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The Simple 1-A Justifications

In order for a character to be 1-A, they should display superiority over infinitely-layered hierarchies and/or dimensional levels on a conceptual or existential level, or are at least stated to be superior to such structures hierarchies, even if such things don't exist in their franchise.

I believe that the latter should be apt for Masadaverse, and here are the reasons and scans.

Taikyoku is explicitly stated to be the root of all things, and is essentially the origin of all phenomena and concepts in the universe.

Image0 (1).png

Taikyoku--Origin of all things in Onmyoudou (Way of Yin and Yang), concept pointing to the nucleus of the universe.

This is referred to Yin-Yang or Duality, as Taikyoku is sourec of everything.

Conceptual manip (dies irae).png

To draw power and grasp the knowledge of everything, the source of all phenomena and the origin of all things. To see all and do all. - This includes the infinite concepts constituding the multiverse.

That wouldn't be enough, of course. Fortunately, we more scans regarding the matter.

Here is Yakou talking about the nature of Taikyoku.

Of course, in this World, a near infinite number of Laws exist, it doesn't mean that each one of those can be called Taikyoku


In reality, cutlery carries a Law called "cutting", fire has a Law called "burning". In the case of the Law that exists while underwater, something like pulmonary respiration cannot happen. Such assorted Laws are mere physics.


What's important is scale, density. The denomination of the form the Law takes is, by standard, "universe", therefore, getting to become an independent World is Takyoku's definition.

Image0 (2).png

It's not difficult talk at all. If the aforementioned Law that exists underwater were to change into Taikyoku, All of Creation's underwater areas would also be changed to comply.


My own Law which lets me gain total control of all things in Creation, my own Law that disconnects me from all things in Creation is Taikyoku.


This Law is called a Colour, it's decision is a man's thought. What oneself longs for, what oneself would want to become. Such prayers and desires, called Cravings, become the driving force behind the genesis of Taikyoku.


Here, we learn that things such as "physics" are merely assorted natural laws. Taikyoku is something else, its scale is simply much greater. If a law among those were to become Taikyoku, all of creation, which is referred to as water, would change to comply with it.

But how big is this "underwater area"? What is the most impressive size that it has shown or implied to encompass? ― I mean, none of these scans displays an infinitely-layered hierarchy or anything remotely close to that, does it? Well let's see.

Masadaverse's most impressive cosmology size was during Mercurius' reign, in which the space surrounding the throne was repeatedly referred to as something so bizarre it was described as "Hyperdimensional".

That place is none other than the Taikyoku Throne. The Nucleus of the Universe, the Center where all phenomena emanated from the existing Law.

Of course that is not the place where one can reach by walking and flying. It is some sort of Hyperdimensional Space, an extreme point that cannot be described by any language.

Along with the claims of the throne being Hyperdimensional ( in this context referring to Beyond-dimensional ) we have also seen Yakou Madara displaying his ability to dislocate existing dimensions ― reaching up to 24D ― during his fight with Tenma Ootake.


In addition to that, dimensional manipulation falls under natural phenomena control ― which all originated from Taikyoku itself. So we know that the concept of dimensions (which has shown to reach at least 24), physics, life and death are all under/originated from Taikyoku and that Taikyoku also exists completely outside of it.

What's next to know is how these "dimensions" work:

Basically, the narrator states that attacks from lower dimension ― no matter how potent ― will not be able to affect the higher one in any manner. Akin to how Soujirou's slash did literally nothing to Tenma Akuro (Of course, the scale is different since this is no mere higher dimensional being he's fighting with, but something else). Furthermore, it was even pointed out that Akuro wasn't "tanky" or "robust", he was simply disconnected from Soujirou, along with the entire world. And thus, I believe it is apt to assume that the dimensions in Masadaverse are indeed higher infinities.

Interestingly, the difference between Soujirou and Akuro was actually called "Phase Difference" which, despite being visibly the same, is a gap much greater in scale compared to Dimensional Difference. This could also be simplified as "Taikyoku vs Non-Taikyoku difference"

So what of it? Why does having 24 higher dimensions grant a verse 1-A rating?

