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The Cosmos

“There are five worlds in this cosmos, the 3,000 Six Paths Worlds, the ancient universe, Zi Wei Galaxy, Void World, and Dao World. But rumors had it there was a sixth world, the Reincarnation Burial Ground was said to be the sixth world in this cosmos.”

Celestial Monarch Jin Wu said, “I’ve been there once too. The rules of heaven and earth there is, different from the rest of the worlds, hmm, very, very distinct…”

He held a weird expression as he continued, “There, the rules were strange and bizarre. A few monarchs in the ancient days were said to come from there. Their cultivation base and Daos were different than ours. Rumors said it was the sixth world, you should head there sometime if possible…”

Jin Hexi asked, “The 3,000 Six Paths Worlds are where the mortals lived, the ancient universe belonged to the innate gods, the Zi Wei occupied by the postnate gods, the Void World is where spirits reside after death, and only Dao Gods can live in the Dao World. If the Reincarnation Burial Ground is the sixth world, then what is it?”

Celestial Monarch Jin Wu said, “After the living beings die, their spirits reside in the Void World. But where to after their spirits have died?”

He paused for a second, then continued, “It was said that after the spirits die, they will reside in the Reincarnation Burial Ground.

  • As it can be seen there are 6 Worlds (Universes) in the Cosmos of RoH while a 7th appeared later named the Reincarnation World but this is more of world that connects all of them to create a Samsara (Reincarnation) System over the entire Cosmos so it won't matter that much on the size of the Cosmology.

They had the entire 3000 Six Paths Worlds in their vision, each floating and circled within the universe in their very own unique ways that emitted a mysterious yet grand presence.

What would they see if they got to the top, they did not know.

Zhong Yue recollected his thoughts and climbed up another flight of stairs and immediately, he seemed to have passed through some kind of a barrier as he was transferred to a dimension that was a level higher.

“The Zi Wei Galaxy! This is where the Zi Wei Imperial Star is!” shouted Xin Huo.

The Zi Wei Galaxy is located in an even more advanced universe. The entire Six Paths Worlds are spread across over there like a map now, you might be able to see the Zi Wei Galaxy after walking for a few more steps.”

Another step higher, Zhong Yue suddenly trembled and he looked at the scene in front of him with a blank mind; one after another gigantic gods floated in the dead quiet space without creating a noise as they seemed to have fallen into slumber.

This is….

His skeleton body shivered. He was once here, catching a glimpse of this place before being teleported back to the Ancestral Star.

The Void World! This is the Void World! The resting place to the spirits of ancestors from all races!

As he finally stepped onto the final flight, he felt like he had gotten past the Void World and to an even higher level and even more sacred place.

They looked towards the outside and they saw nothing but the gates into this huge palace.

“Xin Huo, which dimension are in now?” Zhong Yue asked.

As someone who was equally confused, Xin Huo murmured, “I don’t know either. I’ve lived for such a long time but I never knew that there was any level higher than the Void World! Just what on earth is this world? From what I know, the Void World is the highest dimension already, it is a dimension above the Zi Wei Galaxy… Wait, could it be that The Impossible World was created?!”

The dimension higher than the Void World was a theoretical world that only existed in the imaginations during the era Xin Huo was still active in.

“A world on an even higher dimension…. But, that world is a dimension that is impossible, it wouldn’t exist…” Xin Huo kept quiet for a while and he murmured again, “Impossible, it definitely is not The Impossible World, it surely isn’t…”

Ancient Universe

Jiang Yiqi laughed, “The universe we are in now is the new universe. The 3,000 Six Paths Worlds are relatively new, they were only created 220,000 years ago by the ancient cultivators. The cultivators before then all lived in the ancient universe.

  • At beginning there was just the Ancient Universe after which the 3000 Six Path Worlds were created.

3000 Six Path Worlds

First of all, this world was much stronger than they imagined, and it is divided into the Heaven Realm, Earth Realm, Celestial Realm, Elemental Realm, Myriad Realm, and finally, the Prison Realm.

