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Why do I seem like a monster? It’s not that my heart longs for blood, but the indifferent reality, and the harsh truth ... that drives me to kill.
~ Zhong Yue about himself

We humans are naturally weak – our endowments poor and our lifespans fleeting. What I need is not to simply ward off the darkness, but to be the strongest and most powerful human to have ever existed; rather than being a shimmering beacon of hope, I will be the raging fire that blazes the path to glory. I will carve open a way and illuminate a path for humanity to usurp the highest throne in the world, – to make the humans … the supreme leader of all races!
~ Zhong Yue's promise


Zhong Yue is the main character of the Chinese novel Rise of Humanity. He was just a simple member of the small and insignificant Zhong Shan tribe of the Great Wilderness. After a lucky encounter, he acquired a Lamp that holds the Little Flame known as Xin Huo. From this moment on, his destiny was changed and his journey began.

After leaving for the first time the Great Wilderness, he saw how the humans are treated "as nothing more than livestock" for Monster, Demon, and Celestial Race. Seeing all this, Zhong Yue decided to become the raging fire that will blaze the path for Humanity to become the supreme leader of all races.

Power and Stats

Tier: High 7-C, higher with Xiang Dragon Form. Higher as a Vessel for Xin Huo | At least 7-A, likely higher. Higher as a Vessel for Xin Huo | At least 7-A, likely higher. Higher as a Vessel for Xin Huo | At least 7-A, far higher. Higher as a Vessel for Xin Huo | At least 7-A, likely higher. Higher as a Vessel for Xin Huo | At least High 6-A, far higher. Higher as a Vessel for Xin Huo | 4-B, likely higher. Likely 3-B in Hell | At least 4-B, likely far higher. Likely 3-B in Hell. 3-B with Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror | At least 4-B, likely far higher. 3-B in Hell

Dimensionality: 3-D

Power and Abilities

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (His five senses have been enhanced thanks to the cultivation, especially his vision), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense the energy of the world, heaven, and earth; Can sense the aura of others), Regeneration (Low - can heal wounds that will take half a year in just five days), Immortality (Type 2 - can resist to wounds that would be lethal to ordinary humans), Large Size (Type 0 as a Xiang Dragon), Flight (Can visualize the Lightning and Thunderbolt under his legs to use it to fly for a period of time; After assimilating the Xiang Dragon totem within himself, Zhong Yue can run in air and levitate), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with the Visualization of others or his ones; Can interact with essence, souls and spirits), Instinctive Reaction (Thanks to reaching the level of Unconscious Visualization, Zhong Yue can fight without needing to think as every action for him its like breathing), Energy Manipulation (Via Qi, Arcane Energy, Sword Qi, Wood Qi and Essence), Martial Arts, Telekinesis (Using his soul, Zhong Yue can control physical things with it), Durability Negation (Can attack directly the organs through Lightning Qi, Xiang Dragon Qi and shock-waves), Danmaku (Via Sword Qi, Zhong Yue can create hundreds and thousands of attacks at the same time using his Boundless Great Sword Art), Wind Manipulation (His normal punches create shock-waves; In the form of the Xiang Dragon, he can control the wind and clouds), Wood Manipulation (Via Wood Element Sword Qi, Zhong Yue can manipulate the Wood element), Lightning Manipulation (Via Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill, Zhong Yue is able to visualize the Thunderbolt and control it), Size Manipulation (Can increase his size in the Xiang Dragon form to 12.19 meters), Soul Manipulation (By reaching Soul Liberation level, Zhong Yue can manipulate his soul to liberate it from his body to attack directly the soul of others and control things in a telekinetic way), Power Mimicry (Can copy abstract and complex techniques just by seeing them once, including entire fighting arts), limited Reactive Evolution (Become stronger and adapted to the Yin Lightning by being hit by it), Analytical Prediction (He can predict what an opponent will do next by calculating the flow of their blood essences, the shortcomings of their skills, the positions of their Yuan Shen, the weaknesses of their mortal body, their movements, habits and their next points of attack as if he had gone through the same predicament thousands of times that he knew exactly what to do and where to move in order to evade the skills. Furthermore, he can predict through their personalities, thoughts, and even their instincts from dozens of foes at the same time and calculate the changes and results of hundreds of millions of skills at once), Statistics Amplification (Via Jiao Dragon Winding Body Totem Art can strengthen his body; Via Yuling Pellet which increases the speed, the strength, and stamina), Afterimage Creation (Thanks to his speed), Surface Scaling (Thanks to his speed, he can scale walls without falling down), Body Control (Can bend, twist, shift and move his bones, muscles, tendons, and organs to dodge an attack that would be fatal), Forcefield Creation (Xin Huo can create a light barrier around Zhong Yue that will protect him from evil haze, demonic aura, seals and every element that can affect negatively him), Absorption (Via Boundless Great Sword Art can absorb any type of energy and use them for himself by transforming them in Sword Qi), Transformation (Can transform in a Xiang Dragon - a dragon with the bloodline of a dragon, horse, and tiger thus increasing his power, speed, stamina, and potency of Visualizations), Creation (Via Visualization Art and Psyche, Zhong Yue is able to visualize real Jiao Dragons or just parts of it like its claws, head, legs, skin, muscles, and tail; Can visualize the Sui Sovereign into reality; Can visualize clothes, material objects, incorporeal things like air/fire/wind and lighting; Can also visualize other beings like the Xiang Dragon and Sui Sovereign), Aura (Can cover his body in a lightning aura that will attack and intercept attacks. It can be offensive or defensive; In Xiang Dragon form, his presence will release a pressure that will suppress those of inferior bloodline compared to him)

Spiritual Pressure (Resisted to two Mountain Turtle Totems that had the weight of a real mountain each), Aura (Via Xin Huo can repel evil haze, demonic and evil aura; By Visualizing the Sui Sovereign, Zhong Hue can repel Evil Aura, Saint and Heavenly Aura that can pulverize the psyche and the soul), Soul Manipulation (Trained his soul under the Yin Lighting which strikes directly the soul - it has purified his soul and it gained its properties; His soul is protected by Xin Huo making it's resistance comparable to Deities - if anyone tries to enter within his soul Xin Huo will crush it), Mind Manipulation (By visualizing the Sui Sovereign, Zhong Yue can resist and disperse attacks that would affect/attack his mind), Lightning Manipulation (After days of being under the Yin Lightning of the Sky, his resistance increase against this type of attacks), Ice Manipulation (His Beast God Inner Core will protect him from cold and attacks, rendering the frozen effect useless on him), Sealing (Via Xin Huo's Light, Zhong Yue can resist the Seal of Gods), Possession (His body and soul is protected from possession by Xin Huo), Fate Manipulation (His Fate is put in stone thanks to the fact that he made contact with Xin Huo and becoming the one who shoulders half of the fate of the entire Fuxi Race making him one of the two people who have such overpowering amalgamation of fate power integrated in one being resulting in him not being affected by simple fate manipulations)

All previous powers but a lot stronger, Immortality (Type 8 - as long as humans/monsters pray to him, he will revive but it will takes decades to hundreds of years), Weapon Mastery (Master of a multitude of weapons like swords, hooks, whips, hammers, sabers and shields), Telepathy (Can talk [1]), Willpower (His willpower let him resist to charms that affect not only his body but also the psyche and Yuan Shen; Can resist to wounds that would be fatal and rearrange his organs/bones without making any sound), Accelerated Development (By going through rebirth and obtaining the Yuan Shen not once but twice his development increased to a higher degree; By creating a balance between his Sun and Moon with the Sui Sovereign his development, comprehension of capabilities/abilities is further increased), likely Abstract Existence (For Spirits and for the Yuan Shen), Body Control (Can reconnect his blood veins, stem the muscles to stop the bleeding, shift his abdomen and back muscles to rejoin broken ribs and control and close off all his pores), Projection (Can project images from his mind into the air), Earth Manipulation (Via Earth Qi), Water Manipulation (Via Visualization and Jiao Dragons), Fire Manipulation (As he obtained his Spirit - Three Golden Celestial Crow, the Spirit of the Sun, his fire is the fire of Sun itself), Weather Manipulation (His visualization can change the weather, turning the sky dark and gloomy, creating lightning clouds), Light Manipulation (Can create a beam of light from his Divine Third Eye), Information Analysis (Can scan things with his psyche), Information Manipulation (Can absorb, store, organize and transfer to others information ranging from little things to abstruse quintessence as the Totem Forms and Spirits themselves), Soul Manipulation (He fused his soul with the Spirit through rebirth attaining the Atman/Yuan Shen, making him able to interact and attack the Spirits - abstract and ethereal concepts of the World which posses the fundamental knowledge of the Universe. His soul itself fusing with two such spirits - The Great Sun Golden Crow and The Moon Spirit), Faith Empowerment (Via prayers, Zhong Yue can be empowered), Killing Intention Aura (His KI its strong enough to make other cultivators' mind blank, collapse, or to make them cry and tremble in fear), Absorption (Can absorb the Essence of the Moon and Sun via Moon-Sun Yuan Shen to strengthen and recuperate)

