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Wang Ling
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Wang Ling is the main character of the novel The Daily Life Of The Immortal King. He is a person who doesn't talk too much and is obsessed with looking normal and average. This is one of the reasons why he hides his cultivation realm and powers within the story but as much as he tries to avoid trouble, it always finds him thanks to his actions or other characters that make contact with him.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (His eyes are a million times more sensitive than the most powerful laser scanner in the world, and his ears can hear and monitor the Earth's core. He is able to instantly lock onto any individual on Earth whenever he wants.), Extrasensory Perception (He can see radiation and determine others' meridian levels. He can sense others' aura. He can sense things with his Spiritual Sense.), Danger Sensing (If his eyelid twitches then is a sign of coming disaster. The more it twitches, the greater the disaster. He can see a being's true age and see the nomological laws of the Universe), Immortality (Likely type 1 - as he has reached the stage of Sage Becoming and is within the Immortal Realm, 2 - can resist to fatal wounds from Soul Formation stage), Regeneration (Likely Low-Godly - As he can create casually artifacts that give such powers to others), Self-Sustenance (All types), Accelerated Development (Can master anything he put his mind at in a few minutes), Reactive Power Level (He gains a new realm each two years on average. Stated that his rate of progress will never end and he doesn't have limits), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with magnetic fields, spirits and souls), Flight (Can fly on swords or just using his own body), Camouflage and Stealth Mastery (Can can an aura concealment spell that will make be like a chameleon), Weapon Mastery (Sword - Wang Ling is stated to be omniscient regarding the mastery of a sword and all its techniques existent in the verse from the simple sword forms/stances to the Sword Dao which manipulate the concepts), Energy Manipulation (Via Energy of Heaven and Earth, Qi), Energy Projection (Can cast his energy in different ways, even creating a Spirit Bomb like one), Telepathy and Telekinesis, Electromagnetism Manipulation (Can create electromagnetic pulses/waves that will destroy data and electronics), Air Manipulation (Just by blinking his eye, Wang Ling can generate a wing strong enough to dispel and block techniques of others), Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation (Can manipulate water and freeze it in air), limited Hair Manipulation (With a touch can turn the hair on the scalp into a forest), Shockwave Creation (Jingke can release its power creating a destructive shock-wave that would cause a mighty earthquake that would be felt for ten thousand li around), Sleep Manipulation (Via Hibernation Spell), Fear Manipulation (His spiritual pressure can instill fear into others to such a degree that it would make them see an archdemon who is ten thousand feet tall), Mind Manipulation (Can read the mind via Mind-Reading Ability; Can extract memories and manipulate them - replace, remove, erase, even sending them to other characters; Via Great True-Word Spell, Great Recollection Spell, Great Moon-Reading Spell), Memory Manipulation (Via Heavenly Eye and Great Recollection Spell), Soul Manipulation (Can get rid of soul brands), Biological Manipulation (Can eliminate cancer cells within one body; Via Graft and Transplant Spell), Gravity Manipulation (His aura if not pulled back will create an intense magnetic energy field that would interfere even with the virtual data/information making them crash; Via Gravity Spell), Illusion Creation (Via Great Illusion Spell), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create a pocket dimension via Intrinsic Spirit Field), Power Mimicry (Can master instantly any technique he see), Matter Manipulation (Can reduce others to elemental particles in the blink of an eye and manipulate their state of being by turning it into energy), Time Manipulation (Via Heavenly Eye), Spatial Manipulation (Can use one of the Three Thousand Great Spell to move space itself), Law Manipulation (Can manipulate the laws of heaven and earth from the Soul Formation stage), Fate Manipulation (Via Great Measuring Fate Spell), Space-Time Manipulation (Said to have the ability to turn time and space upside down. He can open spatio-temporal channel with his strength), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 - Wang Ling has mastery over the Three Thousand Great Spell from which even the rules/truths of the world originate), Information Analysis (Can probe others with his spiritual sense), Disintegration Inducement (If his aura is not held back all things touched by it will be reduced to fine powder), Attack Reflection (Thanks to his invincible body, Wang Ling will rebound any oppressive force back twice as much to a point that it would reduce others to dust or immobilize them), Body Puppetry (Via Jumping Carp), Body Control (Can manipulate his body to get rid of fat or manipulate his hair), Avatar Creation (Via Great Separation Spell), Dimensional Travel (Can travel through dimensions), Dimensional Attack (His attacks can bypass the dimensional wall), Invisibility (Via Great Vanishing Spell), Purification (Via Great Purification Spell), Healing (Can heal and cure any physical problem but not mental diseases), Fusionism (Stated to have become one with the nature itself at the Soul Formation stage), Teleportation (Via Great Teleportation Spell), Sealing (Via Great Evil Containment Wave and Great Sealed Lips Spell), Summoning (Can summon meteorites; Via Heavenly Eye), Portal Creation (Can open tunnels that lead into the boundless vastness of the universe), Dimensional Storage (Via High-school Uniform), Shapeshifting (Via Great Transfiguration Spell), Forcefield Creation (Can create force fields that can withstand spatial pressure), Healing (Can using healing powers), Clairvoyance (He occasionally has precognitive dreams), Supernatural Luck (Via Great Fortune Spell), Statistics Amplification (Can grant 49 augmentation spells which increase/give the attack power, defense, speed, and resistances), Power Bestowal (Can enlighten other beings and even inanimate objects making them gain sentience and powers), Power Nullification (Via World-Annihilating Sword), Spiritual Pressure (His spiritual pressure is so immense that it would immobilize others, making them completely unable to move; Can induce paralysis and destroy the environment)