To conclude: That's because their laws being "unlimited expansion/overwrite" applies to simply any-D structures. Taikyoku is a force that allows users to paint over all there is or at least exist above and manipulate all existence, it doesn't matter how many "layers" are piled up. This is essentially showcased by Soujirou's attempt to slash Akuro and Yakou's attempt to block Ootake's attack. Taikyoku is something else.

Heck, it was even stated that no matter how the picture extends itself in potency, it can never harm reality ― this picture includes both 24D barriers and physical slashes, they bear no difference to Taikyoku at all. Another thing to note is that, when new universes are created, they are immediately brought into the Throne's jurisdiction.

High 1-A Justification

From what we have seen so far (barring the fact that all mentions of Throne prior to Pantheon were most likely referring to the outer layer/lesser manifestation of the actual thing ― which we have no idea how potent it truly is) here should be how Shinza Bansho universe is structured: In the grand canvas that is the world or All Of Creation, the first and least complex of them all should be the Multiverse along with infinite number of concepts that come with it.


Beneath it lies a white slate composed entirely of "colorless" Taikyoku - only accessible by drilling a hole in reality via Taiji - generally referred to as the Singularity, of which features are similar to that of a primordial realm devoid of "colors" ― embodying the idea that mortals define as "void" and stated to be a place that, by the command of the Throne God, concepts of the new world spawn from.

Scans for blog.jpg

Then there comes the most prominent of them all, The Throne ( do note that this thread won't be using anything beyond the "outer layer" that was being referred to throughout the series ) which governs all above, keeping them and the spiritual pressure of the gods ― which would utterly annihilate All Of Creation ― in check.

Heaven that dyed in the color of Hajun, it cannot endure the weight of God. The thing that needed to exist so that those of transcendence can sit on it, the『Throne』.


これは異常極まる深さだろう。なぜなら夜刀の先代、すなわち彼ら が乗り越えた旧神の座は、せいぜい常人が呼吸を止めていられる時間 で到達することが出来たのだから.

The justification will center around the relationship between these three main structures, particularly the Singularity.

"Next is the Singularity, the singularity is a tear in reality to the Throne where the godhead resides. Usually generated by a clash of Hadou Atziluth-Tai between the Throne and the lowest floor (Multiverse). Basically singularities are created from the collision between the "Color" or Law of Hadou Gods, the world is "unaffected" by the Law of the Hadou where God does not exist and is not affected by the Law as they block the flow of Law and became the Singularity rather than be influenced by the Supreme Law (Atziluth-Tai). In order to reach the throne, the challenger may opt to drill through the depths of the Singularity using their law.

The depth of the Singularity varies in accordance with the ruling deity's law strength (Taikyoku/Taiji). As such, Singularities generated by a God with "higher" quality would be immeasurably "deeper" than those of lower quality, and therefore will not be "drilled" or "crossed" without adequate strength - there are few exceptions to this rule, however.

Additionally, the Singularity is described as an infinite abyss of colorless Taikyoku/Taiji that can be comprehended and interacted only by deities. It is a "place" that gives birth natural laws and new ideas/concepts, and where the afterimages or shades of Gods from the past, who must be overcome and thoroughly understood in order to reach the throne, reside.

Despite being referred to as "place", It is utterly impossible to define the Singularity due to its abstract nature: the laws of physics simply do not exist in the Singularity, and all of creation are mixed there, side by side - be it past, present or future. Thus, the process of "drilling" can be compared to "falling" to nowhere.

Lastly, It should also be noted that despite being naturally unaffected by the laws of the Gods, the Singularity is still under the possession of the Throne God."

the Singularity ( realm of colorless Taikyoku ) effectively functions like an archetypal realm ― allowing only those with Taikyoku to access (Colorless) or reign over (Colored), how it is detached from the rest of creation, sharing the trait of transcendence over the Multiverse with Taikyoku, and how each Singularity generated from each Throne God differs drastically in size. Though, there is still something missing, and that is how it relates to the Gods.

As we know, the overall size of the Singularity varies greatly depending on the strength of the Throne God, resembling that of the difference between individual gods strength ― which are comparable to "layers" - themselves. At first glance, it would seem that the Singularity size is equal to the actual power of the Throne God. However, upon re-checking some scenes, it seems that this is not the case. While the former is most likely true, the latter is greatly contested by the feats and showings in both K3 and Dies Irae ― as they make it clear that the Singularity enters the Throne purview, and is inferior to the Gods ― no matter how much expansion done to it.

