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(So this will be the first time ever i make a page here so sorry for any mistakes as things progress I will fix them.)

Here I will be talking about the cosmology of The Elder Scrolls or TES for short.



So to start the explanation lets begin with the start: In the Dawn Era, it was a formless and ever-changing place in which Time was non-linear and no event preceded or succeeded the other. Everything was Infinite and Eternal, and there was no difference between Mortal and Divine, with deeds and entities existing as manifest metaphors – It only became linear and narratively possible to record after some of the Gods sacrificed themselves and became the Earthbones, existing as eternal Laws of Nature that would stabilize Nirn and Mundus as a whole, through the power of Ada-Mantia.

And because of time being non linear is the very reason why so many creation myths exist, the dragon was broken meaning that all and every single possibility and answer are equally true.

Basically if linear time is like a straight line “time” during the dawn era was more like like a tangle of lines that go in all directions every moment joined and separated, meaning all creation myths hold same value and truth. To give some example of this:

"Aldmeris split during the Dawn, but as in all things then, these fractures enjoyed quasi-temporal amendments. Sometimes the Island of Start was with us, othertimes not or not of a whole, close as it was to spirit actual.

The Jills did not have their full powers; rather, I should say, all the mundex spirits had every power at every time amendment at every ordering, which is to say none of them could ever fully express; our world was young and so were its architect gods.

The next is known to all of us in ways, and the impossibility of the Dawn lends all of these memories credence. I speak of the Ur-Tower, Adamantine, anon Direnni, and of its creation and purpose.”

-Nu-Mantia Intercept

Now I will talk about the very nature of Nirn:

The planet itself in its material/physical form is a finite ball of matter however that is only if you look at the physical aspect only in truth Nirn is a plane of reality  

And this is made clear when you look at the oceans of Nirn which are Higher dimensional and impossible to be perceived by those that see reality in only the 3 dimensions:

Augur Of The Obscure: A breach near the sea! I do love the ocean. It's a shame you can only see in three dimensions. All the quasi-tones and inverse number-forms .... Actually, I take it back? your meat-brain would explode if you saw this.

- Summerset Online

Nirn having more than 3 dimensions:

Augur of the Obscure: "There's a breach here, mate. I'm seeing a bridge … or maybe a flat sideways tower people can walk on? I guess they're kind of the same thing. Only having three dimensions does make things simpler."

Mortals cannot see more than the 3 Dimensions so a majority of Nirn remains unseen to them  

The oceans hold the memory of everything This is also explained on here as the oceans are describe as The “Dragon” this being a synonym (as the God and creator of time is Akatosh the Dragon)

"...thus does Merid-Nunda [ride? slide?] across the rainbow road from end to end, at one end stretching the dragon, at the other end compressing him...."

- Exegesis of Merid-Nunda

With this said to put it simply the oceans are time itself on Nirn this also gets more credibility once you find out that during the Dawn era (where time was all but non existent) there where no oceans, before the Ehlnofey Y'ffre "interpreted" the concept of Time created by Auri-El (Elven name for Akatosh) and established it within a linear narrative with unfolding possibilities:

Q:What stories can you tell me about the skies?

A: The sky mirrors the sea, and the sea also reflects its mirror. Day, night, and the places between are the realm of the sky, as Y'ffre interpreted the time-law Anui-el established within Nirn. Thus, the sky bridges time and nature, and measures both.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Within each half of the sphere of reflection lies half of the potentialities of Nirn's way in any given moment. Each instant is a sea-state or a sky-state. Each individual sees one or its other as weal or woe, and each moment can be turned on its side.

Q: What does turning a moment on its side achieve?

A: Each moment so turned becomes an island in your path. For example, the Dwemer, united, had their way in Dwemeris. But one clan - Rourken, the wayward clan - struck anchor and sailed across the sky. Why do this? Mired in a sea, they sought the sky.

- Dialogue with Spinner Girnalin in Elder Scrolls Online.

This also connects to the fable of the of the Ooze which says that before the Y’ffre stabilized the world all was formless and had no form:

"Once, there was nothing but formlessness. The land held no shape, the trees did not harden into timber and bark, and the Elves themselves shifted from form to form. This formlessness was called the Ooze.

But Y'ffre took the Ooze and ordered it. First, she told of the Green, the forest and all the plant life in it. She gave the Green the power to shape itself as it willed, for it was her first tale."

