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This was going to happen sooner or later, but now it's time to rework the Kirby pages, and the first receiving the revamp is the Cosmology blog, so let's go, baby


First, proof that the universes are universe sized

Main Universe

Kirby's home universe, to prove it is a universe is pretty easy as there are lots of statements that it is universe sized and their pretty blatant themselves

  1. The first one is Popstar being described as being "At the far-off corner/edge of the universe" throughout multiple statements in different games
  2. Hyness states that he is "Master of powerdriven to the far reaches of the universe", with a Nintendo page also that something happened in Divinus Terminus at "Far away from the universe" (宇宙のはるかかなたで行われた)
  3. On the official Kirby site, it is questioned if Kirby could have the universe and get back into a naptime

This should mean Kirby's main Universe is a universe sized

Another Dimension

This will be long, but before proving AD is a multiverse, firstly I want to prove how AD is higher-dimensional

The fact it is the space between dimensions and that it is heavily stated it transcends space and time should be enough for 4-D, now to prove Another Dimension is a multiverse

another dimensions in Another Dimension

Now to this, one should be easy

  • Firstly the mode Heroes in Another Dimension, Kirby & Co. used holes to travel through several worlds/dimensions, those being Dimension I, Dimension II, Dimension III, Dimension IV, and Final Dimension

"another dimension" being "Another Dimension" in this context

Parallel Woods pause description accurate translation-Heroes in Another Dimension.png
  • Showing that "Dimensions" in Another Dimension are Universes, and that the 5 dimensions cited above are all Universes as well
  • This also includes the 15 dimensions where the Sphere Doomers we're fought


According to all information above

  1. Another Dimension is a 4-D structure
  2. Kirby's Main Universe is universe sized
  3. All dimensions in Another Dimension are Universes
  4. There are 21 Dimensions out there

This makes Total Cosmology come about 21 universes (Kirby's main universe + the 5 dimensions in Heroes in Another dimension + the 15 dimensions where the Sphere Doomers we're fought)