Celestial Aura (An aura that imposes holy aura and instills terror), Poison Manipulation (By visualizing the Sui Sovereign, Zhong Yue can smelt away the poison and toxin within his body which attacks the soul and the psyche), Disintegration (Resisted disintegration that affects both his body and Yuan Shen - Soul+Spirit), Mind Manipulation (Can resist to Voice of Succubus which affect directly the psyche and Yuan Shen), Sleep Manipulation (Resisted against a charm that affected his psyche, body and Yuan Shen by visualizing the Sui Sovereign)

All previous powers but a lot stronger, Self-Sustenance (Type 2), Extrasensory Perception (Via Fuxi Divine Third Eye, Zhong Yue is immune to Illusions by allowing him to see the truth of the World and the abstrusities in the totem patters and skills; Can see through the Void), Regeneration (Mid-Low as he can regenerate new skins, repair broken bones and replace dead muscles), Large Size (Type 1 for Yuan Shen which is 61m tall), Dimensional Storage (Via Yuan Shen, an Awakening Cultivator will acquire a dimensional space within their Yuan Shen realms), Power Nullification (Via Mangu Roar), Sound Manipulation (Via Mangu Roar with the Wu Xing Secret Realm), Mind Manipulation (With Mangu Roar, the psyche will be prevented from converting), Disintegration (Via Moon Spirit - Mangu Roar, anything touched by the shockwave will be disintegrated), Life-Death Manipulation (Via Yin Yang Wheel), Gold Manipulation (Via Wu Xing can control the Gold Qi of the Metals)

Spiritual Pressure (By visualizing the Yin Yang Realm, Sui Sovereign, and the Five Wheels, Zhong Yue can resist to spiritual pressure that can disintegrate matter, souls and spirits - Yuan Shen which is an abstract existence), Power Nullification (By visualizing the Yin Yang Realm, Sui Sovereign, and the Five Wheels, Zhong Yue can resist power suppression), Illusion Creation (Via Fuxi Divine Third Eye, Zhong Yue is immune to illusions by allowing him to see the truth of the World and the abstrusities in the totem patterns and skills), Life-Death Manipulation (Via Yin Yang Wheel and Sui Sovereign)

All previous powers but stronger, Regeneration (Low Mid as he can regenerate lost limbs), Immortality (Type 3), Transformation (Can become the Sun Spirit or the Moon Spirit as he reached Atman Body as One), Large Size (Type 1 via Atman Body as One), Size Manipulation (Zhong Yue can manipulate his size to either increase or decrease in the state of Atman Body as One), Body Control (Zhong Yue can control any part of his body to become a weapon that can attack the body and the Yuan Shen), Hair Manipulation (Can control any hair on his body to either attack or defend), Dimensional Travel (Via Golden Feathery Peng Sword, Zhong Yue is capable to breach and attack through Dimensions), Mind Manipulation (Via Wu Xing Secret Realm - Five Sound Rhythm), Godly Aura (Via Golden Feathery Peng Sword which aura will suppress the Yuan Shen and destroy the body), Information Analysis (Can inspect the body, spirit, and soul with his Psyche), Sealing (Via Five Dragon Divine Fire Cage which will seal the foe and then smelt him away; via Unique Leaf, he can seal the Soul with Body and severe the link of Reincarnation), Statistics Amplification (Via Atman Body as One)

Fear Aura, Chaos Aura, Despair Aura (Via Sui Sovereign Visualization), Fire Manipulation (As Atman Body as One, Zhong Yue is Immune), Possession (Via Golden Feathery Peng Sword), Mind Manipulation (Via Sui Sovereign and Wu Xing Secret Realm), Spatial Manipulation (Resisted to Xiao Chuwen’s Inner Core which locked the Dimension around him), Cold Resistance (Extreme resistance to cold effects)

All previous powers but stronger, Longevity, Formidable Willpower (Has resisted to torture that killed him in body, soul and spirit - Yuan Shen, for 700 years, a process that repeated ad infinitum), Large Size (Type 2 via Atman Body as One), Shapeshifting (Full Conversion - can shapeshift in 11,500 God forms), Energy Manipulation (Via Arcane Demonic and Arcane Celestial Energy), Ice Manipulation, Blood Manipulation (Can disrupt the blood essence with shockwaves), Demonic Sunfire Manipulation (When used it will attach itself to the target, infecting it like a parasite and cannot be extinguished. The only way to put it down it's the absence of fuel - spirit, soul and Yuan Shen), Sealing (Via God Sealing Charm that will form a Demonic God apparition), Dimensional Travel (His Ghost Sword can travel to other dimensions and attack from there, rendering defensive means useless), Spatial Manipulation (Via Moon Spirit's Moonlight, Zhon Yue can disrupt the dimensional stability - making his foes to be pulled at the same time in six different directions; Can freeze the Dimension, Body, and Yuan Shen), Transformation (Can transform in the Fuxi Form which increases all his power exponentially for 15 minutes), Statistics Amplification (Via Worshiping the Nine), Matter Manipulation (Can decompose matter into pure energy)

Power Nullification (Via Sui Sovereign Visualization), Empathic Manipulation (Via Sui Sovereign Visualization), Matter Manipulation (Can resist to Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art which decompose matter into pure energy), Sealing (Via Dragon Shears)

All previous powers but a lot stronger, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense attacks from other Dimensions), Regeneration (Mid - can regenerate from decapitation or having half of his body blow), Large Size (Type 3, in Fuxi Form he's 3048 meters tall), Size Manipulation (Can become the size of a particle), Avatar Creation (Can create avatars that have 10% percent of his total power), Regeneration and Immortality-Negation (Via Dragon Shears can negate the regeneration of body, spirit, and soul - Up to Mid-Godly and Types 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7), Power Nullification (Via Dragon Shears can nullify skills/technique and attacks; Can also nullify energy and the psyche), Statistics Amplification (Via Worshiping the Gods; Via fusing with his two Incarnation thus his power will increase 20%), Statistics Reduction (Via Worshiping the Gods; With Tai Chi Force Field - arcane energy reserves, blood essence, and cultivation base. All will go toward Zhong Yue to sustain the Force Field), Sound Manipulation (Via Kui Long Divine Drum, can use sound waves to defend or attack), Mind Manipulation (Can attack the mind), Memory Manipulation (Can read memories), Attack Reflection (Via Yin Yang Demon Celestial Style), Body Puppetry (Via Worshiping the Gods, Zhong Yue can refine other beings in puppets for his use), Teleportation (Via Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture can teleport anywhere on his Solar System), Fusionism (Can become a part of the Heaven and Earth), Aura (His aura alone passively crush the Void around him, making the Dimension to tremble)

Sealing (Via Xuan Yin Hundred Banner Array Formation), Corrosion Inducement and Paralysis Inducement (Can resist to such effects including if it were to affect the soul and spirit)

All previous power but a lot stronger, Regeneration (Low Godly as long as his soul survives), Body Control (Zhong Yue own blood will fly back within his body of its own accord), Energy Manipulation (Can disrupt other's internal energy to make them explode), Spatial Manipulation (Can pierce and cut through space to ignore distance), Gravity Manipulation (Through Metamagnetic Divine Saber, Zhong Yue can manipulate the attractions forces), Soul Manipulation (His soul attacks can overpower a Hell Judge who can casually suck millions of souls and destroy them; His eyes will make the Yuan Shen to be harmed and sucked in Hell), Mind Manipulation (Can attack directly the mind with his Moon Tide; With his Sabers' Will, Zhong Yue can attack the Mind, Soul and Spirit to kill his foes), Sound Manipulation (Zhong Yue's voice can drag the soul in Hell), Life Manipulation (Can erode the life essence with Dao Crusher), Spatial Freeze (Can freeze beings in space including their psyche, energy, totem pattern, and even the Yuan Shen with the Tai Chi Art; Via Dao Breaker can slow the space to an almost halt), Curse Manipulation (Via The Great Ritual of Sealing Abdication), Duality Manipulation (Can separate and combine the Yin and Yang - Balance, Light and Dark, Celestial and Demon; Can make use of Yin and Yang to halt the Yuanshen; Can make excessive Yin to produce Yang and reverse; Every attack exhibit the multitudinous transformations between the elements of demon and celestial; Yin and Yang), Statistics Amplification (In Fuxi True Form, his power is boosted at least five times; In Hell his power is above even that of a Deity Emperor), BFR (Can send the Yuanshen of others in Hell with his eyes), Summoning (Can summon the soul of the dead for interrogation with Drums of Dusk), Disintegration (Zhong Yue's energy can disintegrate matter and even the Yuan Shen), Homing Attack, Sealing (With just a lift of his palm, Zhong Yue can seal others within his Inner Core using the gravitational power of the Core; Via Six Soul Banner), Dimensional Travel (Can travel through Dimensions to either move or hide), Absorption (Zhong Yue can cast a Six Path Reincarnation skill that will absorb the Yuan Shen with an eye contact), Power Nullification (Via Dao Crusher can nullify and destroy skills), Immortality-Nullification (Via Dao Crusher can nullify the Reincarnation), Regeneration-Nullification (Via Dao Crusher up to Low Godly), Saber Presence (His saber presence will passively nullify skills; Can instantly strike wherever his Saber's Presence is - via Sun Burst), Aura (He's strong enough that he passively creates supernatural phenomena like the shocking the earth, mountain shattering, lightning descending and the void sparking), Pressure (Via Worshipping the Gods, he can crush foes to a bloody fog; Can suffocate others with his aura), Killing Intent (His Killing Intent has grew enough that it had an qualitative change which let him to directly strike one's Psyche Ocean and Yuan Shen), Transformation (His Fuxi Form will grant him a power 5 times)