- The Ooze: A Fable

This is also further supported by the continents being on different points in time, When you sail on the oceans to different continents you are quite literally traveling though time itself:

“Tamriel is the present. It is literally the center of time.

Akavir is the East and it is in the future.

Yokuda is to the West and is in the past.

Traveling from west to east means more than taking time to sail, it means sailing across time.

Atmora to the North is frozen in time. As such, it didn't really exist at all.

Aldmeris to the South is outside of time. As such, it didn't really exist at all.

The moons? Now they're really weird when it comes to time.

It's linear. It follows a line.

The Line, if you get me.”

- Michael Kirkbride

Here is another reference that traveling on the oceans is truly traveling across time:

“At twilight on the 12th day out of Jabbur, Coyle, long-learned in the navigations, took sighting of the non-constellation of Sep and abruptly Cyrus changed course to the north. The old hands explained to the new that they had crossed the Line that day and it was now safe to bear up for Old Yokuda.”

- Lord Vivec's Sword-Meeting With Cyrus the Restless

This is once more stated with akavir:

“The attack on Tamriel's past is just that to Akavir: in the past. Even at the time of ESO, Akaviri scribes have already written down how it all played out.”

-Michael Kirkbride

So, to put it Simply: as I stated before Nirn itself if a plane of reality, a Timeline. Which would make it a 4D construct (Low 2-C)

The moons

Image 2021-02-23 201540.png

The information is rather short and simple:

The moons are Higher dimensional realms of infinite size and mass they were born out of the corpse of the God Lorkhan after He was split on 2 and thrown to space by Trinimac his body parts became the moons, making them and powering them just like his Core/Heart powered the Red tower (H1B) and those that travel to them (yes there is space travel in here) describe feeling themselves and time different due to the nature of them, as they only appear as spherical objects due to mortals not being able to comprehend something of such complexity and magnitude .

The moons themselves are 5D in nature (Low 1-C)


Image 2021-02-23 202606.png

Mundus itself contains Nirn, the moons and contains the infinite number of parallel worlds and realities sometimes referred to as “Adjacent places” as well as the realms of the 8 Main Gods.

First lets talk about the Plane(t)s:

Q: What are the planets?
A: The planets are the gods and the planes of the gods, which is the same thing. That they appear as spherical heavenly bodies is a visual phenomena caused by mortal mental stress. Since each plane(t) is an infinite mass and of infinite size, as yet surrounded by the Void of Oblivion, the mortal eye registers them as bubbles within a space. Planets are magical and impossible. The eight planets correspond to the Eight Divines. They are all present on the Dwarven Orrery, along with the mortal planet, Nirn.

Now, lets talk about Mundus and the infinite parallel worlds and realities:

"Do not go to the realm of apology for absolution. Beyond articulation, there is no fault. The Adjacent Place, where the Grabbers live, is the illusion of the vocal or the middle realms of thought, by which I mean the constructed.”

- The 36 Lessons of Vivec

“Ha-Note moved sideways into the Adjacent Place, growing and unbeknownst. Above the vocal, it trembled with new emotions, immortal ones, absorbing more than the thirty known to exist in the middle world. When Ha-Note became gravely homesick, the Grabbers took it.”

- The 36 Lessons of Vivec

“Lyg is a backwards coffee stain of Tamriel, I already told you that. One time Nirn got folded up, folded space-style ala Dune Spice Navigators. Lyg is the result.”

- Michael Kirkbride

“Lyg: it's one of the Adjacent Places. It's still there. I wouldn't call it a different kalpa so much as a parallel version of Tamriel.”

- Michael Kirkbride

Vestige: Why are you stuck in a crystal skull?

Augur of the Obscure: I'm not in the skull. I am the skull—at least here on Nirn. Over in the Adjacent Place, I'm shaped like a throw-pillow. Imagine that! You look confused. It's just a trick of the light, mate. The skull's what you might call a manifestation.

This also further demonstrated by shadows, On The elder scroll shadows are not really shadows as in absence of light, in reality they are reflections and recordings of alternative versions of yourself on the multiverse past, present and future:

"... chosen to explore this relation of world to shadow, Azra was the first to realize that shadows were not a mere absence of light but a reflection of possible worlds created by forces in conflict. A light strikes a rock, and the shadow is a record of their clash, past, present and future.

