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Come in and come all, Today I will be presenting you a heavily obscure verse, Monsternomicon: The Library of Monsters, which is an internet documentary of fictional monsters. It is filled with cosmic horror, esotericism, and many more. The following blog will attempt to explain and elaborate the cosmological structure that's given in the verse along with its terminology and elements, so that a suitable tier can be given to its characters. Before we start, I would like to thank Oblivion and Anarchy for helping me with this. So without further ado, let's get started


Fortunately, the cosmology has been established early on in the verse, and interpretation is mostly I'm gonna do.

The Weave

The Weave - The totality of the multiverse in which all space-time continuums reside. It is said that before time and space even existed a giant spider laid out her webs into the endless void, which would later become the higher-dimensional bulk, the pillar that sustains all universes.

Despite the multiverse already being infinite, for each and every quantum moment, ranging from any physical action to even random thoughts, a new set of infinite universes is sprung forth.

For someone who lives in a universe, traveling to another one is physically impossible due to the higher-dimensional bulk of the Weave preventing any sort of physical displacement for lower-dimensional beings. This however can be circumvented with advanced enough teleportation, dimensional traveling, or by being a native creature from the Weave.

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The Weave, The all-encompassing Web, is the totality of the multiverse in which all space-time continuums reside. Its description is pretty self-explanatory, its simply a multiverse that comprises an infinite amount universes, where a single quantum moment gives birth to another set of infinite universes, hence it doesn't need more elaboration more than that.

Notable races that reside within the Weave itself, are Aracneas they are huge spiders that normally feeds its space-time continuums as it wanders throughout the weave.

A standard aracnea normally prefers to feed off of space-time continua as it wanders throughout the Weave, but it will kill any other creature on sight if it finds it, even if said beings are strong than itself, but this is for a good reason...If an aracnea happens to die in battle, its body will emit a purple gas-like substance on the surroundings that instantly kills and erodes any living and non-living beings. The dead bodies of both the aracnea and the prey will later transmute themselves into an edible and super proteic material for future spiders if they are lucky enough to find it. Naturally, other aracneas are completely immune to this gas if they happen to be present at the act.

Chapter 2 - Aracnea

Since they feed off of space-times, logically their sizes far exceed those. A baby aracnea would be roughly the size of a universe, while an adult one could swallow an entire continuum whole with a single bite. Some aracneas have a transparent body, so from the point of view of other creatures, it should theoretically be possible to see numerous galaxies and superclusters that they ate wandering inside them before being digested.

Chapter 2 - Aracnea

While all this may sound impressive, it doesn't stop there. The description of the Weave is quite simplistic, however, the intricacy of the size of a single universe within it is quite complex, so I'll try my best to properly explain it.

Temporal Spheres

The Time Sphere, or also known as the Temporal Sphere, is a temporal structure which contains temporary spaces. This temporary spaces are integrations within the sphere, where they are connected with each other, forming a timeline. This isn't any normal timeline, because an infinite number of universes are merely a tiny fraction of it.

Time Sphere - A single time sphere contains temporary spaces, where an infinite number of universes to is only a tiny fraction of time. Inside the sphere, these integrations of time spaces are connected with each other, forming the so-called timeline, which in turn can be of two types: straight and branching. A Branching Timeline can be infinitely parallel to itself. In other words, there are an infinite number of them, and in the structure of this sphere they are separated by emptiness and are independent of each other.

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A single universe from the weave has a limited version of this time sphere. As we all know, a single universe has already an existing space-time manifold making it 4-D structure, however, the temporal sphere is essentially a higher temporal dimension that contains an infinite alternative universes of past, present, future, existing independently from the first fourth dimensions, so basically a single universe from the weave would already be Low 1-C. In simpler terms, a single universe in the Weave would have 3 dimensions of space and 2 dimensions of time.

Time exist within each level of Creation, with the exception of The Throne and The Axiom, since everything there depends on the will of the Creators, because at their level of existence it will not be difficult for them to remove this or that concept or create some limited or complicated version of a certain structure. While universes are the only bits of creation, they also have their own limited version of the Temporal Sphere, each level below which has its own time-space with a past, present and future different from the neighboring bits of creation. Simply put, the third dimension, and in general any other dimension, has an additional coordinate axis in the form of its personal Temporal Sphere, as well as the past, present and future, which exist completely independently of the fourth dimension. Time itself will vary in size, flow, and function depending on how and where it is and what the Creator seeks to do with it. As a rule, it is thanks to this that mortals are able to manifest their will regardless of the passage of time of their reality or the physical world.

