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Gather around, children. Today, papa will try to explain a series, that's not well known by many individuals; that being 'Seekers Into The Mystery'. At first, I was reluctant to whether scale this or not, as I felt like this is one of those series' where it shouldn't be scaled and be completely isolated from the back of my brain, but my body responded otherwise, so here we go.

Initially, I thought this graphic comic would be boring or somewhat unenjoyable, which... I was right :P (no, I'm just kidding). Personally, the series first started as not as entertaining as it would be later on. But regardless, It still left an impression within me as I continue to read half-way through. While despite the series' ending being rushed due to certain problems, the execution was, but not the best to say the least. So enough with my experience, and let's get this started.

This blog would attempt to analyze and explain the cosmological structure of the series, so that a suitable tier can be given. It should be noted that I will be posting both scans and quotes from the series, instead of limiting it only to scans; as the comic's speech bubble format is quite hard for the readers to read.


The structure of SITM can be interpreted in two ways; Simplistically or Complexity, depending on your knowledge on what the series is actually based on. However, regardless on what interpretation one can construct, the composition would be the same.

The first implications of the cosmology was first explained in Issue #9, where a young Lucas Heart was not only mesmerized by the concept of movies but, more so, The Projectionist too. It is explicitly explained that without The Projectionist, the movie cannot be played at all.

But as mesmerizing as the movies themselves were, there was a deeper mystery I wanted to pierce: The mystery of the man who hovered like a UFO, in the air behind us... The eerie silhouette in the booth—The Projectionist.

Without him. There wouldn't be any show. He controlled the magic light, he pulled the strings that made the figures on the screen move. His breath gave voice to them all.

Issue #9, P. 4

Now this seems peripherally random and nothing less, admittedly. But we need to keep this in mind, as it is actually very crucial later on.

Maya: The Weaver of Dream

In Hindu Philosophy, there exist a term; Advaita, which literally translates to non-duality. It refers to the idea that Brahman alone, pure consciousness, is ultimately real, while the transient phenomenal world is an illusory appearance of Brahman. This 'illusory appearance' is called Maya. What this essentially means is that Maya is the powerful force that creates the cosmic illusion that the phenomenal world is real.

The true meaning of Maya in Sanskrit is illusion or delusion. Advaita Vedanta uses this term to bring forth a point that what we feel as real is not the complete reality. This does not mean that all of us live a life of illusion ― we actually see it, we really live in it. "The world has no existence" really means "The world has no existence-absolute". It only exists relative to our minds. It is perceived by us, by our five senses. That is what is meant by the "no existence" clause. It is a mix of existence and non-existence. This is Maya. It is the projection or manifestation of the Infinite through our finite minds.

Correspondingly, Maya in Seekers has the congruent account as the one in Hinduism, in addition to how SITM is structured; Reality is a dream, specifically, everything in "reality" is simply nothing but a dream.

"All your struggles and sufferings, all your joys and delights-all of it, Viola..." He paused, then repeated those words with such gravity such intensity, that they were imprinted in my soul: "Just a dream."

Issue # 13, P. 3-4

In essence, that dream is Maya. She is essentially "the movie", in which what we is know is reality, while God is the projectionist. This exact analogy and metaphor is used in the story and is explained as well, if you go through at the beginning of the cosmology section of this blog. What this essentially means is that Maya is the movie projected by god when he dreamed all creation in the depths of his divine imagination.

Still in Yuboslovia. I assume... making her little movie. As for who I am-- Well I suppose you could say I make movies, too.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that-- I am the movie.

The movie God projected when he dreamed all this in the depths of his divine imagination

Issue # 13, P. 3-4

Additionally, Maya give substance to the earth, the sky and to humans. If God is the light, then Maya is his shadow. To simply put, while Maya is the illusion, God is the ultimate Reality, the true reality beyond Maya. This pretty much elucidate the qualitative difference between the two.

I give substance to the earth, the sky--To you, Lucas.

If God is the light--then I am his shadow

Issue # 13, P. 7

To further clarify, Maya in Seekers doesn't only represent Maya in Hinduism, however she is explicitly stated to be the same as the one in Hinduism, she's also known by different names from all spiritual paths; as she exist in many forms.

The hindus call her Maya, lucas! The Goddess of Illusion.

All spiritual paths know me by different names. I exist as many form as there are thoughts in your head. This form is for you.

Keep away, Lukie--she's dangerous! She's--

You have no idea what I am.

Issue # 13, P. 7-8

What this essentially means is that Maya is more of a "composite" being, rather than being Maya from Hinduism alone.

It is further explained, that Maya wants human to stay in her, the false reality, rather than to merge with God, to preserve her existence. Because if there was no one to experience her, she wouldn't exist.

Maya doesn't care about you! All she cares about is preserving her own existence. She knows that the closer you get to his light--the harder it will be for her to deceive you!

Issue # 13, P. 13

Maya further shows that nothing is beyond her, as a human free of Maya is "absorbed" into God and is no longer an individual. This also means God is essentially beyond her.