Soul Manipulation (His soul it's stronger than the soul of Hell Judges who can casually suck millions of souls and destroy them), Law Manipulation (Resisted and overpowered the Law of Heaven and Earth after comprehending the Six Paths of Reincarnation; Via Dao Crusher), Power Nullification (The only way to nullify Zhong Yue skills is to win against him in calculations), Probability Manipulation (Can suppress passively with his Yang Energy the Bad Luck induced by Bai Canghai), Sound Manipulation (Can resist to Zither Master whose use of music and sound can make others bleed, be crushed in Yuan Shen and hypnotize it)

All previous power but a lot stronger, Willpower (Immense willpower as he resisted to 30 billion years of reincarnation and death - his heart remained unchanged), Large Size (In True Fuxi Form he is 54864m), Attack Reflection (Passive reflection on the Fuxi Form via Dragon Scales that reflect all skills and techniques, even the weaknesses of his foe will be reflected on his scales), Transformation (With just a thought Zhong Yue can ascend to Deity realm increasing his power qualitatively), Fear Manipulation (Via his Killing Intent he can instill permanent fear and freeze his opponents minds), Statistics Amplification (By conversing his Arcane Energy in Innate Qi, it will boost his power 3.5 times but only for 3 attacks), Dimensional Travel (Via Bi Xie Rhino Carriage and through his prowess by breaking the dimensional walls), Instinctive Reaction (Zhong Yue has reached a stat that let him be infinitely near Dao which let his body to act subconsciously to threats), Energy Manipulation (His Celestial Cultivation base had turned into the Innate Celestial Qi, the Demon Cultivation base turned into the Innate Demon Qi, the Great Sun Golden Crow’s Pure Yang Qi into the Innate Tai Yang Qi, and the Star Toad’s Pure Yin Qi into the Innate Tai Yin Qi), Duality Manipulation (Can reverse the Yin with Yang and Yang with Yin - the reversal of Yin Yang with inverted Tai Chi Art), Sealing (Via Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror), Size Manipulation (Via Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror), Dimensional Attack (Via Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror which can destroy endless dimensions with its light; His own attacks can destroy the dimension), Duplication (Can create millions of incarnation of himself within his Psyche Ocean to increase his simulation and experimentation on skills, totem patterns, abstrusities, or to gain experience by making them battle), Power Nullification (Via Tai Chi Art)

Black Hole Creation (Is not affected by a black hole)

All previous power but a lot stronger, Extrasensory Perception (If someone tries to manipulate or calculate/predict his fate, he will sense it and find their location, even if they are in another dimension), limited Precognition (Thanks to his realm, his perception of space and time has changed making him sometimes feel like he had already experienced things while in reality he hasn't. It's thanks to the his Time Dao that allow him to glance in the future from time to time, thus causing him to mistake the future for the past), Immortality (Type 4 via Nine Lives Black Wok Mushroom and Great Six Path Reincarnation; Type 6 - Gods can parasite other beings if their body is destroyed and take over it), Second True Body (As he became a Deity, he shed his mortal body and Yuan Shen gaining another "him" naming him Gue Yue), Supernatural Luck (Zhong Yue's fortune/luck is so great that it affects even those around him, as it boosted the fortune of Emperor Xian Tian for which he works. His fortune can even overwhelm others by devouring it and in the end, nothing will be accomplished for them and everything will become his), Large Size (Type 5 as can become the size of a planet), Acausality (Type 2, as after Great Si Ming destroyed his Imperial Star, it made his past or future Fate to not be possible altered/controlled by others or even the will of Heavens. Not even the Chaos Gods can alter or see his fate anymore and they are beings who exist beyond time, space, past, present, and future), Nonexistent Interaction (Via Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture), Dimensional Attacks (His fist attacks shatter the dimension around turning it to dust; With Lei and Universe word of the Dao's Language; His saber attacks can dive in and out of endless dimensions making impossible to evade them), Energy Projection (Can launch energy beams by flicking his fingers), Fusionism (Can merge himself into seals and become a part of them), Vibration Manipulation (Can transform himself into a giant while his hands into a drum as two innate Qi will turn into Yin and Yang drumsticks beating it. Each beat will release shockwaves that will crack the dimension apart), Weather Manipulation (Via Lei and Tide), Forcefield Creation (Can create an innate forcefield from his Innate Inner Core to block attacks and defend), Regeneration and Immortality-Negation (Can create seals that will permanently stop the ability to regrow parts and even crush the immortality), Creation (Can create five giant claws, made from Innate Yin, Yang, Divine, Demonic and Dao Yi Qi which will tear the dimension apart), Teleportation (Can modify the trajectory of teleportation of others making them reach another place than the one intended), Clairvoyance (Via Mirror Art), Avatar Creation (Via One Fission Mystic Art - can create up to two millions of incarnations), Body Puppetry (Via Dao Worshiping Technique), Shapeshifting and Biological Manipulation (Via Sky Clouding Sun Changing Art), Statistics Amplification (Via Stone Sentinel Maze - his realm will increase to that of a Deity Emperor but needs other beings to supplement him with the energy to reach such a level; Thirty-three Layers of Heaven Da Yao Scripture - it will boost his realm for a time to the Deity Emperor realm by granting him the energy of 33 Heavens; Fire Spirits - pseudo-innate Gods who made a contract with him which let him to summon them from within his Six Path Wheels of Reincarnation to increase his power to that of a Deity Emperor; Great Six Path Reincarnation - it will increase his power to that of a Monarch), Resurrection (With the word Revival of the Dao Language; With Great Six Paths of Reincarnation he can revive himself and others without limit), BFR (Via Great Six Path Reincarnation), Anti-Sealing (Via Yu word of the Dao's Language which will loosen all seals), Attack Reflection (Via Art of Dao Reflection), Mind Manipulation (Can manipulate 60 million Insect Gods like each one is another arm for him; Via Immortal Divine Psyche), Soul Manipulation (Via Three Eyes Heavenly Pupils and Dao Song of Dragon and Snake), Information Analysis (His Innate Divine Saber can be used like a mirror that once it's shine the saber surface on someone, it will show their deepest cultivation secrets, their flaws and openings, the Dao they cultivated, their Yuan Shen and mortal body, everything will be exposed), Karma Manipulation (Can manipulate the Karmic cause and effect: Can sew a karmic line to someone and will gain full control over them), Power Nullification (Via Dao Song of Dragon and Snake and Daoless Heaven), Disintegration, Sealing, Life Manipulation (Via Daoless Heaven), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can manipulate his Six Path Reincarnations in his body which is 6 worlds on itself. He can accelerate the time that a few days within the real world would be equivalent to a thousand of years), Time Manipulation (Within his Six Path Reincarnations; Can attack others in the future from the present; Via Wings of Time, Time Reincarnation, Time Acceleration), Time Stop (Can stop the time where a second would be equal with 1000 years via Time Wings), Spatial Manipulation (His sheer speed alone will crumble the space itself; Via Space Wings, Space Secret Realm and Space Dao Dimension), Fate Manipulation (Thanks to his computation ability and his Karmic Web formed from his knowledge and wisdom, he can integrate others in it to manipulate their fate through the consequences of Cause and Effect), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 by controlling different Daos as everything in the universe is a manifestation of the Dao in a way or another; Be it a simple stand of grass to the abstract concept of space, time, yin, yang, mountain, heaven, human, earth, etc. Zhong Yue can do this through the Dao Mastered by himself; His Dao Crusher can prevent the Daos from connecting ever again), Existence Erasure (Via Heavenly Vow), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 1 - Can manipulate the existence and non-existence of himself by his will within the Seven Path Reincarnation), Aura (Zhong Yue's aura will attack others mentally, creating a pressure that will make Zhong become larger and larger as time passes, making others to hesitate, to miss their attacks, to feel like an eternity has passed, losing themselves into it), Godly Aura (As a God, his aura changed qualitatively and from this moment it can suppress the psyche and Yuan Shen, rendering the use of mind/spirit+soul unable to be utilized. The aura will also turn the surroundings space into a void one without a trace of power or energy; It will disintegrate the Body and Yuan Shen, not even space and dimension itself are safe from it. It will seal the vision and visual powers), Killing Intention (His Killing Will, will make anyone who feels it to fall into the abyss and start to hallucinate. They will see nothing but darkness, hear nothing but the spirits and souls howling, struggling and sinking deeper and deeper into it. Their souls will twist and slowly writer under the Killing Will, making then even go berserk and wanting nothing more than blood including inducing fear; His Killing Will is intense enough that it will seep in his target body, locking down their Yuan Shen and Mortal Body while at the same time silencing their skills)

