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All listed rules below are to be followed in any and all vsthreads.


  • Do not create spite or stomp threads in any way. Unintentional stomp matches won't lead to any punishment, however.
  • The winner will be determined by the side having better constructive arguments, rather than one word/one sentence votes. However, votes that primarily agrees with/are based on said constructive argument in the first place will be counted, unless the argument was throughly debunked by the opposition.
  • For a verdict, there must be at least 5 votes in favor of one character/team.
  • If both sides have equivalent posts with constructive arguments and/or a similar amount of votes for each side, the thread shall be deemed inconclusive.
  • Match-ups based on equal stats will not be added, as they turn the entire tiering system unnecessary.
  • Match-ups based on rounds will not be added either, as it is too complicated to summarize the results to the respective character profiles in a simple manner.
  • Kindly do not create matches about profiles that are yet not on this wiki, as it becomes very difficult for other users to gauge their capabilities, strength, weaknesses, etc.
  • In case of Speed Equalization, the combat speed of the faster character is assumed to be equalized to the combat speed of the slower character.
  • Abilities based on speed are assumed to be retained even after equalization. That is, a character who, for example, can create tornadoes via sheer speed will still be able to perform the same feat after their speed is equalized into a slower rating. Likewise, characters with Immeasurable speed would still be able to travel through time.
  • Even if a character has the potential to reach a certain tier, the use of any tier between that tier and the one it scales to is not allowed. For example, The Spiral cannot be used in a vs thread with a tier between 7-C and 3-B.
  • Abilities that aren't on the profiles (and consenquently not accepted) cannot be used as arguments in vs threads. Likewise, abilities that are being discussed in a CRT during an ongoing match shouldn't be counted until the CRT concludes.
  • Versus Threads that involve more than two characters (i.e. a 2v2) are allowed to be added.