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Are you prepared? because i am.
~ Bruno before turning bald


Bruno Bucciarati or Buccellati, is one of the main protagonists featured in the corruption videos of GioGio's Bizarre Adventure by Teso Teragoya.

This one is exactly the same as his Canon counterpart, except now he's massively corrupted and appears as bald alongside his main theme which is 'Staff Roll'.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 1-C, likely higher, Low 1-C with Steaky Finger

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities plus the abilities he gained as Bruno Kirby which includes Genius Intelligence, Longevity, Small Size (Type 1, Kirby is 8 inches or 20 centimenters tall), Weapon Mastery (Type 0 and 1), Vehicular Mastery, Underwater Breathing (Type 2), Fourth Wall Awareness, Elasticity (Kirby is able to stretch his body to enlarge himself), Toon Force, Accelerated Development (Battle. The more Kirby fights the stronger he becomes, as shown when he one-shot bosses he would normally take 3 hits to defeat. Kirby was noted in Kirby's avalanche to be a fast learner), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with holograms), Acrobatics (Shown to be very acrobatics several times), Purification, Morality Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Can make inhaled foe's his friend and company. Kirby positive aura made Magolor turn from a villain to who willingly created a park theme just put aside old differences. Via Friend Hearts who can turn others into Kirby's friend and purify them from evil, even being able to overwrite Void Termina's corruption), Body Control (Can turn into a limbless ball), Martial Arts (Type 1), Stealth Mastery (Could hide in the clouds to sneak inside the Halberd), Immortality (Type 2, 3, and 4. Type 7 as Ghost Kirby. Completely fine with having half of it's body thrown away apart, and is unharmed by allies impaling him. Can still be fine without his soul. Once he dies he'll turn into a ghost and resurrect by stealing the life force of others. Much like Void Termina once his soul dies he will be reborn into a new existence. After death Kirby will become ghost Kirby), Reeincarnation, Danmaku (Can spit numerous stars and bombs. Can shoot an immense amount of projectiles), Regeneration (Low-Godly, possibly Mid-Godly. Able to regenerate his physical body after being turned into a soul. As a positive reincarnation of Void he should possess the same regenartion as the ladder who can reborn into a new existence even if it's soul gets destroyed), Air Manipulation (Can create a vortex of air inside his stomach), Power Bestowal (Can give more powers to his allies), Flight (Can fly indefinitely by puffing himself with air), Teleportation (Can freely teleport himself), Death Manipulation (Able to kill all enemies on the screen once he touches another version of himself), Magic, Energy Manipulation (Can manipulate Star Sparkles), Existence Erasure, Dimensional Storage, Essence Manipulation, Transmutation (When Kirby absorbs something he keeps the essence of their power within him in his stomach dimension, Kirby digests everything that enters his stomach destroying their essence, soul and physical bodies, and can transform those swallowed foe's into stars), Transformation, Cloth Manipulation, Power Mimicry and Power Absorption (Kirby can take away the powers of the enemy and use them as he wants either through inhale or contact. Kirby can also access many of his powers when he desires to do so), Absorption, BFR, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can trap beings in his bottomless stomach dimension once he absorbs them), Creation (Can to create the Warp Star), Summoning (Can summon Gooey, a Warp Star, a large group of gators, and Dyna Blade), Homing Attack, Attack Reflection (Can send attacks back to the user by hitting them. Can send attacks back into the user via inhaling them and spitting them back), Water Manipulation, Power Nullification (Was able to remove King Dedede's amp in power which let him vulnerable to attacks), Duplication (Consistently shown the ability to create clones), Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense others presence based on their size and shape, even sensing "something off" when fighting against false King Dedede and Meta Knight), Spatial Manipulation (Can push off the Dimensional Wall with his attacks), Fusionism (Can fuse different powers toghether to create new powers entirely with different ways of working), Invulnerability (Eating candy makes Kirby completely invincible for a short period of time), Resurrection (Able to revive fallen allies), Dimensional Travel (With the Warp Star who can travel