Pain Manipulation (Can dismantle the sense of pain in his body and Yuan Shen), Empathic Manipulation (Resisted to the Evil Tome which attacked one with poverty, bitterness, difficulties, sadness, pain, back luck and every other negative emotion that can affect a person), Precognition and Future Sight (Via Nine Step Plough Cracker), Fate Manipulation (Can resist and counter the integration and manipulation of Consort Ti Si on his Karmic Cause and Effect; As he no longer can be affected by Fate, only he himself can create it thanks to Great Si Ming who destroyed his Imperial Star. Not even the Chaos Gods can alter or see his future anymore who are beings who exist beyond concept of time, space, past, present or future), Analytical Prediction (Not even Tian Yi can calculate his future who can control all Daos in the world and is capable to calculate everything in the past and the future through the Daos’ cycle), Time Stop (Can move even under the effect of a time stop), Power Nullification, Disintegration, Sealing, Life Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 - Can resist against the Daoless Heaven Drums which will shatter Dao within the body, rot the body, eliminate the life essence and suppress all kind of techniques, seals, powers, bloodlines, the Yuan Shen and the Daos via Sui Sovereign True Form and by borrowing the power of the Fire Spirits; Resisted and reverted back to his normal state of existence after being converted to Dao thanks to his Monarch mentality), Illusion Creation (Has broken through over 10 million layers of illusions), Soul Manipulation (Has resisted to attacks from the Ghost Master Gui Youmin who could control countless and infinite spirits/wraiths)

Attack Potency: Large Town level (His visualization, the Jiao Dragon's Roar had rocked mountains; After acquiring the Beast God Inner Core his power increase twofold and after reaching the perfection of combining his Psyche, Soul, and Body his attacks are ten times more potent), higher with Xiang Dragon Transformation. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely higher (Can vaporize an entire lake and melted a mountain). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely higher (Casually pulverized an island and is a lot stronger than his previous state). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level (Is several times stronger than his previous state as he reached Atman Body as One), likely Far Higher. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely higher (As he can contend with True Spirits cultivators and nothing under Imminent Deity realm can fight equally with him). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Multi-Continent level, far higher (Can one-shot beings that are 1000 miles, fought with several hundreds of beings that view the Golden Peng as an ant at the same time and defeated Shi Buyi, the strongest Imminent Deity cultivator). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Solar System level, likely higher (Can destroy the Lei Zhe Dragon and it's Lei Zhe Sun with a single Saber slash). Multi-Galaxy level in Hell (In Hell his power is amplified beyond even a Deity Emperor cultivator whose body holds within six Galaxies) | At least Solar System level, far higher (Can one-shot beings that could have one-shot him in the previous realm and can stall for a period of time True Gods). Multi-Galaxy level in Hell (In Hell his power is amplified beyond even a Deity Emperor cultivator). Multi-Galaxy level (Via Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror which can hurt Creator Gods) | At least Solar System level, far higher (Can one-shot beings that could have one-shot him in the previous realms). Multi-Galaxy level in Hell (In Hell his power is amplified to that of a Monarch cultivator)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Able to cross distances of millions of feet in a split second and attack at the same speed). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Massively Hypersonic+ with Speed of Light Reactions. Speed of Light with Pure Yang and Yin Sword Qi (Beams of Light which moves at the speed of light). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Massively Hypersonic+ (Far faster than Xiao Chuwen) with Speed of Light Reactions. Speed of Light with Pure Yang and Yin Sword Qi (Beams of Light which moves at the speed of light). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Massively Hypersonic+ with Speed of Light Reactions. Speed of Light with Pure Yang and Yin Sword Qi (Beams of Light which moves at the speed of light). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Massively Hypersonic+, likely higher (Faster than before) with Speed of Light Reactions. Speed of Light with Pure Yang and Yin Sword Qi (Beams of Light which moves at the speed of light). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Massively Hypersonic+, likely higher with Speed of Light Reactions. Speed of Light with Pure Yang and Yin Sword Qi (Beams of Light which moves at the speed of light). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Massively FTL+ (Can cross the Bridge of Helplessness in half a day). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Massively FTL+ (Can transverse few hundreds galaxy in 6 months) | Massively FTL+ (Faster than his previous key, even space itself would shatter thanks to his sheer speed). Immeasurable via Thousand Winged Divine Ship (It can go through endless dimensions, in future or past, to other timelines and even reach the Dao World which exist beyond the concepts of the world, be them the five elements, the duality of Yin and Yang, the concepts of time and space, etc)

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Can lift an object that weight tens of thousands of kilograms). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Class T (Able to lift a lake that had the mass of a mountain). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Class P (Able to lift the Golden Feathery Peng Sword which can become even heavier than mountains and the ocean). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Class P. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Class P. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Class E (Via Size and able to overpower beings of this level of prowess). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Class E (Via Size and able to overpower beings of this level of prowess). Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Stellar (Can throw a couple of Suns) | Galactic (His Six Wheels each are a Solar System and they are within himself which is stated to increase his weight at the same time. He's able to fight with that much mass)

Durability: Large Town level, higher with Xiang Dragon Transformation. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely higher. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely higher. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely Far Higher. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Mountain level, likely higher. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | At least Multi-Continent level, far higher. Higher with Xin Huo using his body as a Vessel | Solar System level, likely higher (Can destroy the Lei Zhe Dragon and it's Lei Zhe Sun with a single Saber slash). Multi-Galaxy level in Hell (In Hell his power is amplified beyond even a Deity Emperor cultivator whose body holds within six Galaxies) | At least Solar System level, far higher (Can one-shot beings that could have one-shot him in the previous realm and can stall for a period of time True Gods). Multi-Galaxy level in Hell (In Hell his power is amplified beyond even a Deity Emperor cultivator). Multi-Galaxy level (Via Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror which can hurt Creator Gods) | At least Solar System level, far higher (Can one-shot beings that could have one-shot him in the previous realms). Multi-Galaxy level in Hell (In Hell his power is amplified to that of a Monarch cultivator)

Stamina: High - Run for 10 days without stopping | A lot higher as he fought with several hundreds of cultivators while running thousands of miles | Higher, fought with several hundreds of Rebirth cultivators, 48 of Awakening cultivators for a distance of ten thousands of miles for several days without stopping | Higher than his previous one | Higher than his previous one | Higher than his previous one | Higher than his previous one | Almost limitless as he fought for 8 months without pausing creating continuously techniques and skills, not even once using the same one again | Higher than his previous self

Range: A few miles with attacks. Around 500-600 km with his Psyche Sensing which can reach the depths of the Moon's mantle | Thousands of kilometers | Thousands of kilometers | Thousands of kilometers | Thousands of kilometers | Thousands of kilometers, possibly Planetary. Galactic with Teleportation | At least Stellar, likely Interplanetary. Galactic with Teleportation | At least Stellar, likely Interplanetary. Galactic with Teleportation | Interdimensional (His attacks and abilities can bypass countless dimensions while his Great Six Path of Reincarnation can BFR opponents in another parallel universe. At the same time he can go the Void World which is stated to be a World that exist in a higher dimension but this is more of him bypassing the concept of space through the Space Dao and not him traversing an universal distance)

Standard Equipment:

Xin Huo (Looks like a doll that is only one-inch tall but it's actually a flame made by the Sui Sovereign using a Galaxy as a foundation. He is the teacher of all Fuxi who become the successors of the Heavenly Sovereign. Can sense the soul of others, see the hidden quintessence of the world, crush and protect souls, create barriers, and posses Zhong Yue to increase his power), Copper Lamp (The Lamp of Xin Huo which was made from an entire galaxy - holds within 310 billion Suns and trillions of stars), Yuling Pellet (Pills that increase the speed, strength, and stamina letting a cultivator to survive without food and water for half a month and to cultivate for 3 days without any rest), Dragon Scale Sword and Scabbard (Using it, his Spring Thunder Sword Skill power increase more than twice in potency), Beast God Inner Core (A core of a dead Beast God that has nigh-limitless energy which Zhong Yue uses to augment his power and as a battery for his attacks; being essence it has no material form), Fang Blade (A fang of a pseudo-Beast God that is 5.18 meters long. It has the aura of divinity around it)

Golden Feathery Peng Sword (A feather turned into a Sword which can increase its size and weight - can reach the size of 914.4 meters and can become even heavier than mountains and the ocean)

Kui Long Cowhide (The hide of an Immortal Martial Master which can block attacks of any kind of Heavenly Dharma Cultivators)

Unique Leaf (A leaf that can seal the Soul with Body and sever the link of Reincarnation), Demon God Contracted Puppet (A demonic puppet that will summon a true Demonic God from the Void World, a higher dimension not bound by the concept of space and time that will fulfill two wishes)

Ghost Sword (A sword that will attack from another dimension rendering any means of defense useless)

Kui Long Divine Drum (Drum that can use sound wave attacks)

Scale Mirror (Can perceive the weaknesses and flaws of others)

Bi Xie Rhino Carriage (A carriage pulled by 4 magical beasts that can crush the walls of dimensions between reality and hell), Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror (A sacred world in the form of a mirror that has a complete Six Path of Reincarnation within it; it can be used to seal foes within its Six Paths; it can even distort the dimensional space and shrink overly large-sized objects), Goddess Shen Hou’s divine blood (A divine blood of the Goddess Shen Hou who created the Reincarnation)