Chapter 5 - Creators

However, destroying a universe in the Weave, or more specifically a space-time continuum from it, itself is still a Low 2-C feat, the reason being is because while the time sphere exist within each universe, it's still independent from it. So the only logical and safe route we can take here is if a being is specifically stated to destroy the universe along with/affecting its time sphere.

The Mundus

Mundus - The world or celestial body in which most races exist and have been cataloged. Others would recognize this planet by "Earth" instead, in the lost ancient times. It rotates around a massive star called the Sun and has two moons of its own called Unus and Ergo. The diameter of Mundus is roughly 38226 kilometers abridging many continents with extremely varied lifeforms, weathers, geology, and sorcery.

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Mundus, the latin word of "World", in this context it refers to the planet earth, however it has many factors to consider that it doesn't resembles our own planet. The Mundus, obviously exist within the Weave as "default" settings for most humanistic characters. As explicitly stated, it has two moons of its own called Unus and Ergo. The diameter of Mundus is roughly 38226 kilometers, which is far bigger than our own Earth, it's abridged with many continents with extremely varied lifeforms, weathers, geology, and sorcery.

A notable race that are native to the Mundus, are humans, which is to say they're strong in their own right. Paladins are also human natives of Mundus, which are mass-produced "Super Soldier" of the human empire. Succubus are also a native in Mundus until they ascend to the Throne. Seducers, being noted to be a subtype of a Succubus, also reside within the Mundus.


The Limbo is a realm that contains all possible euclidean, topological, and hilbert spaces as physical locations for its natives. What this essentially means is that a dimension corresponded to a number would be a location itself, an example would be the tenth dimension, it's a location for its tenth-dimensional entities.

Limbo - A place with geometry-defying physics and unstable phenomena. If not for the residents of the Throne, Limbo would be a stagnated reality bearing no fruits of existence. It contains all possible euclidean, topological, and Hilbert spaces as physical locations for its native creatures. Due to its nature, its residents often have esoteric physiology and are capable of seemingly defying logic and movement.

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While it is not really evident yet if the Limbo is not above the Weave, however the same opposite pretty much applies; there's no evidence whether the Limbo is the above the weave. Given how the structure goes, It'll be safe to assume that the Limbo is simply a separate structure entirely to the weave itself. Considering if the Limbo is indeed above the Weave, then a native from its zero dimension would already be 6D. Until we get clarification whether if it really is above we'll simply treat it separately as such.

Notable natives from the Limbo is Gothmirage, a being native to its fifth dimension. People who has Transcendental Presence is able to freely travel between The Limbo. The Divines guides the inhabitants of Limbo, the Princes watches and spread chaos to the inhabitants of Limbo. High-order Aracneas, the same species as the Aracneas in the Weave, also exist and reside within the Limbo, being several layers above the fifth dimension.

The Throne

The Throne, also known as The Home, Domain, Kingdom, and Prison. It is one of the highest realm in the cosmology, being completely outside and external to the Limbo's framework. Its residents, the Princes and Divines, are unbound by dimensions, fractals, and time-space. The two groups residing in the main layer creates many of the concepts that allows the Limbo to fully function, along with them guiding, watching and spreading chaos upon the Limbo itself. Its natives also affects the Weave through unconventional ways.

The Throne - The first 10 layers that are completely outside and beyond Limbo's framework. It's a place where the Princes and Divines reside unbound by dimensions, fractals, and time-space. It's the main layer in which the two groups watch, guide, and spread chaos upon the Limbo, with them creating many of the concepts that allow it to fully function, as well as being able to affect the Weave through unconventional ways.

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The reason why 'Prison' is one its many names is because the Ouroboros put a seal upon it, and as a consequence, its natives are unable to leave its confines. Before the seal was placed upon The Throne, it was still a part of the Axiom. Now it’s a realm morphed by the Divines and Princes into 10 layer or domains. The idea behind its layers is similar to the 9 circles of hell from Dante’s Inferno.

