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Those under the weight of tears, remember. In this world, there is no rain of sorrow that cannot be cleared away.

Those who carry anguish, remember. In this world, there is no blaze of pain that cannot be extinguished.

Those intoxicated with villainy, do not forget. In this world, there is not a single speck of land for scum like you.

Now then, villain who sips on the lamentations of the people like honey. Before the grand desire that we magicians of the Society strive for, rot away and begone.

~ Yakagi Suimei to Rajas before erasing him from existence

Whether or not agreeing to this insanity was the right thing to do, don’t you at least think it was my choice to make the call for myself? Let me remind you that we were magically kidnapped—‘summoned,’ you call it—and asked to go to war to save the people who kidnapped us. Forget me. Don’t you think any sane person would say no to that?
~ Yakagi Suimei after having been called a coward for not becoming a hero

The magician who calls down the stars brings the night with him. He wields a blue sword in his right hand and a golden shield in his left. Enrobed in black clothing and lightning, he condemns all evil in the name of the Thousand Nights.
~ Tale of Suimei after he defeated the one of the greatest mystical calamities

I’m a scholar of the mysteries. The objective of the mages of this world may just be to cast strong magic by simply chanting a spell, but we are different. The objective of the magicians of my world is to unravel all the laws of the universe and make ourselves omnipotent. Yes, so that we can surpass any and everything. The fundamental way we think is different from you mages.
~ Suimei explaining the fundamental difference between mages and magicians

Goddess this, Goddess that... Whatever she says goes, huh? Is the will of the person in question just trash to you, then? Just look at them. Some goddess or whatever who makes people who’ve lived proper lives quake in fear like that is completely worthless. Am I wrong? If you’re saying that you’re going to take them anyways... Hmph, go ahead and try. I don’t care if you’re a hero or whatever, but if you’re gonna stand in my way, I’ll just brush you aside too.
~ Yakagi Suimei to the hero of salvation


Yakagi Suimei (Westernized as Suimei Yakagi; 八鍵水明) is the main protagonist of Isekai no Mahou wa Okureteru, he is a modern magician who is a member of the magician society with the hopes of reaching the Akashic Records and thus becoming omnipotent in order to become capable of saving everyone in the world, including those who cannot be saved.

While walking with his friends he gets caught off guard by a divine summoning spell with the purpose of summoning his friend, Reiji, as a hero and ends up getting pulled along with his other friend. Trapped in another world with no way back and refusing to fight off the other world's problems as they basically kidnapped him, he ventures into a new world of magic and swords on his own in hopes of finding his way back but in the process ends up getting caught in various unexpected events.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C, High 7-C with Savage Names, higher with Grand Scale Magicka, higher with Savage Names and Grand Scale Magicka | 7-A, higher with Savage Names, 6-C with Grand Scale Magicka, higher with Savage Names and Grand Scale Magicka | 7-C, High 7-C with Savage Names, High 7-C with Grand Scale Magicka, higher with Savage Names and Grand Scale Magicka | 7-A, higher with Savage Names, 6-C with Grand Scale Magicka, higher with Savage Names and Grand Scale Magicka

Name: Yakagi Suimei, "Starfall", "Evening Starfall"

Origin: Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Modern Magician, High Grand Class Magician, Scholar of mysteries, Caster, Magician of the society, Enforcer of the Thousand Nights