Imperial Charm (A imperial-level skill charm of the Luli Clan's Heavenly Monarch which contains an immeasurable power within it. It will destroy and reduce anything within its radius of a million miles to atoms), Stone Sentinel Maze (An artifact created by Zhong Yue which is made from 8 Scrolls - Qian, Zhen, Kan, Gen, Kun, Xun, Li, and Dui, each were different elements and thus, had different powers and uses. Once used in combination with his Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art, it will increase his prowess at that of a Creator realm cultivator), Thousand Winged Divine Ship (A divine ship created by Great Si Ming and the Deity Kings of the Dark Age, a godly weapon that can travel between endless dimensions and the Dao World, other timelines and even to the past or to the future), Nine Lives Black Wok Mushroom (A saint herb that can substitute the death of the owner as long as the death is not a destined one. It will absorb the death from the user for a total of nine times but Zhong Yue can only used it for seven times)

  • Optional Equipment: Coral Tree (Eighteen extremely sharp Sword Qi that would shoot out and dance in the air like willow tree branches - acquired in Rebirth key), God Sealing Charm (A sealing charm of the Xiao clan - acquired in Inner Core key)

Can Create/Summon: With Visualization, Zhong Yue can create anything as long as he comprehends it with his Intelligence. Can visualize cloths, material normal objects, statues, elements like fire, water, rain, wind, and even the Yin Lightning which can attack the soul. Visualize real Jiao and Xiang Dragons and even the Sui Sovereign. Can summon a Demonic God from the Void World to fulfill two wishes

Intelligence: Zhong Yue will make use of anything he has at his hand to defeat his foes by deploying hidden attacks using his body, other attacks, or even the environment as he is both ruthless and calculated. His perception is stated by Xin Huo to be comparable to Pure-Blood Fuxi. He is able to merge techniques to creates new ones. Can comprehend techniques and find their hidden secrets in several days while for others geniuses take them years and years. Just from a few sentences, he was able to deduce almost everything about a person he just had met, from information about herself to her teacher, her father, and even about a mythical creature. Can control at the same time thousands of sword silks each performing and creating a total of 20 Sword Art. In a short period of time was able to see and comprehend the secrets behind the Reverse opening of the Five Path Realms. Is able to calculate by using the emotions/muscles movements/personalities/skills/soul and spirit after a few seconds in a fight, what his foes will do and predict their moves, incoming skills and understand their techniques to find their weaknesses from dozens of enemies at the same time and formulated hundreds of millions of situations. Can calculate the mass/velocity/trajectory/movement of an entire Solar System (everything within it, be asteroids/planets/stars/etc) for the next 76 years and even reach to calculate the 4th Dimension (time) of it. Can calculate and predict the Karma (Cause and Effect) of an entire Universe.

Weaknesses: None notable


  • Learned in a few hours the Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization which it's complexity was beyond imagination, being millions of times harder than the Sword Gate Visualization Art.
  • Had learned the Boundless Sword Art in just ten days, a technique with countless totem carvings stated to be unfathomably complex.
  • Zhong Yue achieved the state of “subconscious visualization” where one would subconsciously visualize without the intention of doing so, in just ten days while other geniuses it takes them years. Then after half a month, he achieved the state of “unconscious visualization” that was much more complicated than the state of “subconscious visualization”. This visualization it's done without any thoughts like how humans breathe.
  • Can unleash the strength of his Psyche, Soul, and Body in perfect coordination and combine them into brutal power that will increase its effects ten times. This "swiftness" is categorized under the art of killing - a pure art of killing.
  • His mastery of lightning let his mere flicker of finger creates Jiao Dragons which are no weaker than any soul weapon.
  • Can bend and twist his body in such a way that it looks like its broken (including the neck), dislocate his bones (including ribs and backbone) away from their original position, and stretched his tendons to move his muscles. It can also shift the original position of his internal organs so the bones would not crash and inflict any damage to them. Can control his autonomic muscles to stem the bleeding, reconnecting the dismembered flesh, skin, and veins to keep the blood flowing.
  • Thanks to his powerful body, Zhong Yue can use his legs to stomp heavily in the air to compress the air within a thirty feet (9.14 meters) radius to create tangible platforms.
  • His punches airwaves can compress earth to be denser than metals.
  • Can fight for six months without stopping and not using the same technique a second time.
  • Can control at the same time thousands of sword silks each performing and creating a total of 20 Sword Arts.
  • Has devoured the Moon Spirit to have it as his second Spirit, thus becoming someone with a Twin Spirit - Sun and Moon.
  • Has fought for a distance of ten thousand miles with hundreds of Rebirth cultivators, 48 Awakening, survived versus an Atman cultivator, tricked an Inner Core cultivator, and escaped from a Heavenly Dharma one.
  • Has reached the level of Simplicity. Simplicity is the ultimate manifestation of the complex world, and the greatest skills were done in the simplest moves. The simplest moves contained the strongest powers, way more terrifying than the marvelous-looking skills! The attacks may appear simple and crude, but these attacks contained the true mysteries of the skills and techniques.
  • Can simulate all his techniques within his Psyche to find their flaws and weaknesses. Zhong Yue will disperse them and what has left behind will be the totem patterns that formed the skills. They will clash against one another, reforming into different shapes and permutations, trying to come together as a new skill.
  • Compress and learned information that would normally take to a cultivator's tens of years to learn in several days.
  • Can break techniques through sheer and pure skill. Striking the center of balance and hitting on the core of the attacks to redirect the opponent’s strengths back onto themselves.
  • Zhong Yue has reached the level of Gods while being just a Heavenly Dharma cultivator making his attacks flawless, fighting without a flaw in his skills.
  • Even if a character has no flaws or weaknesses, Zhong Yue attacks will create one.
  • His Dragon Shears can nullify other skills, even cutting off the arcane energy, blood essence. and psyche along with it.
  • Can create in mid-fight new skills, techniques to deal with his foes.

A blog with Skill Feats done by Zhong Yue

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Visualization: Visualization is the main way the characters from Rise of Humanity use their powers, attacks, energy, etc. To be able to visualize, a character also needs an Art to do it, and depending on its complexity of abstrusities and quintessence, the visualization will be more potent increasing its potency of power. To be able to visualize also depends on the comprehension and intelligence of a character. When the psyche was highly focused, it could manifest the visualizations. If one visualized the Jiao Dragon, a Jiao Dragon would be created, if one visualized the thunderbolt, it would bear the immense power of the thunderbolt.

Visualization has three stages:

  • Normal Visualization when one thinks of what he/she wants to manifest.
  • Subconscious Visualization requires someone to be able to maintain visualizations subconsciously, blending his/her visualization with his/her conscious, just like how it is a natural thing for humans to eat, drink and sleep.
  • Unconscious Visualization which is the hardest of the three is to be able to maintain visualizations unconsciously, it's done without any thoughts like how humans breathe.

Visualization is also known as the Actualization Of Virtuality where one can turn the virtual into real, materializing the virtual psyche into worldly phenomena.

The Art that Zhong Yue comprehended is Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art, stated to be millions of times harder than the Sword Gate Visualization Art.

  • Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art: It's the cultivation method created by the Sui Sovereign - The Heavenly Sovereign of the Universe. It not only nourished the soul but also trains the Psyche. Using it, Zhong Yue's soul transformed in the form of Sui Sovereign - head of a dragon, torso of a human, and his legs being replaced by a snake tail. His Psyche Ocean also created the Flame Order Palace and a Fire Tree before it.
    • Can strengthen his speed and body by visualizing himself as the Sui Sovereign or it being a separate being. Sui Sovereign reaching 100 feet (30.48 meters) in height.
    • By visualizing it, the soul can be healed and regenerated.
  • Sword Gate Visualization Art: Is a cultivation method thought to all Sword Gate's disciples. It nourishes the soul.
  • Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill: By visualizing the thunderbolt totem he can use in multiple ways. His thunderbolt resembles a tree, shining with rays of lightning that descend from the skies or directly from his body. It has twelve different types of thunder totem carvings.
    • Can be used to fly by visualizing it under his legs and ride it.
    • Can form the Spring Thunderbolt in his hands like a spear.
    • Can directly use it to strike his foes.
  • Million Lightning Strike: By pressing his hand on the head of foes, Zhong Yue will send countless rays of lightning within the target that will shot then out from its target eyes, nose, ears, and slice into pieces and scorch the brain killing him.
  • Dragon Blood Sword Scabbard: Just by unsheathing it, a sword ray will be launched from it that will slice through the air and flew a few miles.
  • Boundless Great Sword Art: Learned by a chance after being lent the Geng Jin Sword Qi Art token which in fact was the Boundless Sword Art token. Thanks to his soul divine third-eye of the Sui Sovereign, Zhong Yue is able to see the hidden abstruse secrets of the thirty-six totems which in fact form only one sword totem. Its know as the most abstruse technique of the Sword Gate and only taught to the next Headmaster. It's stated to be unfathomably complex thanks to its countless totem carvings. The foundation of the Sword Qi is visualization.
    • Using it, Zhong Yue is able to absorb the energy from nature, heaven, and earth to manifest them into Sword Qi.
    • Lightning Jiao Dragon Sword Qi – a combination of twelve thunder totems, eight Jiao Dragons, and countless sword carving. It creates realistic lightning Jiao Dragons that transform in rays of thunderous sword energy that will pulverize even the immaterial totems.
    • Xiang Dragon Sword Qi – using the essence of the Beast God will create Sword Qi that has increased power. It can pierce foes and ravage the inside of the body.
    • Wood Element Sword Qi – after absorbing some Qi from Qiu Jiu'er's body. Zhong Yue can create a seedling that can burrow underground to hide and attack his foes as they transform in Sword Qi. Its power can shatter the body of monsters. It can also transform into a Tree Sword to be used. It can create thousands of tree branches to attack. Its power is equivalent to a Qi Practitioner.
  • Sword Cocons Art: A sword art technique that Zhong Yue learned after fighting once with Tyriad Mother.
  • Xuan Wu Gold Spirit Shield: A defensive techniques that create shields around the user. Thanks to reaching the unconscious stage, the technique is passive.
  • Sixty Four Sword Styles: A sword technique that used sword silks which follows an arithmetic progression; the 1st sword style required the manipulation of one sword silk, two sword silks for the 2nd style, and so on. Art that focuses on finesse and subtlety, emphasizing its various permutations and transformations. It requires an extraordinary ability for calculation and control; without such endowments, it would be useless despite how much one practices.

