the stage, the Immovable King Cartinus is drawing magical characters.
The spherical blackboard creates a three-dimensional image. It seems that it can be seen correctly from any angle in the circular auditorium.
"--This is the hieroglyphic magic characters used in the Silver Castle World Balandias. These characters have their own magic power depending on how the hieroglyphics are drawn. A good magician can build a castle with a single character, but a mediocre magician can't even build a dog shed no matter how many thousands of characters he draws."
Cartinus wrote down a number of magical hieroglyphs on the spherical blackboard.
A character that looks like a bird. A character that looks like water. A character that looks like a castle.
They are hieroglyphics, closer to pictures than characters, and they certainly have more magic power than the magician put into them.
I was looking at it with my magic eye.
"Hmm. It seems that the magic power is flowing in from somewhere?"
"It's from Balandias."
Ottlulu, who was standing behind me, said.
"Magic power flows from shallow to deep. The 7th of Elenesia is a world located deeper than Balandias. Therefore, the order of Balandias works. This includes magical laws."
The Militia World is temporarily layer 0.
There is no world shallower than that, so only the order of that world could work.
However, the deeper the world goes, the more the order and magical laws of another world get mixed in.
It must be very chaotic at the bottom.
"Can the magic of a deeper world not be used in a shallower world?"
Misha asks, tilting her head.
"It depends on the similarity of the order and the limited nature of the magic. Magic such as Contract <Zekt>, Flight <Fless>, and Teleportation <Gatom> are commonly usable and confirmed to exist in most small worlds, albeit with some differences. They are called common magic."
Every small world has certain common magical laws, and magic that use them can be used without problems.
"Deep magic that can only be used with the order of a deep world cannot be used in a shallower world. However, this is also not absolute. There exists a reverse formula."
"Is the magical laws of the deep world flowing to the shallower world in the opposite direction?"
"Yes. If a deep magic incorporates a reverse formula, it can be used in a shallower world."
That's roughly what I expected.
I'm a little concerned about this, but--
"However, the reverse formula is not a simple thing, misfit."
As if he had heard what we were discussing, Cartinus interrupted us from the podium.
"The reverse formula reverses the order in which magic power flows from shallow to deep. Of course, in the small world as a whole, such a grand thing is impossible. Therefore, only in the limited part of the use of magic can the reverse phenomenon of order work, but it is not easy even for the Sovereign chosen by the Chief God. It is a great magic that can alter the flow of this vast ocean, the Silver Sea!"
On the spherical blackboard, Cartinus drew a complex magic formula.
"Solid Fortified Stronghold Immovable Castle <Balandialta>. This is the highest level of castle-construction attribute magic in our world. It is an immovable castle that will never fall even if the world is destroyed. Of course, it has a reverse formula incorporated so that it can be used in shallower worlds."
The Immovable King says proudly.
"You inhabitants of the bubble world have only one chance of defeating us, the twenty-first layer world of Tiger Castle Academy, and that is to acquire a twenty-second or beyond layer of deep magic and use the reverse formula."
"Oh. I don't think you have the guts to send salt to the enemy, do you?"
Hmph, snorts Cartinus.
"You may not have heard of this, as you are not officially a member yet, but the Treaty of the Academy of Pablohetara requires that lectures be conducted in good faith. If not, who would like to expose our information to the opponent we are about to fight?"
"That's a difficult situation."
Just as I said this, the sound of an unfamiliar bell rang.
"That's all for my lecture. At any rate, you will not be able to use the reverse formula. Even if you are a genius, it will take you a month to learn deep magic from scratch. I don't know if a misfit would be able to learn it even in a lifetime."

