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Yuichi Hirose (Alive: The Final Evolution) possesses the power of the void, which can annihilate matter and turn him nonexistent


Void Manipulation is the power to either create, shape and/or manipulate nothingness or nonexistence, the absence of entities or substance; with this they can remove energy and matter from existence, by simply making things disappear, preventing energy from ever being conceived or via varied other means.

Users of this ability might be capable of turning targets to nothing. This can range from only turning the matter of the target to nothing to also turning things like its energy, mind, soul, space, time and/or concept to nothing. Note that most users of this ability have not the full range of the ability.

Additionally, due to being able to manipulate nonexistence/void itself, they are capable of affecting Nonexistents, since the user of this ability can treat "nothingness" as if it was a physical object they could manipulate, they can, in turn, affect beings that do not exist given that they also have the ability to perceive them. Note that it should not be assumed a character can 'manipulate' another character who is nonexistent, although it can be assumed that they can at least interact with characters who do not exist. Though, it should be noted that Void Manipulation alone is not enough to affect Type 2 Nonexistent, and rather just Type 1s as the default.

Possible Uses

  • Existence Erasure
  • Intangibility
  • Reality Warping
  • Black Hole Creation
  • Nonexistent Interaction

Notable Users