Fate Manipulation (Stated that his own fate can't be measured/predicted), Heat Manipulation (He is not affected by cold), Lightning Manipulation (Seven-layer godly thunder can only make him feel ticklish), Information Analysis (Via Great Shielding Spell before the first contact is made with others), Illusion Creation (Via Heavenly Eye), Magic (His body is holy itself thus almost no magic weapon can affect it), Poison Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (He is immune to all poisons and before any virus can enter his body, it will be destroyed by his powerful spirit energy), Radiation Manipulation (Can fly through space without being affected by radiation), Corrosion Inducement (Can resist to such effects from the Soul Formation stage), Statistics Reduction (Is not affected by a white haze that can weaken those who interact with it; Is not affected by the the Ten-Meter-Sword-Circle Sword Dao Art which would weaken those in its range and make impossible to exert their strength), Spatial Manipulation (Can create force fields that can resist spatial attacks), Aura (Has no problem to resist to an aura that can deplete the energy and attack the body), Sealing (His Spirit Sword can break any seals that could affect him)

Attack Potency: Planet level (At age 9, he one-shot a Demon King who could destroy cities. His chest alone can smash a large mountain and his spirit bombs can flatten a city including its borders. Stated that raising his hand when he's at his worst mode would destroy the earth. Has fought with Demon Gods at the Gap Between World who are stated to be able to destroy worlds)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic travel speed (Can cover eight hundred kilometers in a blink of an eye)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Just a single arm of his can lift 1 billion jin which equal 600,000 tons)

Durability: Planet level (At age 9 he one-shot a Demon King who could destroy cities. His chest alone can smash a large mountain and his spirit bombs can flatten a city including its borders. Stated that a hand raise of his when he's at his worst mode would destroy the earth. Has fought with Demon Gods at the Gap Between World who are stated to be able to destroy worlds)

Stamina: Limitless magic power (Stated to have unlimited magical power)

Range: From Hundreds of Kilometers to Low Multiversal with some Great Spells (Some of his spells reaches in several hundreds of kilometers to even reaching in another Universe)

Standard Equipment: Aura Talisman (A talisman that conceal his aura to hide his realm and power), High-school Uniform (A cloth made by the Huaxiu nation's education facility which has each pocket be a spatial storage), Jingke (A small wooden sword that is sentient. Just a swing of it can destroy a city thanks to its change after Wang Ling killed a Demon God and its blood splashed on the sword),

Intelligence: Has a vast amount of knowledge, ranging from simple things to complex concepts such as multiple cultivation systems, techniques, various theories can be resolved or not, space-time and laws. He is calm and collected and most of the time, his actions have a plan behind them even if they get into weird situations a lot of the time.

Weaknesses: None notable.