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Intangible Attacks (Mystical substances are different from physical substances and as such cannot be defended against using only conventional physical means), Genius Intelligence, Preparation, Automatic Translation (Languages he doesn't know are automatically rearranged in his head into a language he knew well), Enhanced Senses (All of his senses are naturally ten times as good as normal person's; can enhance his senses further with magicka), Information Analysis (Capable of using magicka to analyze his surroundings and the compositions of spells or curses. He is also capable of grasping the effects a spell is trying to manifest and the magnitude at which they are gonna manifest. His magician eyes are capable of rapidly discerning openings within the opponent’s defense), Power Mimicry (After understanding a phenomena he can use it to his advantage such as the greed of ten's ability to manifest his true power on the other world, Felmenia's truth flare or Liliana's dark magic), Skilled Swordsman (Has mastery over normal swordsmanship techniques due to learning from when he was a child), Martial Arts (Put the best martial artist of a country to shame as he beat him on his own game), Weapon Creation (Via mercurial weapons), Stealth Mastery (Capable of erasing his presence and killing any excess noises), Memory Manipulation ( Can manipulate erase, alter, and implant new the memories to others), Telepathy, Time Stop (The defenses of his fortress stagnate time), Limited Time Manipulation, Regeneration (At least Low-Mid via automatic healing, Mid-High via body control; As long as his mind remains, even in a vague state, after turning into gas he can reform his physical body), Healing (His healing magicka automatically activates to heal him after taking damage, but rather than healing it reverses the state of objects to their previous state; capable of healing damage to his astral body on the same level), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Flight (Can fly), Gravity Manipulation (Can increase gravity up to threefold or release it), Explosion Manipulation (Can cause explosions by snapping his fingers or pressurizing the atmospheric aetheric), Invisibility (Capable of cloaking himself, attacking with countless invisible slashes, and "hiding a truth" of the world in order to conceal something), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; Magicka is conceptual in nature, not relying in conventional physical notions to function. Can kill apparitions, conceptual existences, which are a law of the world which accelerates the end of the world. Killed the sinful figure, which is concept from the astral plane and can also manipulate higher-order concepts.), Information Manipulation (Kabbalah numerology uses imaginary numbers and equations combined with mana to manifest any phenomena in the world as long as Suimei knows the numbers and equations), Supernatural Willpower (He can exert his willpower to knock out everyone on the area, he also has an unbreakable will), Aura (Can cause the opponents to become paralyzed to the point at which their muscles nearly begin convulsing, experience an overwhelming physical pressure that impedes physical movement, be frozen to the soul, induce fear and knocks out his opponents just because he wills it as well as become incapable of activating attacks on his surroundings as he triggers a universal law that shuts down their ability to do so. While on Archiatius Overload it causes Mansfield vibration which causes space to be distorted as if it was being torn apart which leads to the destruction of objects), Fear Manipulation (A magician's aura can induce pressure on the psyche), Void Manipulation (Type 3 & 4; Kabbalah numerology allows for him to weave numbers that do not exist in the world to create anything, even a place that does not exist), Death Manipulation (Those who break the deals on his magickal contracts die or he can simply destroy the contract and the one affected will die), Vibration Manipulation (Can use a ripple of etheric to destroy things he comes into contact with), Telekinesis (Can hurl objects around with some gestures), Limited Reality Warping (For a magician with sufficient power, without any sort of chant or action, they could manipulate phenomena to an extent with only an image in their mind), Homing Attack (he can make his attacks follow after the opponent), Energy Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (via Archiatius Overload and savage names), Mind Manipulation (Capable of attacking the astral body, causing others to unconsciously ignore his existence, as well as manipulating the consciousness of others to make them bend to his will), Body Puppetry (He can control the body of others against their will by willing it), Sleep Manipulation (Can make others drowsy and put them to sleep), Perception Manipulation (He has Magicka capable of making people to, for example, pass by him without seeing him), Fire Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation (Capable of firing off white hot plasma that burns the air itself into nothingness), Extrasensory Perception (Capable of detecting mana as well as being capable of identifying presences by identifying their different wavelengths and being capable of feeling the danger they pose), Glyph Creation (Capable of summoning magicka circles out of thin air, even with every step he takes or with other attacks.), Weather Manipulation (Azure Beheading is classified as a weather magicka that gathers the blue sky of the heavens and concentrates it unto the user's hand a bright azure sword; Capable of generating storm clouds), Electricity Manipulation (Capable of creating lightning storms and manifesting lightning strikes), Light Manipulation (Can create light), Darkness Manipulation (As if he was a denizen of shadow, he can make the darkness cling unto him), Forcefield Creation (Can deploy his golden ramparts in all directions, as well as his golden fortress), Heat Manipulation (He is capable of controlling heat, and via psychic cold), Ice Manipulation (Can encase his opponents on giant sky piercing icebergs that do not melt away), Poison Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, Existence Erasure (Suimei's acid indefinitely dissolves into nothing those who fall victim to it, The overflowing power of Abreq ad Habra alone is capable of causing things to be turned into charcoal and then be erased from existence, the attack erases the opponent from the phase itself and erases all bonds the opponent has with the world altogether even returning Divinities to their conceptualized forms in the astral plane), Damage Boost (Ashurbanipal's flames are specially effective against living beings, Abreq ad Habra against those with divine power or nature.), Holy Manipulation (Can use holy magicka), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Suimei altered the blueprint for his body in order to gain an organ capable of allowing him to cool down and lose the need to breathe or exhale and thus can continuously keep chanting), Non-Physical