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Izayoi can even shake the stars

The indomitable fists that kept striking. Each time, accompanied by blood.

The atmosphere affected by the storm of hundreds of punches in under one second could be seen, even the lava waves were being overturned. Izayoi's foothold could not withstand the power of his might and started sinking in. Despite the onslaught of Izayoi's punches, the three-headed dragon only shook slightly.

Unable to determine the quality of the three-headed dragon, even Izayoi's fist which could even shake the stars did not stir the dragon up. The punches that were in the third cosmic speed kept hitting the belly of the three-headed dragon.

Just calculating the energy I’d take to shake the stars as Izayoi’s blows can do.

This is easy, I think. Just Inverse square law and making use shaking velocities of quakes.

Inverse Square Law:(kinetic energy)* (area of sphere of influence / area of the star)

According to google, the farthest individual star we can see with our naked eye is Eta Carinae A, a red hypergiant that lies roughly 7,500 light years away. I’ll take this as the maximum range of the shockwave, although this could in reality be much higher if it counts things such as star clusters or even galaxies in the night sky.

Radius of sphere of influence = 7,500 light years = 7.0955 x 10^19 M

With that value, the area of the sphere of influence would be 6.33x10^40 meters squared.

It has 100 times more mass than the sun and it is 240 times as big

The area of the star is 3.51x10^24 squared meters squared.

The suns mass is 1.989*10^30 kg, so the mass of the star is 1.989*10^32, meaning the shaking energy is given by 0.5 * 1.989x10^32 * (shaking velocity)^2.

So we get the shortened formula of: 3.587x10^48 * (shaking velocity)^2

Using this this chart I can get the correlation between intensity of shaking and ground movement speed.

Light Shaking: 3.587x10^48 * (0.01)^2 = 3.587×10^44 Joules (Large Star Level; 3.587 Foe)

Moderate Shaking: 3.587x10^48 * (0.034)^2 = 4.146572×10^45 Joules (Solar System Level; 41.46572 Foe)

Strong Shaking: 3.587x10^48 * (0.081)^2 = 2.3534307×10^46 Joules (Solar System Level; 235.34307 Foe)

Second interpretation of this feats is basically that the narration is saying that if he could punch the stars they would shake. I'll do this one too just cuz can.

Amongst the most massive stars that we can see with our naked eye is Mu Cephei with a mass of 3.819×10^31 kg

Moderate Shaking: 3.819*10^31 * (0.034)^2 = 4.414764×10^28 Joules (Multi-Continetal; 10.55 Exatons)

Kouryuu kicks with the force of the breaths of the stars

Filled with a fighting spirit that was ready to burst like an underwater volcano, Kouryuu lept straight into the spot of the three headed dragon with just a step. Though Kouryuu had the bad habit of collecting weapons, his actual strength lies within his transcendent bare handed martial arts. And upon rushing into his opponent’s chest, Kouryuu pivoted on one leg to execute a roundhouse kick to the chest.

Although that was not a speed that the three headed dragon was unable to respond to, the burden of the immense pressure created an opening for Kouryuu to send its giant body flying into the sky.


The three-headed dragon let out a groan because of the unexpected impact. From a halt to a dash, then a kick, a consecutive series of actions with without a wasted moment. He concentrated all the power equals to the breaths of the stars inside his body into a single point beautifully. Such phenomenon cannot be achieved by ordinary training. Even the wacky power of Izayoi is the same in incapable of achieving it. The evidence of that is the foot of Kouryuu that stomped on the street only made it shaken a little.

It says breaths of the stars. I will take this as the energy that a star outputs a second. I have seen people treating it as supernovas but it does not even say the last breath of a star.

We can see 5000 stars with out naked eye, half of them would normally be blocked by the earth but little garden is a geocentric universe with a flat surface.

Our sun produces 3.846×10^26 joules a second.

Total energy = 3.846×10^26 * 5000 = 1.923×10^30 joules (Small planet level; 459.61 Exatons)

Kaverah can destroy a third of the world by pure heat

Considering even fodder dragons can shoot nuclear heat level heat I am pretty sure this can vape. I know that the world can refer to a different thing like the universe or little garden's land mass which is reinforced by gifts but whatever. I also know that Kaverah is way higher by hax alone but just tryna get stuff here.

62.48 Zettatons to vape earth / 3 = (20.8266666667 Zettatons; Small planet level)

Shattering the mass of a star

“Pierce him —— Brahmastra Replica ——!!!”

With speed similar to astral —— Sixth Cosmic Velocity, the spear of absolute victory was thrown. Azi Dahaka’s whole body shivered from the never seen before vigor.

The spear raced towards the heart in a straight line, reaching the heart without a moment's delay.

No escape, defeat. Only such philosophy remained in his heart.

But Three Headed Dragon, the strongest Demon Lord, swept everything away with his nobleness.

“Don’t underestimate Demon Lord ——Underestimate 「Absolute Evil」!!!”

He torn off the seal that carried the mass of a star with brute force.

Leticia raised an unrecognizable cry and dissipated, collapsing on the ground in her human form.

The spear with Sixth Cosmic Velocity pressed close.

Azi Dahaka used his experience from the previous battle as foundation, channeling into Astral form by himself.

—— Who could believe it?