The Heaven Realm was the living place for the supreme celestial race; the Earth Realm was for the royals, and the Celestial Realm was royalty among the supreme celestial race. The Myriad Realm was slightly more complex with all the races living together there, and Elemental Realm were for those with an even lower level bloodline.

As for the Prison Realm, it was the worst as it was the last galaxy in the Six Paths World and those living in this place were often criminals that were condemned to this place for committing unforgivable sins and crimes.

  • Each Six Path World is composed of 6 Galaxies.


“They are treasures from Hell, you will know once you wear it.” An prompted, “Hell shares the same world we are in now, but a different dimension. Junior Martial Brother Bai, cast your Curse Spirit and curse them two, let them be shrouded with the air of death.”

“The time in hell and the time in reality is extremely different. A year in Hell is only a day in reality.” explained Bi and An, “So, only half a day has passed after you spent half a year in hell. Junior martial brother Zhong, did you manage to release the person I spoke of?”

In the 3,000 Six Paths Worlds, there would be Hell’s Reincarnation, a parallel dimension to the reality, the place where souls resided.

The Hell’s Reincarnation was located in a parallel dimension from reality, though stacked together, everything that took place in the Hell’s Reincarnation wouldn’t affect the outer world.

This Universe also has a parallel Hell Dimension which covers the entirety of it which has a faster time.

Zi Wei Galaxy

Jiang Yiqi was surprised and he praised, “With that level of yours, you managed to realize the differences of Zi Wei Galaxy and the others. Impressive. This place is not as small as it seems, it appears at most as big as a galaxy but it’s actually much bigger than the entire lower worlds combined. In the lower 3,000 worlds, those that govern and rule are called the Heavens’ Kings and the word Heavens was derived from Zi Wei Galaxy.”

“Heavens? What does it mean?” asked a confused Zhong Yue.

“Zi Wei Galaxy doesn’t seem big at all but within this galaxy are hidden endless Heavens, each controlled by the rulers of each race.

This one and only World Flower was turned into a massive universe by Great Si Ming and the others, and this universe was sitting right above the ancient universe, its stem acted as the only passage connecting the ancient universe and this new universe!

Right at the bottom of this passage was the ancient universe’s Ninth Divine City!

And this new universe born from World Flower was Zi Wei Galaxy!

  • It may be named such but it's actually an entire Universe as it contains endless Heavens. Now one would ask what is a Heaven?
The Heavens were worlds created by the ancient and powerful presences. Each Heaven was a small universe itself and it also had the Six Paths Reincarnations; thus, the living beings in the Heavens could reincarnate into the Heavens as well.

  • A Heaven is a small universe.
“The Ninth Divine City is the center of the ancient universe, the origin of the entire universe. This is where the time and dimension of the rest of the universe was born and only through the Ninth Divine City will we be able to get into the Zi Wei Galaxy. After all, the Zi Wei Galaxy is in a higher dimension.

“This is the center of the universe where all things started. The Zi Wei Galaxy is inside another higher-level dimension.”

  • As it can be seen the Zi Wei Galaxy exist in another higher dimension.

They got onto the final teleportal and after Jiang Yiqi activated it, a light shot up into the skies and pierced through the dimension above the center of this universe.

At this moment, Zhong Yue felt the ripping of time and space. As the light surrounding him flew further away, he saw the universe’s evolution since its nascent days unfold before his eyes.

When the universe was born, there was nothing but eternal darkness. As time passed, light emerged from the darkness and endless stars were formed. The cycle of life and death slowly built up and innate gods were born into this universe from the marvelous pure Dao sacred ground. Years later, civilizations formed and they lit up the universe like fire and after a period of shine, everything turned calm and quiet.

The universe was growing and endless bright history flashed across his eyes, he felt that he had experienced hundreds of billions of years but when he tried to look back carefully, he saw nothing.

Suddenly, this unique feeling vanished and they all entered a higher level dimension.

They had arrived at the Zi Wei Galaxy.

  • Another thing to sustain that Zi Wei Galaxy is in another higher dimension with it's own time-space but it's not a dimension which has an additional "length" to it which would make it be "tesseract" to the normal universe but just it being situated in higher position on the Cosmos (Multiverse since it contain multiple Universes).