Other conflicting forces produced less obvious shadows, fire and water, wind and rock, or nations at war.

"With skill and patience, the shadows of all could be read, and patterns teased out, emphasized or eradicated.

Manipulating a shadow could, through contagion, manipulate the object or force which cast it."

-First Scroll of Shadow

"... Azra attempted what had never been done before, manipulating his own shadow to such an extent that he instantiated and melded all possible Azras at the same time, crossing over from this singular existence to all the existences in shadow.

Ignorant Redguard soldiers, fearing the power of Azra should he succeed, trapped and confronted Azra.

The battle did not go well for the wizard.

The hole blasted when he lost control of his magics can still be seen at the village that bears his name, Azra's Crossing.

The science of shadow lost a great man that day, although others, such as Pergan Asuul, strive to take his place."

-Second Scroll of Shadow

Mundus is also explicitly called a Multiverse:  

“Unbeknownst to all but a few, Nirn has come unmoored from the fabric of the multiverse, as the mortal realm is drawn ever closer to Coldharbour, the twisted Oblivion realm of the Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement, Molag Bal.”

- Elder Scrolls Online

So to put it simply: Mundus is an infinite multiverse who itself contains infinite 4D and 5D structures making it 6D (low 1-C)


Image 2021-02-23 210311.png

Now this will be the easiest (and longest) to explain, Oblivion also referred to as a void which contains Mundus and infinite realms/dimensions of infinite size which manifest all possibilities  we will also be exploring "stars" and the "Sun" etc.

So lets begin with some space lore:

Q: What is space?
A: Space is the interpretation of Oblivion, which is black and empty and surrounds the mortal plane. Space is infinite, but it acts just like a planet, in that Oblivion is 'surrounded' by Aetherius. You can see Aetherius by the stars.
Q: What are stars?
A: The stars are the bridges to Aetherius, the magic plane. They are perceived as holes on the inside surface of space. Because they are on the inside of a sphere, all stars are equidistant from Nirn. Larger stars, therefore, are not closer to the mortal plane, they are just larger tears in Oblivion. The largest tear in Oblivion is Magnus, the sun.
Q: What are shooting stars, then?
A: A misnomer. Shooting stars are bits of matter and magic, either from Oblivion or Aetherius, that sometimes move through the cosmos. The largest shooting stars are really planets with independent orbits, like Baan Dar the Rogue Plane.
Q: What are constellations?
A: Constellations are collections of stars. Since each star is a bridge to magic, constellations are very powerful phenomena, and are revered. There are generally accepted to be thirteen constellations. Nine of these are made up completely of stars. Three others are called guardian constellations, as they are each governed by a Dominion Planet. The Dominion Planets are Akatosh (eye of the Warrior), Julianos (eye of the Sage), and Arkay (eye of the Thief). The last constellation is made up of unstars, and is called the Snake.
Q: What is the sun?
A: Magnus is the sun, the largest hole in Oblivion, and the gateway to magic. Magnus was present at the creation of the mortal plane, and, in fact, was its architect (Lorkhan was its advocate and inspiration). Prehistoric (before ME2500, startyear) Nirn was a magical place, and highly unstable to the first mortals. Magnus then left, some say in disgust, and Oblivion filled in the void with the Void. His escape was not easy, and tatters of Magnus remain in the firmament as stars.
Q: What is the sky?
A: The sky is another visual phenomenon caused by mortal mental stress, the night sky in particular. The sky is as impossible as planets; in essence, when you look into the sky, "you look outside the material plane". At night, Nirn is surrounded by Oblivion. The day sky is the multicolored elemental cloak of Magnus the sun. It changes colors as elemental influences rise and fall. Thus, when one looks at the day sky, they see into the raiments of Aetherius, and stare at magic.
Now with that out of the way lets get on with Obvlivion:

“I have a question for his awfulness Lyranth, but I think it concerns more the relationship between some kinds of lesser Daedra than the ranks topic treated here. I hope it will be worth the attenction of your lordship. We all recognize the fierce reptile daedroth, but I've also heard of another unspecified so-called “fire daemon", that appears to be physically related to the daedroth, but it seems to be more intelligent. I've once seen something similar when I came across into the dreaded “Haunter of the Cliffs". An analogous doubt arises about the nasty banekin and the “homunculi" whereof we can read in the “A Hypothetical Treachery" script. Are they the same creatures? And is there a relationship between the dire Nightmare Courser, whereof is said to be the breed of Mehrunes Dagon, and the legendary fire-spitting Hell Hound?