  • Xiang Dragon Form: Absorbing the essence of the Beast God Core, Zhong Yue will transform in a Xiang Dragon, a being of the monster race. His size increasing to 18 feet high (5.48 meters). As a result, Zhong Yue has to visualize the Sui Sovereign 24h even when sleeping otherwise the Xiang bloodline will take over his human one and transform him permanently into a monster creature.
    • The size of a Jiao Dragon can now reach 1000 feet long (304.8 meters).
    • In this form all his powers are stronger thanks to his Psyche being more potent.
    • His normal speed in this form is faster than when his Human form is going all out and riding the lightning.
    • His control over lightning is better as the Xiang Dragon is an innate beast that controls the clouds, wind, and lightning.
    • By visualizing the Xiang Dragon totem and merging with it, his power will increase almost twofold.
    • Thanks to his speed in this form, Zhong Yue can run in the air.
    • Can increase his size to forty feet (12.19 meters).
    • Thanks to his Xiang Dragon's bloodline, his aura will release a pressure that will suppress others who have an inferior bloodline compared to him.
  • Geng Jin Sword Qi Art: A sword art that has thirty-six sword totem carvings that all Qi Practitioner learn. Zhong Yue was an exception as he got it through luck by befriending Qiu Jin'er.
  • Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms: Zhong Yue acquired the complete art from Ao Fenglou. There were already 236 totem carvings in total that only depicted just the blood, flesh, veins, bones, membranes, skin, appearance, and soul of the Jiao Dragon Totem Carving. Obtaining the complete totem carvings of the Jiao Dragon does not mean that you have elucidated its quintessence. The quintessence of this skill is on the aspect of movements and controls! These three aspects are the most important part of the skill. There are a total of 108 types of visualization pictures in the Jiao Dragon’s movements and a total of 36 visualization pictures in the Jiao Dragon’s idling. Together, there are 144 quintessences. Whereas for control, it literally means control, how you control your skill, and how to unleash the full power of this skill. The specialty of the Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms its ‘flexibility’, although there were a hundred and forty-four Jiao Dragon forms, one could derive a myriad of permutations and combinations of skills from that foundation of skills, creating increasingly more powerful and complex skills!
  • Can create hundreds of Golden Jiao Dragons. Their Draconic aura can suppress several hundreds of monsters making their mind blank.
    • Thousand Dragon Walls: A technique of the Jiao Dragon Clan which will visualize a thousand dragons which will create a huge shield of their interwoven serpentine bodies for defensive means.
    • Five Dragon Divine Fire Cage: Created to be used a combination array to refine five dragons to use the technique Nine Dragon Bell which has countless Jiao Dragon totem patterns.
    • Five Dragons Body Cloak: A defensive technique that visualizes a cloak made of five dragons to defend from attacks that come from above the user, shielding him beneath it.
  • Thousand Dragons’ Descend: Zhong Hue creates one thousand of dragons within his body that will increase his weight to an immensely heavy level.

  • Ming King Art: A technique of the monster race, stated to be equal with the Great Boundless Sword Qi Art. The prologue itself had 126 totem carvings, forming into the seven apertures of the Ming King’s head along with its eight arms, muscles, blood vessels and legs, and even its hairs and furs. Zhong Yue added the Sui Sovereign's third eye to it thus creating the 127th totem carving.
    • Visualizing the Ming King Art, the Yuan Shen/Atman and the human body will get 8 arms in total, wielding a different weapon (sword, saber, hammer, whip, shields and hook swords) in each hand. To use it one has to visualize the mortal body skill, psyche visualization, weaponry visualizations, and the Yuan Shen visualization simultaneously - even the tiniest error would cost them their lives.
    • Ba Ji Slaughtering Array: All weapons will cross together to form the array, it will combine the focused power of all weapons into one: Ba Ji Hammer Strike, Ba Ji Saber Cut, Ba Ji Sword Slash, Shield Strike, Ba Ji Sword Hook. Can also use the Ba Ji Slaughtering Array into sword arrays, shield arrays, hammer arrays, hook arrays, and whip arrays – undergoing a seemingly infinite number of transformations to create a defensive area around for any situation.

  • Ways of Martial Masters: Learned the ways of Martial Master, which let him control and close off all his pores so that not a single iota of his scent would be able to waft into the nose of a monster, not even his perspiration is able to escape from his pores.
  • Mystic Duplication Technique: A technique that will duplicate the user and create another incarnation. The principle is to duplicate a functionally identical clone that was independent of the true self, including the Yuan Shen. It can create at maxim another two bodies for one true body and two false but those incarnations can only have forty percent power of the original body.
    • Three Inner Cores: A basic technique that will freeze the Dimension, Body, and Yuan Shen.
  • Flowers of Snow: A godly technique of the Bai Zhe Clan that creates a snowstorm, where each snowflake it's a skill.
  • Million God Ice Saint Art: A cultivation technique that included over ten thousand gods in it, with every forte and weakness of the many celestial races detailed within. With the knowledge granted by the cultivation technique, one wouldn’t be hard to defeat someone a level above themselves. It has a total of 11,520 God forms available. Zhong Yue combined it with the Immortal Body Art to perfect it making him able to alter even his aura.
  • Mystical Infinite Transformation: A self-created technique by merging Million Gods Saint Ice Saint Art with the Martial Master - Immortal Body by selecting 108 patterns from the million gods pictures. It can change the appearances, the blood, and even grant the cultivator with the unique talents of the specific race the user changed into.

  • Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art: A demonic refining and visualization technique that increases the speed of cultivation for Zhong Yue nine times. It can also decompose matter into pure energy and then absorb it to increase its own.
    • Worshipping The Nine Demons: An altar will form behind Zhong Yue, and nine Demonic Gods will manifest to worship him, increasing his power.
  • Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art: A demonic art that cultivates the Demonic Sunfire that when used it will attach itself to the target, infecting it like a parasite and can not be extinguished. The only way to put it down it's the absence of fuel - spirit, soul, and Yuan Shen. It will not harm the body, leaving it intact and looking like nothing happened.
    • Great Sun Heavenly Embryo Seal: It will create a Demonic Sun.
    • Heavenly Demon Sun Radiation Seal: An art that will boil the foe's blood and burn his skin. The demonic fire will ignite right within the foe's body and will destroy him from the inside.
  • Xuan Yin Hundred Banner Array Formation: A demon array formation that uses the 108 Demon Banners to suppress, seal, attack, and resist to the same type of attacks.
  • Yama Musk Sword Scripture: A demonic sword style of the Yama Saint Clan that uses the demonic energy to shape the attacks.