All these stars and planets were simulated and their actual conditions simulated according to the deductions of the divinatory calculation technique. Countless symbols of unknown uses filled around the stars and planets as Zhong Yue runs the simulation further!

It was stunning beyond words!

This wasn’t a simple two dimensional simulation, nor the complicated three dimensional one; it was an unprecedented simulation that involves a fourth dimension within it—Time!

  • It can be seen that in the verse the 4th Dimension is not an additional length but Time.

Void World

The instant where the whole Ancestral Dragon secret realm crumbled, he saw himself in a dimension. There was no sky or earth, no signs of the livings. But there were only gods, gods that were huge like stars, some shining bright like a sun while others were glimmering marvelously like a galaxy, and they were all slumbering deeply in the void!

All of the gods were asleep, slumbering in this mysterious dimensional void. Deep in the middle of the dimensional space, there were faint and indistinct chants, sounding as if there were countless living beings praying and worshipping.

These gods had no mortal bodies, but only their souls and spirits, while some even only had their spirits!

The Void World!

The Void World where the spirits of all of the gods resided!

  • The Void World is the world of Spirits where nothing but them exist.

The Void World was the place where the spirits of the gods resided. Zhong Yue have seen it once during the Ancestral Dragon Ritual of the Eastern Sea dragon race. It was a boundless dimensional space filled with nothingness. It was devoid of suns, moons, and stars, the only thing there were divine spirits that floated aimlessly throughout the dreary space as if they the stars themselves.

“He has cultivated himself into the Six Paths, why is there a need to enter the Six Paths Reincarnation again? Every soul has a limit to it, even reincarnating won’t allow one to escape the limit, and the Saint Monarch isn’t immune to this law as well. Their only place is the Void World, where the concept of time is nonexistent. So, in essence, that is the only place where spirits can live eternally.” the mother tree said.

  • The Void World lacks the concept of Time.

Dao World

Zhong Yue heard himself laughing again, “That’s why I needed your help in forging this altar. I plan to create an endless dimension, a whole new universe, an impossible world.”

“An impossible world?” the many Deity Kings looked at the massive altar.

“Great Sui created the Void Realm and us, we will create an even more advanced world!”

Zhong Yue continued, “In this world, there will be no filth, no impurities, no postnates. Only the Daos. Daos that flowed in this universe, a world that is entirely made of Daos, the stars, sun, moon, water, flower, mountain, they are all Daos. I call this world….”

“The Dao World!”

  • The Dao World is a world made from pure Dao. To note that is not Zhong Yue who created it but Great Si Ming and in the quote above Zhong Yue was relieving his memory as it was seen from his perspective.

Space/Dimensions of the Cosmos

The two exchanged glances and they immediately understood what happened. At the next second, the two dashed towards the same direction in extraordinary speed.

Hong long—

They threw out a punch that destroyed the dimension ahead of them and as a scream sounded, Shi Yinji came rushing out from the broken dimension while she hurriedly blocked their attacks.

Fu Qizhi and Zhong Yue boarded the ship and so did Hundun Yu who carried the Fusang Tree’s branch with him. The ancient ship slowly ascended into the air and as the wings flapped quickly, the ship disappeared into the dimension and vanished right away.

Suddenly, the bell’s noise rang beside Zhong Yue’s ears and without even thinking much, Zhong Yue chanted the innate Dao language, activated the ship and dashing into across endless dimensions in the void


His psyche grew more powerful with every second, condensing into psyche ocean and slowly, his psyche breached through endless dimension to touch upon the secrets and wonders contained in the universe.

The Seven Paths Reincarnation activated and right away, the endless energy wondering around the endless dimensions surged into his body and he shockingly discovered that he was able to borrow power from the endless dimension to strengthen himself to ascend to a level he had never fathomed before!

  • In the verse the Cosmos has endless layers of dimensions. I like to think of it like a book which has endless files (layers of dimension) which are imposed over each other but amount to nothing as they aren't superior or inferior to another just that they are deeper meaning its harder to reach.