from Popstar into Another Dimension), Telekinesis, Instinctive Reactions (Can fight while asleep), Fire Manipulation, Non-Corporeal (As ghost Kirby), Life Absorption (Can absorb the life force of others to rebuild his physical body), Electricity Manipulation, Earth Manipulation (Can leave fissures under his opponents), Intangibility (Can turn into a small ball of intangible energy), Size Manipulation (Can enlarge himself with enough stars), Subjective Reality (Can turn dreams into reality), Astral Projection, Multiple Personalities (Kirby's Heroic Heart can leave his body to assist him into his adventure, the Heroic Heart is also shown to have consciousness and personality on its own), Blessed (Gets assistance and help from The Player, he who can stun enemies, create forcefileds to protect Kirby, give Kirby a powerful boost, reflect attacks and toss away Kirby's current ability if nescessary), Possession (As Ghost Kirby, hes able to possess other beings), Invisibility, Regeneration Negation (Low-Godly. Can permenantely kill Soul of Sectonia can regenerate back from splitting into pieces of her soul and some of the pieces being destroyed with a body of the same length. Can defeat Dark Matter who regenerated from a small piece of his body which is a small cloud-like object), Martial Arts (Type 4. With Backdrop, Kirby learns a powerful wrestling techniques allowing him to slam his opponents. With fighter, gains many different martial arts techniques. With YoYo, can pull a break dance kick. With Suplex, can forcibly hold enemies into a suplex. With Smash, gets all of his fighting techniques from Super Smash Brothers. With Beetle, gains fighting techniques with his beetle powers), Weapon Mastery (Type 0 and 1. Cutter allows him to throw boomerang objects, Hammer allows him to use a giant hammer to swing around, Sword allows him to use and swing around a sword, if he holds the sword up for a while he can shoot out a sword beam, Parasol allows him to attack with a parasol and slowly float down to the ground if he’s in the air. Rainbow Sword gives him a giant sword capable of harming Dark Matter. With Ninja, can throw around kunais. With YoYo, can use a yoyo in combat. With Cleaning, uses a broom in combat. With Master, Kirby wields Meta Knight's legendary blade, and with it gains a plethora of new abilities, Master is much stronger than the Sword ability and has more useful properties, more attacks, and maneuvers. With Spear, can use a spear in combat. With Whip, can use a whip in combat. With Ultra Sword, Kirby gains a giant sword that deals devastating damage to anyone that comes into contact with it’s slashes. With Archer, can accurately fire arrows. With Staff, uses a staff that can extend its length in combat), Transformation (With Ball, he turns into a ball and can bounce off of floors and walls. With Wheel, can transform into a wheel amplifying his speed. With Volcano, can transform his head into the shape of a volcano and shoot out magma rocks. With Curling Stone, Kirby will transform into a curling stone and slide in the direction he was facing when he transformed and he'll freeze all foes in his path. With Rolling Snowball, transforms into a giant snowball. With Refrigerator, transforms into a refrigerator. With Light Bulb, transforms into a glowing lightbulb that harms any enemy that comes into contact with them. With Missile, can transform into a missile. With Smash, gets his ability to transform into stone. With Balloon, transforms into a balloon), Energy Projection & Electricity Manipulation (With Beam, gives Kirby control of electricity itself and the ability to shoot out a beam of energy Laser allows him to shoot out a laser beam, UFO allows him to shoot out a charged beam. Can shoot out energy attacks with the star rod. With Love-Love Stick, can shoot out energy beams. With Thunder Bomb, throws a bomb that electrocutes upon explosion), Creation (The Star Rod can create a Warp Star), Explosion Manipulation (With Crash, creates a massive explosion and is invincible during this move, also kills all enemies on screen. With Ice Bomb, throws a bomb that upon explosion freezes the enemy. With Thunder bomb, throws a bomb that electrocutes upon explosion), Fire Manipulation (Can spit out fireballs with Fire and can turn oneself into a fireball with Fireball and burning), Ice Manipulation (Can freeze targets into ice blocks with Freeze and Ice. With Curling Stone, Kirby will transform into a curling stone and slide in the direction he was facing when he transformed and he'll freeze all foes in his path. With Giant Spiny Snowflake, turns into a giant ice needle that freezes anyone on contact. With Ice Bomb, throws a bomb that upon explosion