With your grace, I'd want to finally acknowledge what connection there's between all those creatures, that certainly share a common origin in the planes of Oblivion."

- Shanke-Naar Righthorn

Lyranth the Foolkiller says: “Your problem, mortal, is exemplified by your words, 'share a common origin in the planes of Oblivion.' There is nothing 'common' about, between, or across the planes of Oblivion—’’ ’they are the very definition of change and variation, manifesting all possibilities, and validating all understanding and misunderstanding. You seek similarities where there are only differences, a classification of chaos’’’. You think that, because you perceive a superficial resemblance between the outward appearance of the Nightmare Courser and the Hell Hound, that they must share a 'relationship.' Ever the mortal mind defends itself against the reality of what it cannot comprehend by the pathetic imposition of familiar patterns on entities of inconvenient hyperagonal morphology. Bah. Reflect on the fact that you have failed to understand a single word of my explanation, and burden me with no more such questions."

"Ah, I see my memospore transmission was a success. You understand why I choose not to appear before a being such as yourself in the flesh. I'm no fool, as was I assume the one who earned you your title. To the questions, then.

Firstly, just how common is it for one of the Kyn to receive a field promotion, as it were? I understand your people operate off a strict military hierarchy, and that constant wars are being fought in Oblivion. This must surely mean that rapid promotions and demotions occur, presumably when a commanding officer is temporarily separated from his body through shameful defeat. Can you enlighten me on that, fearful warrior?

One other thing - your rowdy "cousins" the Xivilai. What are your opinions on them? I've heard they're physically imposing, but are difficult to train as soldiers, and only operate as mercenaries and Auxiliaries of the Princes they serve. Is there any truth to that? Also, who would win in a fight between you and a Xivilai, if you don't mind me asking? I can't resist that question, especially since I'm in a different dimension from yourself currently."

- Legate Cyclenophus of the Bretonic Imperial Restoration Society

Lyranth the Foolkiller says: “Though you are a lowly worm, I shall answer both your questions, in hopes that it will infuriate Eis Vuur Warden, so that he will seek you out 'in the flesh' to enact revenge for my blatant favoritism. (It is, after all, what I would do.) Regarding promotions and demotions: a rigid hierarchy such as we Dremora glory in defines the relationship between ranks, but does not dictate what rank an individual must fill. (Except, of course, when it does, but explaining further exceeds the scope of my willingness to answer.) In the service of a great and warlike Master, discorporation of individuals is frequent, but the hierarchy must persist! In such cases change of rank is necessary, that the web of command be maintained.”

“Ah, the Xivilai. Are there any Daedra, in all the infinite worlds of Oblivion, more pompous and filled with unwarranted conceit than those impertinent and unruly louts? It is true that their combination of brute strength and low cunning makes them effective agents in certain rare situations, but for most purposes they are sadly unreliable. As you may be aware, our Master's personal guard, the Xivkyn, are the result of experiments with vestigial hybridization in the Vile Laboratory. At first blush they seem acceptable allies, but before we Dremora can fully trust them, we need to see an archaeon or two pass to give us some track record."

And here are one of the most direct statements being infinite for example The realm of Apocrypha

’’Morian Zenas described to me an endless library, shelves stretching on in every direction, stacks on top of stacks’’’. Pages floated on a mystical wind that he could not feel. Every book had a black cover with no title. He could see no one, but felt the presence of ghosts moving through the stacks, rifling through books, ever searching.”

‘’It was Apocrypha. The home of Hermaeus-Mora, where all forbidden knowledge can be found’’. I felt a shudder in my mind, but I could not tell if it was my master's or mine.”

- The Doors of Oblivion

’’The infinite archives of Hermaeus Mora are the ultimate treasure. Its innumerable shelves and countless books carry the weight of all knowledge’’’. Therein, the diligent reader can find all that was, all that is, and all that will be.  

Followers of the Divines, content in their dark cloisters of ignorance, preach hatred of the Golden Eye. Daedra, they call him: unclean, monstrous, wicked.