Here are some more scans regarding the Singularity

"The Taikyoku of Hadou is, for instance, closely resembling to the act of drawing a picture. You have the Color of your own Law, that is the condition to raise the drawing on the Canvas that is the World."

"Therefore naturally, many concepts that accompany with a picture can be applied. Then for example, under the pressure of the brush on the place where you had recoating it many times over, a hole will appear on the canvas."

These scans explain that If the Gods are painters drawing their "pictures", an undefinable hole that appears after excessive painting would be a hole and beneath it (this include the hole itself) lies The Singularity. And while it can be used as an interstate portal for the contender to challenge the Throne, the Singularity itself bears no power before the Gods.

Being a white slate under the Throne's purview (however, outside the multiverse), statements regarding overall structure of the canvas/All Of Creation will also apply to it. ( In fact, the space surrounding the Throne being described as "Hyperdimensional" should also apply to it. Though, it matters not. )

As such, these statements will also affect the Singularity.

Latest (1).png

(In a nutshell) During this scene the narrator explicitly states that everything in the canvas bear absolutely no difference to the Gods. Going as far as saying that "no matter how potent something is portrayed in the picture, it can never affect reality" -

If you read the entire thread, you'd notice that I already brought up this scan in the section above.

Here, the Singularity is also described to be the "center of creation" and the act of overwriting it/flooding it with your Taiji is not any different than drawing on a blank canvas.

And what does it mean, what are these statements for, exactly?

1. This means that, as a part of All Of Creation, Yakou's statement also applies to it.

Particularly this one:


Since I don't feel like copying the entire text wall from above, I'll just explain the context. Basically, "If the aforementioned law were to change into Taikyoku" ― then, along with the rest of creation, the Singularity will also change to comply with it. I believe this to be the case during the transition of the Throne Gods.

Additionally, we also have these scans:

From the anime that even the die-hard fans refused to acknowledge its existence. Yes, I'm using a "scan" from the anime. As long as it's understandable and actually contribute to the justification

This one actually traces back to the brief overview of the Singularity scan, it basically tells us that anyone with Taiji can rule over the Singularity as long as there is no color already occupying it.

2. The second scan makes it even more obvious that the action of overtaking the Singularity is not any different than, say, painting over the multiverse. This, combined with many scans above, clearly displays that the Gods transcend the Singularity as much as they transcend the rest of the cosmology.

Besides instances above, there are also feats/statements of the Throne's destruction that are quite noteworthy.


Manipulation of slashes and its targets through change and convergence. Those who were struck by Soujirou possesses the fact "that the sword called Mibu Soujirou cut them". Through this, he can activate the attack again and kill anyone without lifting a finger. Moreover while he can't change the absolute truth that "he cut something", he is capable of changing "what was cut". This allows him to knit the strongest slash by gathering all cuts he mades as a human and realize it, creating an attack that's strong enough to cut the Throne itself

The quote speaks for itself. Soujirou, a member of the Eastern Expedition, could have absolutely destroyed the Throne had it not been Hajun who was sitting there. And here is the aftermath of fight between Reinhard and Mercurius.

Destruction of throne.png


• The lowest level of the cosmology "Multiverse" is a multidimensional structure that varies in size depending on the ruling deity.

• The dimensions present in the Multiverse works the same way as higher infinities do.

• Taikyoku ( and by extension, the Gods and the Singularity ) utterly transcends the Multiverse in a manner that no matter how many qualitative dimensions are added, Taikyoku will always exist beyond and encompass it entirely.

Conclusion: The Singularity transcends all existence in the multiverse and will always be bigger than (and inaccessible to) any expansions done to it - existing as a "blank canvas" that the Gods use to create new concepts that will spring life in the new world - and come with different sizes, with each being much greater to the last that it is comparable to "layers". However, it is still a part of the overall system encompassed by the Gods, and thus, they will always be beyond its scope, much like they do the rest of existence/creation. In my lowly humble opinion, I believe that this should warrant High 1-A ratings for all the Atziluth Gods.