~ WN Chapter 504

"As expected of the Demon King, you're bold, aren't you? Oh, and about that Deep Mark <Drum> formula that you've improved, it looks like it might be useful."
Before I left the 7th of Elenesia, I taught the improved formula to Eldemade and told him to verify it.
"I've had ten students try it out, and three of them were able to construct a magic circle, and one was able to use the magic. With a little more training, I think they will be able to use it in actual combat."
Then Sasha twisted her head in wonder.
"You said that our students can use it, but Deep Mark <Drum> is a magic that uses fire dew as a catalyst, right? If you were to improve it to not use fire dew, wouldn't you need an enormous amount of magic power, just like Anos?"
"Kakaka, of course, it's not as effective as when you use fire dew. Deep Mark <Drum> needed fire dew because it was used for attribute conversion, in addition to its role of magic power amplification."
"Attribute conversion? Does that mean it converts magical attributes?"
The unfamiliar words made Sasha wonder.
"Deep Mark <Drum> is a limited order of diving attribute."
Misha conducted herself nonchalantly.
"Is the diving attribute the same as Underwater Activities <Koko>?"
Misha nodded her head.
"A formula that views the depth of magic as an ocean and dives magic into it. Therefore, shallow magic becomes deeper."
"That's right. However, how deep you can dive seems to depend on the magic. For example, the magic Scorching Heat Black Flame <Griad> is not changed at all with Deep Mark <Drum>, but Flame <Grega> is changed to deep magic."
In other words, only in situations where Deep Mark <Drum> is used, will the originally superior magic Scorching Heat Black Flame <Griad> be inferior to the lowest Flame <Grega>.
The degree of deepening varies greatly depending on the magic.
So far, I cannot find any laws.
"Hmm-? Wait a minute. We're going off topic."
Eleonore holds up her index finger as she looks up.
"What happened to the conversion of magical attributes?"
"Think about it carefully. Our common sense says that even if Deep Mark <Drum> is a limited order, it is simply a superior magic to Underwater Activities <Koko>. But what about the inhabitants of the other worlds?"
She was surprised by Eldemade's explanation.
"Ah-! I see, I see. Magic of limited order is mostly useless in other small worlds!"
Magic of limited order cannot be used except for castle-construction attribute magic in the Silver Castle World Balandias, and thought attribute magic in the Thought World Linyelion.
"But that's kind of weird, isn't it? After all, I have the order of the God of Destruction, but I can suppress it enough to use the diving attribute magic of limited order. Creation magic is indeed a bit difficult though."
Sasha said.
"It's a characteristic of the Reincarnation World Militia."
Balzarondo's voice rang out.
Even at this distance in the Silver Water Holy Sea, it is possible to connect a magic line and use Thought Communication <Leaks>.
"A God of Destruction also exists in Hyfolia, but no matter how much they try to suppress it, they cannot use magic to erase the magic power of blessed attribute, which is the limited order of Hyfolia. That freedom is brought about because the Militia World is an imperfect world without a chief god."
"In - other - words! In order to use the limited order Deep Mark <Drum>, people from other worlds must use fire dew as a catalyst. However, we inhabitants of the Militia World do not fit into the framework of that order. Kakakaka, you don't really know which is the imperfect world!!"
Eldemade declares thrillingly.
"It seems to be different for the Third Demon King Heastonia though."
I said, remembering the words of the disaster victim.
"Do you think that there are people living outside of the Militia World who can use the limited order of other worlds?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if there were."
A world without a chief god is not necessarily limited to Militia.
There may also be other methods.
The Demon Kings of the Silver Sea are inviolable territorial waters, and Pablohetara has no information about them.
"It's also possible that the Third Demon King is originally from the world of diving attributes."
Either way, it's not something to worry about right now.
"What about Deep Attack <Zels>?"
"Only the Dark Lord was able to master that one. It is similar to diving magic, but instead of magic, it causes strikes and sword attacks to reach deeper. Its usage is similar to Armament Strengthening <Adesin>, but he said it would consume a large amount of magic power. Would you like to hear the opinions of the Demon King's right hand man and the hero?"
Lay, who was looking at the Spirit God Human Sword, raised his head.
"I gave it a try, just in case. As Eges said, it is difficult to use it regularly because it consumes a large amount of magic power. I think it's best to use it in a critical moment."
"Kakaka, the hero says this, but what about the Demon King's right hand man?"
Shin opened his mouth quietly in response to the Blaze Death King's question.
"He and I does not have that much of a difference in amount of magic power, but I'm certain that I can fight with Deep Attack <Zels> for ten times longer than he can."
"Indeed. I see, I see. I thought it might be so."
He must have anticipated how Shin would use Deep Attack <Zels>. Eldemade happily muttered to himself.
"If that method can be used, then they might be able to use Deep Attack <Zels> for at least one attack."
"Then, search for a magic that is compatible with Deep Mark <Drum> and conduct combat training. If possible, have them learn Deep Attack <Zels> as a trump card."
"As the great Demon King commands."
Exaggeratedly, Eldemade disconnected Thought Communication <Leaks>.
"Now, I'm going to hit the rest of you with Deep Mark <Drum> and Deep Attack <Zels> until we arrive at Bardilua. In Hyfolia, we will fight the disaster victim Yzak or the Five Chalices. There will be no shortage of opponents."

~ WN Chapter 590

Magic power, order, Fire Dew, and magical laws flow from shallow to deep. The deeper a world goes, the more the order and magical laws of other worlds get mixed in.

All worlds have common magical laws which enables common magic from one world to be used in another world, regardless of the worlds' depths.

Shallow magic that requires the order and magical laws of a shallower world can be used in a deeper world, because the required order and magical laws of the shallower world flow to the deeper world and get mixed in with the deeper world's order and magical laws.
Normally, deep magic that requires the order and magical laws of a deeper world cannot be used in a shallower world, because the shallower world lacks the required order and magical laws of the deeper world. However, deep magic that requires the order and magical laws of a deeper world can be used in a shallower world if a reverse formula is incorporated into the deep magic.

The reverse formula reverses the direction in which magic power, order, and magical laws flow. It enables deep magic that requires the order and magical laws of a deeper world to be used in a shallower world, because the required order and magical laws of the deeper world flow to the shallower world. This reverse phenomenon only works in the limited part of the use of magic, and cannot affect the whole world.

The limited order of a world is an order that is limited to that world and is almost inaccessible to other worlds in the Silver Sea. Therefore, magic of limited order, which requires the limited order of a world, is mostly useless in worlds that lack the required limited order.
Normally, inhabitants of other worlds utilise Fire Dew as a catalyst to enable magic of limited order to be used in worlds that lack the required limited order. However, inhabitants of an "imperfect world", that exist outside the framework of limited order, can use magic of limited order even in worlds that lack the required limited order, without utilising Fire Dew as a catalyst.

Deep Mark <Drum> is a diving magic that views the depth of magic as an ocean and dives magic into it, and is used to deepen shallow magic. The degree of deepening varies greatly depending on the magic. It converts magical attributes and amplifies magic power, therefore increasing the power of the magic to unknown, sometimes immense, degrees.
Normally, inhabitants of other worlds utilise Fire Dew as a catalyst to use the diving attribute magic of limited order Deep Mark <Drum> in worlds that lack the required limited order. However, inhabitants of an "imperfect world" can use an improved formula for the diving attribute magic of limited order Deep Mark <Drum> in worlds that lack the required limited order, without utilising Fire Dew as a catalyst.

Deep Attack <Zels> is similar to diving magic, but instead of deepening magic, it causes strikes and sword attacks to reach deeper. It increases the power of physical attacks immensely, but requires a large amount of magic power. This requirement can mostly be bypassed if the user is excellent at using this magic.