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Basically moving the mountain destruction calcs from VSBW to here so it's easier to link them. Credits to VSBW as always, keep up your job.

If the size of the mountain is unknown, we should use the minimal requirement to be considered as a mountain. According to the article:

2000 feet (609.6 meters) is usually considered the minimum to be considered a "mountain".

So, 609.6 meters is the minimum size for a mountain. Now I'll show the different values for destruction using different methods; if no method is specified, V. Frag should be assumed as default:

  • Height = 517px, or 609.6m
  • Radius = Width/2 = 1849px/2 = 924.5px, or 1090.1m
  • Volume = (Pi)*(Radius^2)*(Height/3) = (3.1416)*(1090.1^2)*(609.6/3) = 758590275.6m^3, or 7.586e14 cm^3.
  • Fragmentation (8 J/cc) = 6.070e15 Joules, Small City level
  • Violent Fragmentation (69 J/cc) = 5.234e16 Joules, City level
  • Pulverization (214 J/cc) = 1.623e17 Joules, or City level
  • Vaporization (27050 J/cc) = 2.052e19 Joules, or Island level

If the mountain is noted to be big in size, then the values obviously change as well. Using the famous Mount Fuji as the new basis:

  • Height = 130px = 3776m
  • Radius = Width/2 = 708px/2 = 354px = 10282.3m
  • Volume = (Pi)*(Radius^2)*(Height/3) = (3.1416)*(10282.3^2)*(3776/3) = 4.181e11 m^3, or 4.181e17 cm^3
  • Fragmentation (8 J/cc) = 3.345e18 Joules, Mountain level
  • Violent Fragmentation (69 J/cc) = 2.885e19 Joules, Island level
  • Pulverization (214 J/cc) = 8.947e19 Joules, Island level
  • Vaporization (27050 J/cc) = 3.345e22 Joules, Small Country level

Only one value ends up Mountain level, so 7-A's name is debunked kek. Obviously, if the mountain in question has a known size, then said size should be used - this is just the standard in case it isn't known.