In that instant of a moment, the Three Headed Dragon completed two evolutions.

Arm strength to shatter the stars, and a movement method that surpassed starlight.

The two Gifts human wisdom could not touch, he managed to bring it out with just his spirit.

Azi Dahaka is around 3 meters tall so the star seal should be less than 3 meters in diameter, I will lowball it and say 3 meters however.

Energy = 1.056 x 10^50 Joules (Solar-system level; 1.056 GigaFOE)

Weser is comparable to crustal movement

"Yup, that's right, this is strength earned by demons who have [Divinity].....! KaKa! This is very exaggerative eh, brat! The one hundred and thirty deaths could bring power, but it can't even be compared to this! The me of now can even be compared to the planetary crust!"

Once again, Weser swung his flute far and wide toward this direction. The shock said to be comparable to the shift in the planetary crust, moved the atmophere, broke Weser river, making it overflow and even reversing it's current, and smashed down all of the nearby structures to tiny pieces.

"Very good, very good.......! The climax is here!"

With Izayoi's free falling, Weser sat back and waited at the bottom.

Facing the strength that can change the crust of the earth, Izayoi relied on only his fist to take it head-on.

The impact of the roar created from the blows not only affected Hamelin, but even the land around them started to vibrate.

Izayoi twist past the flute that could manipulate strong vibrations, and went for a close kick. Due to his bad posture, Weser could narrowly avoid Izayoi's attacks.

This time Izayoi twisted his body, avoiding Weser's downward blow. The blow struck the ground, emitted a sound just like the trembling of a planet, shattering everything.

Weser says he is holds the power comparable to the planetary crust and the narration tells us that he can change the entire crust of the earth with his blows, his blows hitting the ground cause vibrations that cause the sound just like what the trembling of a planet would.}}

Thanks to DMUA who already has a standard calculation for planetary earthquakes. Total seismic energy should be used as it explicitly talks about the crust of the earth.

Energy =20.83 Exatons; Multi-Continetal+ at least imo since it seems like a magnitude 6 at worst.

Izayoi and Pest create a new crater in the moon

Pest used the cohesion of the resentment and attacked with a swirl, aiming at Izayoi's abdomen.

Accompanying Pest's movements, Izayoi used his left hand to counter back Pest's attack with a punch.

With both of them flying backwards, a new crater was created on the moon's surface.

Well preserved craters in the moon have a depth of 4,800 meters, this crater was just created so it would obviously be at least that deep. Most craters of the moon are over 150 km in radius.

I will treat this as a Semi-Ellipsoid.

V = 2/3 * π * a * b * c = 2.26194671058465063e+20 cc.

Energy (Pulverization) = 2.26194671058465063e+20 cc * 214.35 j/cc = 4.8484828e+22 Joules (11.59 Teratons; Country level)

Strikes that split the oceans

The force of the forwarding tsunami was calmed down a little. The fist strength generated by Izayoi caused the water to splatter all over the place and impossible to approach any further, this is the strike that can split oceans, blow away mountains and rivers. Taking the advantage of the motion of twisting his wrist, he unleashed a few more strikes using his back-fist which could pierce through the tsunami, he even reduced the disaster by half.

Average Oceanic Depth: 3701.49 meters

Average width of an ocean: 3,839 Km

The shockwaves can blow away mountains too so using a mountain like the one on Mountain and Island level requirements would mean a width of 1,090.1 meters for the shockwave.

Density of oceanic water: 1,020 kg/m^3

Volume = 3,839,000 * 1,090.1 * 3,701.49 = 1.5490343e+13 m^3

Mass = 1.5490343e+13 m^3 * 1,020 kg/m^3 = 1.580015e+16 kg

It is presumed to be done rather quick so I will take 5 seconds as a timeframe.

Velocity = 3,839 km / 5 s = 767.8 Km/s

Kinetic Energy = (0.5)(1.580015e+16 kg)(767,800^2) = 4.65722725×10^27 (1.11 Exatons of TNT; Multi-Continetal)

Shockwave speed = 767.8 km/s (Mach 2,238.484; Massively Hypersonic+)

I'm fine. Rather than that, is this okay? You should get serious. Or I'll actually win?"

Kasukabe survives shockwaves

".........Very well. Don't regret this, miss!"

The atmosphere shook in the next moment. Now it was utilizing its wings to manipulate whirlwinds.

The mountain summit that should have been far in the distance was closing in fast.

If she were to look down, she would be able to see the glacier breaking from the shockwaves. Amidst the shockwaves that seemed like they would crush a human instantly, Kasukabe Yō was gritting her teeth and enduring.

Hearing the faint deep breathing on its back, an emotion that was a mix of wonder and bewilderment welled up inside the gryphon.

Such pressure. Such cold. The endurance that she was displaying to withstand this was not something a girl had.

The weight of a glacier is about 10,000,000 tonnes

The density of ice is 0.9167 grams per cc]

10,000,000 tonnes = 1e+13 grams * 0.9167 g/cc = 9.16700e12

Volume = 1e+13 * 0.9167 g/cc = 9.16700e12 cc

The fragmentation value of ice is 0.5271 j/cc

Energy = 9.16700e12 cc * 0.5271 j/cc = 4.8319257e+12 Joules (1.154857958891013 Kilotons; Small Town level)