  • Great Sun Golden Crow: It's the Spirit which Zhong Yue cultivated by going on the surface of the Sun. The Spirit is the Spirit of the Sun itself. It has three stages: Great Sun, Three-Taloned Golden Crow, and Golden Crow Celestial.
  • Moon Spirit: Is the second Spirit which Zhong Yue cultivated by absorbing and eating it from the corpse of Xiao Chuqing. It has three stages: Bright Moon, Star-Moon Jade Toad, and Three-Legged Moon God.
    • Mangu Roar: A sound wave attack that attacks the body and the Yuan Shen disintegrating them. It can also be used with the five elements - Wu Xing Secret Realm to the foes with a deadly melody: sounds of drums that hammer like a mace, a zither sound that will pierce like sword silks, a flute sound that will strangle the foes like a python, a lute sound that will be like axes and sabers slashing on foes body and the sound of the bell struck directly at the target mind, preventing his/her psyche from converging.
  • Tai Chi Art: An abstruse technique which lets the user intersect the Spirit of the Moon and Sun, creating a balance. The art itself encompassed all the insights within the Yin and Yang, the intersection of the Sun and Moon
    • Sun Moon Prodigious Emanation Art: Zhong Yue combined the Sun Prodigious Emanation Art, Moon Prodigious Emanation Art, and Tai Chi Art to reach a balance between Yin and Yang.
    • Inverse Tai Chi: Zhong Yue create the inverse Tai Chi that lets him reverse the elements of Yin and Yang - In the overbearing Yin, comes Yang; in the over-dominating Yang, comes Yin. Yin changed to Yang, Yang changed to Yin; This is—the reversal of Yin Yang.
    • It can be used to nullify the strength of his foes.
  • Dual Pupil Technique: A technique that cultivated the sun spirit into the soul’s left eye, and the moon spirit in the right eye. The sun pupil and moon pupil will appear behind the innate pupils, that’s why it’s called the dual pupils. The dual pupils will also manifest in the physical body. One who acquires the dual pupils will then have four pupils, separated into Yin and Yang – sun pupil as the Yang pupil and moon pupil as the Yin pupil.
  • Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art: Zhong Yue's first completely original created art to create a balance between Celestial and Demonic, Yang and Yin, Sun, and Moon. Its an art created from merging many arts into one ultimate art. It uses the Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art as its base after merging the Sun and Moon Spirit together. Along with them, the Fuxi Spirit and Monster God Ming King Spirit, the Divine Third Eye, the Great Boundless Sword Qi Art, and many others reforged into it.
    • Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns: A self-created cultivation art to breach the barrier of Celestial and Demonic race. In the early stages, it focuses on martial arts. Once the time has come where the bloodline seal slightly loosens, the psyche will automatically form and strengthen it. This creation's abstrusity and complexity it's even above the level of an ordinary God.
    • Celestial Demon Yi: A vertical light appear that looks like the Tai Chi Symbol, with the Yin and Yang revolving around it. It will suck everything toward it, be it material or immaterial, spirit, souls and Yuan Shen disintegrated them into nothingness. It will distort the dimension before it.
    • It is an incredibly abstruse art, so profound, containing mysterious powers that allowed one to achieve the state of [Celestial Demon as One], embracing the strengths of both the celestial and the demonic.
    • Zhong Yue fused it with Million God Ice Saint Art, making his cast of the technique to manifest the Yin and Yang element in it which will then beget another three elements - Heaven, Earth, and Man. Two begot three, and three gave rise to the myriad.
    • Worshipping the Gods: Countless images of Gods will appear around Zhong Yue increasing his blood essence, arcane energy, and overall power. It can also be used to reduce those powers for his foes and it can also refine other beings into puppets for his use.
    • Tai Chi Force Field: By releasing his Inner Core, Zhong Yue will control the Force of the Heaven and Earth. A forcefield will appear, a blazing Sun will appear on the left side melting the material to immaterial while on the right side a Moon will appear that will freeze everything that the moonlight touches. The Celestial and the Demon aspects will grind one against one another, smiting everything into dust and ashes. It will passively also absorb the energy of Heaven and Earth to strengthen Zhong Yue.
    • Yin Yang Celestial Demon Style: A self-created martial style that integrates within it miniature Tai Chi Arts. It strikes the enemy with Yin - Yang, Celestial - Demon disrupting the flow of balance. The Celestial will clash directly with the arcane energy while the Demon will forcibly splinter his arcane energy before it is able to congeal together. It can also be used to reflect attacks back.
  • Dragon Shears: Created by Feng Xiaozhong, this technique it's made specially to cut the bloodline seals within the body to unseal the Bloodline Wheal, the Sixth Path Realm. It looks like two Jiao Dragons coming together into the shapes of scissors. It will form billions of Dragon Shears that will decompose and cut the seals. It can also negate the regeneration of the body and Yuan Shen and different types of immortality.
  • Celestial Demon Nine Revolving Worshipping Art: A self-created technique to cultivate the Inner Core to the Extreme.
  • Eight Trigrams - Divinatory Calculatory System: Zhong Yue created a divinatory calculation technique where Yang would represent one with the symbol ‘—’, and the Yin resembles as two with the symbol of ‘–’. It is a binary system that could be reformed into an octal numeral system. It's a calculation technique that helps him to calculate and simulate even the Fourth Dimension - Time. The Eight Trigrams were an octal-numeral system that represented every element in a universe.

  • Cosmic Orbit Locating Art: Using this art, Zhong Yue is able to reach to the starlight of the Heaven and Earth to visualize the orbital path of the cosmic stars.
  • Five Sound Rhythm: A technique that uses the five wheels. They will form a drum, bell, flute, lute, and zither – a total of five instruments. Zhong Yue then plays the instruments with his psyche, creating sound waves that will make his foes to lose their balance severely and attack the mind - killing the target.
  • Five Dragon Divine Fire Cage: Casting the power of the five elements - Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, and Gold - Zhong Yue will imprison his foes and then smelt them away.
  • Shao Hao Bell: It's an art that visualizes the soul weapon of the sixth Fuxi Earthly Sovereign, Shao Hao. It will form an all-encompassing defense around the user. To be able to use this technique, one needs first to make a link with the Spirit of the Shao Hao Bell and get its accord. It will then seep energy from another Dimension.
  • Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture: A God-level array formation teleportation but also a Godly Cultivation Art that allows one to be anywhere, anytime in the Universe. It consists of two types of totem patterns, the first being related to space while the other related to the mystical time laws.
    • Great Cosmic Localization Art: A subsidiary art that its main use is to locate the position of a point in space. It also uses to calculate the stars and planets in the universe as they change every second. The calculation even has to take in the factors around the environments along the teleportation path.
  • The Great Ritual of Sealing Abdication: A curse-sealing ritual that will curse-seal anything the host wish but it needs enormous energy. As this ritual it's going against the Heavens by rooting your Law and Wish superseding the actual one, Karmic Retribution will affect the user - cursing him in the process by reducing his lifespan, his luck and possibly killing him through indirect means.
  • Six Soul Banner: An Emperor-level skill, that will suck the souls of other beings and seal them for eternity within it. Not even the souls of Hell Judged can resist it. As long as one’s soul was still within the Six Paths Reincarnations, they would be greatly affected by the skill.
  • Drum of Dusk: A skill that can summon the dead’s scattered soul to interrogate information out from them.
  • Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Sutra Scripture: A cultivation art imparted to Zhong Yue by Fu Min which contains profound insights into the Six Paths and Reincarnation. It will strengthen the power of the user and let him use his power more efficiently.
  • One Fission Mystic Art: A Creator level technique which contains the natural talent totem patters of many races, and there are even innate totem patterns embedded in it. The art combines the way to utilize the Six Path Reincarnations for the growth of the separated atmans. It has so much knowledge on it that only Creators are able to understand it. It will separate the Yuan Shen and using the user's blood and bones to create an incarnation of himself.
  • Ancient Time Unmoving Seal: A technique that would strengthen the [Dao heart to the point that it will not even be affected even if the heavens fell onto you or the universe is destroyed before your eyes]. It will grant never-ending energy.
  • Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture: An art that merged the spine and serpent tail into a ruthless spear with countless transformations; this spear existed between reality and the void and it was one of the few arts that was known for its transformation among the ultimate arts.
  • Three Eyes Heavenly Pupils: A Fuxi art created by the Ninth Fuxi Heavenly Monarch - Monarch Xi Hao's ultimate art that let one to reveal everything hidden away, be it seals, arrawys, magical arrangements, stacked dimensions and other magical things. At the same time once someone look in the user eyes, their Yuan Shen will be completely destroyed reducing any chance to be reborn to be null; it will ignore any resistences and protective spells plus seals one may have on himself/herself to save it's life.
    • Can see the time itself in it's rawest form like flowing water present in every croner and every inch of existence. Can see the trails of Dao in everything.
  • Dao Worshipping Technique: An art created by Feng Xiaozhong after extracting and analyzing a drop of blood from Yin Fanxuan. It will let the user to control others and even the Dao withim them as well. Zhong Yue can only use it briefly and in a limited way to just control others if they don't resist too much because only an Innate Saint Spirit Body can use it without limits.
  • Great Six Paths Reincarnation: A complete art that cultivate the Six Path of Reincarnation - the Dao Yi, Yin Yang, Shen Cai, Wan Xiang, Wu Xing and the Bloodline Secret Realms - with the Hell's Reincarnation which is a parallel dimension to the reality, another universe. It will let the user to experience the cycle of life and death within his own Six Paths Reincarnation as he/she will be able to reincarnate into their own realms and create themselves once again.
    • Once used it will teleport the user and the target in another universe where the user is the supreme leader. It will grant power equal to that of a Monarch. It will trap the target within without being able to escape even if one try to go through endless dimensions.
  • Extermination Demonic Art: An art imparted to him by the Monarch Xiang Tuan. Has not yet shown it.
  • Multiple Hearts Blood Scripture: An art imparted to him by the Monarch Cao An. Has not yet shown it.
  • Art of Dao Bones Great Space: An art imparted to him by the Monarch Gui Yu. Has not yet shown it.
  • Dao Song of Dragon and Snake: An art imparted to him by the Monarch Tuan Hao. A roar that will release the innate divine language which will supress the arts/skills of others. At the same time it will aslo kill the Yuanshen.
  • Wind and Cloud Heavenly Crane Heart Scripture: An art imparted to him by the Monarch Pao Xi which let him cultivate the Innate Wind Dao.
  • Vow: A vow can be made between himself and someone else and if the other party break it, it will summon the Heavenly Dao to erase them from existence as it will halt them as a huge seal stamp will slowly descend from the sky emanating a heavenly aura which will supress the target completely. All sounds will be muted, the time will stop as the target is crushed flat as every piece will be reduced to the tiniest particle before being disintegrated into the elements of earth, water, wind and fire then even further to the particles of Yin and Yang and finally to the Primal Chaos.
  • Peng He Mystic Art: An art learned from the Heavenly Library. Is one of the 23 Arts of the Fuxi Race.
  • Dragon Star Burning Flame Art: An art learned from the Heavenly Library. Is one of the 23 Arts of the Fuxi Race created by Monarch Yin Kang.
  • Jian Mu Zhong Yi Ji Scripture: An art learned from the Heavenly Library. Is one of the 23 Arts of the Fuxi Race created by Monarch Wei Lie.
  • Ba Ji Ba Feng Void One Scripture: An art learned from the Heavenly Library. Is one of the 23 Arts of the Fuxi Race created by Monarch Feng He.
  • Prime Origin Heavenly Qi Art: An art learned from the Heavenly Library. Is one of the 23 Arts of the Fuxi Race created by Monarch Jie Shi.