Interaction (Can kill conceptual existences, cut illusions, his golden ramparts are capable of temporarily blocking non-corporeal attacks which are mere corrupted thoughts. He is also capable of slicing dark magic down, as well as incinerating it into nothingness), Analytical Prediction (Can predict his opponents movements so well that it seems like as if he was reading the future), Precognition (He has a 6th sense that he inherited from his mother that warns him of a bad event or danger), Instinctive Reaction (His body react on mere instinct when things are too fast for him to even track, like Titania.), Absorption (With Kalavinka's sweet voice he exposes his targets to a higher-order ego, which causes the selfishness of their ego to run wild and vanish with the being, as their ego is directly related to the mana they become unable to manifest mysteries once their ego vanished. As the embodiment of thirst, Kalavinka can be used to suck the opponent dry from mana, the more mana they have accumulated, or more magic defenses they set up the more effective the spell becomes), Body Control (Can freely transform into gas, liquid or other solid materials like stone and maintain his consciousness), Probability Manipulation (Phenomena Mixer alters the natural flow of all possible events to make them unstable in order to backfire magicka or preventing it from manifesting in the first place), Technology Manipulation, Law Manipulation (His presence triggers a universal law that shuts down the manifestation of phenomena from the opponent; His body which is steeped in mysteries has an adverse effect physical-laws which causes things rely on them to malfunction), Power Nullification (Via rank disparity, dispelling, destroying the spell holding the mysteries together, unraveling the spells, destabilizing the probability of the magicka of his opponents, stealing the essence of the attack, obstructing the activation, capable of cuting down things like dark magic as well as and incinerating it into nothingness, or by forcefully canceling spells before they can be completely manifested, which also causes anguishing pain from the ethereal body), Attack Reflection (His fourth rampart deflects spells back), Damage Transferal (Sacrificial dolls take damage that others should have recived), Danmaku (Enth Astrarle causes beams of starlight to be shot from every single Magicka circle corresponding to a star in the night sky. He can also instantly produce 20 spears of light to attack the opponent with, and summon hundreds of magic circles that bombard the area endlessly which can be used to weave more magicka when the attack reaches the ground), Empowerment (Dark magic uses the negative emotions of humanity to become stronger), Biological Manipulation (His dark magic causes the opponent's body to rot away and crumble), Corruption (After being struck by dark magic the condition quickly spreads through the body into the core of the body, resulting in death), Madness Manipulation (Transient hope is a dark magic attack similar in nature to the sinister being that drives those who presence it or hear its howl to be driven into insanity), Astral Projection (Exorcism magicka allows him to extend his astral body to attack the opponent's), Soul Manipulation (Can damage the astral body via dark magic; Capable of exorsicing spirits and binding them), Essence Manipulation (Capable of altering and damaging the ethereal body, the third component that makes up the "object" of a "form" that serves to draw it on reality. The ethereal body functions as a blueprint for both the astral and material body so if it is altered or damaged so will the other two), Fragrance Manipulation (Herb magicka makes those exposed to it susceptible to give out information they don't intend to or even overlook obvious things such as the presence of someone), Spatial Manipulation (inverting the surrounding space, his gravity cage shifts space, he can also trigger a space rewind which is reminiscent of just rewinding time as he did against Eanru), Purification (Capable of removing curses and/or lessen the effects of those which he cannot remove with suppression Magicka. Enth Astrarle rejects all that should not be in the world, and manifests incredible power against anything that would do this world harm. It is a purifying power near equal in terms of holy power), Creation (Capable of manifesting objects out of thin air), Duplication (Via fast replication he is able to instantly clone himself several times), Sealing (Via sealing the opponent away on the ground or creating eternal seals), Summoning (He can summon portions of the abstract existences that are divinities into the physical plane to channel a portion of their power), Capable taking over the manifested phenomena of others in order to use them to his advantage), Portal Creation (Can create gates between worlds, opened a portal back to the material world after being sent to the spirit world), Teleportation (Via instant movement spells), Empathic Manipulation (Can manipulate or redirect the emotions of others by just letting them observe something that had been altered with magicka; can use negative feelings in order to attack the opponent), Pain Manipulation (Upon making contact with the gloves of discord they will scramble the nerve plexus and thus sending pain screaming through each and every one of the opponent nerves to the point that they faint before they can even react to the pain itself), Sound Manipulation(Can control sound to do such things as whispering to distant people), Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation (Binds opponents with hardened water, Air Manipulation, Plant Manipulation (Can summon plants with wood magic), Dimensional Travel (Came back from the spirit world. Can travel to separate worlds), Curse Manipulation (Ashurbanipal's flames are based upon a curse), Damage Transferal (Contagion curses transfer the effects of magicka, including the damage afflicted, unto others easily being capable of starting a global pandemic), Resistance Negation (By applying curses to his attacks they can result effective despite resistances), Blessed, Fate Manipulation (He is charged and protected by an exceptional destiny given by The Source itself. To fulfill the common wish of every being. To pursue that which they all desire to the very best of his abilities. To save those who cannot be saved. He can escape dreadful fates and those who draw too near to him will find him dazzling), Immortality Negation (Type 8; Capable of pushing back divinities back into the valley between worlds. Divinities that have reached the physical plane are reliant on the belief of their followers to maintain themselves in the physical plane), Statistics Amplification (Can counterspell enchantments, Intangibility (Applied methods of dealing with elemental intangibility, physical vagueness and finally spatial ambiguity against one of the Demon Generals) and Immortality (Type 9; Making use of the concept of truth and a lie he reveals the opponent's true body being hidden in another plane of existence).

