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I'm here for you, day or night! Whether it's a fight or a feast, count me in! I feel like I can do anything by your side. I'm counting on you, partner!
~ Yuze

If we can't change the inevitable... At least we should give everyone a chance to die in bliss. Shouldn't that be my duty?
~ Future Yuze


Yuze is a playable protagonist of Guardian Tales. During the events of World 7, Yuze has been longing to become an adventurer ever since she heard of the Guardian's heroic actions in magazines. When she met the Knight in person in Succubus Town, she immediately becomes friends with them and is offered to help find her "true calling" by her teacher, taking a tour around the Succubus Town. She immediately refuses, and sets out with the Knight to get a Skilled Adventurer's certificate to become a real adventurer.

During the events of World 10, Yuze became a member of Heavenhold's resistance squad after the Knight disappeared from her timeline. After seeing that the Champions and even the princess herself was unable to push back against the Invaders for several years, Yuze gave up and started taking refugees to a secret camp, where she would trap them in a state of Dream Therapy until they died. She confronts Future Knight soon after this, and lures her to the camp in an attempt to trap her as well.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, possibly far higher

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Flight, Weapon Mastery (Expert in wielding Tartaros and Ocean Keeper), Acrobatics, Fate Manipulation (The Knight was able to kill Erina before she was meant to be defeated and changed the scenario of the game. Yuze is capable of directly helping the Knight with this), Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of her status as a fictional character), Mind Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Air Manipulation, and Dream Manipulation (A succubus can trap people in Dream Therapy, which does this to the victim), Soul Manipulation (via Spirit Absorption), Technology Manipulation (Wields the Android Controller, which can control robots and other technology), Electricity Manipulation (via Thunder Strike), Fire Manipulation (from Flame of Purification), Durability Negation and Water Manipulation (via Aqua Whirl), Ice Manipulation (From Ice Shock Wave), Sound Manipulation (With Battle Roar), Energy Manipulation (Via Imperial Order), Darkness Manipulation (Via Predator Smash), Empathic Manipulation (Via Heart Breaker), Light Manipulation (via Magiton Chain), Explosion Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (Via Bounce Plasma Grenade and Newton's Apple), Gravity Manipulation (Via Pressure Field), Afterimage Creation (via Akaoni), Homing Attack (Via Autopilot Arrow), Summoning (Although not used in-character, Yuze can spend 300 or 2700 gems to summon a random hero to fight with her, which can vary from Yuze herself, low-class warriors or characters like Lupina and Bari. Can materialize 3 other party members who will disappear at the end of a battle), Statistics Amplification (From Awakening, she can increase her Skill Damage and Attack Damage, Health, Critical Hit Chance, and Damage Reduction. With various cards and merch, she can passively increase her skill and attack damage, health, critical hit chance, make shields that reduce damage, become immune to Doom, decrease damage taken by specific elements, heal all members of the party by hitting an enemy and increase various stats upon killing an enemy), Absorption (Via Blood Sword. As a succubus, she is capable of stealing energy from others. Seeing her stream as a Newtuber or working as a lifeguard can get others to subconsciously donate their energy to her, sometimes to the point of death), Pseudo-Precognition (Whenever an enemy is about to attack, characters get visual cues on where and exactly when they are going to attack, allowing them to dodge or finish their chain skill in time), Paralysis Inducement (Can inflict Airborne, Injured and Downed, which renders the opponent immovable for 2 seconds, even if they have abilities that shouldn't let them be affected by them), Perception Manipulation (Time appears to slow down when characters need to dodge fatal attacks or do something quickly. Yuze retains her speed while doing this), Time Travel (From running, only by using Sohee's invention. Time Travel lets Yuze summon a copy of herself from an alternate timeline to assist in battle), Non-Physical Interaction (Fought ghosts with physical weapons), Resurrection (Can revive herself or other people by using 30 gems + an extra 30 from the amount of times she's revived herself in that specific battle. Yuze can have tens of thousands of gems on hand)

Resistance to basic attacks, Fire Manipulation, Extreme Cold (Can fight in Mt. Shivering, where it is constantly snowing), Extreme Heat (Can fight in the Dungeon Kingdom, where lava is spread around the area. Can take attacks from the Archfiend, who attacks with lava), Energy Absorption (Regularly has her energy taken by other succubi), Disease Manipulation and Transmutation (Can take hits from direct strands of Labose, which do this to the victim)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Fought the Archfiend alongside the Knight and Craig. Her future counterpart is capable of putting up a fight against Future Knight), possibly far higher

Speed: Subsonic (Comparable to the Knight) with Speed of Light attack and reaction speeds (Regularly fights Cursed Towers that attack with beams of darkness. Can contend with Android Mk.99), faster with the Pegasus Sneakers

Lifting Strength: Class 1 to Class 5 regularly (Can easily lift sharks, the average shark weight ranges from 680 to 1,800 kg), higher with the Ogre Glove

Striking Strength: Small Building Class, possibly far higher

Durability: Small Building level, possibly far higher

Stamina: Very high (Usually fights groups and waves of enemies without tiring)

Range: Extended melee range with Tartaros and Ocean Keeper, hundreds of meters with Heart Breaker and fog-bound Dream Therapy

Standard Equipment: Either Tartaros or Ocean Keeper, various cards that give different boosts to the user, an accessory and a spiked club

Optional Equipment: Click this to see a list of all weapons that Yuze can potentially use

Intelligence: Above average

Weaknesses: Dream Therapy can be temporarily interrupted through physical damage, though the victim will go to sleep again shortly after. Earth Manipulation and Light Manipulation

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Everything in this page is what Yuze can potentially access

Spirit Absorption: Every time Yuze hits the enemy, she will takes pieces of their spirit from them, absorbing it and empowering her.

Dark Thunder: Yuze summons dark lightning that strikes the enemy from above, dealing damage and reducing the enemy's resistance to dark-type attacks, while also inflicting Downed.

Aqua Whirl: Yuze rapidly spins Ocean Keeper in a wide area surrounding her. Every hit inflicted by Aqua Whirl reduces the enemy's defense by 20%.

Endurance: When using Aqua Whirl, Yuze increases her defense by 30%. Continuous use of Aqua Whirl incrementally increases her attack speed and movement speed, and Endurance ends when Yuze stops using Aqua Whirl.

CPR: Yuze shocks the enemy's entire body with Dark Thunder straight to their heart to deal massive damage, inflicting Injured on the enemy.

Dream Therapy: Dream Therapy is a state of euphoria where the victim is lulled into a lucid dream and has their energy siphoned from them by the succubus inducing it. Dream Therapy can be inflicted through a fog, physical contact or by looking at the succubus, even through a screen. A succubus can force someone to stay in Dream Therapy until they die of a lack of energy/old age, and can have it active on several people at once, though it is taxing to a succubus' energy to do this for an extensive period of time, actively burning through the energy they're stealing.

Tartaros Passive: Tartaros passively increases the wielder's Crit Hit Chance, defense, health and power. When wielded by Yuze, Heart Breaker decreases the enemy's attack power for 8 seconds.

Ocean Keeper Passive: Ocean Keeper passively increases the wielder's Crit Hit Chance, defense, health and power. When being wielded by Yuze, Ocean Keeper makes Aqua Whirl's range increase by 30%, and increases the attack power of all allies.


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