freezes the enemy), Statistics Amplification (Hi-Jump allows him to jump far higher then he could before, wheel allows him to move far faster as a wheel), Light Manipulation (Light allows him to completely light up a dark room), Sound Manipulation (With Mic, Kirby sings extremely loudly causing all enemies on screen to explode. With bell, uses the sound of a bell to deal damage), Body Control (With Needle, Kirby creates needles all around his body defeating enemies upon contact. With Wing can shoot out feathers. With Giant Spiny Snowflake, turns into a giant ice needle that freezes anyone that comes into contact. With Giant Claws, enlarges his arms into a giant spiky flytrap that damages any enemy that gets caught in it’s shutting animation), Sleep Manipulation (With Sleep, as he falls asleep any enemy that comes into contact with him will also fall asleep, including robots), Electricity Manipulation & Forcefield Creation (With Spark, Kirby immediately stops and projects an electric shield around him. This will block most projectiles. Mirror can create forcefields. With lightning bolder, uses electricity to control a boulders movements damaging any enemy it comes into contact with), Invulnerability (With Stone, Kirby turns into a stone or other heavy object. He becomes invincible and, if in the air, falls with great speed. He deals damage whenever he passively moves in stone form. With Magic, can grant himself the invincibility candy to turn invincibile), Air Manipulation (With Tornado, allows Kirby to spin at fast speeds and turn himself into a tornado. With Leaf, can cause a leaf tornado), Attack Reflection (Kirby can hit one's attacks back at the opponent, through the use of copy abilities or his own star spit technique. The Rainbow Sword reflects back Dark Matter's attacks. With Mirror, reflects attacks back at Kirby’s rivals. With Spark, can reflect attacks away with spark shield), Afterimage Creation (With Mirror, leaves behind afterimages as he moves), Duplication (With Mirror, can create duplicates of Kirby to trick foes), Illusion Creation (With Mirror, can create illusionary duplicates), Plasma Manipulation (With plasma, can create a plasma energy around him and fire it off), Teleportation & Stealth Mastery (With Ninja, when Kirby is attacked he can instantly teleport away and remain hidden to the enemy while also dealing damage to them. With ESP, can teleport), Vehicular Mastery (With Wheelie Rider, can ride around with a single wheel to obtain fast speeds. With Starship, can easily operate a flying ship), Flight (With Wing, gains wings to fly like a bird rather then inhaling air, this allows him to do super charges while in the air. With Jet, gains the ability to momentarily release a burst of energy to fly horizontal in the air dealing damage to anyone that comes into contact with him. With Starship, equipped in a fully movable jet. With Cupid, can freely fly around with his wings. With Balloon, becomes a floating balloon. With Star Rod, can freely fly), Information Analysis, Power Mimicry & Death Manipulation (With Copy, Kirby can scan an opponent and copy their ability killing them in the process and using the most powerful version of their ability), Transmutation (With Mirror, can turn enemies attacks into stars with reflect guard. With Cook, can transmute all enemies into food. With Magic, can transform all enemies on screen into 1ups and food items. With Bubble, shoots out bubbles that turns enemies into stars), Paint Manipulation (With Paint, can cause a massive screenwide paint attack that can one-shot most enemies and bosses), Telekinesis (With cook, can forcibly telekinetically drag enemies into his cooking pot), Magma Manipulation (With Volcano, shoots out magma rocks), Summoning (With Magic, can summon Meta Knight), Power Modification (With Magic, can modify his own copy ability to be any randomly chosen copy ability), Small Size (Type 2. With Mini, transforms into an extremely smaller size to fit through small corridors), Water Manipulation (With Bubble, shoots out bubbles that transmutates the enemies into stars. With water, can freely control water to attack), Incorporeality (With Ghost, turns into a ghost), Possession (With ghost, can possess an enemy to attack others against their will), Absorption (With ghost, can absorb a possessed target), Size Manipulation (With Hammer, when charging it he can enlarge the size of the hammer, making the attack more powerful), Plant Manipulation (With Leaf, can freely control leaves to attack), Acrobatics (With circus, can do acrobatic flips and jumps), Broadway Force (With Festival, makes everyone break into a wild dance and kills them in the process), BFR (With