Magic (To even touch upon a mystery one must have a certain degree of resistance towards it; his body which has been reinforced by the mysteries has become resistant to lower-class mysteries), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; Magic and Magicka are conceptual in nature rather than following the conventional notions of the physical world. The Elements that mages use in the other world, are just 1 example of a mystical law), Poison Manipulation (He is unaffected by the exposure to mercury), Curse Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Consciousness is a part of the astral body, as such it is protected by Suimei's charm meant to protect higher-dimensional beings; he is naturally resistant to alterations of the psyche), Body Puppetry (He stood perfectly normal against a God who compelled everyone to bow before it with his presence), Aura (Magicians aura's counteract that of others as allowing another person to have control of the area would be a fatal advantage), Empathic Manipulation, Possession (Divinities can only preform half-possession on Suimei which allows him to channel their power), Pain Manipulation (He has a significant pain tolerance a being capable of keeping his concentration and calm as his astral body was being destroyed), Fear Manipulation (Despite directly looking at Apparitions on multiple occasions he was not really affected by their nature. Normally their physical aspect which is received as information by the eyes is passed to the brain triggers an indescribable fear on the viewer. Also not affected by Rajas' or Liliana's aura), Heat Manipulation (Unaffected by Rajas' demon army using their psychic cold on him simultaneously, survived being within heat that melted the ground, and unaffected by cold temperatures), Corrosion Inducement, Acid Manipulation (Unaffected by Liliana's acidic aura), Death Manipulation (Was fine in the presence of the sinful figure, which kills any normal person), Madness Manipulation (He was fine on the presence of the sinful figure which drives people insane with its presence), Magicians are not affected by concealment magicka which causes others to subconsciously ignore the user's existence even if they see them, Sense Manipulation (Unaffected by Liliana's zone of darkness), Energy Absorption (The anti-magicka measures of the ancient golem of sucking in all the mana in the surroundings resulted ineffective against him), Sleep Manipulation (Unaffected by the effects of the dark veil set up by the librarian), Law Manipulation, Power Nullification (By giving birth to devils; High-degree mysteries are not affected by rank disparity extinction; even if the laws of the world are different from the one's his magicka operates under he is capable of manifesting it), Soul Manipulation (Capable of taking attacks from apparitions which directly target the astral body; With his charm he has protection meant for divinities which are higher-dimensional beings)