  • His kick/jump can cause regional earthquakes, tectonic shifts, landslides and floods of debris to happen.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Three Thousand Great Spells:

  • Great Transfiguration Spell: A disguise technique that alters one's appearance, fingerprints, and DNA making it impossible to detect even with the most advanced technology.
  • Great Vanishing Spell: A technique that conceals his figure and aura.
  • Great Purification Spell: A technique that can purify all evil. The primary stage of the spell has a strong expulsion effect on poisons and toxins while the advanced stage could even purify the heart of evil desires. His proficiency can turn perverts who grope women in public into Shaolin monks.
  • Great Separation Spell: A technique that lets one create another self, a clone.
  • Great Measuring Fate Spell: A technique which lets the user measure the fate of others. It only requires a notebook or something else to write on. It has an over ninety percent accuracy.
  • Great Shielding Spell: A technique that is passive. It makes any information on the user obtained in whatever way before formal face-to-face contact was established to be instantly completely forgotten.
  • Great Illusion Spell: A technique which induces one into an illusion.
  • Great True-Word Spell: A technique which is an extremely powerful brainwashing ability. It can be used to take effect over time and even the effect to spread from the focal point and nothing will escape, including prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendship, etc.
  • Great Recollection Spell: A technique that can be used for memory replacement, memory erasure and memory retrieval. It can be used on non-living objects/beings. It can also be used to track other characters by using an object they have touched before as a memory was left within.
  • Great Moon-Reading Spell: A technique that can be used when there is a full moon to brainwash an entire nation.
  • The Great Blood Origin Spell: One of its sub-abilities is called blood origin trace which can accurately trace bloodlines. To put it directly it was DNA identification.
  • Great Teleportation Spell: A technique which lets one instantly teleport.
  • Great Evil Containment Wave: A technique used to seal other beings be them material or immaterial within objects.
  • Graft and Transplant Spell: A technique that allows a person to graft a portion of their body onto someone else.
  • Great Sealed Lips Spell: A spell that can seal the mouth and can block the release of the spirit energy within the body.
  • Great Fortune Spell: A spell that once activated won't go off till 10 days have passed. It will grant massive luck to the user.

Mind-Reading Ability: A technique which lets him read the mind of any individual on Earth.

Heavenly Eye:

  • Can look at someone's memories if he looks at someone.
  • Can summon the inner flame of a star to scatter others to ashes.
  • Has the ability to eliminate the false and retain the true. This is a passive use that helps him see through plenty of false illusions.
  • Can trace things through the world to find them as long as they aren't in another Universe.
  • Has the ability to rewind scenes like a flashback to see what happened in the past at the scene.

Eyelid Sense: His eyelid will twitch when a danger is coming. The longer the twitch, the greater the disaster.

  • Between zero to five minutes: disaster level was two stars.
  • From five minutes to one hour: disaster level of three stars.
  • From one hour to six hours: disaster level of four stars.
  • From seven to twenty-four hours: disaster level of five stars.
  • Over twenty-four hours: destruction of the planet.
  • Over forty-eight hours: annihilation of the universe.

Passive Skills: After seeing Old Antique's passive skill at attracting women in his 'artsy mode', Wang Lin has sorted and created his own passive skills.

  • Chicken Rib Series:
    • Boundless Devouring: A spell derived from the Great Devouring Spell, that as long as Wang Ling dropped his tears in any kind of food, the food would multiply quickly within a short period of time, one becoming two, two becoming four and so one. He once did this to a crispy noodle snack and after a few years, it had become the size of a galaxy and still growing.
  • Damn Useful Series:
    • Jumping Carp: A spell derived from the Great Wave Palm, that as long he claps his hands at a person thirty-two times consecutively, that person will start acting like a Magikarp (Pokemon) when it utilize its Splash move - flopping around with no attack effect whatsoever.

Space Sketching Skill: Can be used to draw one's memory on paper.

Gravitation Spell: An art that lets one manipulate gravity.

Hibernation Spell: A spell that makes one fall asleep for seven days with no way of waking up.

Intrinsic spirit field: It's a type of small world, which is also known as the Internal Small World. Formed inside the body, it can instantly be released during battle. Massive amounts of spirit energy can be stored in the spirit field, and only the person who discharges the spirit field can use this spirit energy...In other words, if the foe runs out of spirit energy, he won't be able to replenish it inside the spirit field.

World-Annihilating Sword: A sword art which is the supreme profound truth of the Sword Dao strong enough to withstand world-defying magic weapons and divine weapons. It has two aspects: One was world-annihilating punishment, which was a great killer move that could truly destroy everything. Another was world-annihilating purification, which could strip away the power of Sword Dao making any sword user lose all their mastery/powers regarding a sword on a conceptual level.



  • The character and its series are a parody and comedy that takes all kinds of clinches and concepts from various media such as anime, light novels, chinese novels, manga, movies, games and even real life.

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