We have seen the truth. Knowledge is only as wicked as the one who wields it. Forsaking learning in fear of its misuse is the ultimate sin. It is an unforgivable folly. As a result, mortals have suffered countless centuries of loss.

In Apocrypha, the Golden Eye weeps cold tears at this plague of ignorance. ‘’Those who walk his halls are truly blessed. Even as their flesh falls away, they are permitted to browse the infinite tomes and scrolls, privy to all mysteries that have ever and will ever exist’’. It is the most blessed of fates.

We give you praise, Hermaeus Mora. We seek enlightenment, illumination, and a place at your side."

- Apocrypha

Q: “but that only mentions apocrypha what about other realms”

Glad you mention it because we have more statements about the realms being infinite  

”Stay together!” Sul shouted. He took a step, and again the unimaginable sensation, and now they were in utter darkness—but not silence, for all around them were chittering sounds and the staccato scurrying of hundreds of feet.

They were in an infinite palace of colored glass.

They were on an icy plane with a burning sky.

They were standing by a dark red river, and the smell of blood was nearly suffocating.

They were in the deepest forest Attrebus had ever seen.

He was braced for the next transition, but Sul was suddenly swearing.

“What?” Attrebus said. “Where are we? Is this still Oblivion?”

“Yes,” he said “We‟ve been interrupted. He must have sniffed out my spoor and laid a trap.”

And here we have statements of a Dremora himself (Beings that live on oblivion) describing oblivion:

“I grew dizzy as the plane spun around me, nearly fell into a pool of blue plasm, ‘’’and then suddenly felt myself hurled into an endless black void.’’’

‘’’I wasn't alarmed at first, because who hasn't been hurled into an endless black void?’’’ It wasn't until I began to materialize at my destination and got a taste of the air that I had my first misgivings. "I smell ... weakness," I said to myself—and I couldn't have been more right. It was then that I first heard the voice of my Conjurer as he said, "Ah, this one looks fairly robust," and the full horror of my situation broke upon me. For I had been summoned to do the bidding ... of a mortal.

‘’’I turned, aghast, to see who had dared summon me across the infinities to Nirn’’’, and found myself faced with a tall Elf of Summerset

- I was Summoned by a Mortal

And here is oblivion being described as having infinite spatial dimensions:

“Know that there are places beyond Tamriel where the cunning and the wary can go to learn forgotten spells. I speak of the planes of Oblivion. The sea of limitless dimensions contains an endless series of islands. Some are controlled by the mighty Daedric Princes; others are loosely connected to one minor Daedra Lord or another. On these islands, creatures' dwell who possess secrets out of time. Some are there of their own volition, but others are banished there for crimes either heinous or imagined.”

- Rulantaril’s Notes

We also have a txt from Liminal Bridges which also mentions that to be able to travel both mundus and oblivion You need special stuff and to even open portals to and from mundus and oblivion which only last a small amount of time:

“Transliminal passage of quickened objects or entities without the persistent agency of hyperagonal media is not possible, and even if possible, would result in instantaneous retromission of the transported referents. Only a transpontine circumpenetration of the limen will result in transits of greater than infinitesimal duration.”

“Though other hyperagonal media may exist in theory, the only known transliminal artifact capable of sustained transpontine circumpenetration is the sigil stone. A sigil stone is a specimen of pre-Mythic quasi-crystalline morpholith that has been transformed into an extra-dimensional artifact through the arcane inscription of a daedric sigil. Though some common morpholiths like soul gems may be found in nature, the exotic morpholiths used to make sigil stones occur only in pocket voids of Oblivion, and cannot be prospected or harvested without daedric assistance.”

“Therefore, since both the morpholiths and the daedric sigils required for hyperagonal media cannot be obtained without traffic and commerce with Daedra Lords, it is necessary that a transliminal mechanic cultivate a working knowledge of conjuration -- though purpose-built enchantments may be substituted if the mechanic has sufficient invocatory skill. Traffic and commerce with Daedra Lords is an esoteric but well-established practice, and lies outside the compass of this treatise.”

- Liminal Bridges

We also have the Augur enlightening us once more:

Vestige: Did you enjoy our travels?

Augur of the Obscure: "Did I? Does an oblate cogni-form have infinite angles? Please don't hurt yourself. The answer is yes. It was great. The sights, the smells, the incessant jangle of all your gear on my face. Dream come true, mate!"