This place is also called The Home, Domain, Kingdom, and Prison, as the Princes and Divines reside unable to leave its confines due to a seal put upon it by Ouroboros, locking them within as it began to fear what would become of them if they stayed in the Axiom since the essence of those two gods that ascended still reside there, wandering and looking for their host, which has the potential to turn them into Kyoki Gods, a power that can be said to be as strong as the Supreme Creator. Before the seal was placed upon The Throne it was still a part of the Axiom, now it's a space morphed by the Divines and Princes into 10 layers or domains.

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The Prince of Desire’s domains or layers of The Throne are set as follows:

  • 1st Layer: It houses an endless fog-covered land not too different from Mundus, where souls that have been marked and killed by Seducers wonder until caught by a Tormentress in which they'll be judged and set to one of the higher levels.
  • 2nd Layer (1st Layer of the Prince): This layer is a place given birth by the desires of those who gaze upon it, being anything that ever tempted them in their life but never gave in to those desires. It could be mountains of gold, crowds of beautiful naked men or women, a true Eden where they could live peacefully, among others, but the true intention of it is to break them so they may go to the 2nd layer of the Prince after being forced to wonder the endless for eternity if they refuse to give in.
  • 3rd Layer (2nd Layer of the Prince): The 2nd layer is where the souls are taken to be tortured by Tormentresses for all eternity giving birth to new sadistic desires until said souls have to be morphed into a new being called Demonborn, which is the bulk of the Prince of Desire's army in the war against the Divines.
  • 4th to 8th Layers (3rd-7th Layers of the Prince): These layers are extremely unknown, but the one thing that is certain is that it's meant for higher beings unlike the first 3 layers of The Throne which houses 3-D beings, these ones are meant for extremely powerful ones which only the strongest thralls of the Prince can hold them.
  • 9th Layer (8th Layer of the Prince): This is the kingdom of the Prince where its thralls truly live and thrive, both training for war and worshiping the Prince.

  • 10th Layer (9th Layer of the Prince): This is the true Domain of the Prince, which emanates several of the most wicked after-effects for those who happen to step here uninvited. A being beneath the Prince would be erased both physically, spiritually, and conceptually in the first instance of touching the stairs, driven mad by their own thoughts, their soul being crushed within the presence, the laws and concepts of their being fundamentally being undone, their bodies aged forward and backward, their biology morphed increasing the pain in each movement with their blood boil hotter than the Sun, them being cursed with blindness losing their 5 senses and even losing their 6th.

The Axiom

The Axiom, also known as The Realm of Gods, is a place where Gods and their servants, the Angels, reside. It is an archetypal, platonic structure that contains all existing and imminent concepts. A place where bodies lose shape and thoughts are given form.

The Axiom - The Realm of Gods, where bodies lose shape and thought is given form. An archetypal, platonic structure that contains all concepts that exist and those that have yet to exist. Gods and their servants, angels, lie in this place.

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In essence, the Axiom is entirely a conceptual realm; devoid of any physical properties; with its residents embodying the law each one represents; literal essences, thoughts, principles, etc.

Nothing on this place is purely physical. It is an entirely conceptual realm, with even its inhabitants (Gods) being literal essences, thoughts, principles, or truths, embodying the law each one represents, as well as every permutation pertaining to that idea.

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Moreover, it is completely external to the Weave, outside the bounds of any space-time in existence. While it is unclear whether this extends to the Limbo itself, it is still safe to assume that The Axiom is above it due to it being already a 1-A realm. The Weave is merely a canvas where the Gods can freely paint over it, manipulating and changing according to their will, from their perspective.

It is a structure completely external to the multiverse, outside the bounds of any space and time in existence. From the perspective of the residents of the Axiom, even the Weave is only a canvas where the gods can freely paint over it, manipulating and changing according to their will.

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The Ouroboros, the cosmic serpent or dragon, is a primordial ancient entity that embodies the very concept of infinity and its variants; everything relating to infinity is a mere aspect of itself.

The Ouroboros is an ancient primordial entity that appears as a cosmic serpent or dragon which is often depicted as eating its own tail. To speak of Ouroboros is to speak of the infinite, in every sense of the word. A serpent that embodies the very concept of infinity and its variants. In a way, you could say that everything related to infinity is only an aspect of itself.

The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end.