Attack Potency: Small Town level+ (Even while holding back the destruction, his flames created a giant crater in the ground, comparable to Lefille Grakis who can split mountains in half), Large Town level with Savage Names (Superior to Felmenia Stingray using Savage Names), higher with Grand-Scale Magicka (He can wield the sky as a blade which he can then fire), likely higher with Savage Names in addition to Grand-Scale Magicka. Can ignore durability with various abilities | Mountain level (Fought Rajas who could destroy far-away mountains with his explosive attacks), likely higher with Savage Names, Island level with Large-Scale Magicka (His massive lightning bolt against Rajas cleared the sky), higher with Higher-Order Concepts (Wiped an entire forest off the map). Can ignore durability with various abilities | Town level (In the other world he was incapable of even manifesting half of his full power), Large Town level with Savage Names, Large Town level+ with Grand-Scale Magicka , likely higher with Savage Names in addition to Grand-Scale Magicka. Can ignore durability with various abilities | Mountain level+, likely Island level with Savage Names, Island level with Large-Scale Magicka, higher with with Higher-Order Concepts. Can ignore durability with various abilities

Speed: FTL (Swifter than others who are capable of dodging flashes of light, when it has been shown that the elements display the true speed of the concept they are as well as if light were to have been released at below the speed of the light constant it would have caused space to be rewound. Kept up with Liliana Zandyke) | FTL (Far faster than before, capable of keeping up with Eanru who was capable of blitzing normal Suimei) | FTL (Same as his weakened base) | FTL (Same as weakened Archiatius Overload)

Lifting Strength: Class K (Capable of temporarily blocking Graziella's falling boulders which weigh several hundred tons), Class G with Magicka (Capable of gathering a portion of the sky into a blade in his hand) | Class K, Class G with Magicka | Class K, Class G with Magicka | Class K, Class T with Magicka (Capable of wielding the sky as a bade in one hand)

Durability: Small Town level+, higher with The Golden Ramparts (People comparable to him are incapable of moving the ramparts a single micrometer while using all of their might), Island level with The Golden Mangle (Easily tanked attacks from Rajas and Eanru), difficult to harm due to multiple abilities | Mountain level (Fought people comparable to himself), higher with The Golden Ramparts, Island level with The Golden Mangle, difficult to harm due to multiple abilities | Town level (Should be over twice as powerful as in the other world), higher with The Golden Ramparts, Island level with The Golden Mangle, difficult to harm due to multiple abilities | Mountain level+, higher with The Golden Ramparts, Island level with The Golden Mangle, difficult to harm due to multiple abilities.

Stamina: Very High (Using multiple large-scale spells at the same time which huge mana consumption normally is no problem for him; Capable of using the energy present in the ley lines of the earth or the stars themselves as well as gathering aether from the air), Limitless mana supply when using Archiatius Overload (A magician's magicka furnace allows them to generate mana endlessly, generating the same amount of mana that they use upon their spells)

Range: Tens of kilometers (His mysteries can be manifested up to the sky's horizon), Inter-dimensional with Eye of Danguma (Capable of hiding celestial bodies like the moon, and revealing the true body of beings who's true bodies reside in another dimension), Multiversal+ with Abreq Ad Habra (It is a spell that erases the opponent from the phase itself and erases all bonds the opponent has with the world altogether even returning Divinities to their conceptualized forms in the astral plane) | Same as before | Hundreds of kilometers (Can dispel barriers extending hundreds of kilometers, create giant thunderstorms, gather the entire sky into his hand and harness all of the electricity of distant cities in Europe), Inter-dimensional with Eye of Danguma, Multiversal+ with Abreq Ad Habra | Same as before