In the layers of dimensions, Zhong Yue cast the Seven Paths Reincarnation and warped deeper toward the Void World. The universe had many layers of space and time, some had a faster flow of time and others had a slower one. The deepest layer was known as the Nether. It was a dimension of space and time that no living being could enter.

And after the Nether lay the Great Sui’s Void World.

  • As it can be seen to reach The Void World from the Zi Wei Galaxy one need to bypass multiple layers of space and time.


Without a sign, an eye emerged on his forehead; he also had the divine third eye, but unlike Zhong Yue’s, there were six layers of ripple patterns.

The divine third eye lit up brightly and its ripples spun quickly before launching a divine ray that shone upon Zhong Yue!

As his vision landed onto Zhong Yue’s waist, the divine ray cleared through the fog, revealing the innate draconic scales at Zhong Yue’s waist that reflected the endless possibilities of this world and the slightest detailed information!

These scales were analyzing the Daos in this world, and even reflecting his Six Paths Heavenly Eye!

He pushed the Time Wheel to its limits and time started to reverse. After a moment, the two of them suddenly saw a strange scene. They saw another ancient ship with a thousand wings, and on the ancient ship was another Zhong Yue. He was also going back to the past!

Zhong Yue was stunned, “I returned to the past? When did this happen? No, no, it should be the future me!”

He opened his mouth and shouted, wanting to ask why he returned to the past, but his voice could not reach his future self.

The future him also saw him and waved his hand.

Zhong Yue had a strange expression on his face as he waved at himself. This scene was really strange and unbelievable.

Then, he saw the third ancient ship and himself, followed by the fourth ancient ship and the fourth himself, then the fifth ancient ship, the sixth ancient ship, the seventh ancient ship….

Zhong Yue’s hair stood on end as the thousand-winged ancient warships emerged from the future and flew back to the past!

What did I do in the future?

Zhong Yue was stunned. In just a few moments, he saw tens of thousands of ancient ships and his future self rushing towards the past!

  • As it can be seen there are said to be endless possibilities and Zhong Yue when he went once in the past had seen tens of thousands of him doing the same time from other futures. So, it should at least mean that there are at least 20,000 timelines to a possible endless of them.


In front of him was a pair of eyes that burned like fire, as the voice answered, “Chaos we are, but the Divine Turtles. We only adopted the form of Divine Turtles solely because of your universe’s perception of us.”

Zhong Yue was stunned, he couldn’t grasp what the Chaos Divine Turtle was trying to convey.

The voice sounded like it was from the future, the past, and the present. It said, “We are different from the likes of you. We are creatures born within Chaos, we take no fixed nor physical form, the form we take is whatever your understanding of it is. You people and us are fundamentally creatures of different dimensions. Time and space exist in your dimension, but not ours.”

“The so-called innate gods in your universe live are not above time and space, a concept that doesn’t exist in our Chaos at all. In the Chaos, time is nonexistent, and space is nonexistent. There is no sky and earth, no seasons, no temperature, no senses, no pain, no emotions, no reproduction, no life, and no death,” the ancient Chaos Divine Turtle said casually.

“We see time like a pond of still water. There is hardly ever any living creatures that can cause disruptions in this pond of time.”

“We see space like clouds and mist. The clouds gather and so does the mists, and when the clouds separate, the mists will also disperse. All is real and all is fake.”

“We see you people like bugs and insects living in the clouds and waters. The cries of battles that deafen of your ears are just low and short noises we hear happening in just a split second. Every achievement in your whole life is just a tiny spark of light in our eyes. Living and dying, it all happened in just a split second like blinking rays.”

“We see you in the past, the present, and the future. Your concept of time and space are nothing to us in the Chaos, they are just a cycle that connects together, revolving one round after around. You travel down the cycle but we can move around as we like, to the past, at the present, and to the future.”

  • Chaos is a dimension beyond the Cosmos where the concept of time and space is non-existent.


Cosmos = 6 Universes with at least 20,000 of timelines to a possible endless of timelines.

Chaos =