Chapter 8: Ouroboros

The size and scope of the true form of the Ouroboros encompasses everything in creation; infinite, figuratively, literally, and mathematically. Grasping the true size of it is impossible, for it's bigger and beyond any infinite and transfinite description.

Its true form in size and scope encompasses the entirety of everything that is infinite, figuratively, literally, and mathematically. It is impossible to grasp its true size, for it's bigger and beyond any infinite and transfinite definition. Its size is infinite. Its power is immeasurable. Its age is incalculable.

Chapter 8: Ouroboros

The size of the Ouroboros is analogously described as this:

To put this into perspective, try to imagine a universe as big as the infinite, it is still nothing compared to the serpent. If you try to step up your game, reaching ℵ1, it still pales in comparison. But if we go even further, reaching one of the peaks of infinite cardinality, ℵω, it's still just as insignificant. Even a repercussion of structures as big as the other next numerous levels of transfinity...they all fail to even cover a fraction of this being.

This is not something that can be simply comprehended or imagined by mortal and immortal minds, for its sheer size is something that exceeds even alephs and beth numbers alike. Truly a completely unfathomable and ineffable existence. It is a poetic vision to think about how this is a summation of every form and magnitude possible and yet there is something so large that it would dwarf even those structures. Perhaps the Ouroboros exist to remind us that there is always a bigger fish on calm waters.

Chapter 8: Ouroboros

Ain Soph

We finally reach the top of the verse's cosmology, trying to explain this would honestly be redundant given how its self-explanatory, so I'll just dump all the quotes regarding it, hopefully you'll be able to sympathize why I don't wanna explain it, and understand why it'll be in its particular tier.

Ain Soph - Before anything else. Before creation itself. Before meaning. There was a primordial void beyond all that exists and doesn't exist. All in one. Everything into none.

The Ain Soph. The will of the void, or the rational side of void after partial personification. It is higher than all things that can be described and can not be described. It has no concept or true definition, it does not have any describable nature, being unknown and unpredictable.

Any individual's view, evaluation, or conceptualization of Ain Soph is inherently wrong and incomplete, invalidating all understanding and misunderstanding. Anything that can be described comes from its decays or mere subsets, including space, time, infinity, finity, existence, nonexistence, mathematics, logic, paradoxes, and so on. Trying to apply logic would ultimately lead to a dead-end.

It is a boundless sentient structure. The integration of the knowable and the unknowable, the collection of all things and everything beyond it. All that can be described, indescribable, unsolvable, ordered, and disordered, are all enclosed in the void, with even the Axiom and the Throne being something less than an infinitesimal and insignificant fraction of it.

The beginning and end of everything given form, with all principles, dualities, essentiality, causality, consequence, and eventuality being completely shattered and turned into insignificance under it. Even what is Truth and Lie bears little to no definition in this place.

Anything that enters such a realm is bound to lose its own meaning and essence, thus "melting" and becoming part of the infinite void. Except for its natives, very few entities are aware of this structure. Mortals and Gods, of course, can only perceive the Ain Soph in terms of their own frames of reference. They understand only what they can comprehend or speculate, and often that isn't much, and maybe never will.

Hypothetically, if a mortal or god were to truly see or receive all information about the Ain Soph, its existence would retroactively erase itself beyond repair across the totality of existence and nonexistence, and become one with the void… The only exceptions to this are its true natives, who all share the same paradoxical and logic-defying aspects of the Ain Soph.

In addition, it's noted that the Ouroboros's size that represents aleph spaces and beyond still can't reach the Ain Soph:

Naturally, it is virtually impossible to meet this creature face to face due to its size alone. And it's surely one of the strongest creatures in all of existence, with perhaps only natives of the Ain Soph posing a significant threat to it. This is because, despite its size, it is still incapable of breaching into the ultimacy of the Ain Soph, which is why the natives of said place are dangerous to its existence.

Chapter 8: Ouroboros


From there we can conclude the the entirety of the cosmology, if given a TL;DR form:

  • The Weave: Low Macroverse level or Low 1-C
  • The Limbo: High Hyperverse level+ or High 1-B+
  • The Throne: Ascendent level or 1-A (Baseline)
  • The Axiom: Ascendent level or 1-A (Baseline)
  • Ouroboros: At least Ascendent level or At least 1-A
  • Ain Soph: At least Ascendent level, likely High Ascendent level or At least 1-A, likely High 1-A