Standard Equipment: Mercury which he can change into multiple mercurial weapons, gloves of discord, magician uniform, charm of protection, and a bag that is several times bigger than its apparent size.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Has extensive knowledge on various subjects such as biology, alchemy, astrology, science, mathematics, philosophy, theology, etc. At age 12 he had already mastered the fundamentals of the Kuchiba sword style which is one of the few remaining hidden sword-styles, and despite not being a master of the sword himself he is well versed enough to somewhat hold his own against masters of the sword without using magicka. Extremely versed in the mystic and combat being able to tell the origin, magnitude, and phenomena of most mystic phenomena by just by looking at it as well as accurately predicting the opponent to a level that it seems like if he was reading the future, in addition, to quickly figuring out unknown phenomena. Became one of the top researchers and enforcers of the mystic at a young age and is the mentor to Hidemary, a magnum opus even among homunculus, beings who are bona fide genius that stand atop the hierarchy of intellect of living beings and was recognized by another as a genuine genius who he could overcome to prove his worth. Stated to be a monster who resided far deeper in the abyss of the ways of magic than the sage who taught Felmenia)

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Grand Scale Magicka


Abreq ad HabraHurl Your Thunderbolt Even Unto Death: The most famous and powerful of the holy magics that brings forth the preposterous existence of a divine angel from the astral plane to eradicate demonic and divine existences. The guardian angel which it summons by taking advantage of the divinity’s feat of being forgotten is given momentary access to the world via Suimei and manifests itself as an inorganic bust of a woman behind him. The being then creates a giant thunderstorm and proceeds to pull all of the energy that is electrical in nature from even distant cities and gathers it into a singular area. Afterward it brings forth summons hundreds of thousands of supercharged lightning bolts inside the radius of a magic circle which forms a gigantic pillar, consuming everything in sight and erasing it completely from existence leaving no traces of it in the phase, destroying all the bonds of it with the world and even returning divinities to their conceptualized forms in the astral plane.


Enth AstrarleOh Starry Sky, Fall: A grand-scale star magicka categorized as a wide area expansion spell that makes use of the two magicka styles that are kabbalah numerology and astrology. Its attribute is void, modeled after the invisible and intangible power that exists in the atmosphere known as ether. It borrows the power of the stars, constellations, and the legends engraved in them by humans as well as the dormant seed of power sleeping within humans. Upon activation, a giant ultramarine circle of dazzling light covers the ground as well as the sky and within the circle, countless corresponding smaller magicka are formed which draw out the power of mana and starlight before firing down the starry sky in the form of pillars of light, like a rain of meteoric tears that blows away all sound as the thunderous roar marks their approach. Each holding enough power to individually send giant beasts of the apocalypse into oblivion. It rejects all that should not be in the world, and manifests incredible power against anything that would do the world harm. To put it simply, it is a purifying power near equal in terms of holy power


Azure Engraved Beheading: A grand-scale sky magicka categorized as a wide-area deployment and multiplex convergence spell that fuses the two magicka systems that are kabbalah numerology and weather magicka. It makes use of the void attribute as it takes everything that exists in the void of the air and makes it his power. It forms a massive dazzling azure blade that leaves a blue aurora trail identical to the clear sky. Its activation alone violently shakes the environment and destroys everything that is too brittle to survive its enormous power as it triggers a Mansfield vibration. This magicka is capable of killing conceptual existences like the apparitions in a single slash and vanishing them along denying the twilight. This magicka can also be used to enhance Suimei’s mercurial weapon in the form of “Bless Blade” as well as being capable of being fired as a sort of beam of energy.