Augur of the Obscure: "I've got to admit, I'm a little thrown off by the aesthetic, mate. No un-paintings, less than a thousand angles, hardly any transliminal spheroids…. I don't know. I'd give it a soft "adequate." "

And on the Book “The infernal city” we also get a description of what does it feels to travel thought oblivion:

“The sensation of traveling to a daedric real is “like falling – not down, but in all directions at once. The moons were gone, and in their place a ceiling of smoke and ash. Stifling heat surrounded them and the air stank with sulfur and hot iron. They stood on black lava, and lakes of fire stretched off before them.”

- The Infernal City

So, to put it simply in words all would understand: Oblivion is an infinite ‘void’ containing all possibilities and infinite Higher Dimensions (High 1-B)


Image 2021-02-23 212300.png

Aetherius is a infinite realm with multiple realms inside of it, Aetherius is composed of pure Magika and is the source of all magic, this realm is beyond time and space and dimensions and encompasses both Oblivion and Mundus.

Now lets go to Aetherius:

Q: I want to hear a story about Aetherius.

A: "Aetherius is the sea of light, the Immortal Plane, the origin of magic. Y'ffre sings not of Aetherius, but to it, weaving a song so beautiful that stars were compelled to dance and sway. They still wink and blink in memory of that song."

Q: How do stars relate to Aetherius?

A: "They are Aetherius. Rather, the sun and stars are holes pierced in the wall of night by Magnus - and other spirits - seeking to escape Nirn."

"These holes permit Aetherius' light to enter our world. From theirs to ours does Magicka trickle."

Q: How do they twinkle and move across the sky, then?

A: "Well, consider this. As Oblivion is a realm composed of realms, so, too, is Aetherius a bright sea with many realms within. Each of these stars is a window into these realms, and as these realms move, so too do they move. Or close, like doors."

Q: What Realms do you mean?

A: "Now, that is an enormous question that I cannot answer. Many souls of mortals become spirits of another sort in that place - and that is all I can say with any certainty. As difficult as it is to travel to Oblivion, it is far more to go to Aetherius."

-Spinner Girnalin’s Dialogue

And here is where all magic comes from:

“The ancient Ayleids believed that Nirn was composed of four basic elements -- earth, water, air, and light -- and of these four elements, they believed the most sublime form of light was star light. The stars are our links to the plane of Aetherius, the source of all magical power, and therefore, light from the stars is the most potent and exalted of all magical powers.”

- Magic from the Stars

"Aetherius is a deep, dark, and endless sea. Endless, too are the secrets of magic and its myriad forms and expressions. Consider me a tutor, provided you merit my tutelage."

- Connalenwe

Now if you think traveling through Mundus and oblivion is hard, traveling to oblivion is described as easy and a child's game when compared to Traveling to Aetherius  

“The Stones are magical and physical echoes of the Zero Stone, by which a Tower might focus its energy to mold creation. Oftentimes, the Stones borrowed surplus creation from Oblivion, grafting it to the terrestrial domain of its anointed Tower.

It was and is difficult to bypass Oblivion to go directly to creation's source, the Aetherius. It has been done, but not without great expenditure, mundane and otherwise. However, access to Oblivion, the Void that surrounds Mundex Arena, which we might touch every night, was child's play in comparison.”

- Nu-Mantia Intercept

To put it simply: Aetherius is an infinite realm which is beyond time, space and dimensions (1-A)


Image 2021-02-23 213005.png

Aurbis is also known as the lowest wheel this wheel Itself contains Aetherius and Infinite realms beyond

"The Aetherius is simply the first layer. I have seen outside the Aetherius."

-- ESO Alinor and Ayarene

Vestige: "Could I meet him?"

Lilatha: "Someday, perhaps. The Psijic Order's isle of Artaeum is no longer here. It may return in time, but for now you'd probably have an easier time reaching Aetherius or realms beyond. The order values solitude, much like Sotha Sil."

-- ESO Lilatha

"The Aurbis is an infinite construct which manifests all possibility containing infinite layers, with the Infinite-Dimensional Void of Oblivion which dwarfs the Multiverse of Mundus being encompassed by Aetherius being but a small realm in it, as well as infinite realms beyond"

Aurbis contains Aeutherius, oblivion, mundus, and beyond that exist infinite realms and this is the wheel on which akatosh and Lorkhan put order into

at the start Akatosh and Lorkhan bleed on the wheel of Aurbis giving it stability and order (space and time) it gave them a schedule and in doing so it help the other Et'Ada take form and shape and consciousness.