  • Solar Divine Saber: A shapeless and incorporeal saber made from a ray of light from the Sun. It can become anything even skills like Dragon Shears thanks to the Fuxi "Yi" character that means endless changes but at its core, it's a saber. It can also extend to 1000 miles. The Solar Saber will not attack the body but directly the Yuan Shen.
  • Metamagnet Divine Saber: A magnet ray that flows like water made from the ray of metamagnet from the Sun. It's every swing that will create a strong attraction force that will pull the targets toward it. It can become anything even skills like Dragon Shears thanks to the Fuxi "Yi" character that means endless changes but at its core, it's a saber. It can also extend to 1000 miles. The power of it will hit its target before the sword even comes in contact.
  • God Slaying Three Styles:
    • Sun Burst: Using the Solar Divine Saber, Zhong Yue will do a swung creating a gigantic sun that will follow the saber. Sunlight will spread across the field in a cone shape. The sunlight is formed by countless sword rays; each sunlight was a slash attack and when the sunlight merged together, an explosion occurred. It such a high technique that just its presence alone can be considered an attack. The moment the saber appears, the presence will also appear on the target. Wherever the presence of his saber appears, his attacks will appear at that same spot at the same time. This attack will cut the Yuan Shen, the Secret Realms, the Totem Carvings, the Energy, and the Psyche Ocean at the same time. The moment someone feels the presence of the Saber, it will be already too late.
    • Moon Tide: Using the Metamagnet Divine Saber, Zhong Yue will unsheath his saber, just by doing this the Will of the saber will attack the target. Once fully unsheathed a superimposed magnetic field will crush its target into pieces. An attack that uses the attraction force to pull everything in its world. The magnetic force of the saber will draw and stimulated the blood in the enemies, triggering the magnetic power in their body while the saber will strike as the tides formed, destroying the body and brain. The more times he hacks, the stronger the metamagnet celestial ray became, and the stronger the power of the sword grew, amplifying the saber’s presence even more. It can also distort the space around, opening up countless tiny space rifts.
    • Mystic Dao Breaker/Crusher: A mystical art specialized in breaking apart any and all seals that it's at the level of a Creator. Zhong Yue combined it with his Divine Sabers to create his third God Slaying Style. By combining his two sabers with the Dao Breaker, a javelin will appear that it's made from millions of totem skills just for its tip that will nullify and destroy all skills. The sun and moon halt the Heaven and Earth, the Yin and Yang trap the Yuan Shen, the Reincarnation cease the Wu Xing and Wan Xiang, whereas the saber crushes the Dao. It will halt then destroy the body, Yuan Shen and the Dao. It even incorporates the Dragon Shears that can bypass all defenses. Thanks to Zhong Yue's calculation, Dao Breaker will attack the enemy's weaknesses. Unless the foe has a stronger calculation comprehension than Zhong Yue, the skill will never be countered. Can crush all Daos in this universe. As long as the Daos were traceable and observable by the totem patterns, then it would be able to slash everything it touched.

The Heavenly Daos are 30 Pictures that embodies all aspects of the Cosmos. They are a level higher than the Innate Daos. Zhong Yue got them after he meets the Chaos Divine Turtle, a Chaos God. They are the followings:

  • Tian Gang - the prime origin of the Heavenly Daos, the root of all.
  • Tian Ji - is the mystical laws of the Universe.
  • Tian Qi - all of the changes that happen in the Universe.
  • Tian Yin - it means Yin and Yang.
  • Tian Xuan - the mysteries of life in the Universe.
  • While the rest aren't explained: Tian Ji, Tian Qiong, Tian Feng, Tian Ji, Tian Shi, Tian fang, Tian Yang, Tian Ying, Tian Xuan, Tian Mei, Tian Tai, Tai Gai, Tian Mu, Tian Qi, Tian Ting, Tian Dong, Tian Wei, Tian Pan, Tian Tan, Tian Huan, Tian Shuai, Tian Ming, and Tian Huang.

The language of the Innate Gods which were birthed by the Universe. Each word represents a concept of the Dao, the innate gods’ interpretation of Dao towards the universe that included endless knowledge.

Space Dao:

    • Space Dao Dimension: A techique which separe one's body part through multiple dimensions; the part will still be connected without negativelly affecting the target but it will make impossible to use them efficently as they will exist in different dimensions.


  • Celestial: It will grind the target entire being into miced meat or twist it apart.
  • Demon: It will grind the target entire being into miced meat or twist it apart.
  • Yin: It disort the dimension tearing everything apart.
  • Yang: It will burn the target to ashes, be it the mortal body, psyche or Yuanshen.
  • Lightning: It will blast the target apart.
  • Yi: Contains the endless changes of Dao.
  • Six Dao as One: A technique in which he combines six Daos into one able to destroy all forms with a form, suppressing all techniques with one technique and defeating all arts with one art. Yi was the core, Yin and Yang turned into the innate sun and innate moon while the celestial and demon turned into the black and white parts in the Tai Chi. The Space Dao makes the Tai Chi Art much more geometrical, turning it into a dimension mixed with celestial, demon, Yin, and Yang Qi while endless stars shone brightly, forming a beautiful galaxy. The Time Dao then imbued the concept of time into the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art], creating a time flow that was under Yi’s control.
    • Yi was the dragon pattern that separated the Celestial, Demon, Yin and Yang in the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art];
    • The [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] contained the Innate Yin, Yang, Celestial and Demon Dao; It can grind the target into minced meat, including the Yuan Shen. The Tai Yin Divine Toad will open it's six eyes and wherever it's eyes looked, the vision would distort the dimension tearing everything into pieces while it's tongue will swallowd the remaining pieces. The Innate Tai Yang Dao will turn into the Golden Crow which will burn the target to ashes. The Innate Shao Yi will form the Gui Tree that will crush it and the Innate Shao Yang will create the Sui Tree to burn the target with a brush. Finally, the Celestial and Demon Dao will simple twist the target plucking it's head down.
    • The [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] contained the Innate Lightning Dao; It can turn into an innate divine dragon that will breath lightning which will burst the target apart.
    • The [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] contained the Space and Time Dao;
    • The [Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Sutra Scripture] contained the Innate Yi Dao.
    • Whereas for the lightning, it was one type among the eight trigrams created by the four symbols. It was called the Zhen Trigram;
    • The Gan Trigram as heaven, heaven father, and Heaven Dao;
    • The Kun Trigram as earth, earth mother, and Earth Dao; It will crush the target into dust.
    • The Xun Trigram as wood, the mother of life and Life Dao; It can turn into the Innate Xun Wind Dao whose wind is strong enough to tore off the flesh from the bones.
    • The Kui Trigram as water and power of torrent while the Li Trigram as fire and the power of heat, together, they became the Fire and Water Dao; The Kui Water Dao can turn into an innate serpent that will swallow the target alive while the Innate Fire Dao will form a fiery phoenix that will torch the target.
    • The Ken Trigram as alpines with different transformations while the Rui Trigram as swamp, the land of reproduction. Together, they were the Mountain and River Dao; The Innate Lake Dao can turn into a quasy start that will hurl sword energy to cut and pierce the target.

Key: Mortal | Rebirth | Awakening | Atman Body | Inner Core | Heavenly Dharma | True Spirit | Imminent Deity | Deity (Postnatal)


Psyche Ocean: Is the reserve of a cultivator's Psyche which is hidden within the body in a dimensional space. With a stronger psyche, the eyes will be able to able to see things in slow motion. Using the Psyche, a cultivator is able to visualize anything as long as their comprehension is enough - from material things to immaterial one to even abstract ones. The bigger and more potent a Psyche Ocean is, the easier it is for one to imagine, manifest, and visualize.

Spirits: They were among the most abstract and ethereal concepts of the world, inherently holding the most mysterious knowledge within them. They were the profound and mysterious totems, the distillation of the power of the heaven and earth., They had the strength to transcend the mortal to immortality, and possessed the knowledge of the fundamental essence of the universe. To use it one needs to understand what time and space are, what use they have, why they exist, what meanings do they carry, and why they matter.

  • Yuan Shen – it's the galvanization of the psyche and facilitate the spirit and soul coalescence process to complete the process of Rebirth. This fusion would engender the Atman/Yuan Shen.
  • Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen - Zhong Yue's third Yuan Shen, a Spirit made in the image of the Sui Sovereign, the first Heavenly Emperor of the Fire Order Era.

Powers and Resistances by Realms - a blog where each power/resistance is shown/stated in-verse. Here the quotes for statements/feats can be found if on the profile they are not present.


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