Speciosum aureum magnaleThe brilliant golden fortress: Suimei’s most famous defensive spell, a grand-scale a release-type fortified barrier spell. Normally barrier magicka can only be actualized by assembling all the necessary components for the requisite ritual. One has to secure the land where they were to set up the circle and place said components to delineate the boundary. Even other types of reinforcement spells, such as those that created an encampment around the caster, required a certain amount of preparation. However, Yakagi Suimei’s defensive barrier is a grand barrier modeled after the defenses of a castle, so what would normally require tremendous measures and time to prepare, and was constructed in stages that Suimei performed simultaneously and makes full use of. By building the ramparts, the walls, the towers, and all other components of a castle, each with their own effects, and establishing them in their proper place they all came together as key components of a ritual to invoke even more complex magicka, unifying into a single spell in the process allowing him to craft the entire fortress at impossible speeds. The final result is a golden fortress emanating golden light so brilliant that it left an afterimage in one’s eyes. The fortress has multiple layers of magicka circles laying on the ground, and several others rotating in the air. Physical defense, mana defense, dampening, time stagnation, spatial defenses amongst other defenses. And as his fortress, Suimei is free to enter and exit as he pleased, meaning he could launch attacks from within. The real problem comes with the fact that the fortress moves with its caster at its center. Once the barrier is up and complete, shining in all its brilliant glory, the only ones capable of piercing it are probably limited to renowned magicians and the Greed of Ten.

  • Restoration: The most basic of fundamental restoration magic, which doesn't repair anything, but simply returns objects to their previous state.
  • Phantom World: An ability which by weaving together numerals which don’t exist in the real world, creates a place which doesn't exist, an illusory world confined to a single area where everything from the real world is reversed as if reflected in a mirror.
  • Buddhi Karanda Trishna: An ability which sucks all the mana out of the body of its target.
  • Aski-Kataski-Haix-Tetrax-Damnamenus-Aision: A defensive magic that invokes the charm carved out by the moon goddess Diana of Ephesus. This spell defends against curses and is effective against attacks to his astral body. The words Aski-Kataski-Haix-Tetrax-Damnamenus-Aision stands for darkness, light, the land, sunlight, and truth, which protects the user against evil powers from higher dimensions.
  • Kalavinka’s Sweet Voice: An anti-magician magic that nullifies his opponents' abilities. When low ranked magicians are exposed to the higher-order ego, which is Kalavinka's Sweet Voice, the selfishness of their weak ego will run wild and vanish. As a result, the power of mana which is the embodiment of their desires, as well as the means of its use, the control of their spells are all relinquished.
  • Mysterium vis Distortion: At the point in time where a physical phenomenon is decided to occur, it contains all the events that can possibly occur along with their processes and results. All such things will naturally flow towards the most probable outcome, and that result will be brought forth. But by mixing mix in "the components which establish mystical laws", then at that point in time, the result becomes unstable, allowing the user to be able to destabilize their opponents' magic, making their own magic backfire on them.
  • Eye of Danguma: An ability which allows Suimei to be able to hurt beings whose real bodies exist in different dimensions, he used this technique to damage an opponent whose real body existed in the realm of the dead.
  • Nazar Bonjuk: An ability which negates the effects of the evil eye, a curse which crushes all within their line of sight just by looking at them.
  • Astral Shoot: A kind of exorcism magic, which makes use of the ethereal body by taking one’s astral body and extending it to directly strike the opponent’s astral body.
  • Transient Hope: Dark magic in which Suimei uses concentrated malice to attack his opponents, as the attack is literally malice, defenses or shields are useless against it, and the attack also damages his opponent's astral body.
  • Et Factus est Invisibilis Instar Venti: An ability which fires off a countless number of invisible slashes.
  • Liturgical Reduction: A technique of modern magicka used to shorten the activation time of spells as much as to just requiring a the user to remember the spell to activate them.
  • Psychic Chill: An ability inherent to magicians. In battle they unleash their mana which causes the atmospheric temperature to immediately fall below freezing. It also exudes pressure that impedes physical movement, freeze all their targets muscles, and causes fear.

Keys: Weakened Base | Weakened Archiatius Overload | Base | Archiatius Overload


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