Hypernova, Kirby creates a giant vacuum of air that can suck in any opponent, and is compared to that of a black hole), Mind Manipulation (With ESP, gains access to psychic abilities), Poison Manipulation (With poison, shoots out poisonous attacks), Web Manipulation (With Spider, Kirby is able to fire webs), Limited Resistance to Power Absorption & Power Modification (The Stone and Needle ability cannot be absorbed or transferred), Invulnerability (Upon touching a candy he will become briefly invincible), Explosion Manipulation (Has bombs apart of his arsenal. With Sensor Bomb, sets a motion sensitive mine), Fire Manipulation (With spicy food he can shoot out fire pellets), Magic (The candy is stated to have magical properties that protects Kirby), Sound Manipulation (With Microphone that causes enemies to explode upon hearing him sing), Healing (With bag of magic food and pep brew, will completely restore his vitality or some of it. With maximum tomato, energy drink, and hamburger, restores power and abilities to the warp star and other machines), Spatial Manipulation (With flip, can reverse white and grey blocks), Duplication (With replica, splits the ball into two. Able to duplicate himself with the Sparkling Stars), Power Bestowal (With changer, is granted one of four random abilities), Air Manipulation and Ice Manipulation (With Freeze Fan, allows Kirby to blow cold air on a rival and freeze them. Mint leaf allows him to shoot out multiple air pellets. With Balloon, can shoot out a powerful air blast that'll blow through enemies), Homing Attack (With Missile, chases down the target and blows them up), Size Manipulation (With Big Cake, makes Kirby huge, crushing enemies in his path. Became a giant balloon capable of lifting Dedede’s caste with the Sparkling Stars), Statistics Amplification (With different power up patches, Kirby can amplify his warp star's speed, acceleration power, offensive power, defensive power, charge up speed, turn speed, flight ability, machines weight, increase health, and all abilities. With Attack Up, increases attack power. With Power-Up Heart, can raise strength, health and speed), Dimensional Travel (With magic sock, can travel from Patch Land to Dream Land and vice versa), Summoning (The Dream Rod can summon allies), Fusionism (Necrodeus staff was able to fuse all 10 Kirbies back together), Flight (The Sparkling Stars can fuse themselves to create a starship), Portal Creation (The Crystal Shards can open portals to other planets and galaxies), Purification (The Crystal Shards can find a being corrupted/possessed and purify them with a beam), Electricity Manipulation, Deconstruction and Statistics Reduction (Necrodeus staff can shot a bolt of lightning which made Kirby into 10 weaker copies of himself, each having 1/10th his original strength), Resistance to Biological Manipulation (Unnafected by Green Day), Transmutation (Unnafected by Chef's Kawazaki cooking abilities), Extreme Heats (Can travel in extremely hot and cold areas just fine), Ice Manipulation (Can break free out of ice after being frozen), Dream Manipulation (Able to Dream even without the dream spring), Possession, Mind Manipulation, Corruption, Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Is unnafected by Dark Matter's Dark Clouds even with him standing close to them, which corrupts and possess others into evil. Unnafected by the morality changing attacks from Void Termina), Reality Warping (Unnafected by Drawcia warping the world), Fire Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Existence Erasure (Unnafected by Drawcia's deletion wave), Life Absorption, Telekinesis, Gravity Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation (Unnafected by Magolor warping and eventually destroying the entirety of Another Dimension), Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation (As a soul he does not possesses a health bar making him unable to heal or take actual damage), Bone Manipulation (Due to lacking any bones at all) and Soul Manipulation (When souless)

Attack Potency: At least Low Macroverse level, likely higher (Can fight up with and beat up Shadow Diavolo, who was revealed to be Araki himself, who views the story and game as mere fiction, making him a 6th Dimensional being and could physically fight with Diavolo, who could fight on par with J.P Polnareff which could fuse himself with and destroy all of reality, incluiding the higher dimensions and Araki. Able to destroy everthing into a white void when his hair is taken off)), Low Macroverse level with Steaky Finger (Can fight on par with King Kong Crimson, which can pierce through Polnareff with a donut punch)


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