It is explained that God uses Maya so that everyone can find him and his love through its expression, which exist inside Maya. It also further clarified that Maya is simply a dream of God and is a part of him

To be infinite oneness.. To swim in an eternal ocean of love... means nothing if that love and oneness can't find expression. And it's here, in this dream that he's dreaming--In you, Maya-- That we find his love... we find him. You're a part of him--as much as we are! You see that, don't you?

Issue # 13, P. 13

Layers of Dreams

There isn't exactly a hierarchy mentioned in-series, but there's implied to be one.

At the beginning of the story, Lucas experienced dreams, reminiscent to his past, constantly. This certain point of events is part of the premise of the story. These dreams were at first insubstantial, but later on, it reveal to held impact in the story. These dreams is actually layered, with dreams being qualitatively superior than the last.

The Magician's the one who's interested in ripping the truth out of you... In stripping the layers of dreams and dragging you into a light that's so bright--it will blind you and burn you alive.

Issue # 13, P. 12

It is further reiterated with another definition such as it being called levels of existence.

You've seen for yourself, these past weeks there are levels of existence far beyond what you've know.

Issue # 13, P. 10

Dreams aren't merely simple "dreams", higher dreams can replace what is reality and become more real to it, and there would be another higher dream above it, as shown here; Dreams was able to replace reality, when it was only being viewed as fiction, and afterwards another one can ascend to another higher dream if allowed by God

This should explicate and elucidate the fact that the difference between the dreams are qualitatively superior. These dreams are, of course, still part of Maya. As she represent all things in creation. The size of Dreams aren't really specified or stated, however it can contain uncountable universes. This should scale to all other dreams, as there's no invalidations nor statements against it, there's actually more supporting it than against it.

Then the dreams began: naked, I drift through uncountable universes, falling through the heart of exploding stars. Goddesses of unspeakable beauty would press me against their breasts, gods of terrible power would pierce me with their swords.

Issue # 10, P. 13

Beyond these layers of dreams, or to be exact; beyond Maya, would be the the True Reality; God. God is the being that emanated these dreams.

He had come. The singer whose song seduced my heart. The poet whose words brought forth the world. The Reality from which emanated all my cherished dreams. And He flew with me across eternity, danced with me down into time's timeless depth. Silently he gave his love and silently I accept it.

Issue # 10, P. 15

This is further supported the fact that stripping the layers of dreams would result of being absorbed into God's existence.

The Magician's the one who's interested in ripping the truth out of you... In stripping the layers of dreams and dragging you into a light that's so bright--it will blind you and burn you alive.

Issue # 13, P. 12

God/Primal Ocean

God, The Magician, if you've been reading thoroughly in my blog you would know him as someone beyond all things I've mentioned, which is correct. God is essentially Brahman; an infinite, formless and limitless oneness; while Maya represents the same Maya as the one in Hinduism, but isn't limited to such being alone. God is the ultimate reality; the true reality beyond Maya, while Maya; the reality that which we know, the reality we live in; is an illusory appearance of the true reality - God. Maya is merely a dream, a false reality dreamed by God. Maya is essentially "the movie" that is what we know as reality, while God is the projectionist.

Furthermore, In a literal sense; everything in creation was essentially part of him, part of his will and expression. This is stated and implied multiple times.

According to Viola's book, The Magician claimed there were no coincidences, no accidents. Everything in creation was an expression of his will. Every incident, no matter how small, was part of his plan for our awakening.

Issue # 15, P. 14

According to the word of god, J.M. DeMatteis, God represents the Primal Ocean, the sea of nothingness, as a part of himself.

Q: Sir, Do the god which appears in Seekers into the Mystery represents the sea of nothingness/void as a part of himself?

A: Yes.


The Primal Ocean, also referred as Absolute Nothingness, was first introduced in Issue #9; where Lucas Hart, along with certain characters, was going into a journey to the core of creation.

What I saw—was nothing. And yet, in some inexplicable way, that nothing... contained the seeds of everything: this, I intuitively understood, was the Primal Ocean from which all things in creation emanated.

Issue #9, P. 10

So, in essence, It is simply the core of creation—the sea of nothing from which everything sprang forth.

From this Primal Ocean, a silent explosion of light that spread wide; described as infinity without measure; An ocean composed of love. Consequently, God shaped and formed himself from this sea of light, this ocean of love.

Subsequently, from his breath, God created the concept of duality; Darkness and Light, Pleasure and Pain, Worlds and Sun, Space and Time, Birth and Death, Infinite and Limitations. God proceeds to create new life from his tears, evolving from stone to vegetables, fish to bird to animal to human.

Additionally, not only did god created duality, he had also given shapes to universes from his breath and blood, he had mold his flesh into worlds and time.

The man stood alone, surveying his handwork. I could feel his satisfaction, his joy in what he'd done. From His own breath, His own blood, he had given shapes to universes. He had molded his flesh into worlds and time. Into you and me.

Issue #9, P. 24

This essentially means that God pretty much scale to the entire Primal Ocean, and this is further supported later in the series, as where it was stated that the Primal Void is a realm of formlessness, limitless oneness; where all that exist is God.