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Canonicity Shenanigans

Credits to YuriAkuto for this part.

So in Homestuck canon is a direct part of the cosmology on the same level as fate, timelines, etc... with some characters being "unstuck from canon" , being able to go outside of their "canonical lives" or living either outside of canon or in a "non-canon" realm.

The whole plot of Epilogues is kicked in by the fact that the characters are now outside of canon, with an explanation of what "Canon", "outside of Canon" and "Non-Canon" means. Events happening "outside of Canon" can fit into canon but their "truth" is conditional, as long as they don't contradict the events in the "Canon realm" (the events of the main webcomic), they can coexist without any problem.

"Non-Canon" events are in total contradiction with some parts of the "Canon Realm", which are then entirely put apart from the main continuity/canon realm; however they aren't "non-canon" in the litteral meaning of the term, still appearing in the same story as the "Canon".

As such, a work being "non-canon" or "outside of canon" can just mean that it exists in a separate "narrative construct"/realm akin to an AU, just like how Pesterquest is canon to Homestuck^2 (with the Aradia in it being the same as HS^2 one) despite being called "non-canon".

As such, works which aren't "canon" just mean they follows a different in-verse continuity/canon, in the same way different timelines exist within a multiverse.