So to put it simply: Aurbis and the infinite realms inside it are (1-A+) as a whole.

The tower of wheels

Image 2021-02-23 213747.png

As said above Aurbis and the realms contained inside of it (realms beyond) & and where the story takes place in, Are just the lower wheel of a infinite tower, This one is rather simple, the lowest wheel is Aurbis and all Infinite realms it contains inside, the Second Wheel or "Greater wheels" is infinitely superior to the first wheel (Aurbis) then the Third Wheel, which is infinitely superior to the second And so it goes infinitely  

"A single Wheel? More like a Telescope that stretches all the way back to the Eye of the Anui-El, with Padomaics innumerable along its infinite walls."

the Greater Wheels above of the Aurbis are infinitely greater but have no definite shape of stability, and are instead Padomaic in nature, being in a constant state of chaos and change.

For Akatosh and Lorkhan only brought stability to the lowest wheel but not the Greater wheels

So To put it simply: The Tower of Wheels is an infinitely 1-A+ structure

Realm of light (IS) and void (IS-NOT)

Image 2021-02-23 214539.png

(Sorry there is yet to be an official pic/art of this realm)

So what is holding this infinite tower of wheels?

The thing holding this tower is the realm created by the interplay of Anui-El (IS) Light and Sithis (IS NOT) Void

The everlasting, ineffable light of Existence and The Featureless inexpressible Void of Non-existence from here all of the Et'Ada (Original spirits originate from)

The tower is contained on the realm they created

So, to put it simply: This realm that holds the tower would be High 1-A, as no matter the extension it would never be able to reach or compare to the realm the tower resides in and those that transcend the tower on its entirety (See the tower sideways as an “I”) would also be on this Level stats/tier wise.

Beyond the realm of Light (IS) and void (Is-Not)

Image 2021-02-23 220533.png

(Again sorry no Official image yet)

Now all of the previous things mentioned are contained on the realm of Change and Stasis Created by both Anu (Stasis) and Padomay (Change) this realm transcends All realms previously mention and even Anui-El and Sithis and their interplay  

Both Anu-El and Sithis just being a particle of power from Anu and Padomay, in turn Anu and Padomai are the 2 half of Satakal

this realm would be: High 1-A above Sithis and Anui-el and the realm/s they created


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Now we will talk about the last realm and the most fundamental of all, The DreamSleeve.

The Dreamsleeve is Where all comes from, Information, Existence, Non-Existence, Possibility, Impossibility, Plot/Narrative, Concepts, Ideas etc. this place originated and transcends all of what is contained inside of the dream, this is the deepest and most fundamental level of the dream of the Current Amaranth (ANU), this place transcends All previous mentioned realms along with All beings that created and live inside or outside of them. All of that being merely a drop of information on an infinite ocean of information, a mere fleeting thought or idea, no matter the expansion of any system it would never be able to reach this place, normally Beings who reach this place lose their self and meaning being Zero-Sum unless they have achieved the state of total selfishness (CHIM) in which they defy the truth of creation stating "I".

the most fundamental level of all existence which is devoid of all forms of time, space, dimensions and contains all possible ideas and information, as an aspect of itself, with even Anu and Padomay being merely the most fleeting and minuscule echoes of its infinite consciousness, producing 1 from 0, infinity etc. a place Free from all restrictions and limitations.

This place is also "The Secret Door" whose center is the point in which an individual becomes devoid of all characteristics to become a receptacle for the New Dream, in other words people that reach this realm can (if they so chose) become a new dreamer (tier 0 entity), the 36 Lessons allude to it as being a vital part of the process of reaching the state of Amaranth, but only those able to resist being Zero-Sum and go through a process (Unfortunately Vivec does not describes this process) can reach the state of amaranth. it is the most profound level of the Dreamer's mindscape, and is "the last bridge of all existence" which an individual can enter in order to attain the state of Amaranth

Powerful enough beings, like CHIM users, can send others here or they themselves be here,

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(This is basically the idea they had when making This realm/place hope this helps in a way to make any reader at least understand a lil of the realm)

This realm which transcends all and is the deepest level of the current amaranth would be in essence: Meta-Ascendent level